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Tuesday, 9 April 2013
by Michael Horan
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In 2009 Last.fm was proud to partner with our friends at Microsoft to bring music discovery to Xbox Live. Today we’re excited to announce a new update to the Last.fm app on the Xbox 360 platform.

The new Last.fm on Xbox LIVE application brings a dramatic facelift simplifying the interface, adding features and including our Originals video library for all to enjoy.

Key Features
• Exclusive Last.fm video content
• Kinect voice and gesture control
• Fine tune your favourite stations
• Full-screen high-quality artist images
• Train Last.fm to discover music you’ll love
• Share your music taste with friends

The radio options have not changed – you can still listen to artist radio, tag radio, and personal stations (my library, my mix, my recommended), but now it’s easier to jump down the rabbit hole of discovery and launch related stations. Every track that plays shows relevant tags which can launch into a new radio experience. During playback, an artist info button helps you discover similar artists and allows you to launch a new station based on their unique sound.

We’ve also added a “fine-tune” option, accessible during playback of personal stations, which allows you to filter what you listen to. Want only your hip-hop recommendations, or heavy metal library tracks? You can do that! It’s a new and powerful way to give you greater control over what you hear!

We are also displaying full-screen artist images during playback, giving a cleaner and more beautiful visual experience. Tune in to your favourite station and let Last.fm take you on the best personalised music experience.

With the inclusion of Last.fm’s Originals video content, there are more ways to discover new music. Including exclusive performances and intimate interviews, Originals delivers a blend of new and established artists in unique settings. See live recordings by artists like Big Boi, Emeli Sandé, Minus the Bear, Bastille and Two Door Cinema Club. See exclusive interviews with Phoenix, Olly Murs, Jake Bugg, Ramona Falls and Jason Aldean. It’s a veritable buffet of amazingness.

Turn your TV into the world’s smartest jukebox with Last.fm, Xbox LIVE and Kinect. Discover new music from Last.fm’s 18 million tracks and watch hundreds of exclusive videos featuring the world’s hottest artists. The more you listen the smarter it gets.

To learn more about Last.fm on Xbox LIVE, visit our hardware and group page.


  1. Daxton
    9 April, 18:50

    Brilliant update! So happy.

    Daxton – 9 April, 18:50
  2. Markus
    10 April, 01:48

    Congratulations on breaking the last.fm app.

    After my “session” times out for the first time and I click “Resume” to continue listening, I’m prompted with the same message after every single song. The only way around it exit/re-enter the station that I was listening to.

    As a developer myself it’s frustrating to see bugs like this get past the QA process, assuming you even have one. Sigh.

    Markus – 10 April, 01:48
  3. luke
    10 April, 05:43

    “…and is available to xbox gold + last.fm subscribers in Australia”

    luke – 10 April, 05:43
  4. Jon
    10 April, 10:22

    Hi Markus, thanks for reporting this.

    The app went through extensive testing both by us, and through Microsoft’s certification process. Unfortunately, in spite of both of our best efforts, bugs can still slip through the cracks and only become apparent when deployed to a much larger audience.

    We’re trying to reproduce the time out problem in the office. When we do, we should be able to fix it promptly. In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.

    Jon – 10 April, 10:22
  5. przeprogdansk
    10 April, 10:41

    Nice :)

    przeprogdansk – 10 April, 10:41
  6. Dave Maggot
    11 April, 07:32

    fucking shit update cant even skip to many tunes wtf it looks shit and is shit what was the point of fucking around with it

    Dave Maggot – 11 April, 07:32
  7. Ash29k
    11 April, 09:29

    cannot play any stations!!!! fanfuckingtastic update guys! keep up the awesome work!

    Ash29k – 11 April, 09:29
  8. Veratroux
    11 April, 13:43

    It doesn’t work anymore. You guys should be happy that there is no pandora app. Please fix it.

    Veratroux – 11 April, 13:43
  9. christophermx4
    11 April, 18:14

    Just downloaded this to my xbox…works great guys. I love the fine tune function for my Mix radio.

    Good work!

    christophermx4 – 11 April, 18:14
  10. Ryoh
    12 April, 04:33

    Okay, a few things. First off, what the hell? Now I have a limited number of skips? I’d rather have the ads on, or the option to do so instead. At least they give me a little time to relax. Second, what happened to the artist descriptions? I liked reading about artists I just recently discovered. Third, why can’t we access the song that is already playing? When I try to go back to the station playing it, it plays a different song. Also, it’s somewhat difficult to tell what I’m selecting, and altough that’s not too much of an inconvenience for me, you may want to look into that. Other than those problems, I like how I can unlove an artist. The pictures look better now, although not being able to flip between them is an issue. If you guys could fix these problems, that would be great (lol, Office Space reference).
    TL;DR: Fix skips and make ads optional, fix artist descriptions, song accessability, selection, and photo changing.

    Ryoh – 12 April, 04:33
  11. Christopher
    12 April, 12:17

    Nice update, just a shame that you guys have discarded most countries from enjoying these services!

    Christopher – 12 April, 12:17
  12. TJ
    12 April, 12:25

    You commenters are selfish pricks. Love the update, keep up the great work!

    TJ – 12 April, 12:25
  13. Isaac
    12 April, 18:07

    Same as Chris, when we’re going to be able to use this app if we do not live in the US/UK/ Australia and so?

    Isaac – 12 April, 18:07
  14. Gusslesnapper
    12 April, 18:52

    Limited # of skips..?!

    Gusslesnapper – 12 April, 18:52
  15. John Denver
    13 April, 16:07

    Nice work on fucking up the app. Used to be good, now its just a laggy piece of shit. Which of you clever fucks came up with that fucking excellent idea of limiting the skips? Protip: when updating software, make it better, not worse. Congratulations you’re all assholes.

    John Denver – 13 April, 16:07
  16. Jeff
    13 April, 21:46

    It is very laggy… The old app was much better!

    Jeff – 13 April, 21:46
  17. David
    14 April, 07:54

    Cretinos. Libera essa porra pro Brazil! Que droga.

    David – 14 April, 07:54
  18. Theia82
    14 April, 15:23

    to laggy and limeted skips???? cmon guys without that i wld go over the ( in my eyes) ugly new design….plssssssssssssss change it back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Theia82 – 14 April, 15:23
  19. soiled it
    16 April, 21:19

    Congrats, you guys ruined last fm.

    soiled it – 16 April, 21:19
  20. bobbie
    22 April, 06:38

    Ugh, just did the update and I’m so disappointed! Used to be a great app to find new music, now it sucks! Limited skips?? Banned music shouldn’t cost you a skip. If you’re “out” of skips you’re forced to continue listening to garbage music you banned. The unlimited skips is what made this app cool. Please fix! :(

    bobbie – 22 April, 06:38
  21. Ihatelastfm
    23 April, 05:33

    Ruined the app. No artist info. Limited skips. Please go die!

    Ihatelastfm – 23 April, 05:33
  22. Andy B.
    23 April, 22:19

    Not happy about limited number of skips or the missing artist information/ bio. I enjoyed reading more about artists on the old app.
    Also I listen to Jazz/Pop vocal a lot. Last.fm always seems to slip holiday music in there, now with limited skips this will be a problem.

    App looks good and I like the related tags. nice feature.

    Andy B. – 23 April, 22:19
  23. Mark
    24 April, 02:18

    complete crap :/ It’s worse than the last setup, get rid of the limited skips and It would be fine. To be honest im going to search for another music station site if this site continues to destroy itself with shitty features
    Not impressed Last.FM

    Mark – 24 April, 02:18
  24. Jake
    27 April, 03:46

    Last. Fm used to be my favorite app on xbox. Now I will never open it again. Such a shame you guys come up with these ideas that absolutely nobody wanted. Limited skips is the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen in any music app. Because that’s what people want nowadays is to be limited to what they can do. I’d rather just use YouTube to listen to music than this mainstream peice of shit update you guys just threw together. Interested in what even made you update it. I can guarantee it wasn’t someone saying “man I hate being able to skip songs till I find a new one I really like…they should only let us skip like 5 or 6 before forcing us to change stations.” get outta here Microsoft and last. Fm

    Jake – 27 April, 03:46
  25. Dave
    4 May, 01:38

    Hmm thats a cool combo

    Dave – 4 May, 01:38
  26. Casey
    4 May, 02:19

    I really enjoy the full-screen high quality artist images. Nice work!

    Casey – 4 May, 02:19
  27. Mikey
    4 May, 03:30

    RIP, Last. FM

    Mikey – 4 May, 03:30
  28. Ringo
    4 May, 05:41

    Photos are not HQ. They are normalized into a template with pixel effect. Unacceptable. Please, fix.

    Ringo – 4 May, 05:41
  29. Daniel Hartnett
    4 May, 12:57

    Happy Days Guy great update for the website nice work !

    Daniel Hartnett – 4 May, 12:57
  30. Andy
    5 May, 16:21

    I like everything except the missing artist biographies, which was one of the more outstanding features of the service. Please bring it back!

    Andy – 5 May, 16:21
  31. Boris
    16 May, 14:10

    Nice combo. The HQ pictures are great. I am enjoying Last FM every time I am not gaming :) Thank you!

    Boris – 16 May, 14:10
  32. Chris
    17 May, 13:04

    I would join in in complaining about limited skipping, but it just doesn’t work anymore. Not loading stations at all. Incredibly disappointing update.

    Chris – 17 May, 13:04

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