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Monday, 1 April 2013
by sunil
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Hello dear users! Fresh on the heels of the all new desktop scrobbler and Scrobbler for iOS, we’ve been hard at work on a new service that we’re announcing today – Unplugged!

We realise that despite mobile internet and smartphones, a lot of people often listen to tracks on other services that do not support scrobbling or are in places where it is not possible to scrobble via our many clients. That is why we decided about eighteen months ago to develop a new service which can process all other scrobbles.

We’re in the process of partnering with Moleskine to produce a branded notebook with a special micro pencil. Unfortunately this isn’t available yet but until then all you need to do is print out this template, fill out the songs that you listen to and send your completed sheets to Last.HQ!

Examples of what you might like to use Unplugged for include:

  • Setlists at gigs and festivals
  • Songs heard on the traditional radio (please don’t attempt to fill out your Unplugged notebook while driving!)
  • Elevator music
  • Street performers
  • Humming or whistling to yourself

Once we receive your sheets, we’ll then attempt to scan them – and if that fails, use our troop of monkeys to manually enter your scrobbles. Scrobbles must be handwritten in order to prevent scrobble fraud. You’ll never miss another scrobble thanks to this game changing new service!

For all developers out there, Unplugged is written in a combination of Visual Basic 6 and Lisp – combining the rapid turnaround time of BASIC languages with all the power of a list processing language.

You can download the template here.


  1. Yu-Jie Lin
    1 April, 09:17

    Awesome, though I would prefer plugged scrobbling.

    One question to the development team, so does that mean the plugged scrobble API would also support Geotagging anytime soon? (saw Location in the template) If not I would be very jealous of unplugged users.

    Just in case, I might need to scrobble anytime anywhere I hear some great stuff. I am now hiring “Unplugged Scrobbling Monkey” The pay is 5 bananas a day. If you are interested, please contact me via my

    Yu-Jie Lin – 1 April, 09:17
  2. Christopher Sutton
    1 April, 09:23

    I am so excited about this. I have been religiously writing down every song I hear for the last 12 years, and now I can make sure my Last.FM account truly reflects my musical taste.

    I have also included sketches of each band and artist, and my personal thoughts on the lyrics of songs. Will these be imported into my profile too?

    Expect my parcel of extensive listening notes to arrive at Last HQ within 24 hours.

    Christopher Sutton – 1 April, 09:23
  3. The_Toaster
    1 April, 10:07

    To the people that have already commented I would just like to point out the date today, also try looking up BASIC. That is all :D

    The_Toaster – 1 April, 10:07
  4. Lady_Stardust
    1 April, 10:15

    Um, April the 1st, anybody?

    Lady_Stardust – 1 April, 10:15
  5. Hands Mc Feely
    1 April, 10:15

    April fools right?

    Hands Mc Feely – 1 April, 10:15
  6. Lucas
    1 April, 10:19

    Hope you have some extra hands on deck because there’ll be a lot of mail to sort next week.

    Lucas – 1 April, 10:19
  7. Petrucha
    1 April, 10:19

    Will there be spell-checking and auto-correction of tracks?

    Petrucha – 1 April, 10:19
  8. Galley
    1 April, 10:23

    Now I can finally scrobble the songs I listen to on Rhapsody!

    Galley – 1 April, 10:23
  9. jennica
    1 April, 10:26

    jennica – 1 April, 10:26
  10. ScrobblesEverything
    1 April, 10:27

    So far I’ve caught up on missed scrobbles by putting them to play silently while I’m not on the computer (e.g. I listened to 3 albums by Artist X on my CD player, then put on those 3 albums on Winamp but not listen to them again). I would also scrobble web radios by using Streamripper to turn them into MP3 files. I’ve even used the Youtube scrobble addon for Firefox! This will be so much less hassle and quicker.

    ScrobblesEverything – 1 April, 10:27
  11. Le joke
    1 April, 10:31

    “To the people that have already commented I would just like to point out the date today, also try looking up BASIC. That is all :D”

    To the people that have commented on the first two people that have commented, I would just like to point out the date today. Also, you’re a traitor if you don’t write down every scrobble you missed.

    Le joke – 1 April, 10:31
  12. yasin
    1 April, 10:39

    Visual Basic??? what about FORTRAN! :)

    yasin – 1 April, 10:39
  13. Sutherland
    1 April, 11:13

    April fools! Although this does have me thinking, you should work on scrobble tech that could be integrated into google glass or the smart watches or hell, partner with soundhound, to add the ability to scrobble anything you hear from your smartphone.

    Sutherland – 1 April, 11:13
  14. Rachel
    1 April, 11:24

    I…still want a moleskine notebook. I want branded everything.

    Rachel – 1 April, 11:24
  15. BJH in Brighton
    1 April, 11:33

    As soon as I heard this was in development, I began on my own Batch Storage sysytem, known as ‘Plac-o-Fax’ – a bag made within which pages from the Unplugged client can be stored prior to posting en-mass!

    BJH in Brighton – 1 April, 11:33
  16. Viper Aces
    1 April, 11:55

    that would be so awesome! its amazing how many great inventions came out precisely today! google smell, now this.. what would be next?

    Viper Aces – 1 April, 11:55
  17. rhandofnixon2
    1 April, 14:56

    Man, why you got to make fun of Lisp. Lisp is awesome. Visual Basic not so much.

    rhandofnixon2 – 1 April, 14:56
  18. Matt
    1 April, 15:52

    I know you folks are April fooling, but I would love to have a notebook like the one in the picture. Is that photoshopped or do you give your employees one of those to take to meetings?

    Matt – 1 April, 15:52
  19. Sherif
    1 April, 16:54

    Can I just say, this was one of the most convincing April fools items I’ve seen today.

    Can I also say, I’d buy that notebook.

    Sherif – 1 April, 16:54
  20. Ryan
    2 April, 03:56

    I believed it…sadly because it is partially true…no access to scrobblers at work, I manually write down plays at work and queue them up at home to update. I just use yellow sticky notes instead of a red notebook.

    Ryan – 2 April, 03:56
  21. Nate
    3 April, 13:20

    I listen to a lot of vinyl, so I would like to see a version of scrobbling specifically for scrobbling from records. It would be an extension of the API, perhaps, to submit a vinyl listen. My friends and I just have a playlist that we play through overnight.

    Nate – 3 April, 13:20
  22. Naglis
    5 April, 14:01

    “ Unplugged is written in a combination of Visual Basic 6 and Lisp – combining the rapid turnaround time of BASIC languages”

    This sentence reminded me to check the date of the post :) Before that, I was truly convinced.

    Naglis – 5 April, 14:01
  23. princessa2013
    6 April, 13:03

    wow, I’m impressed, good idea

    princessa2013 – 6 April, 13:03
  24. James
    8 April, 21:01

    It’s more believable than you ever getting round to releasing that Facebook integration app.

    James – 8 April, 21:01
  25. Online Radio Stations
    9 April, 11:30

    Ha ha ha would be nice but as i seem to see from others it’s an april fools joke lol

    Online Radio Stations – 9 April, 11:30
  26. Shailesh Tripathi
    10 April, 09:18

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  27. Casey
    4 May, 02:21

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to check it out.

    Casey – 4 May, 02:21

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