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Thursday, 3 March 2011
by jono
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You may have noticed last week that a new update to the iPhone app has hit the App Store. Yes, 3.0 is out, and it’s looking great.

Since we released for the iPhone back in July 2008, the app has been focused primarily around streaming radio. This has now all changed in the latest release; 3.0 does more with the vast amounts of user contributed artist information and event information has, as well as bringing you personalised recommendations and music listening stats.

Here’s a run down of the new features:

Profile Page

  • Top Weekly Artist Chart
  • Your recently listened tracks
  • Overview of what your friends are listening to on

Events Page

  • See the events you’re attending (including information about support acts and a quick link to a map of the venue)
  • See what gigs recommends you
  • Find gigs near you
  • See which gigs your friends are attending

Music Search Page

  • Browse through the music catalogue
  • Artist Biographies containing trivia (great for cheating at a pub quiz music round!)
  • View similar artists.

As a treat to subscribers we’ve also enhanced the radio by introducing Friends Radio – a mix of the music your friends have listened to. You can also edit any personal or network station with the new tag filtering feature, allowing you to refine the station you’re listening to by a relevant tag. For example at the moment I’m listening to a lot of Friends Radio filtered by the Rock tag.

(I’m also sure that iPhone4 users will also appreciate the new graphics we’ve used for retina displays)

These new features are just the beginning of what is possible using our API. If you’re interested in taking a look at the code or tweaking it, our iPhone client is open sourced under GPL3 and is available on github.

If you haven’t already updated to the latest version then please do. More information is available from the iTunes App Store.

Last, but not least, our mobile apps are up for an Appy! Thanks for your votes, keep ‘em coming!


  1. Peter
    3 March, 13:10

    I’m wondering how your app works together with the new App Store subscription policy? From what I gathered people can not sell subscriptions for services outside of iTunes if you’re making these services available as an iPhone app. Did you remove all subscriber-only features from the app or are you paying 30% of your mobile subscription income to Apple now or does that policy not apply to you? If so, why not. I’m just very curious, not an iPhone user myself…
    Thanks for open-sourcing it, though :)

    Peter – 3 March, 13:10
  2. Jono Cole
    3 March, 13:22

    @Peter We are currently talking to Apple about this their subscription policy. It was rather unfortunate timing to say the least that they announced this as we updated our app and services.

    At the end of the day we hope that the new iPhone App is far more than a subscription streaming app and can provide value to non-subscribers who are interested in the data and social aspects of

    Jono Cole – 3 March, 13:22
  3. Philippe
    3 March, 13:23

    But still not available in my country :-((((
    Although I’m a paying member.

    Philippe – 3 March, 13:23
  4. Anthony Liekens
    3 March, 13:25

    Culd you guys please release the app for members in non-US/UK/DE countries? Especially now that the app is paying-member only? It’s a bit ridiculous that none of the members in these countries cannot make use of the app!

    Anthony Liekens – 3 March, 13:25
  5. Travis
    3 March, 13:28

    Is there any chance of bringing back the ability to play your own playlists and tags? Would love to see these feature in the app

    Travis – 3 March, 13:28
  6. Matt
    3 March, 13:30

    What about the Android app? Why don’t we get any love?

    Matt – 3 March, 13:30
  7. Jono Cole
    3 March, 13:33

    Philippe, Anthony: We’re currently negotiating deals with the labels to release the mobile apps in more countries. Unfortunately it is not just a financial decision but also a legal agreement that we must reach with the record companies.

    Jono Cole – 3 March, 13:33
  8. maz
    3 March, 13:42

    I don’t have an iPhone but I’m wondering if and when the new radio features(friends, tag filtering) are planned for release sitewide

    maz – 3 March, 13:42
  9. Philippe
    3 March, 13:47

    Jono: I know. And I really appreciate your work.
    But you are telling this now since version 1.0 came out. Which is if I remember correctly about 3 years ago…

    Philippe – 3 March, 13:47
  10. SeSam
    3 March, 13:56

    Since it’s a free app you can circumvent the legal silliness by registering a US Store account for downloading the app to use with your paid subscription.

    SeSam – 3 March, 13:56
  11. Joe
    3 March, 13:58

    It’s taken me a while to get used to it (oh how we all hate change!) but it’s a great step in the right direction, so congrats to your developers.

    If I may be a little critical however… The old app felt very because it kept the same colour coordination throughout. This app seems to go from red to grey to black, depending on which screen you are on… I also think it’s a bit strange to have “Radio” as the last tab when it is a radio… Surely it should be the most important tab? The website is about Profile, but the iPhone app is about Radio, so that would make more sense to me. Perhaps allow users to rearrange the tabs as is allowed in the SDK perhaps?

    My other little gripe is that I preferred the look of the old “now playing” page… You had the nice little zoom-in-out for more detail thing (with the reflection)… I kinda miss that. But with both this version and the old version, I really do wish I could clearly see the name of the track while it is loading/caching… That way I don’t have to wait until it is fully loaded before deciding if I need to skip it. I know you can just about make it out through the tinted area, but outside in daylight it’s impossible. It means I’m wasting some of my bandwidth caching a tune and then end up skipping it!

    Please do take these criticisms in a positive way… I am passionate about and so I ask because I want it to be the best music app out there :)

    Joe – 3 March, 13:58
  12. Chris
    3 March, 14:02

    Why don’t you release a version of the app without the streaming features on the App Store outside US/UK/DE?

    No licensing required to be able to check for local gigs…

    Chris – 3 March, 14:02
  13. Remm
    3 March, 14:02

    When it will be available for Russian AppStore?

    Remm – 3 March, 14:02
  14. Velder
    3 March, 14:08

    It still crashes or just stops playing.

    Velder – 3 March, 14:08
  15. Whatever
    3 March, 14:23

    Can you PLEASE put it in every AppStore? I didn’t renew my subscription just because of this stupid limitation.

    Whatever – 3 March, 14:23
  16. Jono Cole
    3 March, 14:35

    @Chris yes, we hope to release the non streaming features worldwide (as we do with the Android app). So watch this space for an announcement.

    @Velder we’ve been receiving a few crash reports from the appstore and are working on fixes ASAP.

    Jono Cole – 3 March, 14:35
  17. Philippe
    3 March, 14:37

    SeSam: Works like a charm. Thank you very much!!!

    To all those outside of US/UK/DE: Create a US-Account (fake it all you need is a valid zip code), download the app, and switch back to your account.

    Here is a Apple KB entry that explains how to create the account without a credit card:

    Philippe – 3 March, 14:37
  18. WordPress
    3 March, 16:53

    That is great, thanks

    WordPress – 3 March, 16:53
  19. Elvis05
    4 March, 00:01

    I got last fm on my iphone it plays for awhile then it close it self down i hope the bugs get fixed fast has i wont be paying my sub when it runs till its fixed because its just waste of money when its not working well

    Elvis05 – 4 March, 00:01
  20. Christian
    4 March, 05:43

    I love you guys, we all do. is brilliant. Yet, the new iPhone app is not longer free. Love and hate are one step apart…. Just review the reviews on the app store.

    Christian – 4 March, 05:43
  21. Stefan
    4 March, 07:32

    I haven’t checked it out yet but it’s bl$#dy well overdue, especially since you charge people like me $3 a month for your never-changing service.

    Stefan – 4 March, 07:32
  22. ABM
    4 March, 07:37

    It’s really ridiculous that I’m a subscriber but can’t download the app since I’m not on the US/UK/DE App Store.

    ABM – 4 March, 07:37
  23. Anthony Liekens
    4 March, 12:49

    What @Philippe said, people living outside the US/UK/DE countries can download the app by getting a non-credit-card US/UK/DE iTunes account to download the App using Philippe’s linked instructions at

    Honestly,, if you want to be fucking with us, this is what you’ll get. I’m sick of your “we’re making a deal for these countries” crap explanation. This is taking too long.

    We’re paying just as much as the US/UK/DE members, so we should be treated the same.

    Anthony Liekens – 4 March, 12:49
  24. Matt
    4 March, 16:08

    Any chance of an iPad version?

    Matt – 4 March, 16:08
  25. Rahul
    4 March, 16:28

    How to scrobble on an iphone? :(

    Rahul – 4 March, 16:28
  26. Tswok
    5 March, 07:43

    [b]Still not present in french Apple Store ![/b] Come on guys ! Deezer and Spotify have apps already. Is there still legal problems in here ?

    Tswok – 5 March, 07:43
  27. Joe01
    5 March, 11:00

    Thanx the new App. looks great on the iPhone. The only things missing are a scrobbler for the iPod and the iPad version. Please update!

    Joe01 – 5 March, 11:00
  28. Xyz
    5 March, 20:00

    Why isn’t this available in the Norwegian app store? I’ve been a paying member for a very long time, but you don’t provide services on the iPhone or on the Xbox.

    Xyz – 5 March, 20:00
  29. Ferryasters
    6 March, 20:43

    I have 3 months free from 15.02.11- but for some reason cannot load Last Fm on my iphone now – why is th

    Ferryasters – 6 March, 20:43
  30. fastfinge
    7 March, 14:18

    The fact that the app is still unavailable in Canada is unacceptable. If you’re going to now charge for all mobile radio features everywhere, you need to either stop charging, offer equal features to everyone, or close the website entirely. When/if rdio improves the radio offering to do more than just artists and playlists, I’m gone. Last continues not to care about accessibility of the website or desktop clients. Ever since the CBS purchase, they stopped caring about artists. Now, they don’t care about international users. I’m not sure rdio cares much either, but at least they provide me the services they bill for and advertise. Last engages in false advertising and unequal billing, and has managed to become even more dishonest than Bell Canada. And that’s really saying something! It’s long past time that Last was prosecuted for engaging in criminal activities, including violating fair trade laws, false advertising laws, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. For a company that is withholding the app from Canadians for legal copyright reasons, it sure amazes me how willing Last is to disregard other laws when they don’t suit CBS.

    fastfinge – 7 March, 14:18
  31. Joe
    14 March, 20:37

    I have to say, after much use of the new app, that it is unfortunately still very buggy. I would have to seriously consider whether or not to carry on the subscription after the free period lapses, depending on if these bugs are fixed.

    And how about now it’s a paid service, you bring back the Loved Tracks Radio? :-)

    Joe – 14 March, 20:37
  32. Raven
    16 March, 19:43

    Is the staff trying to do anything to fix the scrobbling problems with ipods and iphones? I haven’t been able to scrobble any plays from my ipod in over 6 months.

    Raven – 16 March, 19:43
  33. neoodnkii
    18 March, 00:23

    This topic seemed like an appropriate place to complain. Can we get a little diversity with the intro advertisement video OR better yet no ad video at all. Gee thanks a 10^10!

    neoodnkii – 18 March, 00:23
  34. Andy
    21 March, 02:33

    I can’t believe is going to charge now. That’s bullcrap. Pandora can do it, why can’t

    Andy – 21 March, 02:33
  35. Jace
    21 March, 20:41

    I used to use a lot. Now that they’re charging, I’m reverting to Pandora. At least it’s free.

    Jace – 21 March, 20:41
  36. Jon Wright
    23 March, 18:54

    That is awesome… It looks brilliant and to be honest well worth the price. Cant understand people moaning about not getting free music, why do people think music should be free? It takes people time to write it cost peoples thousands to produce it, and it costs labels and channels millions to promote. Yet they expect it for free.

    Im all up for the paid route especial if the artist is getting a decent royalty which unfortunately is not the case with Spotify at the minute.

    Jon Wright – 23 March, 18:54
  37. pi4630
    26 March, 11:05


    I’m in Italy, and it seems that this app is not available in the Italian app store. It’s a pity: This app exists since 2008 and you’ve never progressed in making it available in EU?

    pi4630 – 26 March, 11:05
  38. BobDetroit
    2 April, 22:50

    Fear not troubled users. plans on-site tech support for their remaining 5 customers once the free subscriptions run out.

    BobDetroit – 2 April, 22:50
  39. Zucni
    7 April, 14:32

    Looks cool. Any plans for a new desktop app as well? I’d love to see some of these features incorporated into the client.

    Zucni – 7 April, 14:32
  40. Andre
    12 April, 21:31

    Thx the new Apple looks great on the iPhone.

    Andre – 12 April, 21:31

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