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Wednesday, 1 December 2010
by matts
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Best of 2010

Today we reveal the first part of Best of 2010, a countdown of the year’s most-played music, all based on the tracks you’ve been scrobbling.

Over the next three weeks you’re going to be surprised, delighted and horrified in equal measure by the names in the top forty, whatever you’ve been listening to.

The technical bits. Like last year we aren’t counting re-releases, live albums, compilations or greatest hits collections; just new albums released this year (so the hardcore Sgt. Pepper’s fans out there are going to be disappointed, sorry). We look at releases between October 2009 and October 2010, but include plays right up until November: that’s so we give everything a fair wiggle room before locking the chart down.

Finally, we base it solely on your scrobbles – no ‘Love’ or ‘Ban’ bias – and we don’t take deletions into account; it might be a guilty pleasure you don’t want people to know about, but that still means you scrobbled it.

As with last year, we’ll be releasing the data and a few more fun features in the final week, so you can really dig into your own “Best of”. In the meantime we’d love to find out what your top ten looks like, so you can let us know over on the group page.

We reveal #20 – #11 next Wednesday, and you can find out who the ten most scrobbled artists of the year are on 15th December.

Big thanks to everyone on the Team, including guest writer Chal Ravens and our friends at creative studio Rehab.

Find out who’s at #40 – #21 right now…


  1. Tomi
    1 December, 15:58

    Found this: on Safari, Mac OS X

    The rest looks great guys!

    Tomi – 1 December, 15:58
  2. Matthew Sheret
    1 December, 16:18

    Hey thanks for the shout Tomi, glad you like it

    Head to and let us know the details it shows for your browser and we’ll take a look

    (One of the web team is running Safari on Mac OSX and the error isn’t repeating so he needs a bit more to go on)

    Matthew Sheret – 1 December, 16:18
  3. pecusita
    1 December, 18:26

    Looking forward very much to the rest!

    I was just doing a preliminary review of my most played albums last night and thought it would be great if there was a way to calculate top albums based on tags. I’ve already tagged all of this year’s releases with “2010”, if only that were possible… :(

    pecusita – 1 December, 18:26
  4. Tecfan
    1 December, 18:37

    Seriously great design this year again. Hope to see some journals about the top albums too, as I have kinda missed out on the whole “new released” thing this year.

    Tecfan – 1 December, 18:37
  5. Tecfan
    1 December, 18:43

    There is a bug with the “first played” dates though. It says 13 Feb 2005 on one artist, but I registered in 2006. I believe this is some kind of date for scrobbles where the date is missing? I believe I had the same problem last year as well

    Tecfan – 1 December, 18:43
  6. Tomi
    2 December, 01:21

    Matthew, here’s the details from

    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; pl-pl) AppleWebKit/533.18.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Safari/533.18.5

    Hope these helps.

    Tomi – 2 December, 01:21
  7. Jelle
    2 December, 08:33

    Excellent work once again! December is always a time of lists, but few are as great as’s Best Of.

    Little remark: you say you’re counting deleted plays because they have been scrobbled, but I for one only delete accidental plays that I haven’t listened to. It would be interesting to find a way to differentiate between those two kinds of deletes.

    Jelle – 2 December, 08:33
  8. Matthew Sheret
    2 December, 09:55

    Tomi – Thanks! Passing that on now.

    pecusita – Keep an eye out in the next few weeks ;)

    Tecfan – Hmmm, sorry about the scrobble dates. I’ll ask around and see if there might be another reason. But glad to see you’ve had the same reaction as me – I feel like I missed out on some of this year’s new releases too.

    Jelle – Thanks! I wouldn’t even be sure how to start categorising deletions, but you’re right; it doesn’t take that kind of thing into account. That said, deleted scrobbles wouldn’t have changed the position of the Top 40 at all this year (I checked) so rest assured that if a few scrobbles like your made it through then nobody lost out on the number one spot.

    Matthew Sheret – 2 December, 09:55
  9. Jelle
    2 December, 10:17

    Indeed, categorising deletions would be quite a challenge. It suppose it would involve interviewing users, which, I imagine, would be quite an effort just for that. But, interesting nevertheless. :)

    Thanks for your reply!

    Jelle – 2 December, 10:17
  10. a6rian
    2 December, 13:24

    Would be nice if I could rename my lastfm account, or at least, transfer all my history to a new account (I don’t care about shoutbox and friendships, just need to transfer my play history to a new account…)

    a6rian – 2 December, 13:24
  11. Daf
    5 December, 16:51

    Enjoyable stuff! Enjoyed the London Tube ads for this. Is there a Top40 radio to listen to? That would be cool.

    Daf – 5 December, 16:51
  12. Sauze
    8 December, 18:53

    Totally cool list. I love it. There are just three things you could think of improving:

    1. I miss the information that I have been at one (or even several) gigs of this band this year!!!!!!!!!

    2. I miss the “hot” label that you used last year for the up and coming artists.

    3. A Top40 radio would be lovely.

    Sauze – 8 December, 18:53
  13. Danie
    14 December, 20:22

    Has ne one heard of the band An Early Fall?

    Danie – 14 December, 20:22

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