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Wednesday, 26 November 2008
by anil
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Back in June when we announced our new API, we were bowled over with the positive response. Hundreds of developers have been engaged in discussions over in our Web Services Group, building API bindings for Python, PHP, Actionscript, Java and other languages along the way.

Some of my favourite apps built on the Last.fm platform include Andrew Godwin’s Lastgraph, Chris Mear and James Darling’s Vinyl Scrobbler and Jorge Diaz’s One Hit Wonders. That’s just a small sample of the apps available at our gallery.

We thought it was about time to bring some of the dev community together in East London for a hack day. So here it is: The first Last.fm Hack Day, on Sunday 14th December. There’s only 150 places available and it’s first come first served. We kick off at 10AM and we have a great live act playing last thing in the evening to wash down the code. Last.fm developers will be available on the day to answer API questions and build custom data APIs on the fly should they be needed. We will be at your service throughout.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – top prize on the day is £1000 (yes, that’s plummeting sterling, not stagnant dollar), and the runners-up prize is pretty juicy too. I hope to see you all there. If you spot a yellow square with a line running down it, say hi.


  1. Matthew Ogle
    26 November, 12:16

    Last.fm staffers will naturally be identifiable by their red icons.

    See you there!

    Matthew Ogle – 26 November, 12:16
  2. Lukas Fittl
    26 November, 13:11

    Sounds great, looking forward to it!

    Lukas Fittl – 26 November, 13:11
  3. eric casteleijn
    26 November, 13:22

    The link for the vinyl scrobbler doesn’t make immediate sense to me. Mispaste?

    eric casteleijn – 26 November, 13:22
  4. Matt
    26 November, 19:02

    Yer I was looking at that as well :S Odd link :S

    I’d love to be able to go but I fear that I wont be able to make it. Will this be an anual thing or a one off event do you think?

    Matt – 26 November, 19:02
  5. James Darling
    27 November, 00:20

    We don’t really have a proper page for the vinyl scrobbling thing we did. I should probably write something up on it, but it’s mainly a silly hack. Or come along to the hack day! We’ll show you first hand.

    James Darling – 27 November, 00:20
  6. baffbaff
    27 November, 12:26

    Is that really only open for UK residents?

    baffbaff – 27 November, 12:26
  7. Adam
    27 November, 20:00

    Sorry for off-topic, but you did an amazing job with the home page.

    Thank you.

    Adam – 27 November, 20:00
  8. Roel van der Ven
    29 November, 00:28

    Grmbl. Would love to attend, but can’t make it :(.

    And oh, that’s my beanbag Steve. I hope you treat him well.

    Roel van der Ven – 29 November, 00:28
    4 December, 02:55

    You look busy…

    BATTERY – 4 December, 02:55
  10. Alistair
    5 December, 01:26

    Any chance of live streaming – live blogging of event so those of us elsewhere can be a part of this great event?

    Alistair – 5 December, 01:26
  11. iPhone Fan
    5 December, 09:08

    Can’t beat a good Magnum :)

    iPhone Fan – 5 December, 09:08
  12. Download MP3 Music
    5 December, 11:11

    It is open for only for UK ?

    Download MP3 Music – 5 December, 11:11
  13. Anon
    7 December, 22:41

    Will the Last.fm widget for Myspace be fixed to be compatible with the new Myspace 2.0 layout soon? Myspace are so silly…

    Anon – 7 December, 22:41

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