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Thursday, 25 November 2010
by mark
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You might just remember that back in the summer we launched a new recommendations page dedicated to full-length previews offered by up-and-coming and independent artists on While lots of you have been enjoying this as a way to connect with brand new artists, we’ve been working hard to build a much cooler version.

Our new Recsplorer (recommendation explorer) lets you listen to full-length previews by a mix of new artists that we think you might like, based on your scrobbles, loves, tags, etc.

If you hear something you like, you can ask Recsplorer to find you more tracks like the one you’re listening to. Or, if you fancy a change, Recsplorer will give you a new set of varied recommendations.

Last but not least, you also have the option just to click once, lean back, and listen to a sequence of full-length tracks recommended for you, direct from the artists who made them.

Enjoy exploring your new recommendations!


EDIT 16:35 Due to demand you might find that it’s not working on launch – we’re just fixing that now. Make a cup of tea and check back in a little bit.

EDIT 16:41 It should be fixed now. Sorry about that.


  1. Andreas
    25 November, 16:04

    Does not work. Chrome 7 on Windows 7 64Bit here.

    Andreas – 25 November, 16:04
  2. Wilwa
    25 November, 16:26

    It just loads and loads but no suggestions come up. The thinking circle pulses and pulses. Firefox on Mac OS 10.6

    Wilwa – 25 November, 16:26
  3. ehk2
    25 November, 16:33

    no suggestions. Opera on windows xp

    ehk2 – 25 November, 16:33
  4. Oggy
    25 November, 16:34

    Looks brilliant but I can’t get it to work either. Chrome 7 and Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X. Just a load of blank images with swirly loading spinny things on the front row. Looking forward to being able to use this though. Should be a great feature.

    Oggy – 25 November, 16:34
  5. Nat
    25 November, 16:37

    I’m running Firefox 3.6.13 on Linux and the data never finishes loading. Screenshot:

    Nat – 25 November, 16:37
  6. Matthew Sheret
    25 November, 16:37

    Yeah, it’s having teething problems, should be fixed in a few mintues. Sorry!

    Matthew Sheret – 25 November, 16:37
  7. Forward Music
    25 November, 16:38

    Exact same issue as Oggy

    Forward Music – 25 November, 16:38
  8. Russ Hall
    25 November, 16:42

    Hey guys. Should all be fixed and back online now. Sorry about that!

    Russ Hall – 25 November, 16:42
  9. Teun
    25 November, 16:42

    Nice work. Any news about searching/importing friends?

    Teun – 25 November, 16:42
  10. frnsl
    25 November, 16:43

    works for me now, ff on windows 7

    AFTER I first tried the old version!

    frnsl – 25 November, 16:43
  11. Tecfan
    25 November, 17:06

    Great tool! I just wish there was a ban button and a “now playing” message on our profiles while listening to this.

    Tecfan – 25 November, 17:06
  12. Russ Hall
    25 November, 17:08

    Tecfan: No ban button but “now playing” is implemented.

    Russ Hall – 25 November, 17:08
  13. Tecfan
    25 November, 17:31

    @Russ: there is no “Now playing” for me.

    Tecfan – 25 November, 17:31
  14. bengt
    25 November, 17:44

    I don’t have a “Scrobbling now from…” message either, if it’s that what you’re referring to.
    But otherwise this is a really cool feature. If I let it play by itself, it’s basically my recommendations radio, but only from independent artists, right? :)

    bengt – 25 November, 17:44
  15. Russ Hall
    25 November, 18:25

    @bengt Right :)

    Russ Hall – 25 November, 18:25
  16. idurrson
    25 November, 18:28

    Hello, I’m sorry to add to your misery but it’s not working for me in my browser of choice.

    Firefox Beta 4.0b7 (So it could be them)!
    Windows 7
    Intel 1.87×2 Ghz Dual Core
    3GB Ram

    It works in Internet Explorer though, and the recommendation is spot on!! – I’d probably use this service, thank you :-)

    idurrson – 25 November, 18:28
  17. Russ Hall
    25 November, 18:55

    @idurrson No misery :) Just tested this – you’re right, Firefox 4 beta has issues. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

    Russ Hall – 25 November, 18:55
  18. Ilya
    25 November, 21:31


    Ilya – 25 November, 21:31
  19. gvs
    26 November, 00:43

    Recsplorer is great, but why tracks played in aren’t being scrobbled?

    gvs – 26 November, 00:43
  20. Tecfan
    26 November, 06:54

    idurrson russ I am using FF4.0b7 on w7 64-bit, and it works for me.

    Tecfan – 26 November, 06:54
  21. soadize
    26 November, 10:09


    some ideas:
    add tracks you never listened from artists you already listened, too. (like in mix radio) I would like to discover music, not artists ;) maybe with an option to not include them for the people who dont want it.

    skip button: its already working like a radio station, a skip button would be great. sometimes i don’t want to have to choose the next track by my self. it could also mean “skip and play something different”

    pause button: i think for those tracks there shouldn’t be any legal issues, at least the terms and conditions in the music manager did not forbid it.

    ability to filter by tags like on the recommandations page would be great too

    soadize – 26 November, 10:09
  22. E-Clect-Eddy
    26 November, 18:45

    Looks nice however I think it’s broke again, after about the 3rd song it froze-up. Also if I skip a song after listening for it for a few seconds than it still shows up as what I’m listening to, about 15-30 seconds after choosing another song.

    E-Clect-Eddy – 26 November, 18:45
  23. daniel
    27 November, 03:19

    Thanks!! Nice work

    daniel – 27 November, 03:19
  24. Anahkiasen
    27 November, 11:33

    Amazing feature, kind of a Pandora-like but for cool people that don’t live in the US. Also it works really well on my side.

    Anahkiasen – 27 November, 11:33
  25. J.C. Fransen
    28 November, 16:37

    looks nice, would like to see this implemented in the website as standard feature! :)

    J.C. Fransen – 28 November, 16:37
  26. Oggy
    29 November, 08:54

    Great. All seems to be working now. It’s awesome!

    Oggy – 29 November, 08:54
  27. K . Deveau
    30 November, 04:19

    Super Cool Idea – I am going to use this …A lot ! But I am having scrobbling issues. The track shows up on my profile ,only when I am playing it. It does not save or scrobble…
    While scrobbling does not mean that much to me , The ability to add a track to my library or a playlist and love a track does. In the future, could access to those abilities be made available on the screen that the player is on ? As it is I have to click the see more button on a new tab to get to the artist page,and in some cases hunt down the song in order to add it to a playlist or my library. A small price to pay I admit for this really cool feature .

    Kudos and thank you !

    K . Deveau – 30 November, 04:19
  28. namnatulco
    4 December, 20:03

    Pretty awesome feature!

    I finally got around to trying it out but after a few iterations, I got to the point where the five options were bands I already have in my library (Gire, Thee Maldoror Kollective, Kekal, Disharmonic Orchestra, Dreams of the Drowned, all with 20+ plays). Is this supposed to happen?

    namnatulco – 4 December, 20:03

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