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Friday, 6 January 2012
by gilda
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[Pour la version française, lisez plus bas!] has a mission: to find out what music you already listen to, so that we can recommend new music you will really like. So every time you listen to a track, we want to know – be it on Spotify, your smartphone, your iPod, your Xbox, iTunes or anything else that you play music on. We do this by letting all these websites, phones and devices “scrobble”. Scrobbling means that with your permission, we are sent a message every time you listen to a track.

There are already over 600 websites, phones, applications and hardware devices that scrobble, but we won’t rest until every single music player in the world talks to us! This is because we don’t want to miss any of the listening that makes your taste unique, and because the more scrobbles we get from all around the world, the better our recommendation system gets.

This is why we are very happy to announce that Deezer are now scrobbling. Their 20 million users around the world can now get our personalized music recommendations based on the tracks they listen to on Deezer, and by doing so participate in the great project.

Setting up scrobbling on Deezer is easy – just click here and enter your username.
Otherwise follow these instructions: when you’re logged into Deezer, click on your avatar on the top right, select “My account”, and then go to the “Alerts & Sharing” tab. Voilà!

We are really looking forward to working more closely with Deezer – we’ll keep you posted with any updates.

Happy scrobbling! a une mission: découvrir ce que vous écoutez déjà pour pouvoir vous recommander de nouvelles musiques que vous adorerez. A chaque fois que vous écoutez un morceau, nous voulons donc le savoir – que ce soit sur Spotify, votre mobile, votre iPod, votre Xbox, iTunes ou par n’importe quel autre moyen. Nous atteignons notre objectif grâce à ce que nous appelons le “scrobbling”: nous permettons à tous les sites web, mobiles et autre machines de prévenir – avec votre permission! – à chaque fois que vous écoutez quelque chose.

Plus de 600 sites webs, téléphones, applications et appareils musicaux scrobblent déjà, mais nous ne serons satisfaits que quand tous les lecteurs media du monde nous parleront! Il y a deux raisons à cela: nous ne voulons rater aucun des titres que vous écoutez et qui forment votre profil musical; et notre système de recommandation musicale s’améliore à chaque fois que nous recevons un nouveau scrobble.

Voila pourquoi nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que Deezer vous permet désormais de scrobbler! Leurs 20 millions d’utilisateurs à travers le monde peuvent maintenant recevoir nos recommandations personnalisées basées sur les morceaux écoutés sur Deezer – participant ainsi au grand projet

Configurer le scrobbling sur Deezer est très facile: clickez sur votre avatar en haut à droite, choisissez “Mon compte” et ouvrez “Notifications & partage”. Voilà!

Nous avons hâte de collaborer de façon encore plus proche avec Deezer – on promet de vous garder informés.

A bientôt et bonnes découvertes musicales!


  1. jukevox
    7 January, 09:03

    If you have already have a Deezer account, you can go here to enable scrobbling:

    jukevox – 7 January, 09:03
  2. Grol4
    9 January, 14:09

    Great news! Now I have scrobbling support on my WP7, finally…

    Maybe going to subscribe to Deezer.

    Grol4 – 9 January, 14:09
  3. unnami
    9 January, 16:02

    where’s best of 2011 by

    unnami – 9 January, 16:02
  4. gmaurice
    10 January, 11:56

    unnami: keep your eyes peeled, it’s coming very soon!

    gmaurice – 10 January, 11:56
  5. shkaf
    10 January, 19:46

    right way

    shkaf – 10 January, 19:46
  6. juepucta
    11 January, 06:47



    juepucta – 11 January, 06:47
  7. fcojavierlara
    12 January, 13:50

    i say genial too, thanks all every one!!!!!!!!!

    fcojavierlara – 12 January, 13:50
  8. Ed
    17 January, 06:41

    Very cool!

    Ed – 17 January, 06:41
  9. atiredmachine
    17 January, 16:59

    I really wish you would remove the 2-week rule from scrobbling then, if collecting the information on what music we’ve been listening to is really a priority.

    I had an entire year’s worth of scrobbles queued up on my internet-less desktop. You can imagine my shock when I finally hooked it up to an internet connection to finally submit those scrobbles and pooof!

    There’s now a year-wide hole in my listening stats and’s recommendations are quite lousy!

    atiredmachine – 17 January, 16:59
  10. gmaurice
    23 January, 14:23

    atiredmachine: I’m sorry to hear this happened to you! One thing you can do to improve your recommendations is to go to the page for artists, albums and tracks that you listened to for the first time last year and select “add to my library” (this will be either a black button at the top of the page, or an option in the “Save” dropdown). It won’t replace your scrobbles but it will help our recommendation engine!

    gmaurice – 23 January, 14:23

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