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Sunday, 13 July 2008
by toby
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We are pleased to announce the launch of on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Sam Steele, our iPhone development army of one, has been cranking away at a full blown app on Apple’s mobile platforms for months now and the results are nothing short of insanely great.

Read on for details, but this video speaks for itself.

To get started, go to the music category of the iTunes App store (in iTunes or on your iPhone/Touch). Find the app and download it (for free).

Log in or signup to and you’ll be presented with a fairly obvious selection of functionality. Things with the red circle icon start streaming. You can navigate through the menus and go back with the button in the upper left.

Once you start streaming something, you’ll have access to the familiar contextual items (love, ban, skip… tagging will be in the next version). You can also check out the artist bio, similar artists and events (particularly cool). If there are current events for the now playing artists, you can specify if you’re attending or not and go to a Google map for the event location.

There’s a lot you can do in this app, but the interface is pretty slick so hopefully it will all be pretty discoverable.

There ARE a couple caveats…

First of all we are initially rolling this out in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. We’re looking at other locales but have to deal with licensing and a host of other issues. We assure you that we’re working on it.

Secondly, there are no background applications allowed on the iPhone/Touch. There are several implications to this, but what it mostly means is any time you click a link that loads Safari, the music will stop and you’ll have to restart the app. This means event maps, and bio links. We’re looking at alternatives, but for now that’s the breaks.

To end with a bit of icing, the app knows how to read lastfm:// links. That means if you’re browsing the website on the iPhone and click a “play in software” link, the app will start streaming for you! It’s neat, you’ll see.

This is version 1.0 and we have some cool stuff lined up for the next revisions. Love to hear any feedback.


  1. Paul
    13 July, 20:55

    But does it scrobble live like the jailbreak app?

    Paul – 13 July, 20:55
  2. izzy
    13 July, 21:00

    But will it scrobble?

    izzy – 13 July, 21:00
  3. Paul
    13 July, 21:01

    <i>But will it scrobble?</i>


    Also: I can’t find it in the music section of the UK app store.

    If this is a fully working app, I can finally unjailbreak my iPod!

    Paul – 13 July, 21:01
  4. Paul
    13 July, 21:02

    Link. I’m done for the night.

    Paul – 13 July, 21:02
  5. Toby Padilla
    13 July, 21:02

    The app scrobbles what you listen to via but unfortunately there’s no possibility for scrobbling normal iPod plays. Apple are not allowing background applications which means we can’t run while the built in media player is running. We’re trying to work with them to get around this, but for the short term we’re focused on making the desktop software scrobble iPhone and iPod Touch plays (it should work pretty good right now).

    Toby Padilla – 13 July, 21:02
  6. Alex Muller
    13 July, 21:08

    You know how we keep telling you that you guys rock? It’s mainly because you rock. This is fantastic… now all I need is to find some money to afford the iPhone in the first place.

    Also, someone should point out that the app is free. Just because…


    Alex Muller – 13 July, 21:08
  7. David Jarman
    13 July, 21:08

    Ah now, that’s nice.

    I really like the ‘play in software’ link from Safari to the app itself – intuitive enough to keep your average Apple user happy.

    There seemed to be a fair number of backward steps to get from a track, in a list, in a menu… back to the starting point. It looks like it might be quicker to hit the Home button and relaunch the app if you’re trying to get back to your own user page on the app.

    Love your work, including a neat video to introduce it. Now, if only I could get my hands on an iPhone…

    David Jarman – 13 July, 21:08
  8. Paul
    13 July, 21:12

    Thanks, ok that makes sense.

    I shall have a think.

    Paul – 13 July, 21:12
  9. StudleyUK
    13 July, 21:23

    Just to clarify, this app WILL scrobble anything that you listen to through the app? (Just not “normal” iPod plays.)

    Whatever, I’ll be downloading this immediately. I paid £2.99 for the OK-ish Tuner application (which gives you access to a wide range of internet feeds), but none of them can match the power of being able to listen to my stations in my pocket :)

    This is genius… and the price is most definitely right!

    StudleyUK – 13 July, 21:23
  10. jd
    13 July, 21:30

    if you can’t scrobble in real-time is there any way to access a list of songs played by the ipod and send those when the app is started? is such a list even kept? just an idea.

    jd – 13 July, 21:30
  11. Nils
    13 July, 21:31 for iPhone is awesome, but orange icons are not; please give me pink.


    Nils – 13 July, 21:31
  12. Laurie Denness
    13 July, 22:00

    Digg This ;)

    Laurie Denness – 13 July, 22:00
  13. Elliot
    13 July, 22:19

    What’s with the confirmations? Just do it, but make undoing easy.

    Elliot – 13 July, 22:19
  14. flo
    13 July, 22:23

    Really cool, and thanks, but a couple of questions … why did you change the red of the icon, looks weird.
    Also, I never thought I would say this about a jailbroken app, but at least what you can see from the screenshots, maybe their ui looks nicer.

    flo – 13 July, 22:23
  15. James
    13 July, 22:24

    What a great idea I wish I had bought a Touch instead of a Classic now, it looks like the CBS funding is being spent in all the right places, which is good.

    James – 13 July, 22:24
  16. Kee
    13 July, 22:26

    Umm. What’s your expectation on this app wrt to EDGE. Because so far I’m on the first song it’s playing, and I’ve spent a good 5 or 6 minutes buffering… once at the beginning of the song, and then a few more in the middle… whoops, make that three times.

    Kee – 13 July, 22:26
  17. Russ Garrett
    13 July, 22:31

    For those who are saying the icons are orange: it’s just your screen, they’re definitely red on the iPhone itself.

    @Kee: I guess this app shows off how good your wireless capability actually is. We require 128kbps of bandwidth to stream, which is realistically on the upper end of what EDGE can provide (and that’s if your mobile provider has a perfect network). I guess you need 3G (or WiFi) to get decent streaming.

    Russ Garrett – 13 July, 22:31
  18. Ernie Oporto
    13 July, 23:00

    Scrobbling from the desktop app works pretty poorly for me, actually. It picks and chooses what and when it wants to scrobble, skipping whole swaths of music, making it look like I would only listen to one or two songs, when in reality I had listened continuously over many days of one-hour commutes each way. I would love it if this could scrobble whatever the iPod plays or even if this could access the songs database inside the iPhone/Touch so that music could also be scrobbled.

    Pandora plays pretty well over EDGE, so if this cannot perform, I’ll have to stick with Pandora.

    Ernie Oporto – 13 July, 23:00
  19. smarmy
    13 July, 23:02

    I wonder if this app is able to read the contents of the recently played playlist?

    smarmy – 13 July, 23:02
  20. robotplague
    13 July, 23:09

    Thanks for making this! I seriously am loving it. I would love the ability to write in people’s shout boxes on top of the scrobbling songs played on your iPod (which I know has been brought up a bunch already).

    God, this is such a minor thing I can’t believe I’m actually bringing it up. But I’m disappointed with the app icon! It’s fatter and a little spooky (definitely not the official one you guys use everywhere). I love the way the official logo looks but the app version is a little…off. I also wish it was on your traditional pink background and not it’s current orange/red color. Why is it different?

    Love you guys either way =)

    robotplague – 13 July, 23:09
  21. yourclone
    13 July, 23:12

    Excellent, I’ve been waiting for this ever since 2.0 came out.

    yourclone – 13 July, 23:12
  22. Riddle
    13 July, 23:35

    Great work!

    Is there a way for checking number of iPod’s plays without using the desktop app? I guess there’s some kind of a db keeping info about amount of plays – iTunes uses it. If you could extract it every time you launch… we could have scrobbling on demand. The biggest drawback is that iTunes counts track as played after you listen from 0 to 100%, not 50%.

    If there’s no way for doing it officially, I think I’ll have to pass on non-jailbroken 2.0 software. I hope Sam will deliver app for jailbroken devices (iPhone 3G-less) too.

    Nonetheless you rock Sam! :)

    Riddle – 13 July, 23:35
  23. DaddyD
    13 July, 23:39

    PLease, please make this available in the Austrian store. Please.

    Did I say please?

    DaddyD – 13 July, 23:39
  24. Someone
    14 July, 00:16

    Can’t wait for the jailbreak followed by someone developing something to give iphones the ability to run stuff in the background…

    Someone – 14 July, 00:16
  25. Derick Valadao
    14 July, 01:06

    Fantastic, Canadian iPhone owners thank you for giving us a streaming music solution. I saw the preview video last week and was floored by the depth of functionality you have put it. I’ll be sure to let everybody with an iPhone know that this is a must download. Certainly one of the top apps on iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Derick Valadao – 14 July, 01:06
  26. FSFunky
    14 July, 02:22

    Anyway we can get updates on when it is available in our own locales?

    FSFunky – 14 July, 02:22
  27. ilovekeane
    14 July, 02:35

    I can’t believe Apple is making me pay for the update to download Apps on my iTouch. However, I look forward to having the App on my Touch!!!

    ilovekeane – 14 July, 02:35
  28. Joe Lazarus
    14 July, 02:45


    Joe Lazarus – 14 July, 02:45
  29. Khamelion
    14 July, 02:47

    I hope the desktop app will be released soon. It’s the only app why i haven’t updated to 2.0 yet. I love to scrobble my Music.

    Khamelion – 14 July, 02:47
  30. Neilcar
    14 July, 03:01

    I can’t seem to login — I just tried the same credentials on the website and it worked but it’s giving me login error on the iPhone. (I’ve tried typing it a dozen times now…no go.)

    Am I missing something?

    Neilcar – 14 July, 03:01
  31. Neilcar
    14 July, 03:03

    Nevermind, the login name seems to be case sensitive in the iPhone app even though the website isn’t.

    Neilcar – 14 July, 03:03
  32. Dave
    14 July, 03:05

    After you hit “similar Artist” how do you swith back to listing to the artist you are searching for? I accidentally hit Similar artist and I can’t get out of that mode now, I even tried uninstalling and redownloaing the program. Some instructions for the app somewhere would be helpful for people new to

    Dave – 14 July, 03:05
  33. jackfright
    14 July, 04:22

    get it up and running for malaysians baby, we like to love long time down here ;)

    haul ass people, haul ass.

    jackfright – 14 July, 04:22
  34. woo
    14 July, 05:41

    as for a jailbreak version, that’s how this app started, google for MobileScrobbler and you’ll find the jailbreak version (which is much better, since it played in the background and scrobbled your itunes stuff too). I just hope development keeps up with both… Still, this app shows what a good iphone app should be! (and of course shows the weakness of some of the SDK terms)

    As for playing on slower connections, ooTunes will transcode on the fly down to match your bandwidth ( streams included). It’s not free, and I wrote it (full disclosure) but it does other stuff to.

    woo – 14 July, 05:41
  35. Marty
    14 July, 05:56

    not available in Australian iTunes App Store =(

    pretty please release it there!

    Marty – 14 July, 05:56
  36. jonndailey
    14 July, 06:06

    Cool man. Thank you!

    jonndailey – 14 July, 06:06
  37. stefan
    14 July, 06:17

    But how does the Jailbreak App do the scrobbling? Are there background processes in the old iPhones/iPod Touch software?

    stefan – 14 July, 06:17
  38. Pedro German
    14 July, 06:23

    not available also in Mexican iTunes app store

    where can we get it?

    Pedro German – 14 July, 06:23
  39. Carlos Leopoldo
    14 July, 06:27

    This application is no available in the Mexican Store, Why??

    Carlos Leopoldo – 14 July, 06:27
  40. christian
    14 July, 06:30

    Not available in the Austrian App Store… :(

    christian – 14 July, 06:30
  41. Noah
    14 July, 06:35

    I have to say, This sucks. Stop ignoring your Symbian users and release something.

    Noah – 14 July, 06:35
  42. Tijs
    14 July, 07:32

    Symbian? What’s Symbian? :D

    As for the music stopping cause you have to switch to MSafari, how about a very minor builtin browser, like Twitterific has? :)

    Tijs – 14 July, 07:32
  43. nathan
    14 July, 07:47

    not in the New Zealand appstore either! i want

    nathan – 14 July, 07:47
  44. Daniel J
    14 July, 08:18

    With all due respect, the title for this shouldn’t be “ for iPhone and iPod Touch”, but instead “ Radio and browsing functionality only, for iPhone/iPod Touch”

    Daniel J – 14 July, 08:18
  45. Vera
    14 July, 08:23


    The jailbreak app does scrobble normal iphone/ipod songs because it’s not using the official Apple API, thus it is able to run background processes.

    if you can’t scrobble in real-time is there any way to access a list of songs played by the ipod and send those when the app is started? is such a list even kept? just an idea.

    I agree with @jd’s suggestion

    Vera – 14 July, 08:23
  46. RiotGrrrlCS
    14 July, 08:31

    To all the people complaining: It can’t scrobble because iphone’s system doesn’t allow for scrobbling without it being jailbroken, it’s not the software developers fault that it won’t scrobble.

    Not available in the Portuguese store…. :((( C’mon iTunes…there are people living outside of the US, Canada, Uk, Germany, Spain and France, too…

    RiotGrrrlCS – 14 July, 08:31
  47. polymorphic
    14 July, 08:37

    Good work peeps – excellent stuff :)

    Looking forward to the “native” mp3 scrobbling also.. any rougth eta fot that?

    polymorphic – 14 July, 08:37
  48. Joakim
    14 July, 08:43

    Will this be available in the Dutch store?

    It is not right now as far as i can tell (cant find it in the appstore on the phone and i dont have itunes at work)

    Joakim – 14 July, 08:43
  49. Morten
    14 July, 08:51

    Not available in the Norwegian App store.

    Morten – 14 July, 08:51
  50. Luis Davim
    14 July, 09:04

    I can’t find it on the portuguese store….

    Luis Davim – 14 July, 09:04
  51. Colin
    14 July, 09:09

    Great to see this! Huge props – it’s a beautifully designed iPhone interface.

    I do think, however, that you should update the blog post to point out that the streamed radio is effectively 3G only. I’m in central London with an iPhone v1 and it takes way too long to listen to anything. I’ve read that the Pandora app works reasonably well over Edge so that’s a bit disappointing.

    Oh and I clicked the bio link at the bottom of the Similar Artists screen for Kraftwerk and got the bio for Yello!

    Colin – 14 July, 09:09
  52. Nicken
    14 July, 09:14

    You guys rock! keep on that stuff!

    Nicken – 14 July, 09:14
  53. Starsky13
    14 July, 09:25

    Please Open this to Ireland!

    Starsky13 – 14 July, 09:25
  54. David Ramalho
    14 July, 09:30

    +1 for Portuguese Store

    pretty pretty please ? :)

    David Ramalho – 14 July, 09:30
  55. Jelle
    14 July, 10:28

    +1 for a Dutch version

    Jelle – 14 July, 10:28
  56. Pedro Leite
    14 July, 10:45

    Please make it quickly available in portuguese appstore!!!

    Abraço ;)

    Pedro Leite – 14 July, 10:45
  57. simon
    14 July, 11:56

    please make it available in the Dutch appstore

    simon – 14 July, 11:56
  58. Erik K Veland
    14 July, 12:48

    With all due respect, the title for this shouldn’t be “ for iPhone and iPod Touch”, but instead “ Radio and browsing functionality only, for iPhone/iPod Touch”

    Make that

    “ Radio and browsing functionality only, for iPhone/iPod Touch in a limited area of the world” :(

    Hurry up with Australia licensing, I can’t wait for this

    Erik K Veland – 14 July, 12:48
  59. jay
    14 July, 13:31


    jay – 14 July, 13:31
  60. mako
    14 July, 13:42

    This is brilliant. I’m running it right now on my iPod touch, and it makes me wish I had an iPhone so I could listen to it on the road. Who needs satellite radio now when you could have a customized radio station in your car?

    mako – 14 July, 13:42
  61. Viper007Bond
    14 July, 13:50

    Shame about no background apps. Stupid Apple! :(

    I may have to jailbreak 2.0 and go back to MobileScrobbler…

    Viper007Bond – 14 July, 13:50
  62. Jens
    14 July, 13:53

    Nice app! Totally new to me.

    Problem on my new iPhone 3G (no jailbreak etc):
    the app is totally unusable, because it crashes permanently. Mostly after some seconds of playback, sometimes while connecting to the server.
    It just terminates.

    Any Idea how to solve this problem?

    Jens – 14 July, 13:53
  63. John
    14 July, 14:22

    Its brilliant, great work.

    I also second the notion of having web links open within a WebKit view in the app itself and not go to Safari.

    John – 14 July, 14:22
    14 July, 14:23

    meh, MobileScrobbler did the job for me. I know this is the ‘official’ app but no scrobbling really cripples it.

    DANOMITE – 14 July, 14:23
  65. matt
    14 July, 14:25

    Shame to see the actual mobile scrobbling ability has been lost. It’s my one reason for not upgrading just yet. I’ll stick to the jailbreak version, in the hope that a hacked v2 will allow me to continue using the scrobbling version.

    What about the “Apple Push Notification Service” that was announced at WWDC 2008? Doesn’t that helps situations like this?

    matt – 14 July, 14:25
  66. musice
    14 July, 14:46

    It’s crashing all the time :(

    musice – 14 July, 14:46
  67. dr727
    14 July, 14:54

    Nice work! This makes my iPhone so much more complete! Another utility of the future, here in my pocket!

    dr727 – 14 July, 14:54
  68. Toby Padilla
    14 July, 15:04

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. We’re looking at rolling out in other locations, and will keep you up to date.

    Unfortunately, scrobbling iPod plays is technically impossible with the Apple SDK. Having no background apps means we can’t run while the media player is running.

    We’re continuing to test the app and working on a new release. Stability is our #1 objective. Fixes will come soon.

    Toby Padilla – 14 July, 15:04
  69. marcus
    14 July, 15:33

    quite buggy yet. crashes often. but that’s ok since it’s new.

    thanks for this! :D

    marcus – 14 July, 15:33
  70. Cody
    14 July, 15:55

    Hey, great app!

    I think you guys could start a petition, a forum, or a signup sheet that will let appple know how many users would like the ability to run as a background application (to allow scrobbling among other things). has a huge following – I think it could happen.

    Cody – 14 July, 15:55
  71. Nick
    14 July, 16:34

    It’s good an all, simple app. I wish it was more like the app that was on (jailbroken). That app had a shit load of stuff!

    Nick – 14 July, 16:34
  72. Noah Duffy
    14 July, 16:48

    Sigh. I wish more developers would show BlackBerry users a little love. Apple made a great move in releasing the SDK for the iPhone, but I’m not switching to AT&T. So, how about it? Want to make me feel loved?

    Noah Duffy – 14 July, 16:48
  73. gwalla
    14 July, 17:57

    @Toby Padilla: the inability to run background processes prevents it from scrobbling AS YOU PLAY through the iPod media player. But what people are suggesting is that the app read the iTunesDB and scrobble all tracks played since the last time, just like when you sync and iPod with iTunes and the audioscrobbler plugin. This wouldn’t require Last.FM to operate at the same time as the media player. Is iTunesDB also off limits?

    gwalla – 14 July, 17:57
  74. psab
    14 July, 19:29

    Unfortunately the app crashs after each song played.

    psab – 14 July, 19:29
  75. IanL
    14 July, 20:14

    I’m very interested to try out this app. I’m in Ireland. When you distribute the app to the AppStore does Apple give you an option to distribute to a subset of country local iTunes AppStores ? Here in Ireland we are clueless to why there are no games available since 2.0 launch of iPhone/iPod touch. Apple seem to say it is because the developers have chosen not to distribute to certain markets. In the case of LastFM what is the hurdle which is currently preventing you getting the app to Ireland’s store (Austria.. and other markets also)…

    IanL – 14 July, 20:14
  76. ingo
    14 July, 20:21

    yes it crashes all the time here, too. unusable in this state. nice try though

    ingo – 14 July, 20:21
  77. jay
    14 July, 20:22

    Wow, iPhone is out there for a few days and here it is – official client.

    Symbian, and more precisely S60 has been there for years, on many devices, more people own it, and yet there is no app for S60. Not even a single unofficial application.

    That sucks.

    jay – 14 July, 20:22
  78. alf
    14 July, 20:34

    Dutch version plzzzzz

    alf – 14 July, 20:34
  79. Dave
    14 July, 20:43

    hey, please allow it in Portugal please…we’re Spain anyways :P

    Dave – 14 July, 20:43
  80. lunaxeos
    14 July, 20:58

    Please when it will be available in the italian appstore?
    It’s a fantastic application!

    lunaxeos – 14 July, 20:58
  81. LeifErikson
    14 July, 23:22

    Apple should ATLEAST allow 1 app (user’s choice) to run in the background… cmon… 1 app wont affect performance.

    LeifErikson – 14 July, 23:22
  82. iPhone Fan
    14 July, 23:49

    I’m new here an new to Last.Fm – what exactly is scrobbling?

    iPhone Fan – 14 July, 23:49
  83. Jeremy Perry
    15 July, 03:34

    Love it – I was really hoping this would come, after seeing the one for Pandora. You’ll be near the top of the downloads soon. Good Job team – I wish I could have helped ;)

    Jeremy Perry – 15 July, 03:34
  84. Laurence
    15 July, 05:25

    yeah, this should really be available iTunes worldwide – otherwise you’re limiting your users by quite a bit

    Laurence – 15 July, 05:25
  85. Anonymous
    15 July, 05:55

    After installing this every single non-native app on my iPhone crashed on startup. You must’ve effed up some API paths or something…beware!

    Anonymous – 15 July, 05:55
  86. Mike12000
    15 July, 07:05

    Very interesting so far! I’ve got dial-up availability only at home
    so this is my first taste of radio. I also only have Edge in my area right now. One day’s tests and the result is: it performed well standing still (and sounded great too), but driving in the car I never got through an entire song without it rebuffering or crashing.

    Oh, did I mention I love What a great service, even without all the extras I can’t use right now!

    Mike12000 – 15 July, 07:05
  87. World
    15 July, 08:19

    Good stuff. Thanks and greetings!

    World – 15 July, 08:19
  88. T
    15 July, 09:24

    One large bug… occuring on 3G and EDGE

    If you begin listening to a station, and your screen locks (i.e. turns black after a few minutes to save power) the station will not load the next track. You have to wake your phone by pressing the home button, and then it will load the next track…

    Not sure if this is just on my iPhone… anyone else seeing this problem?

    T – 15 July, 09:24
  89. Rhid
    15 July, 09:41

    Any chance of a Symbian version? It will allow apps to run in the background, and there are more Symbian users than iPhone users…

    Rhid – 15 July, 09:41
  90. tiagoh
    15 July, 09:50

    Portuguese store please…. please…. please…

    tiagoh – 15 July, 09:50
  91. Anders
    15 July, 12:22

    Can’t wait for this to be released for Sweden!

    Anders – 15 July, 12:22
  92. zerolight
    15 July, 14:13

    Just a thought, but can’t you just have this app read the iphone/ipod recently played tracks playlist and scrobble those, in the same way you would on the desk top? That way, although it can’t scrobble in the background as you listen, it at least can do as soon as you start up the client on your ipod/iphone, negating a need to even sync.

    zerolight – 15 July, 14:13
  93. Toby Padilla
    15 July, 14:49

    Unfortunately the iPhone SDK does not allow applications to access the iPod play data. We’re able to do it with the desktop client by going through iTunes.

    Toby Padilla – 15 July, 14:49
  94. Khamelion
    15 July, 15:57

    Do you also make an alternate version with scrobbling for jailbreak?
    And when will you release the Desktop client?

    Khamelion – 15 July, 15:57
  95. Leech
    15 July, 15:59

    Sad it do not scrobbles iPod songs. :(
    I want background apps!

    I wouldn’t upgrade to 2.0 until I found a way to scrobble my listened tracks.

    Leech – 15 July, 15:59
  96. videopixil
    15 July, 20:43

    awesome, – just paid for a subscription

    stickin’ with the jailbroken one for now :)

    videopixil – 15 July, 20:43
  97. lunaxeos
    15 July, 20:48

    Please put Lastfm on the italian appstore!
    And please develop Mobilescrobbler version for jailbroken 2.0
    Thank you!

    lunaxeos – 15 July, 20:48
  98. henry
    15 July, 20:53

    Will the new version be downloadable thru installer after the dev team releases the jailbrake for the 2.0? (Allowin scrobbling)

    henry – 15 July, 20:53
  99. Julian Einwag
    15 July, 22:52

    Great app, but is there any chance it could keep the screen from turning off completely when the iPhone/iPod’s docked?

    Julian Einwag – 15 July, 22:52
  100. Jeff Ubelhor
    15 July, 23:58

    Ok, I will be the first to admit I am not completely up to date on developer specifications, but would it be possible to play the music through the Last.FM software? That way, it’s not running in the background, but n the contrary, the iPod is running in the background. Since Apple is allowing it’s own software to be running as a background app, could you use that as an advantage?

    Jeff Ubelhor – 15 July, 23:58
  101. lorimarie
    16 July, 05:17

    I am so happy because I did not want to use the Pandora player! I’m loyal to Can’t wait to see how this app develops in the future. Thanks!

    lorimarie – 16 July, 05:17
  102. adamzzz
    16 July, 08:08

    I want it on my Nano! :D

    adamzzz – 16 July, 08:08
  103. rsvmarques
    16 July, 12:56

    fans are waiting for a compatible last fm frontware for playstation portable.
    The only problem is the flash player version.

    rsvmarques – 16 July, 12:56
  104. Yeshu'a
    16 July, 14:11

    Open the App to Brazil plz

    i can’t live without this =D

    Yeshu'a – 16 July, 14:11
  105. tuco
    16 July, 17:10

    No scrobbling? Argh.

    tuco – 16 July, 17:10
  106. joshua
    16 July, 18:20

    I get the same problem of the next track not loading if the screen has gone black when on 3g.

    joshua – 16 July, 18:20
  107. artdamage911
    16 July, 21:16

    awesome… i have been waiting so long (3 days) for this to come out. im tired of jailbreaking my iPod after every new firmware version to install the old mobile scrobbler app. NICE WORK GUYS!

    artdamage911 – 16 July, 21:16
  108. rob
    16 July, 23:22

    for everyone above that loves the “official” client, i have to ask you… are you out of your minds?

    apple’s restrictions on the official SDK have made this application pretty much worthless on the original iphone. you can’t stream music over EDGE and you can’t scrobble your iPod plays. the best thing about the jailbreak version, mobilescrobbler, was the ability to scrobble iPod tracks in real-time over EDGE.

    if any of you had ever tried mobilescrobbler, you would hate this official app as much as i do.

    i understand it’s not’s fault or sam’s fault, but apple’s. i can only hope and pray that sam will continue development on mobilescrobbler once the jailbreak is out for 2.0, but i don’t have high hopes.

    rob – 16 July, 23:22
  109. k
    17 July, 05:46

    Ditto what everyone’s saying about live scrobbling. Mobile Scrobbler was pretty much the sole reason I jailbreaked (broke?) in the first place, and this new official app was the only reason I upgraded to 2.0. 99.9% of all of my scrobbles were from MS. This is a major bummer.

    k – 17 July, 05:46
  110. Brian McLawren
    17 July, 07:11

    What’bout Italy? the only reason I used to think about a jailbreak was the lack of Last.FM


    Brian McLawren – 17 July, 07:11
  111. Nick
    17 July, 09:23

    This app is absolutely genius! Pretty much perfect in every way but one…

    It can’t run in the background..You need to be able to keep listening whilst checking your e-mail or surfing the web.

    Is it because of the SDK restrictions that the app behaves this way?

    Nick – 17 July, 09:23
  112. Jan
    17 July, 09:45

    First of all, I think Sam has done a great job with the official app, and as this is just the first release, it’ll get even better and more stable over time.

    However, I prefer to wait for the jailbreak for 2.0 to be able to continue live scrobbling on my device. Perhaps Sam will release a modified version of the official app for jailbroken devices himself, but if he doesn’t: Don’t worry, MobileScrobbler is Open Source…

    Jan – 17 July, 09:45
  113. Zacko
    17 July, 12:09

    First off, excellent app, and way to get it done in time for the launch. Having it ready by the launch of the app store should make a huge difference as there will surely be a lot of competition (Pandora to name one).

    As expected there are some bugs with it. I am using it on the iPhone 1st Gen and it works well, but it does have its share of crashes. It might be that I am on a VPN network, but it is a very very fast one. I’m sure more time will allow for more feedback and better polish of the overall stability. Also, I can get Pandora to work over Edge in the car, but LastFM not so much. I am assuming that it’s because of the amount of additional data that gets carried over the network along with the music. Keep up the great work! And I know come September Apple will allow for background notifications etc, so maybe we will see a change in the ability to use it while doing other tasks, something Apple used as a sales pitch at the release of 1.0.

    Zacko – 17 July, 12:09
  114. Simon Kjellberg
    17 July, 12:19

    4 out of 7 artists you play in the demo are Swedish, but it’s not even available in Sweden! (Quite funny actually)
    C’mon I need this! My iPod feels so useless without ;(

    Simon Kjellberg – 17 July, 12:19
  115. Steve
    17 July, 16:02

    I would love to have a “Night” mode for this app, so I can put the iTouch in the dock and set it to night mode and it will shutdown in at a certian time (or after any amount of time 30min, 1hr etc.) and will not show the cover art, just a black screen with music, so I don’t have a glowing screen keeping me awake all night.

    Steve – 17 July, 16:02
  116. Cananito
    17 July, 20:15

    Something that would be aswome is an app like the software, so when you hear a track on the iphone/touch, it gets sent to, this will be really hard I guess tough…

    Cananito – 17 July, 20:15
  117. John B.
    17 July, 20:16

    Things might be different after September, when Apple allows persistent data connections. There may be code which allows some kind of data transfers in the background that would allow scrobbling, but you know… don’t hold your breath,

    John B. – 17 July, 20:16
  118. Donovan
    17 July, 20:25

    Hey, this is an awesome app! It was one of the first things I got after updating my Touch. It really is a bummer that you can’t scrobble actual tracks from your library, but it’s still an awesome idea for you to still be able to scrobble with the radio from your iPod. I hear there is a way to scrobble the Touch with the software, but I haven’t quite figured it out yet. It will be very convenient once I figure that out. And I’m sure in the (hopefully near) future you guys will figure out how to deal with Apple’s thing about not being able to run apps in the background! ;) Great job, guys! Really appreciate all the effort!

    Donovan – 17 July, 20:25
  119. Rui Carmo
    17 July, 22:36

    Well, if you’re doing Spain, why isn’t the app available in Portugal? Music rights are mostly the same, I gather

    Rui Carmo – 17 July, 22:36
  120. wma1999
    17 July, 23:32

    Another vote for a Dutch release please.

    wma1999 – 17 July, 23:32
  121. Avrum68
    18 July, 00:50

    “I get the same problem of the next track not loading if the screen has gone black when on 3g.”

    Same here, and driving me crazy. Screen goes black, lose my connection, buffer states “0”, and then I have to log-in manually. Ugh… royal pain. Love the concept, but will probably delete the app of my iPhone.

    Avrum68 – 18 July, 00:50
  122. J
    18 July, 02:17

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
    Please get this going for us in Australia!

    J – 18 July, 02:17
  123. Martin M.
    18 July, 06:16

    Hoping this gets to the danish store soon!!

    I really hope that Apple will make a few exceptions to their ‘no background aps’ and ‘no media access’ rules in the SDK. This app is the perfect reason for why it should not be universal, but I respect that a review process should probably be involved.

    This would be great to have in Denmark. Come on, please! We are allowed to use the website, why not this neat app? :)

    Martin M. – 18 July, 06:16
  124. Wilhelm Reuch
    18 July, 07:06

    I dont understand this either. If we (in sweden) is allowed to use the website … couldnt you just have built the iphone app as a web-app and be done with it? No I am just irritated on for building this app using sdk:s/api:s that excludes certain users based on geography.

    Wilhelm Reuch – 18 July, 07:06
  125. Jenna Fox
    18 July, 07:24

    Gosh this looks great, I hope you guys get a release in the australian AppStore soon! :)

    Jenna Fox – 18 July, 07:24
  126. RyanNinja
    18 July, 07:54

    the new layout sucks. this feels more like or some bullshit than a site that actually cares about music. bring back the old layout or you’ll lose ALOT of old friends. …i’m expecting 3x the advertisements here in about 3 or 4 months… then i’ll be gone too.

    Ryan Buege

    RyanNinja – 18 July, 07:54
  127. Bert
    18 July, 13:42

    So, you guys allready have someone developing an app for PlayStation 3? ;)
    If not, I’d be a happy candidate…

    Bert – 18 July, 13:42
  128. lunaxeos
    18 July, 15:18

    italian version please!

    lunaxeos – 18 July, 15:18
  129. Christine
    18 July, 16:47

    This is my favorite app on my iPod. Thank you for making. I don’t even care that it can’t be played when its not open. My iPod was originally for music anyway.

    Christine – 18 July, 16:47
  130. Felipe Alfaro Solana
    18 July, 17:18 for iPhone is just useless in its current state. It keeps logging me out every now and then, so I can barely use the application for longer than 5 minutes. Having to log in multiple times in an hour is pain in the neck.

    Please, fix the application. The idea is promising, but it’s badly delivered on the iPhone.

    Felipe Alfaro Solana – 18 July, 17:18
  131. fi4sko
    18 July, 22:09

    I know its not right topic, but well, you’ve blocked the comments there, so: I want the previous lastFM, gods damn, I have no pleasure of monday morning statistics now, no neighbours on the front page, it sucks, it sucks, it sucks, I cant belive it happened when I was on holidays, expecting a nice lastFM surf after two weeks break!

    fi4sko – 18 July, 22:09
  132. Pieter De Decker
    19 July, 09:46

    How about a lite version of for other countries that only does scrobbling?

    Pieter De Decker – 19 July, 09:46
  133. James
    19 July, 17:14

    Great news! As soon as I work out how to scrobble my iPod Touch using the client, I’ll be making the switch; MobileScrobbler is pretty much the only jailbreak app I use. Pity that you can’t have it running in the background, mind; does it still work if you put the device on standby?

    James – 19 July, 17:14
  134. Andrew
    20 July, 03:05

    If anyone with any influence in these matters reads this, I’ll also ask for this to appear in the non-USA App Store! I’m in Australia . . .


    Andrew – 20 July, 03:05
  135. Khamelion
    20 July, 11:08

    Jailbreak is out.
    Hope there will be a MobileScrobbler release soon.

    Khamelion – 20 July, 11:08
  136. Tom
    20 July, 12:23


    Love, and will be using it for many years to come. It will give me a history of my music tastes throughout my life (I am currently 19).

    Tom – 20 July, 12:23
  137. Jacob Bøtter
    20 July, 23:24

    Please, tell us what we can do to help you bring this to Europe (Denmark in this case) and how we can influence Apple to enable scrobbling. I scrobbled about 5.000 songs using my old iPhone, I don’t want to stop now!

    Jacob Bøtter – 20 July, 23:24
  138. Derick Valadao
    21 July, 00:18

    After about a week of (trying) to use the program I thought I’d echo some feedback in this area.

    1) Streaming: Takes a fairly long time. While I can accept the initial channel buffer, is there any reason why the application can’t pre-buffer the next track after the entire track currently playing finishes loading? Also, maybe you could offer an option to lower the bitrate on different networks to aid streaming loads and data use.

    2) Log-outs/Time-outs: When the application does not crash, it tends to time out and force you to log back into in order to continue playing music on the service. This is a major annoyance which has been echoed in many reviews. Not only does it stop the playback, but it forces the user to input login info again.

    3) Crashes: Obviously you guys are aware of the many crashes occurring. I’ll list off instances under which I experience crashes in case anybody has not yet listed them: – Starting up (rare) – Tag searching – Loading a channel – Switching tracks – Buffering a new track – Buffering a track mid-play

    That’s about it. Now for some positive feedback :)

    The events tab is incredibly well done. Very descriptive and accurate. I especially love the counter in the tabs which will automatically tell you if, in fact, events are associated with that artist. Really well done and it really sets you apart from Pandora’s application.

    The bio tab is excellent. Very readable and very much appreciated. One of my favourite parts of is reading the artist bios. Thank you very much for adding that in.

    The sharing is very well implemented. I love how easy it is to choose which friends I will share a track with.

    I like that similar artists are sorted by relevance. It’s a great visual tool to discover new artists, influences, and styles just by looking at the similar artists tab.

    The interface is quite nice.

    Some possible future additions (which you doubtless have thought up) for after the stability issues are cleaned up.

    1. Shout-box integration: this one speaks for itself… it would be awesome

    2. Tag clouds or some way of discovering what is popular on the service at the time.

    3. Location awareness: it would be neat to know what people near you are interested in.

    Thanks for the great service and I hope to see the iPhone/iPod Touch app reach its potential. I look forward to using my iPhone’s storage space for movies and podcasts as opposed to music because I much prefer music discovery and sharing to sticking to what I already know.


    Derick Valadao – 21 July, 00:18
  139. Gonzalo Muñoz
    21 July, 01:30

    Nice app! However, I never got a chance to use it before the site update, and the ‘play in software’ links are gone now, they were the main reason I was going nuts for the app. Any chance of that feature coming back?

    Gonzalo Muñoz – 21 July, 01:30
  140. Yonghwee
    21 July, 06:55

    It’s a pity it doesn’t scrobble. Will that be possible in the future? I understand that Apple doesn’t allow apps to run in the background.

    I’m no programmer but is it possible to add the track names to a temp location and upload it periodically or manually?

    Yonghwee – 21 July, 06:55
  141. b1tr0t
    21 July, 18:11

    It’s gotta scrobble tracks from the iPhone boys. It’s gotta.


    b1tr0t – 21 July, 18:11
  142. Derick Valadao
    22 July, 00:44

    Scrobbling does not matter. Get the software which will detect your device off of iTunes and scrobble when you sync. There are far more important things to worry about with this app than the fact that you can’t scrobble until plugging in your device. Besides, it’s simply not their fault that Apple is limiting their SDK to prevent background processes at the moment.

    Derick Valadao – 22 July, 00:44
  143. elie
    22 July, 08:32

    Nice app, but i’m sorry to tell, it crashes usualy after playing 1 song. I’m using the wireless connection at home, so no interference there.

    if it doesn’t get better will probably dump it.

    elie – 22 July, 08:32
  144. Toby Padilla
    22 July, 11:24

    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Keep it coming :)

    We’ve got another version of the app waiting for approval from Apple. This fixes a ton of bugs and makes buffering much faster. Hopefully this should be approved very soon, but we’ve been hearing reports of very long queue for Apple to approve at the moment.

    Also of note was the timeouts and streaming weirdness that occurred when the new website launched. There was a ton of load on the system and it freaked out web services. Most if not all of this should be fixed by now.

    Derick Valadao – awesome stuff! Great suggestions and finds.

    As for background scrobbling the iPod, it’s just not possible with the Apple SDK. All I can suggest is asking Apple (nicely ;) for a solution.

    Right now, we have to stick to the initial country list. There’s a lot of issues to work around there. It’s unfortunate but true. We’ll let you know ASAP if this changes.

    Toby Padilla – 22 July, 11:24
  145. Toby Padilla
    22 July, 11:40

    BTW – Make sure to join this group for support, updates and general coolness:

    Toby Padilla – 22 July, 11:40
  146. Jakob
    22 July, 13:11

    Great app :]
    I hope you’ll get everything fixed.

    Thanks from Germany,

    Jakob – 22 July, 13:11
  147. Derick Valadao
    22 July, 14:39

    [joins group]

    Thanks for the shout out. I happened to discover another little tidbit last night. It seems that by turning off scrobbling altogether on the settings reduces the rate at which the app crashes. In fact, has not crashed once since I tested this out. I’m not sure if anybody else knows about this one since I haven’t read anything about it.

    Thanks for the update on the status of the application. I’ve been hearing about Apple’s long approval process as well. Some apps seem to get updated quicker than others (read: Facebook) and so it might be the nature of the service defines where it gets put in the queue.

    Derick Valadao – 22 July, 14:39
  148. Mario
    22 July, 17:34

    Hi !!!! I will love to have on my iPod touch here in Costa Rica. I think that it isn’t any problem con licensing here…

    Please, please… let us to have on our iPods and iPhones….

    Mario – 22 July, 17:34
  149. trab
    24 July, 08:28

    get this available in NL too. it is annoying that we cannot overrule this country regulation in iTunes

    trab – 24 July, 08:28
  150. myAIR
    24 July, 15:23

    I like this version, but I think the jailbroken version is better looking and works better, I wish would have kept the jailbroken GUI, I don’t really like the album art in the background.

    myAIR – 24 July, 15:23
  151. EmBe
    25 July, 07:21

    I have tested the new Version right now. On my iPhone it keeps crashing again, when it starts to play a song ;-(

    Any solution??


    PS: I love – i hope you get it work!!!

    EmBe – 25 July, 07:21
  152. Jason
    25 July, 09:48

    New Version crashes, too! Unusable…

    Maybe you should test the software on a REAL iPhone before releasing ;o)

    Jason – 25 July, 09:48
  153. Ibrahim
    26 July, 02:50

    it’s not available in “Saudi Arabia” App Store :(

    this is really frustrating, i need on my iPhone so badly…

    i hope it show up ASAP, with a bunch of other cool apps that has country restriction for no clear reason, i mean i can use while I’m in Saudi Arabia, it’s not like that requires U.S resident..

    Anyhow, keep the great work up.. n spread the music love :D

    Ibrahim – 26 July, 02:50
  154. m3lange
    26 July, 16:44

    I was fooled. Updgraded to 2.0 when I heard app is finally out. Been using jailbroken 1.14 iPod all this while. Now, I’m without any means to listem to on my iPod.

    Boohoooohoo… Hurry up and come over to Japan’s App store!

    m3lange – 26 July, 16:44
  155. steffoz
    26 July, 19:31

    We want Lastfm on the italian appstore!
    Please please please please! :)

    steffoz – 26 July, 19:31
  156. Tom
    27 July, 11:23

    WHY the heck isn’t this available for the Swiss app store?!?

    Tom – 27 July, 11:23
  157. SonGerold
    28 July, 03:22


    SonGerold – 28 July, 03:22
  158. Phil
    28 July, 04:48


    Thanks for the app and site! I was a longtime user of MobileScrobbler on my iPhone 2G, and am using the new AppStore client on my new iPhone 3G. I do really miss the background scrobbling though…. I’m hoping that the jailbreak version gets ported to 2.0 (the source code is out there if any programmers feel like it ;-). I had one thought… if it has been mentioned and I missed it, forgive me for saying it again. Is it perhaps a possibility to have a media player built into the client so that you could play your music on the iPhone, and scrobble at the same time with the same App? I don’t know if this is even something that the SDK would begin to allow you to do, but I thought I’d at least mention it!

    Thanks again!

    Phil – 28 July, 04:48
  159. Ole
    28 July, 07:59

    I have used the LastFM scrobbler on a jailbreaked ipod touch for months with great joy, it’s realy a nice product. Now after updating to 2.0 I can’t install it since it’s missing in the danish appstore.
    Please add it to the danish appstore !

    Ole – 28 July, 07:59
  160. Susannah
    30 July, 12:24

    iScrobbler 2.2 for Mac now does scrobbling for iPhones and iPod touches when you plug it in!

    So we don’t need it added to the mobile client. (otherwise it will double up the scrobbles)

    Lyrics support for the currently playing track would be great though.

    Susannah – 30 July, 12:24
  161. Samgab
    31 July, 12:58

    New Zealand Please!
    I use all the time.
    My iPhone is jailbroken, so I can use the mobilescrobbler app, as I used to, but I’d need to get on it again, and it’s a hassle. Would prefer the proper app through the iTunes app store…
    Patiently awaiting this app in the NZ store :)

    Samgab – 31 July, 12:58
  162. pabanks
    31 July, 19:47

    I’m in Midtown Manhattan, full 3G reception, and it just sits there buffering. Also, it crashed my phone completely a few times. I deleted the app, needless to say.

    pabanks – 31 July, 19:47
  163. vnieto
    2 August, 03:55

    WHY %/$#$$ is only available on some countrys??
    The word is free!!

    vnieto – 2 August, 03:55
  164. Simone
    2 August, 16:51

    Please, Italy is waiting for you!!!!

    Simone – 2 August, 16:51
  165. André Neves
    3 August, 20:50

    Since jailbreak is out you can install insomnia to keep the net connection alive. I’ve been doing that and it works (when the app is not crashing I mean).

    Also, as I’m from Portugal, I had to create a US iTunes account to install the app. I googled an US hotel and used that address ;)

    Hope that helps

    André Neves – 3 August, 20:50
  166. floerre
    5 August, 08:56

    I was so happy when I saw the app in the store. Thanks a lot, it is a must-have app!

    floerre – 5 August, 08:56
  167. Luca Guidi
    6 August, 18:30

    When it will be available for the italian store?

    Luca Guidi – 6 August, 18:30
  168. vnieto
    7 August, 05:11

    Crasing frecuenly. Don’t do scrobing, and don’t put the cover album on wallpaper. The mobile scrober for 1.1.4 firmware is better.
    We Need a mobilescrobber version with URGENT

    vnieto – 7 August, 05:11
  169. Eta
    7 August, 10:20

    I am italian and I don’t see why you guys consider us a Third World Country and you never release for Italy too.
    I don’t care if it’s not localized!
    Why cannot we have it in our store too?
    That’s simply disturbing.

    Eta – 7 August, 10:20
  170. henry
    7 August, 13:51

    Got it from UK store althought I primarely live and use the program in Finland. Very Bugy Program. Once in a while it works for a one song and sometimes it really messes up my 3g connection.

    I am in the ones that are waiting for the 2.0 mobile scrobbler also. (But will it be done ever?)

    henry – 7 August, 13:51
  171. Dennis
    7 August, 20:01

    Ive counted 5 votes for the Dutch store, let me make that vote number 6!

    Great work guys!

    Dennis – 7 August, 20:01
  172. pat
    8 August, 11:07

    pls make it available in the austrian app store too!!

    pat – 8 August, 11:07
  173. Grey
    9 August, 23:43

    There seems to be quite a bit of demand for Italy. Well, add me to that list, too! Please, please, please,…!

    Grey – 9 August, 23:43
  174. barta
    10 August, 11:29

    nothing in the italian app store! :(

    barta – 10 August, 11:29
  175. JJ
    10 August, 20:36

    please add this to the australian iTunes store!

    JJ – 10 August, 20:36
  176. wazi
    11 August, 10:10

    News about launch in the austrian App-Store?!

    wazi – 11 August, 10:10
  177. Reece
    12 August, 01:39

    Long term user here. PLEASE o PLEASE make this available to the Aussie iTunes Store.

    Its the one thing that would make the app list complete.

    Reece – 12 August, 01:39
  178. benrobb
    12 August, 14:20

    Great work guys! There’s apparently a lot of interest in getting the iPhone client to scrobble plays from our own iTunes libraries and to that end I’ve got an idea.

    There’s an app called MixMeister Scratch that lets you scratch over the top of your iTunes library music. You open the app, and then actually select the song from your library and add little sounds (I’m no good at it), but the interesting part is that if the client could do something similar, then you could open the client on the iPhone and use it in place of the regular music app when you wanted to scrobble.

    If you could select playlists, artists, etc. from your own library from within the client, then you’ve defeated the background process restrictions and offered the full experience at the same time, complete with scrobbling.

    Just a thought. I’d love to be able to scrobble on the go. Keep up the great work!

    benrobb – 12 August, 14:20
  179. Matthias Wessendorf
    12 August, 15:56

    Just did a download of 1.0.1 for my iPod touch. And as some other mentioned… it crashes all the time. Are you working on an update ?


    Matthias Wessendorf – 12 August, 15:56
  180. marco
    12 August, 16:56

    The italian App Store needs MobileScrobbler. Period. We don’t care if it will be temporarly in English while the italian localization gets completed. We need it. Please. Really.

    marco – 12 August, 16:56
  181. Tim Brierly
    13 August, 09:33

    Please release this Application to the Australian App Store. It’s a shame to see so many great apps not make it to Australia. I’m itching to get my music fix! is a great service and I would love to have it on the go.

    Please continue your international support.
    Thank you.

    Tim Brierly – 13 August, 09:33
  182. FinalContext
    13 August, 11:59

    Guys. Please make this available in Ireland (and by the looks of it, other territories). Dying to use this but am somewhat frustrated it is geographically locked. Would you lock your website to just a handful of countries?

    FinalContext – 13 August, 11:59
  183. JC
    14 August, 11:54

    Everyone in Holland is wondering when this is going to be available here? (ie Dutch Itunes store).

    PLEASE !

    JC – 14 August, 11:54
  184. Luke
    19 August, 10:47

    Please fix the interface so that is standard like the iPod Playing Now interface. The album artwork should be shown in the front and should flip to show the volume controls and buttons etc. Please improve this part of the interface. Thanks for the great application!

    Luke – 19 August, 10:47
  185. Campbell Scott
    19 August, 16:54

    Add Ireland to the list.

    Campbell Scott – 19 August, 16:54
  186. mapi
    19 August, 21:57

    well, i can’t even review the app since it’s only on the US apple store and I’m in Europe and I can’t get it… dammit.

    mapi – 19 August, 21:57
  187. Tom
    20 August, 04:44

    I just installed an app on my Pwn’d iPhone in Cydia, called “Scrobble” by Tony Hoyle. All it does is scrobble like MobileScrobbler did, so I would suggest you recommend it as an additional install for those who used the jailbroken app and want to be able to scrobble on OS 2.0.

    Tom – 20 August, 04:44
  188. Austria LastFmler
    20 August, 06:06

    is it possible to launch it also in austria


    Austria LastFmler – 20 August, 06:06
  189. Andy
    20 August, 12:22

    Request for the next major version – functionality similar to Simplify whereby you can access your entire home music library, play it back on the iPhone, have it scrobble and therefore add tracks into your Last.FM library. That would be amazing.

    Andy – 20 August, 12:22
  190. zion
    21 August, 11:22

    why dont you still release it in other countries?
    please release it in Turkish itunes store.
    there are more than million of users in turkey.



    zion – 21 August, 11:22
  191. Wiebe Tijsma
    21 August, 16:37

    Can we just have the English version in the dutch Appstore?

    Wiebe Tijsma – 21 August, 16:37
  192. Dennis
    21 August, 21:36

    Can the developers give an update on the release in other countries and what the status is regarding licensing…

    Thx for the effort and great tools!

    Dennis – 21 August, 21:36
  193. bruce
    23 August, 16:05

    I second Wiebe.

    Most applications in the Dutch Appstore are in English. Besides, I personally prefer applications in English and I guess many Dutch do as well.

    bruce – 23 August, 16:05

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