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Tuesday, 21 May 2013
by Nick Calafato and Announcements
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We know how much everyone loves music videos and so we thought it was about time we did a better job of surfacing these on – making sure we continue to deliver the most complete music resource experience at your fingertips.

So today we’re pleased to announce a brand new partnership with our good friends over at MUZU.TV, who will help us bring you over 90,000 music videos across Europe (with more countries to come very soon).

You’ll be able to play these videos from both the Artist page, where they’ll be accessible in the same order as the Top Tracks, and also on every Track page where there is video available. So lots of places on the site to get your music video fix!


Does it scrobble? Absolutely. We’ve made sure that scrobbling is automatically configured whenever you watch through the MUZU.TV player on (for logged in users), and so the more videos you watch, the better your music recommendations become. We’ll also be adding scrobbling to the MUZU.TV site soon, so you’ll also be able to scrobble MUZU.TV wherever you watch.

We’re super excited to have partnered with MUZU.TV – helping us bring you a richer experience.



  1. Scott
    21 May, 12:11

    Great news. I’ve just added some music videos to Muzu for an artist I manage. Will the site scan for new videos and add them automatically or can I submit them to appear on the artist page?

    Scott – 21 May, 12:11
  2. Chris
    21 May, 12:32

    Hi Scott – perfect timing :) yep they should show up automatically matched to the relevant track name. Cheers

    Chris – 21 May, 12:32
  3. James McKee
    21 May, 13:19

    Are there any plans for scrobbling from xbox music?

    James McKee – 21 May, 13:19
  4. Lyricsguru
    22 May, 06:06

    That’s awesome news, I’m a big fan of European Music, bring it on!

    Lyricsguru – 22 May, 06:06
  5. onapthanh
    23 May, 16:06

    [] is said to know how much everyone loves music videos and so I thought it was about time I did a better job of surfacing these on – making sure I continue to deliver the most complete music resource experience at our fingertips@

    onapthanh – 23 May, 16:06
  6. Scott
    23 May, 21:12

    Hi Chris. not showing up so far? Will it take a while?

    Scott – 23 May, 21:12
  7. Chris
    24 May, 15:54

    @Scott – i’m not sure. Can you provide a link to your band profile page and also let ,e know the tracks which should have videos. Feel free to PM me.

    Chris – 24 May, 15:54
  8. Bazile
    4 June, 19:51

    Hi there. I’m a Houston-based space folk singer writing to share the video and MP3 link for my song “Employment”. The track was engineered and co-produced by Alabama Shakes keyboard player Ben Tanner as was the rest of my album, The Sojourn of Professor Narducci:


    My bio can be found after this message and on my website,, where you’ll also find pictures, press, more music, etc.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Bazile’s Mississippi roots and affinity for film music contribute to his visceral and cinematic songwriting. Accompanied by drums and synthesizer or simply relying on his voice and guitar, he performs stripped-down live versions of his songs. In the studio, Bazile overdubs stringed and keyed parts creating a sound he calls “space folk” and which buffaBLOG has described as “part Beck, part Ben Folds, part Sufjan Stevens.”

    Bazile’s debut album, The Sojourn of Professor Narducci, was engineered and co-produced by Alabama Shakes keyboard player Ben Tanner. Their experimental zeal and musical telepathy, which they first established as members of Darryl Strawberry’s New Drug, create an ambiance that transcends the album’s social and introspective themes.

    After spending the second half of 2011 in Brazil, absorbing samba and Forest Gumping his way into a chance encounter with Arto Lindsay, Bazile relocated to Houston where he is playing shows and working on his second album.

    Bazile – 4 June, 19:51
  9. Al
    5 June, 08:58

    Sounds good.

    I recently joined & I’m a big fan.
    So much for just £3 per month. I recently upgraded my Hi-Fi for a Denon Piccolo which connects to my account & sounds really good.

    I update by music preferences at work & listen at home in the evening & chill out. CDs are a thing of the past – this is the future.

    Al – 5 June, 08:58
  10. adgopal
    23 June, 17:52

    For ardent fans of this is a great news. To begin with 90000 video content from Europe is just awesome. Will look forward to see more countries being added soon.

    adgopal – 23 June, 17:52

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