Simplify 1.2 for iPhone Scrobbles

Monday, 24 November 2008
by toby
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Just a quick note for those of you with an iPhone. Our friends at Simplify Media have just released a new version of their iPhone app that includes Scrobbling and more in-depth support. You can read about the release on their blog.

Simplify provides a very cool way to stream music from your home collection to a variety of clients including the iPhone. It’s the perfect complement to the official iPhone app and quite popular at the HQ :) Great work guys!


  1. g s
    24 November, 17:56

    i want the iphone app in my country (austria that is)…please!

    g s – 24 November, 17:56
  2. xxx
    24 November, 18:14

    Yeah. Why the hell is it so damn hard to distribute the scrobbler app in all App Stores in the world?

    xxx – 24 November, 18:14
  3. Toby Padilla
    24 November, 19:22

    Unfortunately international mobile music licensing is quite complicated. Rest assured, we do everything we can to bring the full experience to everyone. Sometimes things are beyond our control though.

    Toby Padilla – 24 November, 19:22
  4. Paul Joyce
    25 November, 00:32

    Thanks for the post and for providing the excellent API. As we have written before, we are big fans of and, from all of the emails we have received, we know our users are too.

    Paul Joyce – 25 November, 00:32
  5. eliaspoveda
    25 November, 00:44

    Thanks for! Is the best service in the internet!

    eliaspoveda – 25 November, 00:44
  6. shaman
    25 November, 15:19

    Is there any “scrobbler” for my ole Motorola V3i m?


    shaman – 25 November, 15:19
  7. islam
    25 November, 16:26

    I really love to listen good news for iPhone users.

    islam – 25 November, 16:26
  8. Scrobbler
    3 December, 10:27

    why dont you guys just add scrobbling support to your official app?

    Scrobbler – 3 December, 10:27
  9. Alan
    19 December, 23:50

    iPhone SDK does not allow it. The only way would be if Apple adds it as an iPod feature (which would be the best), changes the CocoaTouch frameworks, or you jailbreak and install Scrobble from Cydia.

    Alan – 19 December, 23:50

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