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Wednesday, 19 December 2012
by Michael Horan
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Ten years ago was a boon-time for MP3s. I remember ripping my first CD, thrilled with the prospect of storing my ever-expanding collection on a computer instead of taking up precious space in my cramped apartment. The shelves of CDs started collecting dust, my Discman gave way to MP3 players, iTunes was born and then the iPod allowed me to carry 1,000 songs in my pocket!

Eleven years later, I have transferred my music library between many computers, over dozens of portable devices and now in the ether of a cloud. My digital library has been a constant companion, traveling the world and growing with me. I love my library!

Recent developments in streaming services are making the maintenance of a digital collection obsolete. Seemingly endless libraries are available for monthly rental, and internet radio services like offer unlimited personalised streaming. There are so many new ways to listen to music now, that I sometimes forget about my carefully curated digital library.

It is with this in mind that the Scrobbler for iOS was created.

Introducing the Scrobbler for iOS, an iPhone and iPad application that not only natively scrobbles, but gives you several ways to re-discover your digital library.

We’ve long known that scrobbling iPhones has not always been a seamless process, so we wanted to create an application that alleviates this pain. We also wanted to offer our users with something new, so we built playlisting services that get applied to your digital library. For the first time, the algorithms that power Radio can now be applied to the libraries you’ve spent years curating.

Every track in your library can be used to discover other, similar tracks. We use the power of machine tags and the knowledge of social tags to help you re-connect with the music you love.

Download the app here and join the group to keep up to date with announcements, forums and help.


  1. Peter
    19 December, 15:01

    Very cool!
    Question: if the app scrobbles and I later synchronize my iPhone with iTunes, will the desktop app detect already submitted scrobbles? In other words, does the app generate duplicate scrobbles?

    Peter – 19 December, 15:01
  2. Michael
    19 December, 15:15

    Hi, Peter. This app replaces the need to scrobble from the desktop app. Since we simply control the native iOS music player, playcounts will update and the desktop app will register the scrobbles leading to double-scrobbling. It’s best to turn off device scrobbling on iOS devices with the Scrobbler app loaded.

    Michael – 19 December, 15:15
  3. XBL
    19 December, 20:59

    Wow, awesome! I was very recently looking at the third party apps, but they were really just ‘meh’. One was crashing all the time, the other looked really horrible.

    This one looks awesome, works fine so far and is even free! Finally live scrobbling from my iPhone :D.

    XBL – 19 December, 20:59
  4. squack
    19 December, 21:09

    Maybe this is a good moment for you guys to get on with a windows phone 8 scrobbling app, now the platform is more open-ended??? Any news????

    squack – 19 December, 21:09
  5. Graham
    20 December, 09:02

    Squak – as a designer, I’m very keen to created an app for Windows, especially if it can be device agnostic. Same goes for Android. We will keep you posted of any developments.

    Graham – 20 December, 09:02
  6. XBL
    20 December, 11:10

    Quick question (hopefully someone here will be able to answer it): if you play songs through the app, it will show the regular music app in the controls section (on the left, if you double tap the home button). When you control songs through the music app, will they still be scrobbled? Or do you need to use the Scrobbler app to control te music?

    I’ve noticed that many other music apps show their own app in the controls section. Maybe that could be included in an update for the Scrobbler app, so it won’t confuse users anymore.

    XBL – 20 December, 11:10
  7. Graham
    20 December, 11:32

    Hi XBL – It’s fine to use the multitask controls to skip and pause. However, to scrobble, you need to start playing music though the Scrobbler app. The Scrobbler for iOS app works as a remote control for the native music app, which is why you see the native music icon in the mutitask bar. The reason we did this is it’s the only way to have acces to iTunes Match.

    Graham – 20 December, 11:32
  8. Robbert
    20 December, 12:44

    Will the local music integration also be part of desktop app?

    Robbert – 20 December, 12:44
  9. sugarsmax
    20 December, 15:10

    Awesome! Been waiting for this for years.

    sugarsmax – 20 December, 15:10
  10. Bren
    20 December, 21:53 says about the app “Saves offline scrobbles for later when connected”. I’ve found that this is not the case. Is there anything you have to manually do in order for it to scrobble your offline plays?

    Bren – 20 December, 21:53
  11. Ayu-Mi-X
    20 December, 23:16

    Will the Scrobbler also scrobble plays that hadn’t been scrobbled from months of’s program not being able to scrobble?

    (lol just noticed how ridiculous that question reads)

    Ayu-Mi-X – 20 December, 23:16
  12. Graham
    22 December, 22:43

    Hey Bren,
    Are you playing music through the Scrobbler app? As this is necessary for Scrobbles to be backed up offline. Also you need to be sure to have the app open to send Scrobbles.

    The other thing to consider is that Scrobbles are sent in batches, rather than instantly, so it may seem something hasn’t Scrobble, even though it eventually will.

    Please let me know if you have any further trouble, and report it here:


    Graham – 22 December, 22:43
  13. Graham
    22 December, 22:45

    Ayu – sadly not :(

    Graham – 22 December, 22:45
  14. Graham
    22 December, 22:48

    Bren, just realised you are talking about , not our app.

    Ours is Scrobbler of iOS.

    Give it a bash:


    Graham – 22 December, 22:48
  15. Graham
    22 December, 22:50

    My iPad won’t let me type iscrob!

    Biased, clearly.

    Graham – 22 December, 22:50
  16. gilad404
    23 December, 07:21

    Just to make sure:
    Will this app work after Jan 15 2013 ?
    Will playlisting be free or a subscriber only service?
    (Sad radio subscriber searching for an alternative)

    gilad404 – 23 December, 07:21
  17. Alex
    23 December, 13:10

    I have been waiting for something like this for so long, nice!

    Alex – 23 December, 13:10
  18. Jame bond
    24 December, 02:48

    Oh this become so hot news. When for WP8 and BB10 ?

    Jame bond – 24 December, 02:48
  19. Locke
    25 December, 07:09

    Like last FM very much.

    Locke – 25 December, 07:09
  20. Graham Todman
    25 December, 08:48

    Hey gilad404 – the Scrobbler for iOS app is unaffected by the changes in Jan.

    Graham Todman – 25 December, 08:48
  21. Ayu-Mi-X
    27 December, 04:50

    I just noticed that the scrobbler app, won’t scrobble a certain song. What’s that about?

    Ayu-Mi-X – 27 December, 04:50
  22. Graham
    29 December, 01:24

    Hi Ayu,
    Could it be the track meta data? What track is it? It could also be a bad download if it’s cloud based, some tracks from iTunes Match need to be re- downloaded.

    Graham – 29 December, 01:24
  23. shhQuiet
    8 January, 16:32

    Really enjoying the app- the “remote control” of the Music app is genius, however, there are a lot of moving parts and hopefully Apple will expose the iTunes Match API in future OS updates.

    shhQuiet – 8 January, 16:32
  24. Graham
    9 January, 15:37

    Hey shhQuiet – you should be able to see you iTunes Match tracks in th app – as long as they are downloaded to your device, the will be in the Scrobbler app. Thanks.

    Graham – 9 January, 15:37
  25. StonedEars
    11 January, 12:27

    Hey there,

    first of all, this is a great app. I’ve been waiting for this app for ages. I really missed the live scrobbling when I switched from Android to iOS.

    However, I have a question: I am also using two iPod Classics, one is at home in my dock, the other is for travelling. I am scrobbling the tracks from the iPods through the desktop app.
    Is there any way to deactivate the iPhone scrobbling in the desktop app to avoid duplicate scrobbels? This would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

    StonedEars – 11 January, 12:27
  26. Graham
    12 January, 17:52

    Hi, yes indeed you can. I don’t have the instructions to hand, but I believe you go into settings, then there is a devices area where you can delete certain devices, but keep your iPod.
    Hope that helps.

    Graham – 12 January, 17:52
  27. Osteoporosis
    13 January, 15:16

    The remote control of the Music app is excelent for me. I love it.

    Osteoporosis – 13 January, 15:16
  28. Allan
    17 January, 07:48

    What are the differences between this new Scrobbler for iOS app and the existing app? Does one replace the other?

    More specifically, I am a Pro subscriber and am now uncertain to whether I should continue my subscription, if the new Scrobbler for iOS app provides some of its benefits, e.g. customised radio playlists OTA.

    Any clarification welcomed.

    Allan – 17 January, 07:48
  29. Graham
    18 January, 11:01

    Hey Allan,

    Scrobbler app = local music collection

    The new Scrobbler for iOS is for getting the most out of your personal music collection using data. Featuring artist bios, pics, events, listening stats. The key feature is smart playlisting, which analyses your music collection and sorts it for you by tag/genre and audio features. It’s free and available to everyone. Radio app = subscriber radio streaming

    The existing radio app is for streaming music via personalised radio – it’s subscriber only in available countries. There is a free trial for non-subscribers.

    Graham – 18 January, 11:01
  30. Mario
    18 January, 11:46

    First of all: Great app, it’s definitely going to be my go-to app for music.

    I still have a few questions, though. Possibly stupid ones, so beware.

    I use song ratings a lot. Is there a way to rate songs using the Scrobbler app? I’m talking about that 5-star scale.

    If not, is this feature going to implemented? And can I just update the song’s rating with the “regular” iOS music player or will it interfere with my scrobbling?

    Thanks in advance!

    Mario – 18 January, 11:46
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  32. Augustus29
    20 January, 18:21

    My English isn’t well. I try in German. Für mich ist hier die Statistik auch wichtig, so zum Beispiel zeigt wer welche Musik in wirklichkeit mag. Was für richtiger Ergebnisss ganz wichtig.

    Augustus29 – 20 January, 18:21
  33. Graham
    21 January, 10:40

    Hi Mario – according to our developer, iOS doesn’t allow us to use the star rating system, it’s another closed feature inside the native app. Rating in the native app won’t affect scrobbling, as long as you play music through Srobbler for iOS.

    Graham – 21 January, 10:40
  34. spudart
    22 January, 22:24

    Where’s the blog post about the new desktop scrobbler?

    spudart – 22 January, 22:24
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  36. Jay
    27 January, 20:03

    When I try to update Last fm scrobbler for iOS desktops it says last fm has to quit before finishing install. It then freezes and does not update. Is there a way to avoid the update pop up when opening the scrobbler?

    Jay – 27 January, 20:03
  37. Graham
    28 January, 00:06

    Hey Jay,
    Try this forum to get some help

    Graham – 28 January, 00:06
  38. Bone Soto Cristian
    28 January, 20:21

    Really great tool for IOS..!!!


    Cristian Bone

    Bone Soto Cristian – 28 January, 20:21

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