The Next Generation

Thursday, 17 July 2008
by flaneur
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UPDATE: We’ve had to close comments so that this page can load (over 2000 of them!), but please continue telling us what you think in the feedback forum. See you there.

Back in May we unveiled our project to build a new version of Our goal was to lay the foundation for an online music experience more compelling, accessible, and discoverable than anything that had gone before.

But modernising a service powered by the people since 2002—touching on everything from the core of Audioscrobbler engine to the look & feel—wasn’t something we could do alone.

So we turned to you— subscribers and users—and wow, you sure came through. Here’s a look at the past eight weeks of beta testing:

We’ve been listening hard, trying out new ideas, and making tons of changes in response to your feedback. Today we’ve taken the next step in this process, bringing the new to everyone.

Turn up the volume and have a look around

For those of you who are veteran users, you’ll notice we’ve taken a step back to make our feature set more coherent. Don’t worry, we haven’t taken much away*, just re-organised.

Along with putting straight our clutter, we’ve cleaned house too: the user interface has been re-aligned to be a more robust foundation for features to come, and we’ve updated the look and feel. This is an evolution of the interface, and it won’t stop developing either—we’re inspired by iterative change and dedicated to adapting the service.

Some critical pieces to the experience have been added, and a few old pieces dusted and polished. Here’s a tour of the new place:

Browse your entire music profile, down to every last play. Add any song or artist with a click. Listen to your library from wherever you are.

Import your listening history
Sync your iPod / media player when you sign up to to instantly fill your library. Your profile updates when you sync your iPod / iPhone too!

Instant recommendations
Music recommendations just got way more powerful, and now appear in seconds instead of weeks.

Real-time chart updates
Listen to a song and the charts on your profile immediately reflect the play. The way it should be!

Evident playability
Listen to tracks or radio from a shiny new player, present on almost every page.

Better browsing
Not sure what music or videos to check out? Head over to the all-new Music and Videos pages for some popular and up-and-coming tunes.

We hope the new makes it easier to play, discover, and share great music.

Where’s the afterparty?

We’re just getting started. There’s lots more to come, and you may spot some quirks, so head over to the feedback forums to leave us a comment. This is just the beginning of the new platform and we’re counting on you to help us make and shape this generation of

*A few missing pieces will reemerge, phoenix-like, in the coming weeks. I’m looking at you ;-)


  1. igl
    17 July, 15:44

    How can i get the old layout back?! This is back to the 90ties.

    igl – 17 July, 15:44
  2. dopaminecloud
    17 July, 15:46

    What a surprise! I thought it would take longer. Good to see the new Keep up the great work. Cheers!

    dopaminecloud – 17 July, 15:46
  3. (lolitas_last)
    17 July, 15:46

    how can i switch back to the old one?

    (lolitas_last) – 17 July, 15:46
  4. Katie
    17 July, 15:48

    I think the new site is wonderful
    I just prefered the look, layout and feel of the old version

    Can we have a switch button switch back?

    Katie – 17 July, 15:48
  5. Russ Sargeant
    17 July, 15:48

    LOVE the new look!

    Russ Sargeant – 17 July, 15:48
  6. Xiong Chiamiov
    17 July, 15:49

    Ah, I was wondering why the page layout suddenly changed while I was listening to music. The Beta went live! Good job guys, though, from the brief time I looked at beta feedback, I’m sure you’ll have lots of suggestions.

    Xiong Chiamiov – 17 July, 15:49
  7. purple_prince
    17 July, 15:49

    Loving the library. It’ll take a while to get used to the new layout but it looks good to me!

    purple_prince – 17 July, 15:49
  8. Einar
    17 July, 15:51

    Sweet! I was also expecting it to take longer. Especially since the Events section was never a part of the beta. I’m looking forward to checking it out now though :)

    Einar – 17 July, 15:51
  9. shadedballroom
    17 July, 15:51

    I like it!

    shadedballroom – 17 July, 15:51
  10. Tim
    17 July, 15:52


    Tim – 17 July, 15:52
  11. j
    17 July, 15:52

    This is terrible! I can’t figure it out! I don’t want to use a site I can’t navigate. The only change I wanted was to be able to play all of the tracks of an artist.

    j – 17 July, 15:52
  12. dinog
    17 July, 15:53


    dinog – 17 July, 15:53
  13. Liiviko
    17 July, 15:54

    I would like to get the old version back.
    Someone please help me:’(

    Liiviko – 17 July, 15:54
  14. Derang3d
    17 July, 15:55

    Ah let the “Can I have the old one back please” comments commence!

    Give it a couple of days or so, you’ll get used to it!

    Derang3d – 17 July, 15:55
  15. Frenki
    17 July, 15:55

    personally i dont like this new page, maybe i should just get used to but.. can we get back to the old one? i dont think so.. if yes please let me know!

    Frenki – 17 July, 15:55
  16. alex
    17 July, 15:55

    Yeah, how can we switch back?

    alex – 17 July, 15:55
  17. Joo
    17 July, 15:55

    i hate it..

    Joo – 17 July, 15:55
  18. Vanished_Life
    17 July, 15:56

    Where the fuck did the “Weekly Top Artist” chart go? The one generating each sunday…. This new layout really sucks big time!

    Vanished_Life – 17 July, 15:56
  19. The_Lurker
    17 July, 15:57

    This is craptastic. Nothing works. The player says “oops, error connecting.” The top artist tab won’t switch settings (for example, from overall to 7 Days or 3 Months, etc.) when I click on it. Neighbors are no longer displayed on the page. Shouldn’t this thing be debugged completely before it goes live?

    The_Lurker – 17 July, 15:57
  20. Robert
    17 July, 15:57

    It’s kind of horrific-looking. How do I change it back?

    Robert – 17 July, 15:57
  21. Greg_x7
    17 July, 15:57

    oooh, the flood of “where’s the <old layout> switch” comments.
    News for you all: there is and will be none.

    Waiting for the reply tracker, hope you’ll listen to the still ignored/unresolved beta forum comments. The rest will need a little getting used to.

    Greg_x7 – 17 July, 15:57
  22. james
    17 July, 15:57

    Wow. I’m very new to and I guess this layout is old? Looks great to me.

    james – 17 July, 15:57
  23. Ben
    17 July, 15:58

    Why is so slow today? I can barely get the site to load! :(

    Ben – 17 July, 15:58
  24. hemlokk
    17 July, 15:58

    The old format is better, scrap this.

    hemlokk – 17 July, 15:58
  25. cross
    17 July, 15:58

    Hey! Why is the shoutbox so much down ?

    cross – 17 July, 15:58
  26. someone
    17 July, 15:58

    please can we at least have the option of the old one? i think it was a lot more modern-looking. and this isn’t very user-friendly.

    someone – 17 July, 15:58
  27. amodern_man
    17 July, 15:59

    What has happened to private messaging? I hope you’re not going to tell me I’ve lost all of the messages I had saved…? Also, why not make the profile details bigger and clearer? Despite being at the top of the page they seem a little lost.

    amodern_man – 17 July, 15:59
  28. Amour_Noir
    17 July, 15:59

    The new layout is great, but there should be an option for those of us who prefer the old one

    Amour_Noir – 17 July, 15:59
  29. ANGRY
    17 July, 15:59

    I hate it, i hate it, i hate it. I want the old one back. PLEASE say we can have the old version back. You literally just switched it without a fucking word. SWITCH IT BACK. I do not WANT IT. I paid MONEY for the service as it was.

    ANGRY – 17 July, 15:59
  30. Greg_x7
    17 July, 15:59

    are under the Charts tab > view by weekly snapshot.

    Greg_x7 – 17 July, 15:59
  31. purple_prince
    17 July, 16:00

    Just noticed that many of the playcounts have changed! What’s that about?

    purple_prince – 17 July, 16:00
  32. P-b
    17 July, 16:00

    cool, cool work man, loving it here =D
    Keep up the good work

    P-b – 17 July, 16:00
  33. daveb
    17 July, 16:00

    Can’t say I care for it at all. I’d prefer the old layout and a choice to opt out of this change.

    daveb – 17 July, 16:00
  34. SweetHeartGirl
    17 July, 16:01

    I want the old too! Please return it. The new version is unhandy

    SweetHeartGirl – 17 July, 16:01
  35. CitizenX
    17 July, 16:01

    i want the old layout back too :’(

    CitizenX – 17 July, 16:01
  36. luckymustard
    17 July, 16:01

    at least you get something. all i get is a blank window/screen. :(

    luckymustard – 17 July, 16:01
  37. nymph_
    17 July, 16:01

    new version SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!!!!!

    nymph_ – 17 July, 16:01
  38. Imothep
    17 July, 16:01

    Old one >>> new one imo :(

    Imothep – 17 July, 16:01
  39. InfernalTide
    17 July, 16:01

    No, no, no. This is horrible.
    Is there any way to get back the old version?

    InfernalTide – 17 July, 16:01
  40. Jester-NL
    17 July, 16:02

    Cheers guys… if you now manage to get a bit of speed in it ;)

    Well done!!

    Jester-NL – 17 July, 16:02
  41. Simon Little
    17 July, 16:02

    Looks very smart. Well done folks.
    One question…. How do I get into the Music Manager section now?

    Simon Little – 17 July, 16:02
  42. xunk
    17 July, 16:02

    Honestly the new layout really sux :/

    I know it takes time to adapt to a new design, but i’m really not satisfied with this one.

    Eg, why take so much space to display the recently listened tracks ?

    /me is disappointed :’(

    xunk – 17 July, 16:02
  43. knifeintheback
    17 July, 16:03

    The new layout isn’t too bad but I really dislike all the red/white. If there was a “Paint It Black” option like on the previous version, I would be all for this. So I guess I’ll be the third to ask how to get the old layout back until then..

    knifeintheback – 17 July, 16:03
  44. amodern_man
    17 July, 16:03

    Oh and did I mention it now feels like I’m part of some sort of HMV or Virgin project in market surveyance? You know, many of us felt Last FM had more of a Fanzine aesthetic. Your high gloss imparts an air of insincerity AND cod-professionalism. Who are you trying to impress?

    amodern_man – 17 July, 16:03
  45. Scott Mallinson
    17 July, 16:03

    I love it! Great work guys, though a little slow at the moment.

    Scott Mallinson – 17 July, 16:03
  46. FeelSurreal
    17 July, 16:03

    Kinda looks like amazon

    FeelSurreal – 17 July, 16:03
  47. Crazy-Heart
    17 July, 16:03

    I love it, well done!

    Crazy-Heart – 17 July, 16:03
  48. Aeghast
    17 July, 16:03

    LOL I subscribed two days the beta was officially out—talk about bad timing. Overall, I don’t like the new design but I’ll get used to it (and gonna have to, anyway). I’d like to be able to see album artworks in the charts.. I miss that

    Aeghast – 17 July, 16:03
  49. apaxucka
    17 July, 16:03

    looks great, let’s see how it feels :-)

    apaxucka – 17 July, 16:03
  50. Eleanor17
    17 July, 16:04

    Please tell me it is possible to switch back to the old design… The new structure and features are really great, But I don’t like the new design at all :(

    Eleanor17 – 17 July, 16:04
  51. Neverlandean
    17 July, 16:04

    That was sudden, I didn’t even get to take screenshots of the old beloved version. :(

    What about country pages??

    Neverlandean – 17 July, 16:04
  52. MP
    17 July, 16:04

    I kinda of want the old version back :( is there an option to switch it back?

    MP – 17 July, 16:04
  53. Becca
    17 July, 16:04

    The new features sound really good. But the layout..its not great. I loved the old layout because everything was so compact and easy to find. This is just too clunky. Is there any chance we can have a choice to go back to the old one?

    Becca – 17 July, 16:04
  54. Babs
    17 July, 16:04

    This is a dumbing down of an already fantastic site. For shame.

    Babs – 17 July, 16:04
  55. Claire Cramer
    17 July, 16:04

    As I said in my feedback to the “beta” version, the new design is hideous. It’s difficult to navigate, unattractive, and much more cluttered. I can’t even bring myself to explore whatever new features you have unveiled because I dislike navigating the new site so much. Please at least give us an option to use the old interface. Otherwise my days of watching my dashboard are over.

    Claire Cramer – 17 July, 16:04
  56. penguindevil
    17 July, 16:05

    Great! I’ve been using the new beta for weeks now and I really prefer it. Better information, a more modern and more aesthetic appearance… Though it did take a bit to get used to it at first, I would say that it is a great new look and functionality in all ways.


    penguindevil – 17 July, 16:05
  57. Mark0990
    17 July, 16:06

    It’s a huge change but after a couple of time of getting used to it we never want the old look anymore.

    Great work!

    Mark0990 – 17 July, 16:06
  58. nancykitten
    17 July, 16:06

    Oh dear.

    nancykitten – 17 July, 16:06
  59. xsinthorasx
    17 July, 16:06

    I’d like to have a black version, too!!

    xsinthorasx – 17 July, 16:06
  60. KingTreehouse
    17 July, 16:07

    Not so much.

    KingTreehouse – 17 July, 16:07
  61. The_Lurker
    17 July, 16:07

    WTF? The charts have been chopped down from top 500 tracks/artists to top 200. That really sucks. No really, it SUCKS.

    The_Lurker – 17 July, 16:07
  62. Neverlandean
    17 July, 16:07

    Oh and GIFS still don’t work.

    The library is EXTREMELY cool though.

    Neverlandean – 17 July, 16:07
  63. vintageways
    17 July, 16:08

    I don’t hate it (I’m sure I’ll get used to it) but did the playlists become subscriber only? Or is this just a bug?

    vintageways – 17 July, 16:08
  64. Tony Dodd
    17 July, 16:08

    @knifeintheback: Matt’s post did infer that such features would be making a return at a future date – the not-so-subtle link to The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black.

    @Simon Little: There’s a link in the footer over on the left hand side, this should get you into the music manager.

    Tony Dodd – 17 July, 16:08
  65. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:08

    the new beta version suxxx!!!!!!!!!!

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:08
  66. rocket, golden
    17 July, 16:08

    i agree. and i pay for this ugly … baaahhewfwbL?!

    rocket, golden – 17 July, 16:08
  67. jacky88
    17 July, 16:09

    the new look is effin terrible…

    jacky88 – 17 July, 16:09
  68. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:09

    where is the old version ? I need the old version. jesus christ!

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:09
  69. BR
    17 July, 16:09

    No more Paint It Black? The PIB group is going to be mighty disappointed.

    BR – 17 July, 16:09
  70. mja0
    17 July, 16:10

    Love the new layout! Keep up the good work :)

    mja0 – 17 July, 16:10
  71. Corbiau-
    17 July, 16:10

    I want the old one back. :D

    Corbiau- – 17 July, 16:10
  72. Musrum
    17 July, 16:10

    How can I get the old back!?!?

    PLEASE make a setting so people can choose which one they prefer….

    Musrum – 17 July, 16:10
  73. ---
    17 July, 16:10

    ah man! i LOVED the look of the old one. This looks like emusic or something. we need a button to go back to classic.

    --- – 17 July, 16:10
  74. idiotsdream
    17 July, 16:10’ starting all over again.It’s a new world.Sortof.

    And also, no black, or blue skin options?!

    idiotsdream – 17 July, 16:10
  75. GiveMeBackMySon
    17 July, 16:10

    Hey, anyway we can switch back to the old-layout? This one is making me feel claustrophobic. Cheers.

    GiveMeBackMySon – 17 July, 16:10
  76. flybob
    17 July, 16:10

    I don’t mind learning a new layout, but I miss features like just “play similar artists,” and reading my messages from other users — had some great recommendations there that I didn’t write down. Now more clicks to get to fewer features. I, too, miss the old, faster version.

    flybob – 17 July, 16:10
  77. s129
    17 July, 16:11

    Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

    Sorry, but this really is dreadful.

    s129 – 17 July, 16:11
  78. FateGuy
    17 July, 16:11

    i dislike it. i would love to have the old one back, please!

    FateGuy – 17 July, 16:11
  79. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:11

    any chance to get the old version ?

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:11
  80. osteri
    17 July, 16:11

    i’m so dissapointed too! .

    I want old back…

    This new version really sucks… is SO slow at the moment..

    I don’t like this new version at all.. but maybe in future.. someday.. perhaps..

    osteri – 17 July, 16:11
  81. notlikethat-
    17 July, 16:11

    I don’t like it!

    notlikethat- – 17 July, 16:11
  82. sh4rky
    17 July, 16:12

    oh, i see death from above 1979 on the screenshot! i love this band =)

    sh4rky – 17 July, 16:12
  83. copy666
    17 July, 16:12

    i hate the new layout! :(

    copy666 – 17 July, 16:12
  84. Sptembergurl
    17 July, 16:12

    What a mess!
    I am trying to play my library and I get a cut off message that says “This feature is only availabl”. What does this mean????
    I can’t play my list now. Why is that?

    Sptembergurl – 17 July, 16:12
  85. MrBingo
    17 July, 16:12

    Now the list of Top artists and tracks reaches only Top 200. Let’s hope it will go back to the Top 500 if not beyond that.

    MrBingo – 17 July, 16:12
  86. Jester-NL
    17 July, 16:13

    To all people complaining about the lack of a change of colour: Have you actually [i]read[/i] Matthew’s blog, or did you just barge in screaming murder?

    Jester-NL – 17 July, 16:13
  87. Andrew
    17 July, 16:13

    Wow it’s here already.

    You guys are sensational!

    Andrew – 17 July, 16:13
  88. Senne
    17 July, 16:13

    Am I the only one who likes the new look better than the old one?

    Senne – 17 July, 16:13
  89. aargh
    17 July, 16:13

    hey let me already see this new horrific design :P
    all i get is a “blank page”, for hours.

    aargh – 17 July, 16:13
  90. Sun Walker
    17 July, 16:14

    The new designs feels a bit like an iPod plugin. I hope there will be some more customization options available! Agreed about the high-gloss…

    Sun Walker – 17 July, 16:14
  91. nancykitten
    17 July, 16:14

    So they take something everyone loves and many people (myself included) were happy to pay for, and they change it so much it looks entirely different. How is that good business?

    The new features (ie. the library and the instant scrobbling to the overall charts) could have been added without this massive change of look.

    nancykitten – 17 July, 16:14
  92. LFC
    17 July, 16:14

    can i switch to the old one?

    LFC – 17 July, 16:14
  93. K
    17 July, 16:14


    K – 17 July, 16:14
  94. Darkritual
    17 July, 16:14

    Great job guys, I appreciate the fact that you have worked so much on the new features and functionalities but most of us seem to have gotten used to the old look. I personally prefer that over this one. Maybe its a matter of time.

    Darkritual – 17 July, 16:14
  95. lotse
    17 July, 16:15

    It looks ugly and it seems to be kind of similar to that more uglier myspace.
    “paint it black” option would be the best.
    I hope that everything will be more improved because now it looks like pre-alfa…

    lotse – 17 July, 16:15
  96. Bhanuj
    17 July, 16:15


    add me to the i want the old one back brigade.

    this is just too trendy for my taste.

    not to mention it really clogs up bandwith on my slow as hell connection.

    Bhanuj – 17 July, 16:15
  97. removable
    17 July, 16:16

    I like it! especially the fact I’m able to see what horrendous music I used to play three years ago. ;) Could be a little faster atm + the lack of a new message indicator worries me.

    Keep up the good work, lads & lassies! :)

    removable – 17 July, 16:16
  98. Infernal Pagan Necrogoat
    17 July, 16:16

    well, it will take me some time before I get used to it, but now… it sucks terribly. It’s modern, plastic, without soul :D much like modern metal scene (fight it darkthrone!)… anyway, you didn’t warned us that you will change the interface. All of a sudden, I see this, and I’m amazed, I mean… wtf? Nah, but I really look forward to see shoutboxes of my favorite artists without that stupid comments and spam from random idiots (e.g. darkthrone, burzum etc…). But if the shouboxes stay the same, go kill yourself! hahaha :D

    Infernal Pagan Necrogoat – 17 July, 16:16
  99. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:16

    I think I will delete me. byebye

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:16
  100. Tony Dodd
    17 July, 16:16

    @Septembergurl: Thanks! Bug. We’re working on fixing that now.

    Tony Dodd – 17 July, 16:16
  101. Laura
    17 July, 16:16

    Don’t like it :(

    Could there not be an option such as that of myspace, where you can toggle between the ‘classic’ and ‘updated’ layout of the site?

    Would solve the problem of the “older” people not liking the layout so much + letting people keep it if they think it’s better :)

    Laura – 17 July, 16:16
  102. Mannaz230
    17 July, 16:17

    Not fond of it right now at all. I’ll see if it grows on me, but I liked the old layout a lot more.

    The new one seems a lot messier, in a Myspace profile kinda way. Not good.

    Mannaz230 – 17 July, 16:17
  103. alex
    17 July, 16:17

    not bad…

    alex – 17 July, 16:17
  104. Balorean
    17 July, 16:17

    I HATE the new site!

    Balorean – 17 July, 16:17
  105. tigerbomb13
    17 July, 16:17

    I wouldn’t have minded the new layout, but I’m not happy that over have of my play count is gone.

    tigerbomb13 – 17 July, 16:17
  106. kay
    17 July, 16:17

    i don’t like, it’s awful i dunno may take some time to get used to it

    kay – 17 July, 16:17
  107. sranje_box
    17 July, 16:17


    sranje_box – 17 July, 16:17
  108. LoFi
    17 July, 16:18

    I dont like it, just 15 artist for the charts, the pix is too big, the box are too big, the pix of the artist are too big, gosh, its really suck, the old was too much better.

    LoFi – 17 July, 16:18
  109. Duygu
    17 July, 16:18

    i hated the new one.

    Duygu – 17 July, 16:18
  110. Ganymede
    17 July, 16:18

    What a complete mess I’ve just logged into. And nothing actually plays. I can’t believe people are saying they like it. I dearly hope Last FM didn’t ACTUALLY pay anyone for this. It looks like something designed by a teenager in a basement somewhere in 1989. And did I mention it doesn’t play anything? DO YOU REALISE SOME OF US ARE PAYING FOR THIS? Why is this service getting progressively worse? And no, I’m not “old”!!

    Ganymede – 17 July, 16:18
  111. pinkyshortycake
    17 July, 16:18

    the charts are pretty up to date, good thing….
    but the ‘recently listened track’ are like ew. you can only see covers from albums wtf is that? It’s confusing! I want those artist pics back D:

    also I’m not fond of the size for the user avatars (ways too small) as well as the square on subscriber avatars

    you can only see your neighbours by clicking on the page… sucks. sorry to say that

    a few futures are quite nice but I could live without them.

    pinkyshortycake – 17 July, 16:18
  112. Teodor
    17 July, 16:18

    Sorry but..well, i hate it :D but.. u did a splendid job, really. It would be real nice if there is a switch button, so that we can use the old version,though.However, i will use this version and hope that i’ll get use to it ^^.

    Teodor – 17 July, 16:18
  113. Chris
    17 July, 16:18

    This is pretty awful. I’m now fully unable to play any of my friend’s radio stations (or now “Libraries”) without being a subscriber. I can understand forcing one to pay to listen to their own Library, but I want to be able to hear my friend’s libraries as well without having to fork out cash. Aren’t you making enough money off of ads?

    Chris – 17 July, 16:18
  114. Alberto Walrus
    17 July, 16:18

    I do not like this

    Alberto Walrus – 17 July, 16:18
  115. sam
    17 July, 16:18

    i dont really care wat it looks like i just want to be able to play music but everytime i try and go on my playlist it does that oops error thing! plus this new new website is very slow and i cant even be bothered to keep refreshing pages to see if it’l work the next time!

    sam – 17 July, 16:18
  116. Endotriad
    17 July, 16:18

    Ahh, the “I hate it. It sucks. Give me my ____ back.” rants of users. Sounds like a typical IT migration!

    I like the general, more modern, push toward a simpler Google-esque feel, although the header graphic seems like a placeholder IMHO.

    Speaking of Google (specifically iGoogle), are there any plans down the road to implement the ability to add/drag/delete content sections?

    Endotriad – 17 July, 16:18
  117. gpberlin
    17 July, 16:19

    yay! always better! that’s exciting… wonderful, it’s like having a new toy to play with :) new features… new design… thanks!

    (well site’s performances are suffering a bit right now)

    gpberlin – 17 July, 16:19
  118. Luke
    17 July, 16:19

    C’mon, at least give us a choice of which (Beta or older) we want to use. I’m missing the Sunday charts already, and it’s only Thursday! The older one was a lot clearer.

    Luke – 17 July, 16:19
  119. vanh
    17 July, 16:19

    Could we switch back to the old skin ? You have done a great job. However, the old layout is more like it for me .

    vanh – 17 July, 16:19
  120. swarm
    17 July, 16:19

    new version sucks!!!

    swarm – 17 July, 16:19
  121. Charlotte
    17 July, 16:19


    I loved so much and, being a beta tester, thought you’d listen to the thousands of people who hated this new layout.
    I almost want to stop using the site – but unfortunately there’s nothing else like it.

    Please, please, please change it back. Your users will be so happy. And this is really unfair to the subscribers – unknowingly paying for this horrid new site.

    Charlotte – 17 July, 16:19
  122. Tom Storr
    17 July, 16:20

    My flippin station won’t load?

    Tom Storr – 17 July, 16:20
  123. trisha.
    17 July, 16:20

    i honestly do not like the new layout. it reminds me a LOT of purevolume. and all my play counts changed. D:

    but i’m not going to bash you guys. this is still one of my favorite websites.

    trisha. – 17 July, 16:20
  124. Amy
    17 July, 16:20


    Amy – 17 July, 16:20
  125. Hel
    17 July, 16:20

    Hey guys – I know you’re getting a lot of complaints, but I want to commend you on what looks like a lot of hard work. I’m guessing that it’s slow right now just because so many people are checking it out.
    I do have a few suggestions, though. – It would be nice to be able to choose either not to display our recent activity, or to delete certain activities we don’t care to have shown. I don’t really feel like displaying which groups I left. – I really liked having the “top artists this week” prominently displayed – I would always come to check it out. Can we bring that back? Or when we have the “top artists” and “tops tracks,” can it tell us when that was last calculated?

    Again, thanks for all your work. Good job.

    Hel – 17 July, 16:20
    17 July, 16:21

    Awful, I thought we had another week or two at least to get comments in because this is just horrid.


    DONOTWANT – 17 July, 16:21
  127. pissed off
    17 July, 16:21

    oh my god, honestly, this new site totally sucks, how can I get the old one back? I WANT THE OLD VERSION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pissed off – 17 July, 16:21
  128. lynndelione
    17 July, 16:21


    lynndelione – 17 July, 16:21
  129. khollohk
    17 July, 16:21

    i preferred the old layout. this new one is too spread out and looks like a bad facebook page. not to mention that this took away over 500 play counts from me for no reason which i’m not happy about at all. what gives here? the old layout was perfect.

    khollohk – 17 July, 16:21
  130. Claire Cramer
    17 July, 16:21

    Okay, now that I had a pissy fit on this blog, I will state that I’ve found some of the new functions and I really like them. I think the tabbed navigation for settings and the like is well done, and I’m also glad that the search has been improved. Hope to see even more improvements with the Events section – some changes to what you can do with the venues and this site will be even better.

    Claire Cramer – 17 July, 16:21
  131. h3avyduty
    17 July, 16:21

    This new style seems a little muddled to me. I like the new library and browsing features, but the profile splash page needs tightening (i.e. simple like the old one) imo. For example, you have a library section, and a top artists section, showing basically the same thing… also, neighbours aren’t there, and friends are way smaller. I used to like flicking through peoples neighbours to find new music, as that was always more reliable than the recommendation engine, esp for popular artists. Also, i’m not using it till I get the black option, its very unbecoming for a metalhead such as myself :D

    h3avyduty – 17 July, 16:21
  132. notyourproperty
    17 July, 16:22

    bring my alfa back!
    I loathe this new interface …!!!

    notyourproperty – 17 July, 16:22
  133. zeynep kaya
    17 July, 16:22

    i really hate the new version of the page.well maybe i am narrow minded but i want the old look back. i really never can’t get used to this.There must be an option to choose which version to use. I am sorry that i never gave feedback on beta but i never thought it would be that bad. With this layout last .fm for me looks like it’s lost it’s character and became a web site like any other music site.plzz i want my page back!:(

    zeynep kaya – 17 July, 16:22
  134. Kupuntu
    17 July, 16:22

    This looks lot like Facebook or something. Why you had to do the chenge so fast? Things like Musicmanager, reply racker etc. are missing.

    Kupuntu – 17 July, 16:22
  135. Lndp4
    17 July, 16:22

    I’m going to echo everything above…i wish i had the option to use the old layout. something about the new style and setup completely repels me.

    the old page was something i would visit several times a day for the fun of it, that’s why i donated to begin with :/

    …maybe i’ll calm down in a few days about the new layout but right now it looks like a cheap uk webstore.

    Lndp4 – 17 July, 16:22
  136. spotkriszta
    17 July, 16:22

    Simply don’t like it. This layout is ugly, I miss the latest version. It was simple, but fresh and elegant.

    The site is still smart, love the new features like the library, but the colors and the whole layout sucks.

    spotkriszta – 17 July, 16:22
  137. ConsumedImpulse
    17 July, 16:22

    Anyone else losing their play counts? I lost close to 35,000 tracks played. Maybe it’s taking time to catch-up…

    ConsumedImpulse – 17 July, 16:22
  138. Tony Dodd
    17 July, 16:22

    @Chris & Sam: Thanks for letting us know, it’s a bug. We’re working on it! =]

    Tony Dodd – 17 July, 16:22
  139. RG
    17 July, 16:23

    paint it black, overall!

    RG – 17 July, 16:23
  140. KKND
    17 July, 16:23

    Looks horrible…

    How can i switch back to the old one? Where is black skin?!

    KKND – 17 July, 16:23
  141. musaqueen
    17 July, 16:23

    Old was soooo wonderful and I really loved spending my whole day on this site.
    What did you do??? It looks like crap, its f*cking slow and nothing works!!!

    musaqueen – 17 July, 16:23
  142. NotStyro
    17 July, 16:23

    it’s too…white. too…sparse. just have to wonder if they are going to allow background color/image schemes, but that can go bad real fast (see myspace pages).

    Maybe a profile page(s) builder with sane choices could be added…

    NotStyro – 17 July, 16:23
  143. Daniel
    17 July, 16:23

    S U C K S !
    Bring back the old desing!

    Daniel – 17 July, 16:23
  144. How can I be gruntled?
    17 July, 16:24

    The old look was so many many many times better. I’ve added my own stylesheet (God bless Firefox extensions) so that I never ever have to look at something as pointless and Facebook-wannabe as a recent feeds box, especially my own…. Gah. And why do the top artists and top tracks charts cut off after only 15 places? I liked on the old site that I could scroll down my user page and just be given as much information as possible about my listening, now I’m going to have to click through to another page, great, and there’s this pointless library box in the middle, and everything’s more crowded. Way to ruin your site.

    How can I be gruntled? – 17 July, 16:24
  145. danulienka
    17 July, 16:24

    this is terrible, please take it back…

    danulienka – 17 July, 16:24
  146. Maroder
    17 July, 16:24

    Yeah yeah, the new design is strange, but in time I’ll get used to it I suppose.

    There’s another more serious matter though: Earlier today I listened to various playlists, but not anymore!! Why can’t I listen to playlists anymore without being a subscriber (am I the only one who have noticed this?)? BOOOO!

    Maroder – 17 July, 16:24
  147. LilThitter
    17 July, 16:24

    Thanks for crapping up the tags and the album art YO

    LilThitter – 17 July, 16:24
  148. Nay
    17 July, 16:24

    I think it’s damn messy. And I kind of feel alienated from my friends.

    I hate it, I’m sorry.

    Nay – 17 July, 16:24
  149. nmodesto
    17 July, 16:24

    it sucks! really bad layout. at least give us the option to stayng with the old.
    i really really hated it

    nmodesto – 17 July, 16:24
  150. pissed off
    17 July, 16:24

    this site fucking sucks

    pissed off – 17 July, 16:24
  151. jane
    17 July, 16:24

    must confess i’m not a fan of what has just happened to the look/page.

    jane – 17 July, 16:24
  152. bad_wisdom
    17 July, 16:24

    PLEASE let us have the old one back. I appreciate that you guys created this new one and I’m sure there was a lot of effort put into it, but I feel like I’m stuck with a twisted nightmare freak baby of and Facebook, half the site just doesn’t work and the colour scheme is just wrong.

    bad_wisdom – 17 July, 16:24
  153. sco666
    17 July, 16:25

    The older version was much better. This looks really messed up…

    sco666 – 17 July, 16:25
  154. deathvalent
    17 July, 16:25

    i want old layout back!!!!!!!
    this beta is ugly, it so…. stupid and SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    previosly was more simple
    so please, make peoples make their own choice, are they take this new beta or are they keep old

    deathvalent – 17 July, 16:25
  155. cali girl
    17 July, 16:25

    man, this bites. makes me want to unplug my scrobbler…

    dude, please. plastic surgery on aging celebrities looks better than this!!!

    where’s my weekly chart? Oh I know, so you can put up 8 big pictures of artists in my top ten. so what? talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater…


    cali girl – 17 July, 16:25
  156. Stranger
    17 July, 16:25

    No. Just no.

    Stranger – 17 July, 16:25
  157. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:25


    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:25
  158. Julikaa
    17 July, 16:25

    shit, i wanna my old layout back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate this one!!!!!!! yeah guys, you added new options.. but pff you made it uncomfortable, ugly and awful! that’s a shame!! GIVE ME IT BACK!

    Julikaa – 17 July, 16:25
  159. horseyofgormy
    17 July, 16:25

    It looks like MySpace. Hopefully it doesn’t become as annoying as MySpace.

    horseyofgormy – 17 July, 16:25
  160. banaanitytto
    17 July, 16:26

    no no no!
    i don’t like it at all.

    the only thing i like is that “Real-time chart updates”.

    banaanitytto – 17 July, 16:26
  161. hamstersoldier
    17 July, 16:26

    mmm, has anyone else noticed the “playlist issue”?

    “You need to be a subscriber to listen to this playlist.”

    “Subscribers can listen to playlists once they contain 45 tracks by 15 different artists”.

    Why only subscribers?
    I made a playlist with some music from my own label that worked as a radio (it played in shuffle mode) at the label’s website, and it was fine, a great promotional tool. Now it doesn’t work anymore, look:

    A worried user.

    hamstersoldier – 17 July, 16:26
  162. metal_penguin_j
    17 July, 16:26

    I really, really, really dislike it. One, the charts have less stats listed. I don’t like the alignment of the profile (example shoutbox is poorly aligned on the profile now). Beside the unappealing visual aspect of it takes FOREVER to load & my computer is fast! Omg…please change it back or let us choose which version we want our profiles to be shown as.

    metal_penguin_j – 17 July, 16:26
  163. khollohk
    17 July, 16:27

    and yes, you really need to give us an option to view the site the way it used to be. this new layout sucks really hard. i can’t see a single thing that makes it better than the old layout.

    also it seems i’m not the only one who lost play counts. that’s just really really shitty. i lost over 500 plays :(

    khollohk – 17 July, 16:27
  164. sloncek
    17 July, 16:27

    I want my old LMF back!

    sloncek – 17 July, 16:27
  165. LoneWolf
    17 July, 16:27

    in one word the new look is DISGUSTING .. no offense not intentional but this really sucks :(

    come on the previous version was loved by millions why change it ? something new is appreciated always if its worthy of the appreciation. . . but this just totally sucks. utter rubbish
    LoneWolf – 17 July, 16:27
  166. lynndelione
    17 July, 16:28

    I always thought owners knows why we love and they would never do anything to make us hate it. meh, guess i was wrong.


    lynndelione – 17 July, 16:28
  167. matth
    17 July, 16:28

    Option to stick with the old layout please.

    matth – 17 July, 16:28
  168. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:28

    new sux !!!

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:28
  169. MaJax3
    17 July, 16:28

    Yeah, I agree, can you make an option to use the oLd one?

    MaJax3 – 17 July, 16:28
  170. music critic
    17 July, 16:28

    bigger longer stronger

    music critic – 17 July, 16:28
  171. AapBart
    17 July, 16:28

    meh.. tooooo much whitespace, i liked the idea of all the little pictures of artists and ppl from together..
    Also get many many formatting errors in IE6.

    AapBart – 17 July, 16:28
  172. hermindseye
    17 July, 16:29

    It’s AWFUL… just another youtube, jamendo, artistdirect, zune, mog, soundclick etc. layout ripoff. The whole reason I love is because of it’s thin minimal VERTICAL layout. You can see everything in one linear scroll. Now it’s all fat and bulky and HORIZONTAL like all the other music sites. That and all the squares/divided areas leave it with a more isolated feeling.

    hermindseye – 17 July, 16:29
  173. mart
    17 July, 16:29

    oh Christ, please please please give us back the old version.

    mart – 17 July, 16:29
  174. Fox Amoore
    17 July, 16:29

    Thanks for taking the time to create a new layout, it looks great. I’ll be honest though and say that I do prefer the older look, it just seems easier for me to keep track of things.

    I think a lot of people, including myself, would appreciate the option to choose the style.

    Thanks very much!

    Fox Amoore – 17 July, 16:29
  175. Ann
    17 July, 16:29

    Oh my god.. I was realy like this site till this horrible version.. I think about delete my acount because I just cant stand this version…

    Ann – 17 July, 16:29
  176. Vile
    17 July, 16:29

    Website layout is absolutely horrible in my opinion. Not only is it dreadfully sluggish, but the design has made features that are unintuitive that weren’t previously and also a hassle to navigate. Would be nice if you guys could implement a feature that could let users choose between using the old version of the site and the new one.

    Vile – 17 July, 16:29
  177. lfat
    17 July, 16:29

    arg i don`t feel like checking it no more now

    lfat – 17 July, 16:29
  178. in_cognitus
    17 July, 16:30

    New is Horrible!!!

    in_cognitus – 17 July, 16:30
  179. morsmodre
    17 July, 16:30

    Its terrible! doesn’t need a myspace look and feel! thats what make it diferent: focus on music and not in the crapy “lets make 10000 friend that we never see”

    Its ok to give us an OPTION so put it configurable!

    and jesus … who is your usability enginheer? a blind guy? _

    I mean … SO many things wrong! from an engeneering point of view AND from an user point of view!

    – the space ocupied by everything – the vertical organization – few contrast (or color for the matter) – the fotos way to big or way to small

    just for starters …

    Seriously guy, I love this website/ideia but this sucks big time!

    morsmodre – 17 July, 16:30
  180. ZombieTrent
    17 July, 16:31

    id just like it if lastfm couldnt figure out that “cave, & the bad seeds” is nick cave &… like it figures Dylan, Bob means Bob Dylan, if we could have an option of searching for the correct artist name or editing it or something

    ZombieTrent – 17 July, 16:31
  181. Matt
    17 July, 16:31

    I like it!

    But Id like to see animated GIF back in avatars .. my avatar just sucks now..

    Matt – 17 July, 16:31
  182. announ
    17 July, 16:31

    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!
    i hate it. it’s slow and ugly! i want the old design back!!!

    announ – 17 July, 16:31
  183. 2ool
    17 July, 16:31

    yay, it just deleted all my Russian Circles scrobbles.

    2ool – 17 July, 16:31
  184. mararie
    17 July, 16:31

    why? :’(

    mararie – 17 July, 16:31
  185. thule
    17 July, 16:31

    this is soooooo hard.

    You force us?

    put back the button or many will go and i will help them go. (Do not take me wrong, but admins can not do what they like to, you are relieable for that what you started)!

    thule – 17 July, 16:31
  186. trainstobrasil
    17 July, 16:31

    I really like the new version, and I’ve had some advance time to get used to it. But I also love the old version as well. Is there any possibility of being able to switch in-between the two when wanted? I have different uses for wanting to switch between them and also, for people with slower internet connections it would be helpful.

    trainstobrasil – 17 July, 16:31
  187. electechnica
    17 July, 16:31

    I just lost all interest in visiting this site ever again. I DON’T WANT TO BE A SUBSCRIBER ANYMORE.

    I want my money back.

    electechnica – 17 July, 16:31
  188. kay
    17 July, 16:32

    i want my weekly charts back!!!!!


    kay – 17 July, 16:32
  189. aargh
    17 July, 16:32

    btw. what happened with the weekly neighbors ??

    aargh – 17 July, 16:32
  190. twit
    17 July, 16:32

    My initial reaction was pretty much “What the? Gimme the old look back!” but I guess it’s growing on me. The interface seems really sluggish though but I hope it’ll pick up over the next couple of days or so. Considering the old interface was painstakingly slow on an old machine I can’t imagine what this new look would be like, thankfully my ‘puter is decently new :)
    What I really don’t like is how the interface only uses around 3/5ths of my monitor width, too much waste on the sides.

    twit – 17 July, 16:32
  191. john
    17 July, 16:32

    i’m really not liking it.

    plus nothing works.

    all i wanted to do was listen to some random tunes related to lamb and now i’m struggling to find the way to do it.

    and of course nothing is actually playing.

    the old style was excellent.

    why not just revamp that.

    it wasnt broke. dont erase it to fix it.

    john – 17 July, 16:32
  192. Septembergurl
    17 July, 16:32

    Thanks for trying to fix the bug.
    Also, what happened to the feature that allows you to play a a little embedded pop-up window on your screen rather than having to control it from the website itself?
    I miss this!

    Septembergurl – 17 July, 16:32
  193. Angie59
    17 July, 16:32

    Ah, shit!
    The previous one was better. Much better.
    new design sucks.

    Angie59 – 17 July, 16:32
  194. abandapart
    17 July, 16:33

    Impossibly slow loading and as of yet I am unable to get the music player to function.

    abandapart – 17 July, 16:33
  195. homikus
    17 July, 16:33

    Well, it was quite a surprise to see it now, without any warning ;)
    It definitely looks better than a few weeks ago, I’m even starting to like it. But it’ll take some time to get used to.
    Congratulations and thanks for your work, I know how much effort it costed and still costs!

    homikus – 17 July, 16:33
  196. still thule
    17 July, 16:33

    do something or you ship will become kinda very small!!!

    still thule – 17 July, 16:33
  197. nnsa
    17 July, 16:34

    Nononono. I’m really not sure if I’m using anymore. Why change such a good site for this? I hope that there will be an option to use the old version… This is really horrible.

    nnsa – 17 July, 16:34
  198. LoFi
    17 July, 16:34

    So, more compelling? Gosh, its too slow, for navigate around the pages it take 10 minutes, it’s horrible!

    LoFi – 17 July, 16:34
  199. Jason
    17 July, 16:34

    Congrats, looks like a bad version of Facebook.

    Most of everyone dug the old layout and would have been happy with improved features and new additions, the new visual look seems like is just trying to capture the success of other sites with a similar look. Where as I always liked as it was original and doing something that had not been done before.

    Jason – 17 July, 16:34
  200. Anurem
    17 July, 16:34

    Is the worst ever, sorry but i don’t like it this version, i give out of you loose a ecxelent boy.

    Anurem – 17 July, 16:34
  201. Infernal Pagan Necrogoat
    17 July, 16:34

    Sto ljudi, sto ćudi!

    Sto žena, dvisto cica!

    Infernal Pagan Necrogoat – 17 July, 16:34
  202. Veith75
    17 July, 16:34

    The old look was very unique and constituted its own brand. The new one is just horrid in my opinion. I wish there was a button which could take me to the old verion I so got used to and loved so much.
    I am also trying to learn how to manage my artist/label and am failing to do so as yet.
    Gosh, this is all quite depressing lol
    Thanks for the effort put into creating something new but I am sorry… I mainly dislike it :-/

    Veith75 – 17 July, 16:34
  203. thesilentera
    17 July, 16:35

    Why? Why fix what wasn’t broken? I LOVED the old It was simple, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing. To be honest, from a web developer’s point of view, the site looks like garbage. It is way too busy. It takes forever to load. You have pictures all over the place. I realize that maybe some people like to see artist and album pics but all that really does is look confusing and slow things down. To make it worse, half the time text runs into pictures because it’s not loading properly. To be honest, your search function is terrible now. Again, what’s with the pictures? When I search for something I want TEXT. I think the old player was better and more-efficient. I could go on and on. I really don’t think it could be much worse. Remember, less truly is more.

    Please, please, pleeeease allow us lovers of the old layout to have that option.

    thesilentera – 17 July, 16:35
  204. Kordian459
    17 July, 16:35

    To be honest I don’t like this new layout at all. It could be useful to let choose to users between old and new site.

    Kordian459 – 17 July, 16:35
  205. Me
    17 July, 16:35

    Sorry to be ungrateful, but I really don’t like it. As subscribers we should at least have the opportunity to change it back!!

    Me – 17 July, 16:35
  206. miguel
    17 July, 16:35

    ok. i LOVE and i really apreciate your hard work you guys, but i hate the new platform. where are the weekly charts? and i’m not talking about the last 7 days charts. and can we “paint it black”???
    sorry, i just hate it.

    miguel – 17 July, 16:35
  207. lfat
    17 July, 16:35


    lfat – 17 July, 16:35
  208. jim ross
    17 July, 16:35

    This is the big bad beta i feared … fraid my feeling is close to many of the oh no!!s above

    the tight design and visual coherence of the old last fm was a big plus for a design proffessional like my self… Don’t chase the other social network shites with you grafic style … it is crass … over commercial … stinks

    please … have some sence … at least offer us ‘skins’ of the old page to keep us old timers happy

    and my animated gif has died

    what a day

    jim ross – 17 July, 16:35
  209. Michelle
    17 July, 16:35

    If anything, I’d like to see the caching speed up.

    Michelle – 17 July, 16:35
    17 July, 16:36


    at least give as options and choices !! this is not “social music revolution” anymore

    WE WANT THE FORMER LAST.FM BACK !!! – 17 July, 16:36
  211. Dirk
    17 July, 16:36

    Sorry but I hate it!
    Please don’t follow the netlog lay out.
    All our work in the left bar of Classic Rock group is gone. At least let us have the choice between the normal and the new look. I guess the most will take the old one!

    Dirk – 17 July, 16:36
  212. fuelbomb
    17 July, 16:36

    I want a “paint it black” option, I hate red and white!

    I also don’t like seeing the band photos in my recently played tracks list. :(

    fuelbomb – 17 July, 16:36
  213. c0rt3z
    17 July, 16:36

    i like the new… especially that you can see, where you last posted somethin into a shoutbox and all that stuff. dont listen to all those haters, they always appear when something changes…

    its good =)

    c0rt3z – 17 July, 16:36
  214. hermindseye
    17 July, 16:37

    Get a f’ing clue! We don’t like it! It’s sluggish, too much BS to navigate around, and too commercialized. Back with the old simple yet futuristic style where we could see everything/one in one page more or less. What the hell were you guys thinking?!
    I don’t think I’ll be hanging around as much anymore… just might take my music down as well.

    hermindseye – 17 July, 16:37
  215. spotkriszta
    17 July, 16:37

    From nancykitten: “The new features (ie. the library and the instant scrobbling to the overall charts) could have been added without this massive change of look.”

    Exactly. We appreciate your hard work on the new site, the new features are absolutely great, but… you know it. :)

    spotkriszta – 17 July, 16:37
  216. Tecfan
    17 July, 16:38

    just because you suck at navigating doesn’t mean that the site sucks.. although it was slow, and I’m missing the first page of shouts on the front page, the site is great

    Tecfan – 17 July, 16:38
  217. ghcursino
    17 July, 16:38

    WE WANT THE FORMER LAST.FM BACK!!! [12873617852937218472917321]

    ghcursino – 17 July, 16:38
  218. Jerry
    17 July, 16:38

    Haha, wow, I know we were pretty harsh on you guys with the last relaunch, but I don’t recall it being as bad as this! I guess I’ll grow accustomed to it like I did last time.

    I am glad you finally ditched the glossy Aqua look, though. I never could stand it. This layout is a lot more modular, can’t wait to see what other features you have planned. Just… please… don’t start with the Facebook-type apps, aight? :)

    Jerry – 17 July, 16:38
  219. Rabenbaer
    17 July, 16:39

    are you working on making the list for the charts any longer? it is so much shorter than the old one, so much of my charts are lost now :( e.g. before it showed all my artists including those I played 10 times, now it’s at 35!

    Rabenbaer – 17 July, 16:39
  220. FuGen
    17 July, 16:39

    dear madams and sirs,
    you pissed off a lot of people. good job!
    yours faithfully,

    FuGen – 17 July, 16:39
  221. britpopgirl
    17 July, 16:39

    I’d like the option to switch back to the old layout :(

    britpopgirl – 17 July, 16:39
  222. Alastair
    17 July, 16:39

    The layout is vile. Whoever did the front-end design on this should be sacked, it’s a joke. Far from looking more engaging, it’s actually horribly disjointed and extremely second-rate. You’ve destroyed everything that was good about the page layout. It’s SO ugly! I can see I’m going to be spending a LOT more time on iLike from now on…

    Big mistake people.

    Alastair – 17 July, 16:39
  223. cross
    17 July, 16:40

    @Tony Dodd: Hi, I quite like new design. BUT pls … can I move the ShoutBox to the top?
    Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand.

    cross – 17 July, 16:40
  224. Pascal
    17 July, 16:40

    I like it and I even liked when it was back in beta. Looks clearer and all around better than the dusty “old” version. Let’s see how many of the whiners will accept the new style in a few days, because most of those guys who want to boycott stuff or want to do similar stuff seem to change their mind pretty quick. :D

    Pascal – 17 July, 16:40
  225. trainstobrasil
    17 July, 16:40

    actually, the only thing I like about the new version is the option to look at ALL of your old shouts. I really appreciate that feature and it’s quite useful. But if you could somehow implement that tiny feature into the old version and get rid of the Beta version altogether. A switch between versions button PLEASE! and I also have lost a lot of scrobbles :(

    trainstobrasil – 17 July, 16:40
  226. Burkman
    17 July, 16:40

    Dude, Last as I know it is gone.. I liked it as it was before. I feel raped.. Guess that I’ll learn to love it though, I mean, the staff has got to have great intentions behind this idea, and I can’t do anything but to trust them. Really hope that the site will speed up though. Kinda slow atm ><

    Agree with hermindseye btw, but let’s see.

    Burkman – 17 July, 16:40
  227. xGeraldx
    17 July, 16:40


    sorry but this one doesn’t even look nice!

    xGeraldx – 17 July, 16:40
  228. arsonist
    17 July, 16:40

    what is this?

    arsonist – 17 July, 16:40
  229. soundofsuburbia
    17 July, 16:40

    (I’m pretty sure this is covered above, but what the hey.) This is awful. For instance: One of the things I love with is watching what my friends are listening to. That “box” has been degraded, now I have to scroll to get to it.

    I had faith in this redesign. I thought things wouldn’t change so much. used to be damn near perfect and now it’s not.

    soundofsuburbia – 17 July, 16:40
  230. sundown_orange
    17 July, 16:40

    The old look is more cohesive and visually appealing.

    sundown_orange – 17 July, 16:40
  231. Will
    17 July, 16:40

    Wow; I like the new layout. This huge outburst reminds me of when Facebook changed to the newsfeeds. Over time people will shut up.

    Will – 17 July, 16:40
  232. Elouise
    17 July, 16:41

    Disappointed I am with the new site :(
    I almost cried when I saw the site.
    Oh, well… Looks like I’ll have to get used to it.

    Elouise – 17 July, 16:41
  233. musaqueen
    17 July, 16:41

    It was perfect ♥
    But then you ruined everything with that shitfucking beta site!!!

    I don’t think I’m gonna stay longer here if you dont change it. You see that more than 95 % hate this betaversion!!!
    Its time to change it back

    musaqueen – 17 July, 16:41
  234. cansu
    17 July, 16:41

    it would be good if there is a switch back to the old view. i really don’t like the new one. it is a big mess. it looks so bad and it’s not useful. there should be a switch back to the old one for the ones who hated the new one.

    cansu – 17 July, 16:41
  235. CHBtash
    17 July, 16:41

    the new shoutbox is terrible. I need it on the left site or on the top!

    charts top 15 ? I need the top 50!!!

    charts top 200… I need the whole top 500!!

    CHBtash – 17 July, 16:41
  236. kelsey
    17 July, 16:41

    i cannot stand to look at the site now. it is absolutely disgusting. there NEEDS to be option to use the old layout.

    kelsey – 17 July, 16:41
  237. Ju
    17 July, 16:41

    Well… design can be ok but… I hope it’s just a matter of time before we have our Top 50 back again. Top 15 is just… not enough and quite disturbing!

    So are there plans to bring the Top 50s back? And Weekly Charts too, of course…

    Ju – 17 July, 16:41
  238. DeadLyRoSe
    17 July, 16:42

    Lol…didn’t expect that. im kinda confuse with that new look. well guess i’ll get used to it. and i like some of the new stuffs but….i want in black anyway.

    DeadLyRoSe – 17 July, 16:42
  239. tigerbomb13
    17 July, 16:42

    I really like the real-time updating charts. I must say the old layout was much better however and I’m not happy that 10,000 songs vanished from my play count. Also I much prefer when it showed my top 500 instead of 200.

    tigerbomb13 – 17 July, 16:42
  240. angry man
    17 July, 16:42

    Someone already said it but:

    WTF? The charts have been chopped down from top 500 tracks/artists to top 200. That really sucks. No really, it SUCKS.

    I agree 100%

    angry man – 17 July, 16:42
  241. Julian
    17 July, 16:42

    Why the hell did you change it completely???
    Why did you decide to “build a completely new version”??? Who does that?
    Change should be incremental, you could’ve integrated everything in the “old”!

    Julian – 17 July, 16:42
  242. MidwinterSun
    17 July, 16:42

    This new look is TERRIFIC! I am really sorry to say this, but the old one was so much better. At least leave an option for the old design to be used! This was, for God’s sake, not some stupid copy of MySpace! People were supposed to be able to see WHAT I LISTEN TO, not some other stupid things. 15 artists? Who, on earth, limits their taste to ONLY 15 ARTISTS? And songs? Where is my shoutbox, huh? At the bottom! One of the best parts of your site and you threw it on the bottom. I can’t even make the red colour disappear like I was able to before, it’s annoying.

    You failed, guys. I don’t know what’s the big thing about web 2.0 but it’s really making me mad already. I can’t even look at this site anymore.

    P.S. Oh, yeah – and besides, it’ slower than ever. It takes centuries to load!

    MidwinterSun – 17 July, 16:42
  243. residueofbliss
    17 July, 16:42

    God… I want the old layout back too, this just looks all like a mess and reminds me of more website conforming to a MySpace/Facebook look. The last layout was so much more original and, well, convenient. Everything just lost its shiny.

    residueofbliss – 17 July, 16:42
  244. Hannah
    17 July, 16:42

    The new layout is hideous! It takes forever to load, and forever to find things. There’s so much wasted space in the recent tracks section, and seriously, why have the “library” in addition to the “top artists”? It’s redundant and takes up a lot of space. Before everything felt simple and integrated. Now it is messy and juvenile. I really appreciated the old aesthetic, and will probably leave the site if this doesn’t get better.

    Hannah – 17 July, 16:42
  245. KD
    17 July, 16:43

    I really hate when sites do this. They decide to change the layout and ‘spruce’ things up a bit. Myspace did the same thing, but atleast they give us a choice of what layout to use. I want to have a choice, please! I can’t even see all of my top artists.

    KD – 17 July, 16:43
  246. Helio
    17 July, 16:43

    I want the old back too!!!

    Helio – 17 July, 16:43
  247. cara
    17 July, 16:43

    i hate it. it looks like facebook… plus i still can’t get my head round why you won’t allow people to block each other.

    cara – 17 July, 16:43
  248. Moioui
    17 July, 16:44

    Where is the playlist? D:

    To I have to subscribe to listen to it? … .

    Moioui – 17 July, 16:44
  249. ghcursino
    17 July, 16:44

    kkk vosës söa engarsados bjs viva o brasil

    ghcursino – 17 July, 16:44
  250. richard dixon
    17 July, 16:44

    mine does not play now—what do i do??

    richard dixon – 17 July, 16:44
  251. Suki
    17 July, 16:44

    what’s this new site trying to be? some kind of myspace? why did you put the focus away from music, charts and statistics? why do you make things complicated and irritating? and no, i won’t get used to it when i get to know the new site better. i hate it and i want the old back. without the unnecessary crap which is in the forground now. please let users decide wether they want to use the classic style or the new stye! :(

    Suki – 17 July, 16:44
    17 July, 16:44

    THIS IS BOLLOCKS – 17 July, 16:44
  253. amodern_man
    17 July, 16:45

    I wish you wouldn’t assume it’s simply a case of ‘people getting used to it’. It’s terrible.

    amodern_man – 17 July, 16:45
  254. Jordan
    17 July, 16:45

    I think I could get used to the new layout. I’ll sorely miss the relative width, though. It’s a rare breed of website that can execute that well, and was one.

    Jordan – 17 July, 16:45
  255. seffe
    17 July, 16:45

    well, new functions seem to be quite cool. but i agree with the fact that it is all too big. every box, every item needs too much space. a lot of scrolling. but well, maybe i get used to it.

    seffe – 17 July, 16:45
  256. dirtyskunk
    17 July, 16:45

    where can we see who’s attending which event(who clicked it today)? That feature was really helpfull as you had a good view where your friends are going… now it’s not so visible + you must really browse hard to find new events. I liked the old one better!

    dirtyskunk – 17 July, 16:45
  257. music critic
    17 July, 16:46

    aight now everybody calm down. it’s time to realise that isn’t a democracy m’kay ?
    you’ll get over it ;-)

    music critic – 17 July, 16:46
  258. Disappointed
    17 July, 16:46

    I miss the old looks, PLEASE give us an option to stick with it. The only good thing about the new is the real-time chart updates.

    Disappointed – 17 July, 16:46
  259. PLEASE
    17 July, 16:46

    can we get a switch back option? the new layout is just awful. it feels like facebook.

    PLEASE – 17 July, 16:46
  260. newlast.fmsucks
    17 July, 16:47

    Get the Old Version Back! The new is terrible.

    newlast.fmsucks – 17 July, 16:47
  261. sid
    17 July, 16:47

    How much time’s gonna pass by before you give up and bring the old version back?
    Can’t you see almost everybody hates it?!

    I’M ON STRIKE FROM NOW ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll immediatly log out now for a long time!!!!

    sid – 17 July, 16:47
  262. stoppingthetime
    17 July, 16:47

    Some things are really cool but what bothers me the most is that the small font makes my eyes hurt and you now have to scroll way down to leave a shout. That’s so annoying!

    stoppingthetime – 17 July, 16:47
  263. The Soilborn
    17 July, 16:47

    gimme my old back….

    the new one looks freaking ugly =(

    The Soilborn – 17 July, 16:47
  264. Kate
    17 July, 16:47

    bring back the old one!

    Kate – 17 July, 16:47
  265. tifosi3
    17 July, 16:48

    The new interface is very bad and chaotic :( I want my informations on the LEFT of my profile, like in the old interface. We read from LEFT to RIGHT and not right to left !!!!!!!!!

    and sorry for the approximative english….

    tifosi3 – 17 July, 16:48
  266. kate
    17 July, 16:48

    i agree with others to have the option of choosing the old or new layout…

    the new one simply isn’t as aesthetic pleasing or as easy to use as the old one.

    kate – 17 July, 16:48
  267. j stephenson
    17 July, 16:48

    thats the last you will see of me to good bye

    j stephenson – 17 July, 16:48
  268. Tom21
    17 July, 16:48

    I can’t say i’m a fan of this new layout at the moment. It seems like you’re trying to change something that didn’t need changing – maybe a few new graphics here and there would have gone down nicely but everything’s too bulky and there’s too much white space.

    The new charts that display on profiles don’t give a good enough overview of somebody’s listening and overall the new looks really ISN’T pleasing to the eye at all. I’m a fan of the ‘player’ on each page because it does look great and lets you stream songs pretty quickly, but previous version was just so much simpler and there was nothing wrong with it!

    If it ain’t broke, don’t try fixing it!

    Tom21 – 17 July, 16:48
  269. bullfroggreen
    17 July, 16:48

    On the former page for my profile I/others could view my TOP 50 favorite artists, now it’s cut down to 15 ???
    Yeah, I prefer the former much more than this. Sorry.

    bullfroggreen – 17 July, 16:48
  270. Cid
    17 July, 16:48

    I just wish i could listen to my playlist like before (in other words, without needing to subscribe)

    and of course, a black skin (reds not bad, but black is way better)

    Cid – 17 July, 16:48
  271. Marko
    17 July, 16:49

    Oh f#CK!!!What did you do to the website!

    Oh my , oh well I guess I’ll need another year to get used to it.


    Marko – 17 July, 16:49
  272. XexxonvaldezX
    17 July, 16:49


    XexxonvaldezX – 17 July, 16:49
  273. joey
    17 July, 16:49

    seeing as how absolutely no one likes the new layout, there needs to be an option to get the old one back. work it out.

    joey – 17 July, 16:49
  274. Jedi_Amara
    17 July, 16:50

    I strongly object to the new look – it’s far too spaced-out (space is good, but not so much – especially on 1024×768, which is still used by about half the web community) and hard to find things, it’s slow to load and nowhere near as user-friendly. It’s forcing Flash player load (I have dialup; I used partly because I didn’t have to load all those annoying Flash files), important stuff is no longer above the fold – I have to page-down four times just to get to my shoutbox. There’s no room to customise, it feels like you’re trying to turn this place into a much less functional version of Facebook – “lastbook”, as it were. The database is the same – surely it can’t be that difficult to offer an option for the old layout, at least?

    I’ve created a group for those who would like to see the option available – join us at (or click my name) Despite having MADE the group, I don’t seem to be listed as a MEMBER (or as group leader, though I seem to be able to do group leader stuff – happens with my other groups too) – well done,

    Jedi_Amara – 17 July, 16:50
  275. sallysitwell
    17 July, 16:50

    This is hella slow, you guys. Speed it up, Johnny.

    sallysitwell – 17 July, 16:50
  276. Matzoe
    17 July, 16:50

    Sorry, but I strongly dislike the new look and arrangement, as it has been discussed in the beta forums – space isn’t used accordingly/sensibly and this crayon-like red/dark grey highlights look like some kindergarden-website.

    Matzoe – 17 July, 16:50
  277. matt
    17 July, 16:50

    Wow, is there a way to get the normal theme back? I’d like to have a cool site to look at, not a generic piece of garbage, please.

    matt – 17 July, 16:50
  278. barlw
    17 July, 16:51

    What is this top 15 bullshit.

    Half of the page is pictures of 6 bands.

    This sucks

    barlw – 17 July, 16:51
  279. Lynsay
    17 July, 16:51

    I’m not sure about the new layout but I think it’s going to take a while to get used to. Would there be a chance of letting users decide whether to use the new layout or the old layout (like a skin switcher)?

    Lynsay – 17 July, 16:51
  280. CL
    17 July, 16:51

    Please stop trying to be facebook. I liked you being Ick.

    CL – 17 July, 16:51
  281. Skills
    17 July, 16:51

    Please change back, even though the new layout looks fresh and modern, i prefered the last one. The music player wont load either and it takes ages for pages to load.

    Skills – 17 July, 16:51
  282. Kraldyo
    17 July, 16:51

    It kinda feels isolating, but nothing much, it’s actually really nice, loved it, anxious to see how will it look on black though. :}
    Scrobbling is offline, so, is a big update for the software coming? And about the avatars, mine was an animated .gif, it’s not animated anymore, should I bother re-uploading it, will it go back to normal in some time, or are you getting rid of gifs for good and I’ll have to find a new avatar?

    Kraldyo – 17 July, 16:51
  283. fourpumpkins
    17 July, 16:51

    i hate it, now its just like everwhere else like myspace and facebook :-(

    how do i change it?!

    fourpumpkins – 17 July, 16:51
  284. nina
    17 July, 16:51

    I’m not sure if I wanna keep now…this new look is horrendous.

    nina – 17 July, 16:51
  285. evilhomestereo
    17 July, 16:51

    change it back or at least give the option to change it back. this is horribly disorientating and cluttered. i don’t like it at all and i think you should take note of the overwhelming negative response and change it back.

    evilhomestereo – 17 July, 16:51
  286. John
    17 July, 16:51

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck I hate this beta bull shit shit shit! Pleeease make an option to use both versions of the site or something.

    Why did they even make the new one…it’s horrible. They could have saved much precious time and energy by just fixing issues that needed to be dealt with in the older version.

    John – 17 July, 16:51
  287. frostiblack
    17 July, 16:52

    Do not want.

    frostiblack – 17 July, 16:52
  288. ghcursino
    17 July, 16:52

    I think you are going to lose some subscribers :D

    ghcursino – 17 July, 16:52
  289. Pomai
    17 July, 16:52

    i really really REALLY like the new!
    i don’t know what else to say!

    Pomai – 17 July, 16:52
  290. Andylat
    17 July, 16:52

    don’t likeeeeeeeeeee the new format :(

    tha old was good and smoth, the new one is dizzy

    Andylat – 17 July, 16:52
  291. Adriaan
    17 July, 16:53

    I love the new lay-out! It is a massive improvement from when the beta was first launched. Good job!

    Adriaan – 17 July, 16:53
  292. Dave
    17 July, 16:53

    “It seems like you’re trying to change something that didn’t need changing”

    I think that just about sums it up. The site was sleek and functional, displayed all of the information you wanted to see and used all of the space available.

    This new version is a step backwards, far too much blank space and yet the useful information is somehow still a cluttered mess. If it wasn’t for all the shiny Web 2.0 nonsense taking up the space where the data which the site is supposed to present should go, I’d assume this was some kind of Version 0.001 of the old site.

    Dave – 17 July, 16:53
  293. bobhall
    17 July, 16:53

    dear god, it’s disgusting looking

    bobhall – 17 July, 16:53
  294. Stephan
    17 July, 16:53

    Well, it’s definitely different..

    Anyway, many sites have options to choose your own layout, so maybe add some option how you want your Recently Played Tracks displayed.

    I mean, I kinda liked the ‘square’ with the 10 songs/artists, with the list next to it. It had less open spaces and it just looked great ;D ..

    Stephan – 17 July, 16:53
  295. frommel1972
    17 July, 16:53

    change it back or give me the possibility to use the old layout. THIS SUCKS THIS IS TERRIBLE THIS IS UGLY. I HATE IT!!!!!!!

    frommel1972 – 17 July, 16:53
  296. aBitGone
    17 July, 16:53

    Love it, love it, love it.

    I reckon there’s a lot of people who aren’t telling you what a fab job you’ve done – people are quick to say what they don’t like, but not so quick to say what they like.

    Well done team!

    aBitGone – 17 July, 16:53
  297. thisisall1word
    17 July, 16:53

    I have been having a go with the beta for a few days – didn’t think the go live was happening so soon!

    It’s just all a bit loud and scary!

    The old site was simple, clean and with lots of white space to make it easy on the eyes.
    New site is a bit ‘busy’ on the eyes, chunky and softer.

    Not loving it at the moment but I’m sure that my opinion will mellow out over time.
    Its either stick with it or revert to keeping copious paper records of my listening habits before sending weekly digests of them to close friends via carrier pigeon.

    thisisall1word – 17 July, 16:53
  298. Dirk
    17 July, 16:53

    Can’t find my inbox anymore !!!
    HELP !

    Still hope this is a bad dream. A very bad dream.

    Dirk – 17 July, 16:53
  299. Jedi_Amara
    17 July, 16:53

    I’m rather thinking you need to fix the bug where groups are listed as having “0 members” and no leaders.

    Jedi_Amara – 17 July, 16:53
  300. dave
    17 July, 16:54

    this is horrible, go back to the old layout

    dave – 17 July, 16:54
  301. Mormon88
    17 July, 16:54

    so many little babies on this site that can’t handle change, apparently.

    my only problem is that my avatar is no longer animated… come on now. fix that please

    Mormon88 – 17 July, 16:54
  302. belin
    17 July, 16:55

    oh no. phear the new crappy layout…

    belin – 17 July, 16:55
  303. Wic
    17 July, 16:55

    Total dissappointment !

    -Left part got a lot of space.
    -Cant see our neighbours at first page.
    -Shoutbox HAVE TO be at the top of the page couse its hard to reach it after many tracks.
    -Cant change the colour ?
    -Harder to manage.
    -Archive thing is totally useless.
    -Music Player looks like stolen from myspace.

    I hope we can get old looking back as an option.

    You guys must work on adding skins not changing it.

    Wic – 17 July, 16:55
  304. audiodre
    17 July, 16:55

    What a bad idea, this. Can I at least make it black again? WAS my favourite website. D’oh!

    audiodre – 17 July, 16:55
  305. Mel
    17 July, 16:56

    Hmmm, well I hate sounding ungrateful, but… I can’t play any songs, and even if I could it wouldn’t be worth it because the page takes so long to load. The videos still play thank god, but I hate how they go all the way to the end of the page and the names don’t come with. And the overall layout isn’t really tasteful. I know it is still the first day and all and i should be patient, but when the site doesn’t work at all and slows down the rest of my computer it makes me a little irritated. Thanks for trying though :-)

    Mel – 17 July, 16:56
  306. sonicster
    17 July, 16:56

    i hate it…i loved everything about the old…it was perfect…

    I can’t even look at the site now.

    sonicster – 17 July, 16:56
  307. nat
    17 July, 16:56

    You guys are amazing. I love your work and everything you stand for.

    Thank you.

    nat – 17 July, 16:56
  308. Oliver
    17 July, 16:56

    Actually having a choice between the new and old versions would be nice, since the new layout doesn’t appeal to quite a few people, judging by the comments. I’m not terribly keen on it, I have to say. The old layout was much more intuitive.

    Oliver – 17 July, 16:56
  309. Allan
    17 July, 16:56

    wtf? this is absolutely terrible

    is there a way to get the old version back? this is horrendous. first myspace, now this.. why do you feel the need to change it and make it so ridiculous and high tech ?

    can I get the old back? please?

    TERRIBLE JOB… please make some way for us to have the old version :|

    Allan – 17 July, 16:56
  310. thehoneyinside
    17 July, 16:56

    Does anyone know where the Reply Tracker is located on this new version? I think I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.
    I agree with what someone previously said… it definitely slows everything down but I think once I get used to it I’ll like it. I just want my Reply Tracker!!!

    thehoneyinside – 17 July, 16:56
  311. wideawake01
    17 July, 16:57

    the charts suck.
    shoutbox is so far down.
    the old design was much better.
    whats that fucking commerical!?

    bring the old one back!!!!!

    wideawake01 – 17 July, 16:57
  312. Samppa666
    17 July, 16:57

    yayy.. now that youve had yer fun with the new and slow how about putting the old one back up?

    Samppa666 – 17 July, 16:57
  313. V
    17 July, 16:57

    The top bar is terrible. Please let us know how we can revert back to the old style. Or make an optional style for the top.

    The charting is nice. I would love to see weekly tracks more prominent as well.

    But please, please, please get rid of that top bar. It’s a step back from the old graphical design.

    V – 17 July, 16:57
  314. Honzeecheck
    17 July, 16:57

    Hmm… dont care bout the design but where is dashboard and top week artists? It sux!

    Honzeecheck – 17 July, 16:57
  315. Allan
    17 July, 16:57

    please let us be able to use the old version.. I wouldn’t have signed up to the site if it were like this originally…. it’s terrible.

    Allan – 17 July, 16:57
  316. Jessica
    17 July, 16:57

    I don’t like the new look and design, I can’t get anything to play and it keeps telling me that all features are unavailable to me.

    Jessica – 17 July, 16:57
  317. copy666
    17 July, 16:57

    i can’t upload a new image with mac osx and firefox/ safari!
    give me the old layout back!

    copy666 – 17 July, 16:57
  318. Niklas
    17 July, 16:57

    when reading all this “back to old-version” claims i think it’s really funny. since i was beta-tester i am now really used to the new layout and are very satisfied with it. it is in fact less cluttered!!
    these shouts are just the same as a baby which is dropped into cold water and cries for getting back to her mother’s bed. but baby will get along with fresh water.

    Niklas – 17 July, 16:57
  319. Henli
    17 July, 16:57

    I lost 3000 tracks scrobbelt.
    For the rest. Library is cool.
    But still… Where is the user page and de forum page? How must I now find groups?

    Henli – 17 July, 16:57
  320. Jason Peter Oliver
    17 July, 16:58

    Hi gutted you’ve changed my fave radio station now i cant get it to play any suggestions

    Jason Peter Oliver – 17 July, 16:58
  321. Mildgold
    17 July, 16:58

    The design is horrible. Im all for all the new features and making it more social network like but this is just pathetic design. Even the first beta images to leak were way better than this final version. Depressing :(

    Mildgold – 17 July, 16:58
  322. elli_q
    17 July, 16:58

    Not a fan of the new look, seems kinda empty and white… and it takes waaay to much scrolling to see anything…

    I don’t really care much for the ‘library’ thing, that’s not what I use for… this new look just doesn’t seem very functional, it’s all bulky and every single thing takes up sooo much space… I prefer the old one, especially the option ‘paint it black’, I hate this red thing.

    Probably the only thing I like is the option to easily switch between ‘last week’, ‘last 3 months’ and other lists, but I wouldn’t mind giving that up for having the old, but better, layout.

    Honestly, if the site looked like this from the begining, I doubt that I would ever join….

    elli_q – 17 July, 16:58
  323. asoio
    17 July, 16:58

    I also want my playlist back!!!!!

    asoio – 17 July, 16:58
  324. sh0kr0k
    17 July, 16:58

    “Could be a little faster atm + the lack of a new message indicator worries me.”


    Way too slow and clunky. Not everything needs to have fancy coding/scripting.. it just causes delays. The longer I have to wait for a pages to load, the less likely I will use the service.

    The layout is nice, though I’m conflicted about the side-bar. I had it all nicely formatted and many people spent a long time making graphics and text blocks to fit the width – and it’s all junk now. On the other hand, I LIKE that it’s bigger..


    My favorite addition: being able to hit “ENTER” in the shoutbox and it actually works! ;)

    This is all really nice, but I’m afraid of the speed of things. I love because there is so much information at my fingertips. Please don’t make it harder/slower to navigate for the sake of “looking pretty”…

    And do we really need to be like all the other sites with the Applications? Seriously… this just opens the floodgates for non-music-related content. sighs Everything thinks they have to “trendy” but has never done “what everyone else is doing” – you guys pioneer new ground, not copy sh*t! wtf?


    Overall, thanks for the update, but please don’t make the site any slower than it was.

    sh0kr0k – 17 July, 16:58
  325. Jaskotel
    17 July, 16:58

    @the Team:
    Is this some kind of joke?
    You will regret it, I promise :P

    @the Users:
    Let’s boycott or sth. Don’t let it be this way…

    Jaskotel – 17 July, 16:58
  326. z0mbix
    17 July, 16:58

    bah! whingers… I love it! Much cleaner, thanks to everyone who made it happen.

    z0mbix – 17 July, 16:58
  327. winterberryxxx
    17 July, 16:59

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m sorry, but I’m already hating this “New” lastFM. The layout looks CHEAP & ontop of that, NOTHING works! I’mgetting errors all over! My page is S-L-OW! I hate beta. They crap all over everything. I’m BUMMEDx10

    winterberryxxx – 17 July, 16:59
  328. marauder_bex
    17 July, 16:59

    lol at all the “sux” comments, give it a few days you’ll love it.

    And to the 2 grumpy people that said they pay for their usage you mean you subscribe, yes? Ergo if you’d paid attention you could have been testing this layout in beta since May. Just saying…

    I guess the site’ll speed up a fair bit once people have stopped flailing in horror at the change, yeah? I had to refresh 3 times just to get onto my profile…

    marauder_bex – 17 July, 16:59
  329. butthole_surfer
    17 July, 16:59

    Sucks. You broke the embedded player (at least at work). I won’t even go into the new layout.

    Hopefully you feel the backlash like Netflix did over profiles and come to your senses.

    butthole_surfer – 17 July, 16:59
  330. SweetHeartGirl
    17 July, 16:59

    Please, make a button for old layout!!!!!

    SweetHeartGirl – 17 July, 16:59
  331. Metatron
    17 July, 16:59

    It’s not that good.

    Metatron – 17 July, 16:59
    17 July, 16:59

    WE WANT THE FORMER LAST.FM BACK!!! – 17 July, 16:59
  333. sea
    17 July, 16:59

    where is country pages and shoutboxes????


    sea – 17 July, 16:59
  334. CHBtash
    17 July, 17:00

    the team sux! shame on you!!! I need a angry smilie!

    CHBtash – 17 July, 17:00
  335. hunt
    17 July, 17:00

    Thank God I stopped being a subscriber last month — at least I’m not paying for this shit. Maybe I’ll go back to Pandora.

    Also, thanks for the fact that I turned a lot of people on to this only to get our playlists taken away and made subscription-only. I don’t want to listen to your shitty recommendation station.

    hunt – 17 July, 17:00
  336. K.
    17 July, 17:00

    Honestly, I hate the new How can we switch back to the old one? If there isn’t an option… please make one. :-(

    K. – 17 July, 17:00
  337. Onita
    17 July, 17:00


    It was really the best site to go at..Now It`s not..

    Onita – 17 July, 17:00
  338. Mike
    17 July, 17:00

    Ugly, too complicated, slow, retareded – all good words to describe the new layout. The old site was perfect. If it wasn’t broke, don’t fucking fix it. Why did they even fucking bother?! Please make an option to use both versions.

    Mike – 17 July, 17:00
  339. rywri
    17 July, 17:00

    hate it. like, REALLY hate it. why do website upgrades always have to make the site completely unusable?

    rywri – 17 July, 17:00
  340. retf
    17 July, 17:01

    god how ugly is this?
    I want the old stuff back :<

    retf – 17 July, 17:01
  341. aargh .....
    17 July, 17:01

    first and now this :(
    too much flash will kill your site my friends. anytime :(

    aargh ..... – 17 July, 17:01
  342. khollohk
    17 July, 17:01



    khollohk – 17 July, 17:01
  343. em
    17 July, 17:01

    I need a weekly chart.. i really do..

    And sorry for all of us for being so rude..
    I just cant imagine yourfaces

    But i really dont feel it neither..

    I want former,


    em – 17 July, 17:01
  344. tomasz
    17 July, 17:02

    less artists in overall charts, not more?

    wrong way. i remember when it used to be Top 1,000. 200 is no use to anyone.

    tomasz – 17 July, 17:02
  345. angela
    17 July, 17:02

    I have to join the others in saying the older version was much better. This one isn’t as user friendly and just seems so cluttered. I would love to have a toggle button back to the old layout if possible.

    angela – 17 July, 17:02
  346. AVARiCE2k6
    17 July, 17:02

    1) You’ve broken my playlist, it’s now full of samples.

    2) Somewhere out there, a web designer is laughing.

    3) A footer is supposed to be a little thing at the foot of the page. Yours takes up half my browsing space if I scroll down. What the hell?

    4) The header is possibly the ugliest header I’ve seen.

    5) No seriously, wtf.

    6) It’s not a matter of me getting used to it, it’s a matter of you forcing change on me.

    7) I’m disheartened because I know you don’t care and I won’t get my old back.

    8) In trying to create a cleaner interface you’ve convoluted simple things.

    9) Evolution, not revolution. You had your revolution. Evolve it, don’t give it cancer.

    ~ Avarice2k6

    AVARiCE2k6 – 17 July, 17:02
  347. Kaoru
    17 July, 17:03

    Bug Report: Profile page says “<!— Includes needed everywhere —>” instead of, you know, linking to CSS or Javascript or anything… There’s not even any <html> tag.


    Kaoru – 17 July, 17:03
  348. davidbowieisverydisappointedinyou
    17 July, 17:03


    why would you do this!!!

    davidbowieisverydisappointedinyou – 17 July, 17:03
  349. brm
    17 July, 17:03

    well, shouting about wanting the old one is useless. But I gotta say, at first glance, it’s quite dissappointing to me too.

    The style really is not my taste, but the whole layout got a lot less compact. So finding the things I want to find has become a lot harder. The worst example is the shoutbox: I have to scroll all the way down to check it out!

    Another really annoying (giant) detail is the centered banner on top. It really makes me not want to return to the page..

    Sorry, but my first impression is not that positive :(

    To end on a positive note: the whole idea of the library and the player on top is interesting and promising.

    brm – 17 July, 17:03
  350. Nivelleen
    17 July, 17:03

    I really don’t like it.
    I agree with the rest of users. It loads is sooo long and so on >.<

    Nivelleen – 17 July, 17:03
  351. Dan
    17 July, 17:04

    I’m gonna have to go with ‘how do i change it back’ too. I’m all for change for the better, but this is bloated and ugly.

    Dan – 17 July, 17:04
  352. nocturnus_key
    17 July, 17:04

    hmm call me crazy, but I actually like the old one alot better, the recently played section was much bigger, there was weekly top artists and the top artists/tracks only goes up to 15 (wtf?) well I guess good things never last forever :(

    nocturnus_key – 17 July, 17:04
  353. winterberryxxx
    17 July, 17:04

    Yes, we do want the former layout. Can we not just have the kewl new features minus the ugly new layout & errors?

    winterberryxxx – 17 July, 17:04
  354. Natalia
    17 July, 17:04

    Where’re the countries’ shoutboxes ? They are pretty cool.

    Natalia – 17 July, 17:04
  355. meld0n
    17 July, 17:05

    Welcome to MySpace Rehashed!

    I’m glad so much “testing” went into it, but what you obviously didn’t test is THE WATTER. As in, y’know, user reactions? They’ve been negative all along, yet you still decided to go live with it. And now there’s even more negative response.

    But I guess that’s the least of your concerns. It’s onward toward commercizled and impossible-to-navigate overloaded crapware like every other social networking site.

    It’s a sad, sad day. You’ll probably lose this user soon.

    meld0n – 17 July, 17:05
  356. John
    17 July, 17:05

    Does anyone know a site similar to that I can switch to, so I don’t have to look at this ugly peace of shit?

    John – 17 July, 17:05
  357. Vizier_Mirai
    17 July, 17:05

    WTF?? Am I paying for this?? NO WAY!

    The new version is awful, I simply hate it, I want my old LastFM back.
    The new design is so fucking hi5!! that’s nasty!!

    So I’ll support XexxonvaldezX.


    Vizier_Mirai – 17 July, 17:05
  358. -whiterabbit-
    17 July, 17:05

    OMG ! They just killed … really !

    The old layout was so clearer … now, you have to scroll down for years to access your data and charts … and you can’t see everything on the same page anymore : no more neighbours, no more weekly charts, no more pics on charts … no more pleasure !

    What the hell with the vertical layout ?! It’s absolutely non user-friendly !

    In fact, when I refreshed my page, I thought that the loading aborted … but no, it’s the “new” look & feel : a simple white blank page ! Yeah, good “evolution” !!!

    This is not … this is bullshit … can you please let us go back to better old (paint it black) one ?

    Maybe some people will like it … but let your “dear” users the choice of it !

    -whiterabbit- – 17 July, 17:05
  359. seanipooh
    17 July, 17:06


    seanipooh – 17 July, 17:06
  360. floyd56
    17 July, 17:06

    The new last fm doesnt fucking work it just says “oops we had problems connecting” you fucking pricks!

    floyd56 – 17 July, 17:06
  361. rose Blake
    17 July, 17:07

    yea can there be an option to get the old page back with 50 top artists

    rose Blake – 17 July, 17:07
  362. Nicolas
    17 July, 17:08

    I’m loving this lay out. I really hated the now old one and preferred the look from the good ol’ times when audioscrobbler and were still too independent sites, but I like this one. Seems cleaner. And less ping…which is good, IMO.

    PS: Just have to do this: Go and watch the awesomeness that is Dr. Horrible at :)

    Nicolas – 17 July, 17:08
  363. The_Lurker
    17 July, 17:08

    Currently merely slow in Internet Explorer, but absolutely hating Firefox.

    I don’t hate the look, but there are too many things not working (i.e. I’m struggling to delete some things from the library), I’ve lost some scrobbles from some artists and the overall charts really need to go back to 500.

    Likes: Real time scrobbling, library

    The_Lurker – 17 July, 17:08
  364. em
    17 July, 17:08

    i cant get to site.. any site..

    em – 17 July, 17:08
  365. Madashell
    17 July, 17:08

    it looks like facebook to me. i hate it! I’m not going to subscribe next month..i dont like the new layout at all

    Madashell – 17 July, 17:08
  366. Ben
    17 July, 17:09

    I think I’m gonna delete my account if they don’t make an option to use the old site soon. I advise everyone who hates this bull shit to do the same. I’ll give them a couple of days. I can’t stand this crap.


    Ben – 17 July, 17:09
  367. seanipooh
    17 July, 17:09


    seanipooh – 17 July, 17:09
  368. Cheuphaet
    17 July, 17:09

    Slow & ugly. Please make it better.

    Cheuphaet – 17 July, 17:09
  369. lina
    17 July, 17:09

    this shit fuckin sucks

    lina – 17 July, 17:09
  370. 0mgz0rz
    17 July, 17:09

    People who are complaining about load times – it’s temporary. I’ve been using it on beta for quite a while and it’s never this laggy.

    People who are complaining about the new look – quite your bitching, you get used to it and it’s not that bad.

    0mgz0rz – 17 July, 17:09
  371. Time
    17 July, 17:10

    I don’t like the new one, too
    the new layout is like Coldplay’s Viva la Vida, especially the red tool bar

    Time – 17 July, 17:10
  372. SaintEgo
    17 July, 17:10

    how can i add event to specific venue(i dont want write venue when i’m add event)

    SaintEgo – 17 July, 17:10
  373. hunt
    17 July, 17:10

    What also upsets me about this is in the news blog, it’s presented just as “check out our new features.” Look, if we have to pay for such-and-such features now, you should’ve said something in the blog, because now people having to find it out on their own are getting REALLY upset.

    hunt – 17 July, 17:10
  374. Factus
    17 July, 17:11

    Shoutbox on bottom is just wrong….Please put it back above the fold somewhere.

    Factus – 17 July, 17:11
  375. Ninnu
    17 July, 17:12

    Ok, I don’t like this new! It’s more complicated than old one.
    I’m so lost! :( and my plays have been lower. Before new I have over 1 700 plays scrobbled, now I have only 1 640 :(((

    Is there any option to get old back??? :o I almost cry when I noticed this new transition!

    Please tell how I get old one back!!!

    Ninnu – 17 July, 17:12
  376. seanipooh
    17 July, 17:14

    how the fuck do i get away from this shit ?

    seanipooh – 17 July, 17:14
  377. Mondeslicht
    17 July, 17:15

    I hate the new layout. I want the old one back.

    Mondeslicht – 17 July, 17:15
  378. john
    17 July, 17:15

    the more i try and use this the more i totally want to go somewhere else.

    i was an occasional user of the old one so have no real emotional attachment to any of the features.

    but the new one is just bad design. period.

    it looks cheap and ill thought out. usibilty for a occasional user like me who just wants some tunes while working seems to be non existant.

    come on. your gonna kill your company.

    john – 17 July, 17:15
  379. em
    17 July, 17:15

    I think it has become more commercial than ever..

    i thought thinks could be good..
    Too much money involved..
    Bad Deals you’ve done

    em – 17 July, 17:15
  380. tammie
    17 July, 17:15

    sorry, the only new thing that i can appreciate is the real-time updating… other than that, the new look/layout ironically looks and feels outdated & unsophisticated (and ugly). it’s not very pleasing to the eye or the user who’s navigating. PLEASE scrap this version… i’d rather go back to the old one than have this, but i would also embrace a new look/format/features if it was actually well-designed.

    tammie – 17 July, 17:15
  381. Nina
    17 July, 17:16

    You guys should really reconsider this: the new layout isn’t user-friendly at all. Too much information cluttered in one page, a true mess. One can’t help but feel like giving up browsing it within a minute. New features must be nice and all but, honestly?, I can’t even bring myself to dig them up the way it is.

    I read some of the comments about similar artists and friends radio stations not playing, I’ve tried my playlist and it won’ load, but I’m hoping it’s just for now while the moving process is on going. If it turns out those features are now paid subscribers-only… I don’t think I’ll feel compelled to subscribe ever again just to have acess to such features and get angry everytime I try to navigate that chaos of a layout.

    Kudos for the whole staff for trying to bring something new and all but you should really rethink most of it, starting by how the features are placed on the page. Good luck!

    Nina – 17 July, 17:16
  382. Allan
    17 July, 17:16

    this is ALL terrible.

    Allan – 17 July, 17:16
  383. Elouise
    17 July, 17:16

    oh the site is really slow and some of the artist’s pages doesn’t want to load.
    and no, it’s not my internet connection because it works just fine.

    Elouise – 17 July, 17:16
  384. jane
    17 July, 17:16

    post two: just realised why, potentially, there is this new layout. it is for the iphone, isn’t it? the old layout was difficult to manage on my htc touch and with the iphone released, i’m 99.9% sure this new vertical layout has to do with mobile phone browsers. i have to say that it still does not browse well on my phone web browser and that the new layout is simply nasty to look at on the laptop.

    if it is a mobile phone friendly browser look that you are interested in, couldn’t there simply be a mobile phone browser version of last (google has one as do other companies that are inclusive of smaller device web browsers)? that way the old version could be for real computers and a mobile version could be vertical and all jazzed out for mobile phones (although this one doesn’t look that hot on my phone, i’m fairly sure you don’t care one flying fig about an htc, it is all about that frigging iphone, ipods, imacs, ibooks, etc – cough – pardon my boredom with apple).

    jane – 17 July, 17:16
  385. zebramädchen
    17 July, 17:17

    as I already said, the design rocks.
    keep up the good work!

    zebramädchen – 17 July, 17:17
  386. orangium
    17 July, 17:17

    I don’t like it at all(((

    orangium – 17 July, 17:17
  387. BenMH
    17 July, 17:17

    I don’t see why people want the old version back. Traditionalists who don’t like change will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    This new version is far more powerful. The best features are being able to see everything in your library, and real time scrobbling. Fuck waiting.

    BenMH – 17 July, 17:17
  388. sid
    17 July, 17:17

    LISTENERS ON STRIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everybody: log out right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sid – 17 July, 17:17
  389. Helio
    17 July, 17:18

    What are you doing? My photo is changed, but not by me??!!

    Helio – 17 July, 17:18
  390. Marek Koczorowski
    17 July, 17:18

    No, it’s not fun – _ – ‘

    Let facebook have it’s own layout, let myspace too, let be the same as well :( You know, I think that people like rather better-eye-catching improvements than these more… ehm… functional and old-looking oO

    Marek Koczorowski – 17 July, 17:18
  391. der uhu
    17 July, 17:18

    please stop complaining and enjoy the new, it’s wonderful :)

    der uhu – 17 July, 17:18
  392. CHBtash
    17 July, 17:18

    I’ve lost 50.000 plays!!! pff :-(

    CHBtash – 17 July, 17:18
  393. mutiilator
    17 July, 17:19

    I like some of the new features: instant top artist/track updates, the fact that even though my ID3 tags have track numbers in the song title it still shows the artwork for the album rather than just the artist. Overall the new layout is much more cluttered and disjointed. The original positioning of each portion of the profile made it much easier to read (e.g. the whole column that used to be on the left should have stayed on the left; shoutbox should have stayed on the right).

    It’s also very slow and resource heavy (my Firefox memory usage has shot up to 150,000K). Having the embedded player on every single page is probably not a great idea, as it trying to load is probably the reason for this.

    Hopefully you folks will figure it out soon.

    mutiilator – 17 July, 17:19
  394. mararie
    17 July, 17:19

    it’s incredibly slow, pictures and text take too much space (no overview of anything anymore, have to scroll down the whole page. it’s like having a diary with a new page for each day, so not having a proper overview of the whole week), and there is too much extra information, like so-called ‘activity’ on your profile. so not only the looks are like facebook, but also the overload of information.

    i am really considering to delete my account. i really liked, but this new site makes me lose a lot of time

    mararie – 17 July, 17:19
  395. lightlykilled
    17 July, 17:20

    sorry guys but I hate it. it’s ugly and, at the moment, it doesn’t work. I (also) want the old one back!

    I really don’t understand why you had to change? there wasn’t anything wrong with the old one. it was good-looking, simple and it worked.
    lightlykilled – 17 July, 17:20
  396. john
    17 July, 17:20

    oh checking the new’s i see that is going all iphone. is that the reason for the new downgraded graphics?

    sold out to apple?

    john – 17 July, 17:20
  397. Ac
    17 July, 17:20

    At first I thought it was cool. But well. Everytime I load my profile I miss my friggin’ visitor’s statistic. I just suscribed for this shit, so give it back to me. >:|

    Ac – 17 July, 17:20
  398. Emmet Tuohy
    17 July, 17:20

    Can you give us the option of using the old interface? Please? Thanks for considering!!

    Emmet Tuohy – 17 July, 17:20
  399. TheStealer
    17 July, 17:21

    The new format looks promising – but everything is so slow at the moment the site is unusable.

    TheStealer – 17 July, 17:21
  400. BugTomek
    17 July, 17:21

    I like the new layout a lot, but: – it’s too slow – I miss the info on the frontpage about my friends attending new events – I miss a “last seen” in the user’s profile (or am I just not seeing it?), it was a good indication wheter user read a shout I left him or not – my profile picture went back to the old one
    Keep up the good work

    BugTomek – 17 July, 17:21
  401. Misti
    17 July, 17:21

    Wait. So now I can’t listen to my own playlist unless I pay you guys $3.00 a month? Are you for real?

    Misti – 17 July, 17:21
  402. Mike Cahill
    17 July, 17:21

    I’m willing to accept change. Infact, I don’t think the new layout is all that bad. Unfortunately, the site is HORRIBLY slow, and the player keeps erroring (first with: “oops. error connecting” now with: “undefined”). I wouldn’t mind so much if the music player part of the site actually worked. Also, did the “Play in pop-up” go away again?

    Mike Cahill – 17 July, 17:21
  403. SweetHeartGirl
    17 July, 17:21

    I’m disappointed. Before, when I looked for the artists I could see their pics, bio, listeners and other. Now I only can see their songs. It’s inanely.
    Well, I understand that you worked hardly so long time on it, and actually it have good things, BUT! The old layout is much more better.

    SweetHeartGirl – 17 July, 17:21
  404. tifosi3
    17 July, 17:21

    and where is the black skin ???? Bad work, i’m sorry…

    tifosi3 – 17 July, 17:21
  405. Bob Dobalina
    17 July, 17:22

    Music doesn’t load – error connecting. Logged out, tried logging back in – can’t get back in. The layout is bad enough, but the fact that nothing works anymore is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe I’m just an idiot and my computer sucks, but it seems other people are having the same issues. I would be more open-minded towards the new layout and give it a shot if I could get something to work or even LOG-IN!

    Bob Dobalina – 17 July, 17:22
  406. Jon B
    17 July, 17:23

    I’m afraid to say it but the new design is cheap and nasty compared to last one – the whole feel is ‘myspace/facebook’ which whilst being popular sites suck for their interface and I would hazard a guess that a lot of people LIKE because it’s NOT like either of those.

    I like some of the new features – but the design is bad step – if you start introducing ‘user apps’ then I’m gone – by all means evolve the design – but make it slicker and better and more professional feeling – don’t stoop the depths of suckarse social networking – is different from and better than that – it’s why we love it!

    Jon B – 17 July, 17:23
  407. Fenrir
    17 July, 17:24

    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?
    How can we switch back?

    Fenrir – 17 July, 17:24
  408. Frank
    17 July, 17:24

    It is slow, the layout bad, it uses only 1/3 of the width of my monitor, the colour scheme is horrible, there seems to be no chance to switch back to the older beautiful design.
    new useful functions: YES
    this new design: NO.

    not amused

    Frank – 17 July, 17:24
  409. 5ad1e
    17 July, 17:24

    I want my dashboard back!
    And what’s that facebookish recent activity crap? I don’t want it to be public and I don’t need it to be private, it’s not like I forget what I do. And why only 15 top artists and songs on first page? It feels like it’s not as much about the music anymore. Which was the whole point in the first place.
    MySpace and Yahoo did this before but at least they gave users a choice what layout to use. It’s not a matter of “you’ll get used to it”. It’s not hard to get used to it, but I will never like it, I will more like… tolerate it.

    5ad1e – 17 July, 17:24
  410. matilda575
    17 July, 17:24

    Well, I’d love to check out the new layout/features, but wow is it broken. Can’t access in Firefox 3 or IE 7, and though I can get to the site in Opera I can’t log in. Good luck with that.

    matilda575 – 17 July, 17:24
  411. CHBtash
    17 July, 17:24 = apple ? thats terrible.

    CHBtash – 17 July, 17:24
  412. Hawkstein
    17 July, 17:25

    I understand that the reason it’s slow is because it just went live, but even taking that in consideration I don’t like it.

    At all.

    I understand the work that went into this and I’m trying not to sound ungrateful. I think is great, but I hate this layout.

    Please give us a way to change back if we don’t like it.

    Hawkstein – 17 July, 17:25
  413. LateFriend
    17 July, 17:25

    I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!!!!! The new version sucks.. :< The one was much better.

    LateFriend – 17 July, 17:25
  414. dvessel
    17 July, 17:25

    There’s too much going on. It’s too bad the changes makes it more confusing. You can’t satisfy everyone but to keep it simple and build incrementally almost always works out better.

    Look at the number of individuals who take part in Did they not like the service enough to stick around with the previous version? To have this big a change is just asking for trouble.

    dvessel – 17 July, 17:25
  415. ugh
    17 July, 17:25

    i’m a subscriber, where can i see the people that last visited my profile? is that taken out too?

    ugh – 17 July, 17:25
  416. Dazed and Confused
    17 July, 17:25

    Okay guys, I want to be positive about this, but it’s not working for me. Main problem is that (to quote a friend) it’s slower than a bad shit. At first it was just slow, then it just froze up – hopefully a temporary glitch because my page just loaded once in about 30 tries. Most of the time I end up with a blank screen, sometimes I get some pictures and text, all down the left side of the screen. One load of of 30 tries.

    I was able to change my charts back to 50 artists and tracks, because 15 is not enough.

    Hate hate hate the shoutbox at the bottom. Either you need to give us the ability to move things around on the page (like you can rearrange modules on Facebook or My Yahoo or whatever), or give a few options. That player needs to be lower or gone, shoutbox needs to be higher, About Me needs to be higher.

    What I like, love even, is the real-time updating charts. That’s just very very cool. But the layout needs to be changeable, and if this thing doesn’t speed up I don’t know if I can keep using the site.

    Dazed and Confused – 17 July, 17:25
  417. lisa
    17 July, 17:25

    :( my friends are gone…

    lisa – 17 July, 17:25
  418. alexisrussell
    17 July, 17:26

    This is absolutely horrible. It doesn’t even function and it looks cheap. Who was complaining about the old version? Not me.

    alexisrussell – 17 July, 17:26
  419. Chris L'Etoile
    17 July, 17:26

    This is really bad UI design, guys.

    The old version had the virtue of simplicity. The design was clean and uncluttered. I didn’t even have to scroll down the page to see everything I wanted to see.

    The new design is cluttered up with superfluous images, unwanted features, and information fields I used to collapse out of the way, all placed in seemingly random locations, and I can’t figure out how to turn off all this junk – or if I even can.

    If you want to do a new design, fine. Just give me the option of turning all this crap off. My homepage looks like Times Square on a Saturday night.

    Chris L'Etoile – 17 July, 17:26
  420. Stu
    17 July, 17:26

    Wow, logged onto lastfm today… arg… pretty upsetting that it looks so horrible.

    The ‘smudge’ at the top is very 80s… the new shade of red is horrible, everything seems web 2.0d for the sake of it.

    The old design was very satisfying to use, this one has too much white space… I really liked the way the old one had so much red.

    Like the new features, not the design.

    Stu – 17 July, 17:26
  421. Regis
    17 July, 17:26

    Amazing job. Hats down.

    Regis – 17 July, 17:26
  422. Vandroiy
    17 July, 17:27

    Is the site down right now? I can’t get it to load!

    Vandroiy – 17 July, 17:27
  423. rumcajz
    17 July, 17:27

    Old one please. And the player does NOT work sometimes in Opera 9.5. It says “Oops! Error connecting”.

    New design is confusing, not appealing at all.

    I was afriad this is going to happen but I might just abandon my profile pretty soon.

    rumcajz – 17 July, 17:27
  424. Allan
    17 July, 17:27


    To me this is completely ruining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allan – 17 July, 17:27
  425. Nathan
    17 July, 17:27

    New looks like some sort of myspace/facebook ripoff. I’m sure plenty of dumbasses think it’s great for that very reason, but I enjoyed because it wasn’t like those sites. Give us back our old

    Nathan – 17 July, 17:27
  426. William
    17 July, 17:28

    why? :(

    William – 17 July, 17:28
  427. em
    17 July, 17:29

    How Can i switch back?

    I need to, because this new design.. is so confusing and drastic..

    Can you give us the chance to choose and get back, at least while we get used to it(this new design) or something..

    For me it looks like
    And it hate it :S..

    em – 17 July, 17:29
  428. Jaakko
    17 July, 17:29

    ONLY TOP 15?? WHY???? how is that progress?

    i’m sorry but im baffled and angry.

    like about 97% of other users, I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!!! has been my absolute favorite site on the net.. so i don’t want to sound offensive but i cant help it, sorry.

    Jaakko – 17 July, 17:29
  429. elkikin
    17 July, 17:29

    please make country charts and shoutboxes accessible again.

    elkikin – 17 July, 17:29
  430. Rosepetals1984
    17 July, 17:30

    When I first looked at this post, there were only 3 comments and then it jumped to over 400! Wow…

    I think the reason the site’s slow is because a lot of people are hitting on it at one time, and it’s congesting the traffic. The beta had just went alpha and I was getting along fine until recently. I kind of knew this would happen :(

    In any case, again, love the library, love some of the new features and the options to turn them on/off, but the design still needs work. You guys should have waited a little while longer to put this up to be honest. The design wasn’t up to standards with the former at all and many people, even in the beta, had said that countless times.

    I’m not going to say “change it back” but rather think of a better scheme to work with or make the site so that it’s customizable to design based on user preference (I’m not simply talking about painting it black, which I know is in the works, but rather providing a more even structure to the site as a whole). It just looks and feels too empty as of now.

    I’m really disappointed.

    Rosepetals1984 – 17 July, 17:30
  431. morsmodre
    17 July, 17:30

    join this

    morsmodre – 17 July, 17:30
  432. vincecore
    17 July, 17:30

    Give it a couple days, you’ll get used to it. I like to new version, the presentation of the artist pictures is very nice.

    good job!

    vincecore – 17 July, 17:30
  433. asd
    17 July, 17:31


    asd – 17 July, 17:31
  434. richard dixon
    17 July, 17:31

    please fix it—it was great before

    richard dixon – 17 July, 17:31
  435. Dolce
    17 July, 17:31

    The new version is crap. It’s partly confusing and loading slowly. It is simply blown up and I don’t see any advantage. You should offer the old version for those who are demanding. If not, i’m thinking of leaving

    Dolce – 17 July, 17:31
  436. Gveir
    17 July, 17:31

    I can’t log in, songs won’t scrobble… Yes, I know it will be soon repaired, but the new layout is just… ugly. Old just looked nice – this one is a step back, or even two in terms of ergonomy and aesthetics.

    Please, give us an option to return back to the old one.

    Gveir – 17 July, 17:31
  437. em
    17 July, 17:32

    I liked because it was so different..

    I miss that feel..

    em – 17 July, 17:32
  438. khollohk
    17 July, 17:32

    i think the worst part of this switch is the fact that it is costing people play counts. i mean, it’s one thing to make the site look shitty, but when it’s actually affecting the functionality of the site that’s a serious problem. i come here to track the music i listen to, and that is being sacrificed for stupid pointless things like “recent activity” and other social networking stuff that belongs on facebook, not I thought this was a music charting site.

    I really hope this play count thing is dealt with and our plays are accurately restored.

    khollohk – 17 July, 17:32
  439. Oh_hell_No_Im_not_paying_anymore
    17 July, 17:32

    1) Ok now, seriously..this new facebook look is total crap..

    2) I’ll be 80 years old by the time the site opens

    3) Only 15 Top artists? Gimme a break..50 was a freaking minimum..

    4) damn, i always waited impatiently for my weekly charts to be updated..u took all that fun away from me weekly charts are being updated as we speak…not good

    5) It’s all too confusing..and where the hell did my shoutbox go????? Pleaaaaaase!!!!

    Oh_hell_No_Im_not_paying_anymore – 17 July, 17:32
  440. adamzzz
    17 July, 17:32

    I want the old one.

    adamzzz – 17 July, 17:32
  441. Moniek50
    17 July, 17:32

    To be honest.. I want the old layout back!! =[

    Moniek50 – 17 July, 17:32
  442. nancykitten
    17 July, 17:33


    nancykitten – 17 July, 17:33
  443. Stu
    17 July, 17:33

    I think this comment by Japie on the “Building the next lastfm”
    post sums things up pretty well

    To tell you the truth, I hope this: is the functional design that was HTML-ified and the not the current state of design. Are you kidding?

    No, but seriously. I know you are convinced that as a radio station is the way to go for the future, but I’m one of the ‘hardcore’ people that just enjoys having a profile with an Overall Top Artists chart that I’ve worked two years on to achieve. I enjoy talking with people about music, having Now it seems that the entire interaction is forced towards listening to radio, and I feel that a great deal of your current member total will feel underserved and overwhelmed.

    And concerning the design… You have such a signature design with the red (or black). Now it just looks like any other 2.0 startup. The interaction design is nice though, very shockingly different but I think I’m beginning to like the idea of the Library etc.

    Good luck on mapping out everything, though! I’m sure you’ll find the right way. Just don’t forget about us social networking geeks…!

    Stu – 17 July, 17:33
  444. zh
    17 July, 17:34

    This is just wrong.

    It should have stayed in beta for a couple of, I don’t know, MONTHS. And you could have given us some more time to say something before taking these radical steps. And no, you smartasses, you can’t get used to something that’s plain bad. OK?

    Some of the new ideas/features are great but you should have slowly built them upon the old design.

    The colors, the layout, the usability, omitting tag clouds, information overload, the flashy plastic design -> NO GOOD.

    This site used to be cool*, now it’s just trendy.


    zh – 17 July, 17:34
  445. Nikoline
    17 July, 17:34

    This is a major setback, and the clutter has reached new proportions. When can I get the old look back?

    Nikoline – 17 July, 17:34
  446. Chris
    17 July, 17:34

    not a fan…

    Chris – 17 July, 17:34
  447. .
    17 July, 17:35

    95% of people here dislike it. That’s just a rough estimate. And while there’s bias in that, I’m sure, I’m thinking these statistics speak for themselves.

    . – 17 July, 17:35
  448. Fenrir
    17 July, 17:35

    This new version sucks!

    Fenrir – 17 July, 17:35
  449. Matt Goold
    17 July, 17:35

    well, it’s clear that there is an overwhelming call for at least an option to switch back to the older (and yes, better) version.

    you already had a good thing.

    it has changed into one of these neo-networking sites, which are all modeled after the facebook “let’s stick everything under a tab” philosophy.

    PLEASE GO BACK! it was fine the way it was.

    Matt Goold – 17 July, 17:35
  450. Vandroiy
    17 July, 17:35

    @Jaakko: You can change it to show top 50 or top 20 or whatever by click the little gear button at the top right corner of your chart.

    Vandroiy – 17 July, 17:35
  451. Bruno
    17 July, 17:35

    New site looks great!


    WHERE is the Music Manager section??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    Bruno – 17 July, 17:35
  452. quax
    17 July, 17:36

    big step but the design is too cheap
    by the way love Library features…

    quax – 17 July, 17:36
  453. Andrew
    17 July, 17:36

    This is a disappointing shift in focus. What made great was the clean layout which made it easy to quickly comprehend massive amounts of data (music-listening habits of yourself and others). This in turn made it easy to find new music.

    The new layout makes those tasks more difficult and the only “benefit” is the increased prominence of the social networking features. Lame.

    I can’t help but think this new design and social-networking emphasis is the byproduct of CBS’ need for a more commercially-friendly product.

    Andrew – 17 July, 17:36
  454. Allan
    17 July, 17:36

    You guys are ruining your site. Can we please have the old layout back? Or a choice? This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allan – 17 July, 17:36
  455. Sun Walker
    17 July, 17:37

    Okay, upon reflection I really feel the new look is horrid. Compact, vertical navigation was what was great about the “old” version, not this modular clunk-fest. You can’t even arrange/delete the “modules” like in Google (as someone suggested).

    This trend of “more is better” doesn’t suit your (previously) minimalist aesthetic. I used to go to five, ten times a day to check my plays and those of my friends — now I barely care to check it at all, the design is that bad. I question what kind of beta-testers thought this would be fit for popular consumption.

    This is a shame and I trust that you’ll listen to your user base and install an alternative — at least — to the current design nightmare you’ve puked out.

    Sun Walker – 17 July, 17:37
  456. Catherine
    17 July, 17:37

    Is it no longer possile to look at someone’s profile without logging in? :-(

    Catherine – 17 July, 17:37
  457. thomas
    17 July, 17:37

    i really like the design… keep up the good work :)

    thomas – 17 July, 17:37
  458. toni
    17 July, 17:37

    truly, it takes way too much time to find the charts on the profile page. how about at least displaying them (top artists & top tracks) side to side? and displaying only the top 15 on the profile page doesn’t make any sense. if people have lots of play counts on their top artists, it takes years to get new artists to appear there. the top 15 just doesn’t do justice to people with wide variety of music. tried changing the number of displayed artists through the options, nothing happened.

    also the artist images next to the weekly charts (which are also missing, bad mistake, really bad..) were a nice add, now they’re gone too. it’s like all the nice things were put off, for the sake of this slow, heavy and not-user-friendly-at-all site. not good.

    well, at least it’s possible to delete old scrobbles now..

    toni – 17 July, 17:37
  459. Emmet Tuohy
    17 July, 17:38

    Also—most of the formerly full-track albums aren’t even listed under “labels” anymore! Tactus and haenssler classic are cut by 80%.

    Emmet Tuohy – 17 July, 17:38
  460. Jade
    17 July, 17:38

    Please, the old one back, at least give us an option of interfaces. I used to get on daily and loved browsing through artists and forums, and now this just hurts my eyes, and my mind. Hear your users and admit a mistake! Please!!!!!!

    Jade – 17 July, 17:38
  461. Anonymous
    17 July, 17:39

    What’s the story with Loved Tracks? I am a subscriber and used the beta to manually go through my library and ‘love’ about 1600 tracks. Since then the list has apparently lowered to 7 tracks, although all the songs I originally flagged are still being displayed as loved in Recently Listened Tracks.

    It’d be a real hassle to go through and add all the tracks again, but I’d rather do that than have it kind of half working as it is now. I’m hoping there’s going to be a fix that’ll restore my Loved list.


    Anonymous – 17 July, 17:39
  462. Linmacca
    17 July, 17:39

    Woah crap. First deviantart, now I like it, but I hope all the bugs get worked out soon, so everything loads and I can form a better opinion. New features = good. Though I would like to see more top artists displayed again, and it would be good if certain things could be rearranged. Anyways, I won’t be leaving anytime soon, no worries. I still love this place.

    Linmacca – 17 July, 17:39
  463. lizzieP
    17 July, 17:40

    my computer doesn’t seem to like the new format and the lastfm player won’t load :-(

    what am i supposed to do to keep my sanity at work in the meantime??!

    lizzieP – 17 July, 17:40
  464. double-ender
    17 July, 17:41

    I don’t so much mind exploring a new layout, but where’s the music gone? Just can’t get anything to play!
    Perhaps I’ll check back in a week’s time to see if you’ve fixed things by then.
    From the comments above it seems like you’ve got some work to do to convince your loyal users that new is better…..

    double-ender – 17 July, 17:41
  465. Teknojnky
    17 July, 17:41

    I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t care much for the new style.

    Too much white.
    Too much white space.
    Too spread out willy nilly.
    Avatar/info far too large and space wasting.
    Disabling flash (and thus the player) leaves a huge empty area.
    No reply tracker WTFH?!!?
    Not waiting for paint it black?

    Oh, and no reply tracker WTF?

    Teknojnky – 17 July, 17:41
  466. ButtercupMarshmallow
    17 July, 17:41

    Oh My God
    I really do not like the new site
    I can’t even view my own profile
    actually, I can’t even move off the home page
    It looks awful
    it runs awful
    I don’t want to sound utterly disrespectful, because I know it will have taken a lot of time and effort but seriously
    Shouldnt someone getting it running properly before they change it completely?

    I also agree with at least 95% of the other commenters, we need a classic version button, not unlike Myspace did

    I also wish someone would actually read these comments…

    ButtercupMarshmallow – 17 July, 17:41
  467. britpopgirl
    17 July, 17:42

    Hey guys, I made a group for all of us who do NOT like the new
    Join and hopefully, things will change!

    britpopgirl – 17 July, 17:42
  468. gagarin
    17 July, 17:42

    Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! 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Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout!

    gagarin – 17 July, 17:42
  469. protospork
    17 July, 17:42

    This looks like myspace and I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!

    protospork – 17 July, 17:42
  470. brokenspindles
    17 July, 17:43

    This is so laggy it takes like 5 minutes to change page :/

    And it’s put lots of artists I’ve never even heard of before in my library, it’s not meant to do that is it? :/

    Adding pictures to playlists doesn’t work either.

    Old one pls.

    brokenspindles – 17 July, 17:43
  471. AA-d00d
    17 July, 17:44

    i’m a subscriber,why can’t i see my recent visitors anymore :/

    is there any way we can switch to the old interface?

    AA-d00d – 17 July, 17:44
  472. MEL
    17 July, 17:44

    how can you remove the weekly top artist, that is the coolest thing!!

    besides that it does look pretty cool and change back the top artist to 50, what is up with 15?

    MEL – 17 July, 17:44
  473. music critic
    17 July, 17:44

    well…I guess it’s safe to say that this whole operation deserves a big FAILURE written over it

    music critic – 17 July, 17:44
  474. Daniel
    17 July, 17:45

    turn the old site back on PLEASE!

    Daniel – 17 July, 17:45
  475. Tilli
    17 July, 17:45

    eventually we get animated ads. That’s what I always wanted. Nevermind the design is all over the place and that I wasn’t able to listen to a single song yet. Not one!
    I usually don’t have the capacity to feel embarrased for someone else, but in this case it almost makes we want to puke. What the hell has gone wrong? Such a bad job. Please go back to the old design. It was brilliant. All the information one wants at one glance and most of all it worked.

    Tilli – 17 July, 17:45
  476. gagarin
    17 July, 17:45

    Please make a button for old layout!

    gagarin – 17 July, 17:45
  477. Lia H.
    17 July, 17:45

    Is there seriously no way to revert it back to the old layout? I am extremely unhappy with this new layout and I am a subscriber. I will absolutely not be renewing my subscription if this new layout is the only option.

    Lia H. – 17 July, 17:45
  478. Frenki
    17 July, 17:46

    please, can you create the option by which we can turn back to the old layout?
    so that who likes the new one can keep it, and the others can still use the old one!

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! im not the only one!!!!!

    Frenki – 17 July, 17:46
  479. Aval
    17 July, 17:47 [’]

    really, new layout sucks hard.

    Aval – 17 July, 17:47
  480. BrianG
    17 July, 17:48

    I’ve been beta testing the site for a bit.. and at first.. i didn’t think i liked it. but the more i used the new site the more i understood what was going on with it. i had a lot of fun exploring the new features and the mash up of old ones. it’s great! i really like the new site a lot.
    thank you for your hard work on making it!

    BrianG – 17 July, 17:48
  481. grace
    17 July, 17:48

    Did the beta testers / subscribers really vote positively on going ahead with this? Cause i didn`t!

    grace – 17 July, 17:48
  482. morons.
    17 July, 17:48

    hey why don’t you idiots try out the beta for more than 5 seconds before bitching for the old one back? idiots.

    morons. – 17 July, 17:48
  483. Tenozuma
    17 July, 17:49

    I agree with the majority of below comments. The new layout is much slower, it freezes frequently and is just plain ugly. The limited and hidden charts are irritating also.

    Tenozuma – 17 July, 17:49
  484. Alex.
    17 July, 17:49

    Fail, epic fail

    Alex. – 17 July, 17:49
  485. tifosi3
    17 July, 17:49

    And now the site is down: 502 Bad Gateway….

    tifosi3 – 17 July, 17:49
  486. Jan
    17 July, 17:49

    The old layout was much more compact, loved that. For example, the neighbours page spreads over 3 pages now. That’s simply not working for me. I want to see what my neighbours are listening to (to get recommendations) without clicking thru several pages. No, too much white space (or in Edward Tufte’s words: Too little data ink).

    I don’t really care for the look, whether there are shades in the background color or not or whatever… but PLEASE give us a more compact layout or a switch back button. Other than that, the Library seems to be a good idea. So the redesign gets a C- after all.

    Jan – 17 July, 17:49
  487. cris
    17 July, 17:50

    i love it :)
    it’s not working for me. i get an 500 server error when i try to listen to similar artists. maybe you guys need to roll back the old one and tweak the new one a bit before putting it on again?

    cris – 17 July, 17:50
  488. Dennis Binkhorst
    17 July, 17:50

    Wow, this is quite a shock to me. I can’t agree more with 90% of the responding users here.. I find the new layout far from accessible. The layout is a mess, and not as appealing as it was before. What was wrong with the old version anyway? I like the new options, but I would’ve been pleased more if you would have integrated them in the old layout.

    Please make the old version come back. Maybe not as the standard layout, but perhaps as an option… Please?

    Dennis Binkhorst – 17 July, 17:50
  489. :)
    17 July, 17:50

    it sucks SOOOO BAD
    everything was ok until they changed it and now nobody likes it

    :) – 17 July, 17:50
  490. Tinppa
    17 July, 17:50

    Nobody who has used the new layout more than 1 hour wants the old one back.

    And people like Jaakko should perhaps check new features etc. before they start bitching and make fool of themselves… There’s this thing called settings…

    Tinppa – 17 July, 17:50
  491. chisme300
    17 July, 17:51

    I think we just need to get use to the new version. Although for some reason I miss the old one [sniff!]

    *Also encountering problems… site’s too slow, all I get is a blank page :(

    chisme300 – 17 July, 17:51
  492. Not happy
    17 July, 17:51

    Does it annoy anyone else that the first information below your username is the number of playlists, posts and shouts you’ve made, rather than your playcount? This is a music listening site! Who cares how many forum posts someone has made? Wtf?!

    Not happy – 17 July, 17:51
  493. Bone Queen
    17 July, 17:51

    Like roflmao, this new layout is far more than utterly PATHETIC it s**ks big time, want the old back if possible. That new one’s quite retarded, the navigation is all messed up, I can hardly even find where my neighbours are, everything is turned upside-down. Me and my sis were like WTF!!! O.O when it suddenly changed. Just make a nice little button so that we new-haters can switch to the old school skin if you please cause this is pretty annoying

    Bone Queen – 17 July, 17:51
  494. Paul
    17 July, 17:52

    Love the Idea youve tried to shake things up bit and all the polishing but….

    ain’t been able to play anything yet!!

    Paul – 17 July, 17:52
  495. Doominik
    17 July, 17:52

    this is some stinkin batshit ffs! i want my compatible with CSS Color Changer and faster loading again, NOW

    Doominik – 17 July, 17:52
  496. seven7h_strain
    17 July, 17:52

    the old version was so much better, this is just unnecessary and clunky to use. Why has no one thought to make it so the user can move the different panels to different sides of the page? Sort of like moving applications on facebook. I liked the “dashboard” feel the old one had, this is just like a big long list.

    seven7h_strain – 17 July, 17:52
  497. Zeichenkohle
    17 July, 17:53

    Noooo! I, too, want the old one back. This looks too trendy and shiny and blah. And is slow as hell!

    Zeichenkohle – 17 July, 17:53
  498. STOP IT NOW!
    17 July, 17:53

    I miss being able to see my shouts when I view my friends page or others (and why is the box at the bottom, this is a SOCIAL site after all).

    Can’t easily see my charts.

    I want my playlist to be private since it’s so far only a half-assed playlist.


    STOP IT NOW! – 17 July, 17:53
  499. lilyarse
    17 July, 17:53

    this is horrible

    lilyarse – 17 July, 17:53
  500. Daniel
    17 July, 17:54

    Actually, to be fair, the interface IS ugly. should, very obviously, consider redesigning it, or at least implement some user customizations. But, honestly, it is really hideous.

    However, to be also be fair, a lot of the new features are pretty cool. If the site with its new features were reorganized in a nicer manner, it could be a turn for the positive.

    Daniel – 17 July, 17:54
  501. Niina
    17 July, 17:54

    Am I one of the very few who actually prefer this to the old layout? Much more user friendly (play around with the layout, people, that way you’ll get used to it) – although yes, a bit less compact than the old look – and at least to me this new look is way better than the old one. Though yes, I agree that the site’s pretty damn slow / won’t load pages, but hopefully it’s only because of the change (i.e. will get quicker in a couple of days).

    Just one suggestion, though: if possible, it’d be quite cool to be able to “drag and drop” profile boxes — like, now the comment box is at the bottom of you page – it would be nice if you could move it to the top or somewhere else. (Compare to e.g. Facebook’s drag&drop thing.)

    All in all, not everybody hates this change. Or maybe I’m just excited about new things, heh.

    Niina – 17 July, 17:54
  502. Iván
    17 July, 17:54



    Iván – 17 July, 17:54
  503. Infernal Pagan Necrogoat
    17 July, 17:54


    Infernal Pagan Necrogoat – 17 July, 17:54
  504. flac < mp3
    17 July, 17:55

    The new one if far better looking and I’ve been using it for about a week and like it overall better than the previous. Still needs some refining but I was sick and tired of the old layout looked outdated. They did not remove the weekly top artist you dildo. Look around and use your melon.

    flac < mp3 – 17 July, 17:55
  505. David
    17 July, 17:55

    The colour scheme is awful, the pics are too big, the shoutbox CANNOT be on the bottom, only top 15 atists is way too little, and how in god’s name can using half of the screen be better than using the whole screen?!?!? that’s just retarded, you know,some people have larger resolutions than 800× realy dumb piece of facebook ripoff imho

    David – 17 July, 17:55
  506. KampfKeks
    17 July, 17:55

    well … were is the button to put the OLD layout back? i think the new one is really … ugly :<
    i hate the red strip on top … and the shoutbox … i don’t wanna scroll…

    KampfKeks – 17 July, 17:55
  507. music critic
    17 July, 17:55

    what a backslash !
    you gotta love the web 2.0

    music critic – 17 July, 17:55
  508. lytdybr
    17 July, 17:56

    Awfully slow.I have to refresh every page about ten times and only after it will appear.And yes.The old one was better.

    lytdybr – 17 July, 17:56
  509. kauzlaric
    17 July, 17:56

    dont listen to fools just do your job its gret

    kauzlaric – 17 July, 17:56
  510. milda
    17 July, 17:56

    Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout! Please make a button for old layout!

    milda – 17 July, 17:56
  511. klau18
    17 July, 17:57

    This new version sucks badly

    klau18 – 17 July, 17:57
  512. amehcaek
    17 July, 17:57

    Honestly; you obviously put a lot of work in but this is awful. PLEASE put the option to revert to the old layout in! PLEASE!!

    amehcaek – 17 July, 17:57
  513. David
    17 July, 17:58

    ok, now for a little praise…i like the new search engine :)

    David – 17 July, 17:58
  514. Nick
    17 July, 17:58

    jesus…this is terrible. old one please

    Nick – 17 July, 17:58
    17 July, 17:58


    all the useful things are impossible to get to!

    WTFOMGFGSFDS – 17 July, 17:58
  516. Larvi
    17 July, 17:58

    Dont change the layout please! People also bitched about the last layout and the one before that, they just have to get used to it.
    Personally I LOVE the new layout, I had to get used to it (took me about a week or two) but its really alot easier to navigate and get to where you want to :)
    You just have to find out where to click :D

    Larvi – 17 July, 17:58
  517. Pixar
    17 July, 17:59

    Well the design of the new site sucks BIG TIME, although the functionality is much better than the old one. No, I’m dead serious, the design is awful, so if there is any way to get back to the old site, please, tell us.

    Pixar – 17 July, 17:59
  518. music critic
    17 July, 17:59

    what an uproar !
    there will be blood
    Be prepared

    music critic – 17 July, 17:59
  519. ukatoton
    17 July, 17:59

    Whilst I appreciate the time and effort that went into developing the new ‘improved’ version of the site, there are many things which I think are just plain wrong.

    There’s the new library feature, which also adds anything you’ve listened to in full by any method. This means I have items in my library which I’ve simply listened to a full length preview off of the site. I know what I have in my own library, and don’t see the point in broacasting this to the world if I’m already showing off what I listen to (which should be more important).

    The cut down of the top listened to charts on the profile pages from 50 down to 15 is horrific. It seems to go against the whole nature of the site, and forces me to click through multiple pages to see what was previously at my fingertips.

    The now seemingly ridiculously large images (especially for the library section on profiles) juyst seem like a vague attempt to fill space which previously held interesting content with bandwidth hogging waste.

    The search box now being in the middle of the page (at least for me at 1280×1024) is a major source of cofusion to me. It seems really out of place, as if it were just shoved there at the last minute to make sure it was in the layout. T

    he main bar it’s situated in seems mainly ok, and without the bevelling that was on the previous site the red is tolerable (though I still prefered the darker layout available before).

    The menu for user actions at the right is a pain. What used to take one click now takes two, and you have no idea of what’s hidden in the menu at the start.

    The clean and simple feel of the old site seems entirely lost. I probably won’t be renewing my subscription.

    ukatoton – 17 July, 17:59
  520. basquiat
    17 July, 17:59

    Guys, I love it. Great work as usual, and especially the tiny enhancements on the library making “one click loving/unloving/track tagging” possible just plain rock.

    Design is always a matter of taste, neophobics often shout out loud before getting used to something – or dropping it. I – for what it’s worth – like it.

    So: Thanks. I don’t think it sucks, I won’t cancel my subscription, and I think you can be satisfied with the work you did. Keep it up!

    basquiat – 17 July, 17:59
  521. Iván
    17 July, 17:59



    Iván – 17 July, 17:59
  522. Anton
    17 July, 18:00

    Don’t complain/bash so much! certain persons seem to like the new design, but i think i can speak for both myself and many others when i say that really should consider making so we can switch back to the old layout if we want. Thanks.

    Anton – 17 July, 18:00
  523. Ergeletta
    17 July, 18:01

    Old version back, pleeeease!!!!!

    Ergeletta – 17 July, 18:01
  524. STxza
    17 July, 18:01

    I don’t mind the new site, but just want the black theme back :)

    STxza – 17 July, 18:01
  525. MidwinterSun
    17 July, 18:01

    So many people said “You’ll get used to it.” But don’t you get it, it’s not about getting used to anything, this isn’t anymore. It USED TO BE all about the music – the music revolution. Anything I needed – I was sure I could find it here. When I looked at someone’s profile I could actually see what music he’s listening to. And that was the reason I joined this site (just as many others I suppose) – this was the place where I could dedicate myself to music. is not some sort of personal blog (although you can turn it into one). It was different.

    MidwinterSun – 17 July, 18:01
  526. consumer
    17 July, 18:02

    There are some issues, but most of the people on here are idiots. I think the functionality is better. Just since the global launch has the site had issues. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s been fine. I would suggest allowing template change at least color-wise. Also fix the damn gif support back on.

    consumer – 17 July, 18:02
  527. mysgreen
    17 July, 18:03

    Finally got into to have a proper look.

    I suppose I could get used to it but my initial problems are

    - too many clicks and scrolling to see if someone has posted or visited my profile. Previously the last visitor and shoutbox post appeared on the dashboard page, dead handy and saved me having to click about to have a look if no-one had been.

    - the stuff I use the most now involves a lot of scrolling. Do you not realise that things below “the fold” often get ignored.
    Have you considered a system like facebook has where components can be moved around, so we can put the features we most use where we can get at them more easily.

    I couldn’t really see what was wrong with the last version so don’t understand the revamp. You haven’t really added anything to the site as far as I can see. Oooh apart from making it look a lot like the tunetribe page! In fact I had to double check I’d clicked the right bookmark!

    Too busy to get used to it now, so probably won’t check in as often till I have time to find my way around properly (probably erm…sometime in September, shame as I like seeing what my friends are listening to.)

    mysgreen – 17 July, 18:03
  528. Sylwia
    17 July, 18:03

    This is great! :-)

    Sylwia – 17 July, 18:03
  529. bullfroggreen
    17 July, 18:03

    Just click that little circular tab to the right of your Top Artists tab, ukatoton.
    You should be able to change the settings from 15 Top Artists to 50.

    Still I want the former back.

    bullfroggreen – 17 July, 18:03
  530. mike
    17 July, 18:03

    sorry… but very very lame css layout :(

    mike – 17 July, 18:03
  531. Nefertari2
    17 July, 18:03

    I think someone could like it, but I am not very satisfied with the new layout. It reminds me of Facebook, and I don’t liek this service. And some suggestions – it would be nice if there was a button to switch to the old version, weekly artists chart, and more artist than 15 in Top Artists, and Shoutbox shouldn’t be so much down. And – WE WANT BLACK VERSION as well!!

    Nefertari2 – 17 July, 18:03
  532. rotane
    17 July, 18:05

    Yes, as MANY have said it, I don’t like it either. I was okay with it when in beta status (so we still could access the old version normally), but now that it’s live I deeply miss the old one.

    Yes, there are many great features in the new version (much ajaxified, some nice graphics (I especially like the way avatars + usernames are displayed)), but most of the new stuff I could live without.

    But what’s bugging me most is the drop of the weekly charts! Sure, we got rolling 7 days now, but it’s not the same!

    I’m disappointed – still.

    rotane – 17 July, 18:05
  533. pingasm
    17 July, 18:06

    I was a little iffy about the new layout at first but I’ve since decided it’s far superior to the old one. (:

    And yay the new features.

    pingasm – 17 July, 18:06
  534. Sat Isfied
    17 July, 18:06

    I like it.

    Sat Isfied – 17 July, 18:06
  535. LeeFH
    17 July, 18:06

    I don’t seem to understand all the whining that’s going on here. I mean if someone is used to something it’s natural that it won’t be easy to get used to a major update, but come on! 1-2 weeks and no one will remember how the old layout looked like while being at ease with this new layout.

    To be metaphoric i’d say it’s like a new album which at the first you struggle to consume but the more you listen it the more it grows on you.

    Can’t really do a judgement yet, but it’ll be great fun to explore it, i’m sure!

    Btw, no more reply tracker?

    LeeFH – 17 July, 18:06
  536. The_Lurker
    17 July, 18:06

    OK, now I can’t get to my profile. I can sometimes get to the home page and then I can open this page pretty easy, but what good are new features if the site is unusable? And it still won’t open for me at all in Firefox.

    The_Lurker – 17 July, 18:06
  537. Angel
    17 July, 18:06

    New version is big crap. BIG ASS CRAP. I really hope they will create a way to go back to the old style.

    Angel – 17 July, 18:06
  538. ahm
    17 July, 18:07

    it’s really nasty and the charts suck, it was cool seeing how far up stuff had moved (i.e. when something said it was at number 1, it also said what number it’d been the week before like a proper chart), bad move lastfm…..!

    ahm – 17 July, 18:07
  539. jim ross
    17 July, 18:07

    from one flaneur to an other

    this is one town that has lost its charm

    one place begins to looks like another

    the dark alleys flood with light

    the cctv becomes oppressive

    tell me, please, what is there for the flaneur in the shopping mall?

    jim ross – 17 July, 18:07
  540. ezraghast
    17 July, 18:08

    I don’t like the new look at all.

    ezraghast – 17 July, 18:08
  541. thesilentera
    17 July, 18:08

    I don’t think that an option for a classic view is an unreasonable request. In the mere hours since the new went live, has already had hundreds of users begging them “Please, I still want to give you my business.” Why would any company ignore them, especially when something as simple as a Classic Mode is so easy to implement? Team: I know you’re reading the responses to this blog. Can someone please say if some kind of View option is possible? Some of us don’t want to keep wasting our time…

    thesilentera – 17 July, 18:08
  542. Nay
    17 July, 18:08

    Okay so I’ve taken some time to check the site out and TRIED to like it even … but I still hate it. I don’t think the recent activity is of any use at all. And library? No clue what it’s good for. The shoutbox was what I liked to look at first, but now I have to scroll all the way down, passed all that damn clutter to see it. I don’t like that my lists update immediately, I have nothing to look forward to anymore. My friends are just GONE. I’ve been on this site for years, and I remember the old versions. It kept getting better and better with each time, until it reached perfection. I dreaded the day you would change it, and then … you change it for THIS? It’s hard enough on me that the perfect layout is gone, the new one has to be so cluttered my eyes hurts. I’m seriously leaving if you keep this layout.

    Also, bold font is not good for Chinese characters, especially tiny ones.

    Nay – 17 July, 18:08
  543. fkso lolaks
    17 July, 18:08

    way to make your website generic XFD

    fkso lolaks – 17 July, 18:08
  544. JaseJ
    17 July, 18:08

    Can I assume you didn’t bother testing with IE6? It looks a bit embarrassing if you tune in with that browser – a real dog’s dinner… Looks OK with Firefox. Some design elements are a major improvement; some are illogical. Usability has definitely taken a hit – how can you put something as dynamic as the shout box at the bottom of the page? My group page has been rendered even less effective than it was previously – cheers! (BTW, the ‘unique to this group’ version of the weekly chart doesn’t seem to have any numbers – bug or feature?) Overall I’m neutral on the change so far.

    JaseJ – 17 July, 18:08
  545. Marcus
    17 July, 18:09

    Two things at the very least.

    1) Let me have the main stuff on the right instead of the left.

    2) Let me have my black background

    Marcus – 17 July, 18:09
  546. igl
    17 July, 18:09

    I don’t see how the google-simplicity-argument grips at all ^^ That would apply to the old one: Nice, tidy, scale-able layout.

    Now: Fat pictures stamped all-over the place.
    Everything squeezed into 1024px width.
    White space everywhere.
    Every content box looks different.
    6 different font sizes/weights.
    Nothing is lined up/evenly spaced.

    For me Last.FM had this application/tool feeling. Now it’s more like checking boulevard news on MSN dot com.

    Nothing seems thought-out but blasted together by 10 marketing people who communicate thru cans on a string, never used the old site for 2 minutes and generally only act upon their survey results.

    Major Step backwards. Thx

    igl – 17 July, 18:09
  547. Nitetrain
    17 July, 18:09

    When I logged in this morning I was like OH.MY.FUCKIN.GOD. Please.. what was wrong with old layout? Im shocked and pissed off at same time. So give us the old look back !!!

    Nitetrain – 17 July, 18:09
  548. ):
    17 July, 18:09

    honestly, the new design is HORRIBLE
    I want the old site back :(

    ): – 17 July, 18:09
  549. anna
    17 July, 18:09

    how did you manage to place all the pictures right on the text?? can’t see anything, can’t read anything.. and why is it so slow? why would I need to see to whom i sent messages and which songs i tagged? and where are my visitors? can’t see them on my page any more.
    and yes, I’ve been browsing for more than 1 hour and I don’t like it.

    anna – 17 July, 18:09
  550. Elisabeth87
    17 July, 18:09

    Hi Guys,
    I was testing the beta and I have to say that there were done lots of things based on suggestions of the users and I want to thank you for that. I have also a question though, what happened to the private messages? I can’t find them anymore, so I would happy to receive a little help with that. Thank you in advance.

    Elisabeth87 – 17 July, 18:09
  551. _berenike_
    17 July, 18:10


    _berenike_ – 17 July, 18:10
  552. Jshank
    17 July, 18:10

    The old design was simple, navigable, and made the only feature that probably 95% of all users cared about (the charts, DUH!) the main focus.

    The new real time charts are a nice addition, but the new layout sucks pretty bad. Who’s brainy idea was it to put the shoutbox all the way at the bottom of the page!? Half the time when you visit a friends page, the shoutbox is all you’re looking for, not some stupid media player. The comments placed at the bottom have an annoying similarity to facebook (which at least allows you to move stuff around on your page) and even more so to…MySpace gasp.

    Get a clue No matter how much bank CBS is giving you to push the radio features, most users listen to their own music in their own music libraries (i.e. iTunes, WMP, etc), and only care about the charts. This new design represents a colossal failure in your understanding of the community and what makes it so near and dear to users.

    Jshank – 17 July, 18:10
  553. Sara
    17 July, 18:10

    This will really take a while to get used to. I miss the Weekly Charts. This is a lot to handle…like others, I miss the old!

    Sara – 17 July, 18:10
  554. Oct
    17 July, 18:10

    I don’t like this new look. I loved the old one. I want to switch back.

    Oct – 17 July, 18:10
  555. Lauren
    17 July, 18:11

    OMG this new Last Fm is disgusting. No joke, it is actually horrific.
    Please change it back.

    Lauren – 17 July, 18:11
  556. Twilight
    17 July, 18:12

    How many people actually beta tested this? Looking at the comments.. the beta testers are the only ones who like it. It looks horrible, it feels like there is too much blank space, the pictures are unnessasarily large, and things are in backwards places. The old LastFM didnt always load quickly, but at least it looked better and had less clicks to navigate. You should at least offer an option to switch back to the old version, even if the old one is never updated again. Give the option and then take a look at how many active accounts switch back.

    Twilight – 17 July, 18:12
  557. icetres
    17 July, 18:12

    Where is dashboard?

    icetres – 17 July, 18:12
  558. matthias
    17 July, 18:12

    i miss the old one so much. please bring it back! this looks so childish, i can’t even change the color anymore. why?!??!! why do you go into that pop-style? to get more customers? the old design was much more mature, much more slick and enjoyable to look at. the new style makes me headaches. sorry, you fail this time, and i’m actually thinking about cancelling my subscription. an btw, all my friends (age 20-35) think the same!

    matthias – 17 July, 18:12
  559. lena me mine
    17 July, 18:12

    how i can see dashboard??

    lena me mine – 17 July, 18:12
  560. doctor_norai
    17 July, 18:13

    old layout was better :-(

    doctor_norai – 17 July, 18:13
  561. a minimalist
    17 July, 18:13

    The “new” version takes ages to load. Low graphics/text only version, maybe?

    What I liked about was its simplicity and minimalist feel. I do miss the old layout. I use to listen to and find music, not to see bands’ photos…

    a minimalist – 17 July, 18:13
  562. LittleMissDarko
    17 July, 18:13

    It’s awful :/

    LittleMissDarko – 17 July, 18:13
  563. edredon
    17 July, 18:13

    new lastfm sux

    edredon – 17 July, 18:13
  564. JanBlanicky
    17 July, 18:13

    where is my Music Manager ?

    JanBlanicky – 17 July, 18:13
  565. lizsuh
    17 July, 18:14

    not too down. any way to switch back?

    lizsuh – 17 July, 18:14
  566. matthias
    17 July, 18:14

    please listen to these comments!!!

    matthias – 17 July, 18:14
  567. mrtk
    17 July, 18:14

    um yeah make this look optional not permanent.

    mrtk – 17 July, 18:14
  568. iitu
    17 July, 18:15

    I hate the new one :<

    iitu – 17 July, 18:15
  569. Keira
    17 July, 18:15

    awww, i really want the old layout back. so bad i hate the new…

    Keira – 17 July, 18:15
  570. JOhana
    17 July, 18:15

    I Don’t care about the facebook look anymore, but, but, THE THING ISN’T SCROBBLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tried beta and it was kind of cute, because it worked. NOW NOTHING WORKS RIGHT!! No scrobbling, SLOW SLOW loading, errors everywhere… THat sUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKSSS!!!!!!!!!

    JOhana – 17 July, 18:15
  571. great
    17 July, 18:16

    honestly i had to get accustomed to the new layout too, but now i really do like it. you guys should appreciate other people’s work. i have only one suggestion: a standalone radio player (faster)

    great – 17 July, 18:16
  572. Sean
    17 July, 18:16

    What the fucking shit, this is horrible. I can’t view my own profile, my old avatar from 2 weeks ago is being displayed, shoutbox is all the way at the bottom…what the fuck, stupid media player to the right is totally unnecessary, I WANT MY TOP 50 BACK, library is unnecessary, I hate the vertical-ness, and the layout is just overall ugly.

    Please let us have the option to use the old version for Christ’s sake. This shit sucks.

    Sean – 17 July, 18:16
  573. lerry
    17 July, 18:16


    I’ve been with for more than two years. I guess it’s time to say goodbye… What a pity…

    lerry – 17 July, 18:16
  574. B
    17 July, 18:16

    Form over functionality. I don’t like it. The only plus is seeing loved tracks… meh.

    If I want more of this about me profile shit, I’ll go to Myspace.

    Simple and fast please. And if you keep it, add paint it black again.

    B – 17 July, 18:16
  575. ballener0
    17 July, 18:17

    There are still some problems such as bad member count on groups and things like that, but it’ll be fixed in some days time, I’m pretty shure. I’ve been watching closely the Beta and some months ago I was a little dissappointed but right now I think it’s OK, this change was necessary: the evolution throughout these past weeks has been great, and I like all these new features and functionalities.

    Oh, and by the way, for those who complain about the number of artists display: please, take a look before complaining, you can configure your profile and display a variable quantity of artists on each chart ;).

    Good job, keep on having things well done!

    ballener0 – 17 July, 18:17
  576. bryesque
    17 July, 18:18

    I’m cool with the new look, but a lot of the convenience that used to be in the old layout seems to be lost here. It was nice to have stuff like neighbours and weekly charts available immediately on the main page without having to search elsewhere, and the new layout seems more confusing in comparison. There’s plenty of room on the right sidebar for a neighbours list, do I don’t get why it was taken off.

    And on that note, it’s also a bit annoying to have the neighbours split across several pages now when it was on one nice compact page before. It isn’t exactly information or image-heavy, so there’s no reason it can’t be all on one page, right?

    Also, kind of a minor thing, but the “last online” status seems to be missing as well. And while it’s hardly essential, it was nice to know if or how often people were around if you wanted to message them. It just seems odd to take away something that was there before.

    I do like the idea of an embedded music player in the top right corner, though!

    bryesque – 17 July, 18:18
  577. thedailygrind
    17 July, 18:18

    horrible. no weekly charts just straight SUCK like hell, i liked this feature a lot. also, the older layout was way more clear. everything went waaay bigger now and i have to scroll hours to get an overview of my profile, which was better with the old layout.

    want the old layout back. you should make it possible to switch between the old and new layout…and everyone’s happy.

    thedailygrind – 17 July, 18:18
  578. Meresz
    17 July, 18:18

    i want old :(((

    Meresz – 17 July, 18:18
  579. Lee C
    17 July, 18:19

    Great work! Please add support for Canada on the fee based service too though! Us Canadians feel left out of the action.


    Lee C – 17 July, 18:19
  580. JohnitoBravo
    17 July, 18:19

    The End of The World Has Come!!


    JohnitoBravo – 17 July, 18:19
  581. mamekuma
    17 July, 18:20

    oh dear, it’s hideous, please bring back the old layout.

    mamekuma – 17 July, 18:20
  582. sarah m.
    17 July, 18:20

    i don’t care about how many ‘new functions’ it has, the new layout is ridiculous. congratulations on making UGLIER THAN MYSPACE. fucking bring back the real already.

    sarah m. – 17 July, 18:20
  583. Derrik
    17 July, 18:20

    I think the new platform is awesome! Excellent new features. The site seems very accessible and the usability is great. I’m not a big fan of the “paint” look, but the layout and structure are very nice. This is a model of a great social platform.

    Derrik – 17 July, 18:20
  584. Matt
    17 July, 18:20


    Keep it simple, motherfuckers! You wasted your time, money, and effort to make something “flashy”, but it just looks fucking ugly and now it’s slow and has a fuckton of errors.

    The old, simple layout was perfect. Looked great, and functioned the way it needed to. It was fast and barely had any errors.

    Give us an option to use the old one.


    Matt – 17 July, 18:20
  585. james
    17 July, 18:21

    i don’t like it much.. i like the updates, i just don’t really like the new layout at all.. there’s a chart just for the top artists of the last 7 days but no automatic chart generated every sunday.. which i guess is cool, idk, i just really liked the old setup

    james – 17 July, 18:21
  586. giovana
    17 July, 18:21

    Just noticed that many of the playcounts have changed! What’s that about?

    turn the old site back on PLEASE!
    turn the old site back on PLEASE!
    turn the old site back on PLEASE!

    And I always used the black version.

    giovana – 17 July, 18:21
  587. Gogata
    17 July, 18:22

    How can we change to the old one, every one who likede the old one?

    Gogata – 17 July, 18:22
  588. Pete
    17 July, 18:22

    wow upgrade your servers…get some core2quads…

    your shit is so slow

    Pete – 17 July, 18:22
  589. ooeegooee
    17 July, 18:22

    Sure, now i can create more than one playlist but I can’t play my old playlist unless i pay ?? WTF !!!

    ooeegooee – 17 July, 18:22
  590. joshkouri
    17 July, 18:22

    I’ve been a user for over 3 years. Each time a new version of the site comes out, I’m initially disappointed but end up liking the new site a lot more. Everyone who is disappointed or upset, give it a week or so and I’m sure you’ll get accustomed to it and like it.

    joshkouri – 17 July, 18:22
  591. Ushgo
    17 July, 18:22

    Please, bring the old version back!!

    This is awful!! I can barely play my artist, the pics are TOOOO big! and is really slow!!! back please!!!

    Ushgo – 17 July, 18:22
  592. mstk
    17 July, 18:22

    i’ve been w/ for a long time. since the audioscrobbler days. but this new change…it’s almost unusable. load times have maybe multiplied tenfold for me, at least. and i’m having trouble using many of the features.
    i hate to be a naysayer. i love but that’s just my opinion and personal experience.

    mstk – 17 July, 18:22
  593. Ed
    17 July, 18:22


    It is without a doubt the shittist web site change ever!

    And what is it with websites changing??? I mean the new DA (version 6) is pretty cool. BUT THIS IS AN ABOMINATION!

    Ed – 17 July, 18:22
  594. Chris
    17 July, 18:23


    Chris – 17 July, 18:23
  595. me mr moo
    17 July, 18:23

    the new sucks

    me mr moo – 17 July, 18:23
  596. k
    17 July, 18:24

    I totally agree with all the negative fb so far. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. Now mine’s broke…It wont play anything. I hope you guys at are taking note of what we all seem to want. Your gonna loose alot of listeners including me.

    k – 17 July, 18:24
  597. DarkPearl
    17 July, 18:24

    Well. It’s seems there’s gotta be an access back to the old version unless wants to lose a great percentage of users.
    I think you can get used to the new version and it has great new features which were mentioned above.
    Still, i have a hard time with:

    - player not functioning nor radio

    - the mega-sized commercial banner just above all

    - way too much white space; it used to be much more compact and clearly laid out

    - miss paint it black

    - it reminds me of a copy of facebook or even worse of, which is a red version of facebook

    - in my opinion some pictures are just too big and i don’t use to know how my favourite artists look like

    - I’m no sure but does work properly with the new version?

    I’m sure some points can be corrected while maintaining the new version and abandoning it completely would be a big disaster considered the effort.

    It’s seems creating an option to keep the old version is the best solution.

    I feel like praying ;)

    DarkPearl – 17 July, 18:24
  598. Ant17
    17 July, 18:24

    I’ll just copy and paste this, as I expect it won’t get read anyway:

    I don’t mind change. Change is a good thing.

    This, however, sucks. I can’t believe one of my favourite and most used sites is about to go straight to the trash bin. If you want to make a site look like a new vulgar, post-modern tacky iPod which is completely user-unfriendly, then there are plenty of pointless social gathering sites to visit. There is absolutely no need to destroy one of the best working and most appealing sites that’s been praised for years, without any option of a decline. Quite simply, horrible service and a now horrible site.

    The entire server is slow, probably from the overwhelming urge for every user that hasn’t signed up in the past 10 minutes to express just how bad this is. The really insulting part is that not one of the complaints will be heard, and we’ll be stuck with this piece of crap without a word of rebuttal. I, surprisingly, feel very let down.

    Ant17 – 17 July, 18:24
  599. CeliaMS
    17 July, 18:25

    looks great – unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work at all.

    CeliaMS – 17 July, 18:25
  600. SHED82
    17 July, 18:25

    It’s literally unusable for me.
    WTF HAVE YOU DONE?????????

    SHED82 – 17 July, 18:25
  601. girlonatrain
    17 July, 18:25

    The new layout is far too fussy.

    What I liked about Lastfm was how clean it looked & how intuitive it was – this one might as well be ‘myspace’!

    Please tell me it’s a joke????

    girlonatrain – 17 July, 18:25
  602. kriik
    17 July, 18:26

    whyyy the site looks soooooo ugly??? step back, maaan???? )-:

    kriik – 17 July, 18:26
  603. Bill Davis
    17 July, 18:26

    Patience my friends! Take time to really learn the new pages. At first, I really didn’t like the beta, but I kept trying it and learning the features; and giving feedback, too. And after a while, I came to really like many aspects.

    The final, now in place, is much better that when it first came out as a beta. And as I learn it, and use it, I have come to like it. And I do believe that it will continue to improve.

    The pages look great!

    Just give yourself a chance, time; and try all the features, just click around and see.

    Change is difficult, but it is good.


    Bill Davis – 17 July, 18:26
  604. vulpes_zerda
    17 July, 18:26

    Oh my…
    Dear, please, let us switch to the old one!
    Please, please, please!

    vulpes_zerda – 17 July, 18:26
  605. Hairyhaw
    17 July, 18:27

    I’m sorry. It’s shit guys, for pretty much all the reasons already given above.

    I think the worst thing is…you never gave us a choice.

    Today, you’re worse than any government.

    Hairyhaw – 17 July, 18:27
  606. cosmicd
    17 July, 18:27

    I hate the new layout, but don’t worry guys, hopefully are smart enough to change back before they lose all their subscribers, though that would be a fitting punishment for playing such a cruel joke on us like this.

    cosmicd – 17 July, 18:27
  607. Kostis
    17 July, 18:27

    I’ve been using for ages and totally love it. You’ve built through the years an amazing service… but really guys, what were you thinking?
    Everything now is totally out of place, the UX is long gone and no one (esp. the loyal fans) is gonna even spend 5 secs to learn everything from scratch.

    Probably you should read this, could be of some help:

    Kostis – 17 July, 18:27
  608. wowugotit
    17 July, 18:27


    wowugotit – 17 July, 18:27
  609. BeforeYouDie
    17 July, 18:27

    The new layout is very disappointing, it’s simply horrible. I think you should reconsider the idea of bringing back the old layout, or at least giving the chance to choose between the new and the old one.

    BeforeYouDie – 17 July, 18:27
  610. Bruno
    17 July, 18:27

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Where is Music Manager Section???

    Bruno – 17 July, 18:27
  611. Kevin Spencer
    17 July, 18:28

    You can change the number of artists displayed in your charts. See that little gear icon thingy just up and to the right of the charts? Click it, choose settings. Change it back to 50 (or whatever you’d prefer).

    Kevin Spencer – 17 July, 18:28
  612. musaqueen
    17 July, 18:28

    old was like…the best site in the whole web…and this…
    is just a fucking disease!
    Why don’t you change it back???
    I WANT OLD LAST.FM BACKRIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn I’m so pissed…

    musaqueen – 17 July, 18:28
  613. Amchu
    17 July, 18:28

    Sorry to say, but it’s a bad job guys.

    I really don’t like the new layout style. Think my visits to the website will be fewer from now on.

    Looks like a Myspace! WTF?!?!?

    Amchu – 17 July, 18:28
  614. LastFm Paying Customer
    17 July, 18:28

    you bastards at lastfm made it so slow, what the hell is wrong with you guys, how about you all suck a dick, not mine though cause i dont want you touching me, you would probably fuck that up too. so suck someone elses dick “Oops we had problems connecting”…. how about “Oops sorry we are a bunch of fucking retards who don’t deserve to live”

    LastFm Paying Customer – 17 July, 18:28
  615. emmz
    17 July, 18:29

    i hate change.
    where’s the old shit?

    emmz – 17 July, 18:29
  616. sprite
    17 July, 18:29

    Clicking on artist name in the player doesn’t work (e.g. Tori Amos tries to go to http:/music/Tori+Amos).

    Also Opera keeps freezing when loading the player / artist / track content / advert for a player track.

    Could not be an Opera bug I suppose.

    sprite – 17 July, 18:29
  617. m.
    17 July, 18:29

    as an active and dedicated member since 2004, i’ve been through a lot with this service. however, this latest update is too much. stop trying to personify my listening habits! they don’t need their own social site.
    just stop with the needlees overhauls. what good could possibly come from having applications on profiles? (other than money from advertisements and sponsors, of course. and don’t worry, most of us understand that earning the owners money is what is for now.) with the last site design, at least you could pretend that the site was still about music and the listeners. now that’s nearly impossible.

    m. – 17 July, 18:29
  618. adam
    17 July, 18:30

    this is so bad i can not even be bothered checking out the new features, the design is horible, hard to navigate and just crappy.

    but the previous one was soo cool

    adam – 17 July, 18:30
  619. amodern_man
    17 July, 18:31

    Yeah I think that’s a resounding ‘fuck off with your changes some of us subscribe, how dare you’. Don’t you think? Pretty appalling chaps.

    amodern_man – 17 July, 18:31
  620. M1ck1
    17 July, 18:31

    - the new scheme looks so cheapishly horrible

    - you have to scroll down to get information about arists and songs

    - the space on the left just seems wasted to me

    - have I mentioned that the whole thing just looks cheap and as if randomly generated?

    - all the different sections seem to be weirdly disconnected, I can’t really describe it, but it looks all out of order

    M1ck1 – 17 July, 18:31
  621. Faye
    17 July, 18:31

    This is awful, it looks so messy and disorganised.

    Give us the choice to use the old layout.

    Faye – 17 July, 18:31
  622. Krowencja
    17 July, 18:31

    The new version seems to be very messy for me… Let people decide and give us an option to switch back to the old look, please!

    Krowencja – 17 July, 18:31
  623. elkikin
    17 July, 18:32

    most of you people didn’t even give it a try, and are unaware of many of the features of this version. i’m not saying that i don’t agree with some of your criticisms, but please, at least give it some time and actually test it first.

    elkikin – 17 July, 18:32
  624. A.G.
    17 July, 18:32

    Wow, look at all the pretty pictures. This may be great for some, but the simple one worked better for me. I also don’t like how it cuts out artists after 200.

    A.G. – 17 July, 18:32
  625. coccinelle
    17 July, 18:32

    seriously, is there any chance to have the old layout back??!!

    coccinelle – 17 July, 18:32
  626. Kreepy
    17 July, 18:32

    I liked the older one a lot better.
    Facelifts are some times good… but this really wasn’t a good one.

    At least give us disappointed people an option to choose between the new design and the older one.

    Kreepy – 17 July, 18:32
  627. H_E_L
    17 July, 18:32


    H_E_L – 17 July, 18:32
  628. francis_bacon
    17 July, 18:33

    UGLY… >:-\

    francis_bacon – 17 July, 18:33
  629. szoszo_k
    17 July, 18:33

    Hey there Lastfm Guys! I feel so sorry for you, now that your hard work is booed by all these people. :( Don’t give up. BTW I don’t like the new layout either (will get used to it) but ACTUALLY MY LIFE DOESN’T DEPEND ON LASTFM. SO GET A LIFE ALL YOU WHINERS!!!

    szoszo_k – 17 July, 18:33
  630. bob ross
    17 July, 18:33

    The new LastFM is terrible, LOL GREAT JOB.

    bob ross – 17 July, 18:33
  631. jill
    17 July, 18:33

    I want my black back.

    jill – 17 July, 18:33
  632. Yin
    17 July, 18:33

    I don’t mind the update too much, except that header is really really terrible. Redesign that, seriously.

    Yin – 17 July, 18:33
  633. Your Mum
    17 July, 18:33

    Shitheads. Stop wanking for a bit, eh? Leave the code alone and get out more?

    Your Mum – 17 July, 18:33
  634. HailMary
    17 July, 18:34

    i appreciate your effort, guys, but the old was much better.

    HailMary – 17 July, 18:34
  635. Absolutely Disappointed x[
    17 July, 18:34

    *O God why? Why?! It’s so awful
    It’s slow.
    It’s complicated.
    It’s ugly.
    And what’s happened to the Neighbours section? And why there isn’t anymore weekly charts?Yeah I know it’s immediately now I’m talking for that And why our About Me section is so small?A half of my things are gone And why you are changed 50 with 15?? Are You People Crazy? It’s just not enough!
    Please give us back the old version!*

    Absolutely Disappointed x[ – 17 July, 18:34
  636. naurond
    17 July, 18:34

    old layout, pls.

    naurond – 17 July, 18:34
  637. Asgaroth
    17 July, 18:35

    Congrats! You just totally f****d up something, that looked brilliant. Yeah, keep up the “good” work :/
    The only question I have is “which way to the exit”?

    Asgaroth – 17 July, 18:35
  638. hankschwie
    17 July, 18:35


    What’s this now – can’t find a thing; get thrown out trying to change the language; takes about an hour to log in in the first place (if it works at all); can’t play my playlist (and where do I find informations about a “useable” playlist these days? Fifty tracks from 15 different artists is all I found somewhere, but not in the FAQs anymore – what the FAQ…)

    Looks like this is still very beta…

    Well, perhaps I’ll find the hang somehow, but right now I’m pretty disappointed, too

    hankschwie – 17 July, 18:35
  639. Rae
    17 July, 18:36

    This layout is horrible. Also, give me back my ‘Paint it Black’! I think I will cancel my paid account

    Rae – 17 July, 18:36
  640. Kevin Spencer
    17 July, 18:37

    The inbox can be found by clicking on the drop down menu at the very top right of the page. That’s, er, very intuitive. cough

    Kevin Spencer – 17 July, 18:37
  641. Lucy
    17 July, 18:37

    Wow, very cool. I’m definitely going to be spending more time on from here on out. Thank you!

    Lucy – 17 July, 18:37
  642. ripcord
    17 July, 18:38

    The new layout is great. You guys did a fantastic job in terms of usability.
    I LOVE IT!!!!

    ripcord – 17 July, 18:38
  643. redbells
    17 July, 18:38

    The layout itself is nice, but I don’t like how many components have to load. Everything seems really bogged down. Luckily I’m on cable, but people with crap connections aren’t even going to be able to load it. There should be a way to switch your viewing options; making this the ONLY layout instead of just the default was a bad idea. PS. I miss the dashboard and your weekly tracks setup is NOT ON. Fail.

    redbells – 17 July, 18:38
  644. Pleasebringbacktheformerlastfm
    17 July, 18:38

    Please could i have the former lastfm back!!!I dont like the new one:’(

    Pleasebringbacktheformerlastfm – 17 July, 18:38
  645. teko_sound
    17 July, 18:39

    O_O !!!

    i miss the old

    teko_sound – 17 July, 18:39
  646. Absolutely Disappointed x[
    17 July, 18:39

    O God why? Why?! It’s so awful
    It’s slow.
    It’s complicated.
    It’s ugly.
    And what’s happened to the Neighbours section? And why there isn’t anymore Weekly charts? (Yeah I know it’s immediately now I’m talking for that) And why our About Me section is so small? (A half of my things are gone) And why you are changed 50 with 15?? Are You People Crazy? It’s just not enough!
    Please give us back the old version!

    Absolutely Disappointed x[ – 17 July, 18:39
  647. me
    17 July, 18:39

    liking most of the new features and stuff… seriously, just get a new graphic/visual designer and clean up the layout and this site wouldn’t be so bad.

    me – 17 July, 18:39
  648. Dave
    17 July, 18:40

    paint it black!!!!!!!!

    also what the fuck is a coffee pod?

    Dave – 17 July, 18:40
  649. rawkergirl
    17 July, 18:40

    And here I was worried that I was the only one who didn’t like the new look. The look itself doesn’t bother me, but the pages are slower than ever and adding a song to my playlist is a pain. Instead of just clicking ‘add to playlist’, I have to go through confirmation after confirmation to get just one song added.
    I’m sorry, but I’d really like the old back.

    rawkergirl – 17 July, 18:40
  650. perke11
    17 July, 18:40

    you gotta be kidding me?
    i, among the 98% users here, also want the old one back, please crew…we know you can pull it off, this is just plain horrible

    perke11 – 17 July, 18:40
  651. acr
    17 July, 18:41

    I used it more than one hour, trying out beta-version yesterday. I voted negatively. It’s slow, ugly, totally un-stylish. I don’t want new options, toys, all that new shit. Old layout was one of my favourites in the whole web. Simple, nice and original. And this is.. what is this?

    Give me back old look, top 50 artists, top 50 songs, weekly top, avatar on the left side, shoutbox on the right top… or we’ll have to say goodbye.

    acr – 17 July, 18:41
  652. yo
    17 July, 18:41


    yo – 17 July, 18:41
  653. ew
    17 July, 18:42

    ewwwwwwww this is crap, what the hell.
    switch back, ewwww

    ew – 17 July, 18:42
  654. licoricepizza
    17 July, 18:42

    Not very original design (I think the MySpace slags you’re getting are valid).
    Right now it’s veeeeeerrryyy slow and kind of confusing to navigate. Will give it a couple of days, but you’d be smart to take some of the suggestions being noted right now.

    licoricepizza – 17 July, 18:42
  655. Suvojit
    17 July, 18:42

    I appreciate the change, but this is excruciatingly slow! It takes ages logging in and navigating from page to page. Moreover, my shouts don’t get posted!

    Suvojit – 17 July, 18:42
  656. Anatoly
    17 July, 18:42

    ‘Switch to black’ button please :)

    Anatoly – 17 July, 18:42
  657. DonMarco
    17 July, 18:42

    Well… I could get used to the new look…

    Put the Shoutbox back to its place on the Left or Right!
    Down there, you get the feeling being on myspace… and thats the last thing we should want!

    DonMarco – 17 July, 18:42
  658. K
    17 July, 18:42

    Overall, I like it. I’m just waiting for “Paint it Black” now :B

    Where are the weekly charts?

    K – 17 July, 18:42
  659. sarah m.
    17 July, 18:43

    i have no words, it’s just plain ugly.

    sarah m. – 17 July, 18:43
  660. Luke Noel-Storr
    17 July, 18:43

    Really really really impressed with the new site. There’s clearly a massive attention to detail gone into the redesign – it’s leagues ahead of the shambles that is the Facebook redesign.

    The slick operation and small touches are wonderful. I love all the javascript animations and so on. Can be annoying if badly done (see again, Facebook redesign) but yours are smooth and responsive and act as expected.

    Seriously, you’ve done a top notch job and should be proud. Ignore the “we hate change” brigade, they’ll calm down after a while.

    OK, I have to admit that I’m a little confused by the “Library” feature – what’s the idea behind adding track to your library, when it only seems to show artists? am I missing something?

    Also, one feature I’d love to see:

    When viewing “Listeners” for an artist, it would be great if there was an easy way to se if any of my friends were in the list.

    Luke Noel-Storr – 17 July, 18:43
  661. Ash Huang
    17 July, 18:43

    Well, I miss the old layout’s pink (which I have actually referred to often as “ pink”), so I really don’t know why you guys would ever change that, especially to mcdonald’s colors… It’s not easy to get a such a strong color identity these days…

    I like the new big images and all, but I don’t like how I try to subscribe and get “bad currency” back. I know people hate the US and all, but I thought everybody likes money. I guess if you guys don’t want me throwing my dollars at you, that’s okay?

    Ash Huang – 17 July, 18:43
  662. Emily
    17 July, 18:44


    i dont know, change it from 15 back to 50 bands overall !!! puhhleze

    Emily – 17 July, 18:44
  663. meaganmouse
    17 July, 18:45

    i feel like i have to think too much to just play music and i just wanna listen to something instead of being in silence while i read the tour…
    i could get used to it but i dont really want to yet, you should have set a back and fort button. like myspace has many different home pages and everyone is happy. you dont loose costumers with the switch. you gain them by people that prefer the new and still keeping the loyal old supporters. i really hope you make a switch because i dont really want to go back to project playlist for my music.

    meaganmouse – 17 July, 18:45
  664. N O N E
    17 July, 18:45

    Every time someone posted some new idea for a feature in the forums, there were always the pretentious moderators saying stuff like “No that’s a terrible idea” or “That would be a useless feature no one would care for”.

    And then, to release this new version of Last.FM, which is absolutely terrible in every way, I say PFFFFFFFF.

    Did you guys even read and take into consideration any feedback that came your way?

    The comments section looks like Youtube.
    The Recent Activities, IS useless, we all can do without it.
    And where exactly is the music manager? I don’t see it in the left side of the footer. Or do we have to sign up again?

    I was excited about the new royalty program that has just been launched, but I don’t even feel like browsing the site anymore and now I could care less about it. The original site design was one of the main reasons I joined this site. I repeat:


    Every page looks like the “classic” MySpace homepage. Which was sooooooooooo 2003.

    Terrible new layout is terrible.

    Serious Last.FM user is not amused.


    N O N E – 17 July, 18:45
  665. Makoo
    17 July, 18:45

    If you look at the bottom of the blog entry, you will see that paint it black will be back, and so will some other features that are right now missing but existed before

    Makoo – 17 July, 18:45
  666. Steven
    17 July, 18:46

    i like the new lastfm. the old one is good too. what i dont like about this one is i cant change the header to black like the old one. can you do something about that? that would be great.

    Steven – 17 July, 18:46
  667. feifei
    17 July, 18:46

    I don’t like it

    feifei – 17 July, 18:46
  668. ceptor
    17 July, 18:46

    I bet CBS is behind this fuckup.

    ceptor – 17 July, 18:46
  669. Your Mum
    17 July, 18:46

    You realise this is making you look like chaps who suck cock for money, right? I mean, oooohhh, it’s sooo slick. Like a whore’s cunt.

    Your Mum – 17 July, 18:46
  670. SmilingSin
    17 July, 18:46

    Oh yea, “Play similar artists” IS gone from the individual bands’ pages!!! That’s no good.

    SmilingSin – 17 July, 18:46
  671. Bubamara
    17 July, 18:47

    I would like the old one back…

    Bubamara – 17 July, 18:47
  672. Jessca
    17 July, 18:47

    Hahahaha, oh wow, this is terrible.

    Jessca – 17 July, 18:47
  673. j
    17 July, 18:48

    i’ve been using audioscrobbler/ since 2004 and this is the best update yet, great work.

    j – 17 July, 18:48
  674. Lestat57
    17 July, 18:48

    New design is just something to get used to, you WILL get used to it soon enough. I don’t like it too, but that’ll change. But, one thing that I WON’T get used to, is that between the images in “about you” are that small blank spaces. For instance: i’ve got myself a nice list of logos of metal artists from (or something like that) and it pissed me off that they don’t consider for example Slipknot as metal band. So I found logo of Slipknot on the internet, did a few changes, so when I pasted the image after that list from metalard, it looked like it was part of it. Now, there is that little white stripe that really, REALLY pisses me off, ‘cause it look like another image (which it is). Can I do something about it? You know, change some settings or stuff…

    Lestat57 – 17 July, 18:48
  675. Amanda
    17 July, 18:48

    I DO NOT like it at all. I am seriously considering getting rid of my account. And to make it worse everything is moving slow and I can’t hardly do anything. It won’t let me change my picture,the only way I can listen to music is my playlist. I have a hell of a time checking my messages and sending messages. This is awful:(

    Amanda – 17 July, 18:48
  676. r
    17 July, 18:49

    I don’t like it.

    Was the point to turn into Facebook? Well, you’ve succeeded. The reason I loved was its simplicity.

    If you’re going for a Facebook feel, how about at least giving us the page customizing abilities that FB has? I’d rather display my weekly charts than cheesy pictures of the bands I like. It would be nice to have the “Paint It Black” option back, too.

    Maybe it’ll grow on me, but what was wrong with the old layout?

    r – 17 July, 18:49
  677. Ukev
    17 July, 18:49

    Well, the main thing I miss is the MUSIC part of the site. Why have the charts been limited to only 15 artists/tracks? And I also miss the ‘Dashboard’ function of the old site. It was really easy to use and you could see evrything in a blink of an eye.

    I don’t want to say the new version is horible, but I guess there are some points that might need some more attention.

    Ukev – 17 July, 18:49
  678. Fernando
    17 July, 18:49

    Damn, guys I feel very sorry for telling you this: I really hate this trendy layout, that’s why i hate ilike, and now you tried to do something very similar.
    Thanks really for the effort, but you don’t need a redesign this huge, old layout was really really usable, this one not.

    Fernando – 17 July, 18:49
  679. peterpixel
    17 July, 18:49


    I posted a little post about the new, looking at some usability issues. For the record, I love the new site.

    peterpixel – 17 July, 18:49
  680. ferraige
    17 July, 18:49

    I would like the old version back too!

    ferraige – 17 July, 18:49
  681. Your Mum and Dad
    17 July, 18:49


    Your Mum and Dad – 17 July, 18:49
  682. _berenike_
    17 July, 18:50


    _berenike_ – 17 July, 18:50
  683. rekkon
    17 July, 18:50

    Great… I just lost at least 400 scrobbles! My Dream Theater has been halved… >.<
    I hope this is only temporary.
    I’m liking everything but that.

    rekkon – 17 July, 18:50
  684. LogicDreamer
    17 July, 18:50

    Wow you complainers are pathetic.
    From a web designers view this is much more efficient and logical.
    You want your weekly charts go to the “charts” page. Too damn obvious, you old timers need to realise that this is only the beginning of the revamp its only at stage one of its makeover.

    All your special needs will be accounted for.
    Although some wont (unless your lucky) such as one who wants to look at their profile views (hopefully not) grow all day. As for features that seem broken, they just might be and they will be fixed asap.

    So settle in and get your bearings straight. New users are the only ones that know what needs improvement, as they are the ones who are truly see the site for what it is and not what it was.

    LogicDreamer – 17 July, 18:50
  685. SlowFM
    17 July, 18:51

    Where is Music Manager? I guess it’d come back someday cos i might need to edit my own stuff..

    SlowFM – 17 July, 18:51
  686. Roy
    17 July, 18:51

    I became a subscriber a few days too early!


    I may never sign in again!

    BRING BACK THE OLD LAYOUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Roy – 17 July, 18:51
  687. Cauda Draconis
    17 July, 18:52

    Your new suck tooootally.

    Cauda Draconis – 17 July, 18:52
  688. HeavyBlues
    17 July, 18:52

    Is there an option to switch to the old layout? I liked being able to see all 45 of my top overall artists at the same time as my last 7 were displayed. I hope this isn’t the final version of the new layout. I’m sure it’s nice for some people, but it’s not what I want. It looks…childish. Someone said it’s “the back to the ninties” look, and I agree. I was planning on getting a paid account, but I won’t if I have to use this layout. Sorry to be a downer – last is a great service, but I’m not digging this new layout.

    HeavyBlues – 17 July, 18:52
  689. Nigel
    17 July, 18:52

    Yeah i really really really like the instant song updates and some of the other features, but honestly i think the look and feel of the site is a bit childish. Could you make an optional switch back?

    Nigel – 17 July, 18:52
  690. Your Mum and Dad
    17 July, 18:53

    clearly spunk-guzzling for CBS

    Your Mum and Dad – 17 July, 18:53
  691. Goodking
    17 July, 18:53

    Looks nice, good work.

    Top artists is a lot too compressed (50->15) for my taste, though.

    Goodking – 17 July, 18:53
  692. rob
    17 July, 18:53

    Simply horrific. And not only does it look shite, the site now loads slower than dial-up and is almost unuseable.

    Go on, do a poll!

    rob – 17 July, 18:53
  693. credicle
    17 July, 18:54

    gj, nice site!

    credicle – 17 July, 18:54
  694. MR
    17 July, 18:54

    I lost like 900 scrobbles during the change. WTF. >=(

    MR – 17 July, 18:54
  695. kupo
    17 July, 18:54

    If looked like this at the time I started subscribing, I quite simply wouldn’t have started subscribing at all. The shoutbox on my profile page is… at the bottom? And the top artists list is very short. Without pressing “view more”, people can only see 15 of my top artists? Why?

    I love all the features on, but this look is not good at all. I can’t believe it actually passed quality control. I usually don’t complain about people’s work, but what you have done is taking something that looked absolutely lovely, turning it into a mess.

    kupo – 17 July, 18:54
  696. Mark D
    17 July, 18:54

    I was actually preparing an entry about the beta version in the forum in the beta group, but you beat me to it. My main comment is that the new functionality is great, of course, the recommendation section is really well set up, the exploring, etc. is great, the band pages are OK (though some lack I feel, in how it’s set up) but I really don’t like the profile page. It’s lost the ergonomic sense of the old version. Each bit of it is thrown on its own somewhere, and doesn’t thematically fit with what’s next to/around it, as it did before, the recently played takes up too much pointless space. The menu results in a dull void under it. I find it all kind of irritating. The old arrangement was so thoughtfully done. I’m not saying just leave it as it was, but you threw away too much. This applies a little to band pages too. But not so much.

    Mark D – 17 July, 18:54
  697. Nicole
    17 July, 18:54

    This layout is just…not good. :\ The automatically updating charts are a nice change, but everything else is terrible.

    Nicole – 17 July, 18:54
  698. Harakiron
    17 July, 18:55

    Wow… This is bad, horrible! Things are in the wrong places.

    Harakiron – 17 July, 18:55
  699. Candie
    17 July, 18:55

    Why is it so influenced by Facebook? I loathe the feed on the right and the shoutbox is lost way below. Why not make the shoutbox instead of the feed on the right like it was used to be?!

    Also, I liked the black navigation strip at the top, so please allow us to choose different colors.

    Another remark, the weekly charts are hidden. It’d be better if it were like the old ones.

    Candie – 17 July, 18:55
  700. Kris
    17 July, 18:55

    Man, you’d think the sky had fallen the way people are reacting on here.

    People: I know change is scary and that growing up is hard, but seriously, cut the crap and give it a few days. team: don’t be discouraged. There are PLENTY of people who will recognize the thought and care that went into this redesign.

    Personally, I LOVE it. The home page gives a much broader snapshot of activity on the site, and being able to search for groups is a god send.

    Kris – 17 July, 18:55
  701. Lastfm Paying Customer
    17 July, 18:56

    The new lastfm looks like someone took the computer monitor and smeared SHIT all over it.

    Lastfm Paying Customer – 17 July, 18:56
  702. emelie
    17 July, 18:56

    this is wrong. it looks like facebook. this. is. no. good.

    emelie – 17 July, 18:56
  703. A Paying Customer
    17 July, 18:59


    A Paying Customer – 17 July, 18:59
  704. RokerisKlunijs
    17 July, 18:59

    Sorry, but I hate it.. that`s my opinion

    RokerisKlunijs – 17 July, 18:59
  705. abailey
    17 July, 18:59

    The new features, such as the option to make your top artists/songs list display more or less, the tabs for different date ranges on top artists, and the charts updating in real time are all really great additions.

    But, as has been said, the layout is too garbled. There are too many colors, too many photos, and not nearly as compact. Maybe it will just take some getting used to, but today it’s a clunky, discombobulated looking site.

    Also, a setting to turn the Recent Activity section off would be great. I don’t know why anyone would care that I just left a group or left someone a shout, and frankly, I don’t really want people tracking my every move on a music networking site. It’s a tad creepy.

    abailey – 17 July, 18:59
  706. AriztoteleZ
    17 July, 18:59

    Can we now please get a “switch back to good layout” button?

    AriztoteleZ – 17 July, 18:59
  707. Danii
    17 July, 19:00

    I’m having a hard accepting this new look. I really liked having the option of playing music on pop-ups. I can’t seem to do that anymore. I used to be able to play my play list on the software. I can’t do that anymore. This freakin sucks. I would almost consider paying for the stupid service, however nothing wants to seem to load.

    Very, very dissappointed :(

    I just might have to move on

    Danii – 17 July, 19:00
  708. kesstrel
    17 July, 19:01


    Whilst I appreciate that you wanted to freshen things up, I now can’t find how to manage my artist at all. There used to be a music manager option and it has utterly disappeared. Please, please rectify this.

    kesstrel – 17 July, 19:01
  709. velvethope
    17 July, 19:01

    Er, hate to be another kiljoy and all, but I’m a paid subscriber (have been since joining, actually) and I’d also like the option of having the old layout back. I really don’t like this. At all. I love supporting lastfm, but if this new layout cuts down on my use and enjoyment of it, then I don’t see that continuing. :( It just feels too myspace-y. I mean, if I wanted a myspace, I’d get a myspace, yeah? I liked the simplicity of checking my charts each week; I don’t need to be bombarded with all this other stuff. And that’s not a whinge, it’s a statement of fact.

    velvethope – 17 July, 19:01
  710. marmaluke
    17 July, 19:02

    I hate it. I really hate it – and I agree with every complaint I’ve read. I especially resent that the site has now become a facebook knockoff.

    The design is clumsy and feels like it’s all filler and no information (15 artists crammed into that little space?!) and there’s way too much emphasis on the social aspect (the former shoutbox was cool and understated – now it’s all about the facebook wall and the actual charts and music feel like an afterthought; and I HATE the FB-esque update notifier thing – it’s unnecessary!!)

    I realise that this design is here to stay and that everyone saying “get used to it” has a point, but it really annoys me greatly that changed the way it did, and lost its identity and, imo, its usability.

    impractical as it may be on the development site, I’d love to have the option to use the old version, and, if enough people feel the same way, maybe this option could be looked at…

    marmaluke – 17 July, 19:02
  711. Jen
    17 July, 19:02

    oh i’m on myspace…no wait…it’s my page. sorry, but i want my old one back

    Jen – 17 July, 19:02
  712. Another Paying Customer
    17 July, 19:03

    It makes us look like we endorse your cod-professionalism – I don’t want to feel like I’m looking at my profile as part of yet another out-to-impress corporate schema

    Another Paying Customer – 17 July, 19:03
  713. bart
    17 July, 19:03

    This is ridiculous. Why would we want or need a new lay-out in the first place? Where is my weekly playlist? That was the reason i signed up for in the first place!

    bart – 17 July, 19:03
  714. coffee_au_lait
    17 July, 19:04

    this is horrible. is there’s a possibility to bring old back?

    coffee_au_lait – 17 July, 19:04
  715. nnsa
    17 July, 19:04

    Okay I’ve used it now about 4 hours. I absolutely loathe it. I swear that if you’re not going to offer a change to use the older version I will delete my account and NEVER come back again. And I encourage everyone else do the same if we want our voice to be heard!

    nnsa – 17 July, 19:04
  716. colby
    17 July, 19:04

    I’ve figured it out. The new look is largely just to distract from the fact that now we have to pay to play our OWN playlists.

    Now, I say this as someone who was EVANGELICAL about (I even considered applying for a job in your London office): this is a real dick move.

    colby – 17 July, 19:04
  717. GMoney
    17 July, 19:04

    Eww. Facebook rip off. I miss the old layout.

    GMoney – 17 July, 19:04
  718. Alberto Walrus
    17 July, 19:04

    Please tell me how this enhances my experience?

    All of the stuff I liked about the old site has gone, I have big pictures of bands dominating pages when I don’t care what they look like and half the pages are taking several attempts to load anyhow. The fun of just browsing has gone.

    Alberto Walrus – 17 July, 19:04
  719. JanBlanicky
    17 July, 19:05

    It is a children´s leporello with big pictures, but without functionality.

    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????
    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????
    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????
    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????
    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????
    Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????Can anybody say where is MUSIC MANAGER ????

    JanBlanicky – 17 July, 19:05
  720. pallokallo
    17 July, 19:05

    New layout is horrible everything is mess now. Want old one back!

    pallokallo – 17 July, 19:05
  721. memememe
    17 July, 19:05

    I want the old one back.
    i will never get used to this one :-D
    we really want the old one backk!
    and why there is even a new lay-out?
    the old one was good enough:-D

    memememe – 17 July, 19:05
  722. planktonas
    17 July, 19:05

    yep. exactly. id like 2 see the button for the OLD version ;)

    until the BETA is fixed

    planktonas – 17 July, 19:05
  723. sofiekemieke
    17 July, 19:06

    yaay! i like it
    stop whining about your black layouts!

    sofiekemieke – 17 July, 19:06
  724. theHannya
    17 July, 19:06

    do you think it is possible to create a toggle or something so the people who want the old can still have the old and those who want the new can have the new?
    i think the new layout requires more power to use which is inadvisable. i will take minimal, fast and reliable over new, flashy, and slow anyday.
    the old was easier to navigate as well. please give us the option of choice. as of right now I really dont like the new changes and I dont have the time to learn a new system.

    theHannya – 17 July, 19:06
  725. krieg
    17 July, 19:06

    Pls bring back the old one or let us make our choice like what is yahoo is doing.. if we dont want the new one atleast we can switch back to the old one.. please..please..please..

    krieg – 17 July, 19:06
  726. music critic
    17 July, 19:06

    the team just commited a crime against the cyber-humanity

    shakes his head in disgust

    music critic – 17 July, 19:06
  727. Lastfm Paying Customer
    17 July, 19:06

    To everyone who worked on this great idea to update lastfm to the way it is now: FUCK YOU!

    Lastfm Paying Customer – 17 July, 19:06
  728. miwa-chan
    17 July, 19:06

    this is absolutely terrible. ugly, chaotic, loading 10 times longer and i can’t have a black layout.

    miwa-chan – 17 July, 19:06
  729. notsobad
    17 July, 19:07

    I didn’t like it at first. But after a few days with the beta I got to prefer it. It’s not perfect but if people give more constructive feedback, it could be.

    The venom with which some of these people are attacking you it’s like you just murdered their family!!!

    I am concerned that non-subs appear to be more restricted than they were before, without any forewarning

    notsobad – 17 July, 19:07
  730. Jordan
    17 July, 19:07

    This is terrible, worst design ever. This site is completely ruined now. Please go back to the way it was before, or I am done using

    Jordan – 17 July, 19:07
  731. Where Your Wages Come From
    17 July, 19:07

    You need to stop trying so hard. This ‘facelift’ makes you look really sad, as if you’re trying to impress someone. Do you have small willies?

    Where Your Wages Come From – 17 July, 19:07
  732. feuuk
    17 July, 19:08

    the new design is a pretty hard turn off. i understand, that the old design won’t return to be the standard, but i would appreciate an option to change one page back..

    feuuk – 17 July, 19:08
  733. Weirdomusic
    17 July, 19:08

    “Social music revolution”?

    Nah… not anymore.

    Weirdomusic – 17 July, 19:08
  734. Hehhe
    17 July, 19:08

    i appreciate your work, but could we get the old one back? : )

    Hehhe – 17 July, 19:08
  735. bombboutique
    17 July, 19:08

    Great work. I love the iCal application.

    bombboutique – 17 July, 19:08
  736. piotkap
    17 July, 19:09

    IMHO it is just ugly now… i haven’t check any of the new options yet, but as far as looks are concerned… disaster :/

    piotkap – 17 July, 19:09
  737. Where Your Wages Come From
    17 July, 19:09

    I think you have small willies. Awwwwwww.

    Where Your Wages Come From – 17 July, 19:09
  738. LuzCastro
    17 July, 19:09

    I like the layout – I am just sad that your servers have crashed. I am without music and I fear that I may have withdrawls!

    LuzCastro – 17 July, 19:09
  739. phirun
    17 July, 19:09

    omg. is there any chance to change back to the old one, at least for them who want to? cant stand this here. its incredibly ugly – sorry – and confusing. loved the old style. it was perfect. this sucks. :(

    phirun – 17 July, 19:09
  740. Deathland :D
    17 July, 19:09

    Good job! :D

    The only suggestions I have is that the shoutbox be put back in the spot it was in the older layout. It’s kinda annoying to scroll down to see it. I also miss the weekly charts being fairly prominent, but that’s alright. Everything else is fine. I really enjoy the ‘Library’ feature. It’s incredibly useful.

    Lawl @ the whiners. If you don’t like it, just cancel your account. It’s not like you need to know how many times you listen to _____ song. Some people are afraid of ZOMGCHANGE, I guess

    Deathland :D – 17 July, 19:09
  741. Sebastiaan
    17 July, 19:10

    Please give me the opportunity to go back to the old one. This one is similar to the facebook-crap.

    Sebastiaan – 17 July, 19:10
  742. Laura
    17 July, 19:11

    I like the new way you have it. Even though its really bright. I bet later on you will add the black option, since you already had the option before.

    Laura – 17 July, 19:11
  743. Gruznabruz
    17 July, 19:11

    This absolutely sucks!!!!!!
    I HATE IT!!!!!!


    Gruznabruz – 17 July, 19:11
  744. Sophie
    17 July, 19:11

    I don’t really appreciate this ‘new look’. Is there a way to change it back?!

    Sophie – 17 July, 19:11
  745. JLGil
    17 July, 19:11

    It kinda looks better but also takes too much space to display the info.
    I can only see my top 15 artists? I dont like that… and the smaller shoutbox was ok. was almost perfect you guys so maybe you should try a combination of the old with the new features?

    JLGil – 17 July, 19:11
  746. Lastfm Paying Customer
    17 July, 19:11

    you bastards at lastfm made it so slow, what the hell is wrong with you guys, how about you all suck a dick, not mine though cause i dont want you touching me, you would probably fuck that up too. so suck someone elses dick “Oops we had problems connecting”…. how about “Oops sorry we are a bunch of fucking retards who don’t deserve to live”

    Lastfm Paying Customer – 17 July, 19:11
  747. Annie
    17 July, 19:11

    I really, really don’t like the layout. Shouldn’t a revamp make things simpler and more compact?!?

    And I really don’t care about playing music through my browser.

    Annie – 17 July, 19:11
  748. Horst (hawkeye71)
    17 July, 19:12

    OH MY GOD!!!

    I’ve been really thinking about resuscribing to because I felt something like being home here.
    But what’s that?
    I know really bad written sites in the net but this new one here is the new “no-go” of all times!!!
    I’m very disappointed. Bad design… unacceptable loading times (nearly one minute to load the site is not the sense of professional coding!) and at last not the real identity of… that’s not the way it should be folks… nice try but you should have asked first! and next time do a better job in programming… :-(

    A very sad User!

    Horst (hawkeye71) – 17 July, 19:12
  749. bailing
    17 July, 19:13

    seriously now.
    the old simple was perfect. why change that to such a plain ugly design? even worse than that, it’s completely unfunctionally organized.
    userpic and artist pictures cover 99% of the browser window!? are you kidding me? a small userpic on the left was good and good ENOUGH. also, where did the shoutbox go? bottom? like..what? the old styled page was loading pretty quickly and you got an overview of your whole profile within seconds, now you just have to scroll and scroll and scroll….and that to sooner see 20 shitty big bandpictures instead of 2 times as many top artists and songs. this must be a JOKE.
    i am seriously considering to stop using i loved it here before, but now it’s just a shit site. almost worse than myspazz. this makes me sad.

    bailing – 17 July, 19:13
  750. minitechnik
    17 July, 19:13

    this is a VERY embarassing design!

    - it breaks the look of a groups who actually did something in the about header

    - it makes your own logo look worse

    - the red colour is just wrong, compared with the pink/black version (which is absolutely more personal!)

    - i dont want shoutboxes to be that large, and i dont want a counter here who tells how great i am with the many postings in it (fuck myspace, you are better (well until yesterday))

    —- the single one good about this all is… that it has a slightly better pageloadtime (imho)

    and fuck that.


    i can has, you know ?

    minitechnik – 17 July, 19:13
  751. AlatarielS
    17 July, 19:13

    I want the old layout back please too …


    - why is the playlist cut off at 200 tracks? I had 300 tracks in that list!
    how can I access the remaining 100?

    - the layout is FAR TOO MUCH whitespace! the old layout was very nice and compact and clear and easy to navigate! and downloadable even on older computers/slower internet access/paying-for-downloadedMB-type-connections

    - one prime example is the “new” layout for the recently listened tracks – instead of a nice compact format we get a LONG outdrawn list with lots of BIG pictures????

    - especially that the two main things on the site – the overall top artists/ overall top songs and current week top artists were EASY to find and summarized everything nicely in a compact format! not too many stupid pictures taking forever to load and wasting bandwidth!

    - I absolutely hate the colour red – please give us back the possibility to paint it at least black! preferably blue … but nearly any darker color is nicer than red …

    - I want the tag lists as a list first and foremost, NOT some cloud! was SO easy to see which tags were most used … I really liked the “randomness” in the left navigation bar when displaying SOME of the tracks tagged with a tag!

    - the TAGS – yes … most of my “playlists” don’t work with that STUPID new system – at least 45 tracks??? and 15 different artists?? WFT? and ONLY subscribers?? this feature was one of the main reasons of me staying subscriber!
    And one of the main reason I could get a lot of people into – by providing links to some nice “channels” …

    I REALLY thought we had some more time to comment on the beta version before you changing this excellent TO THE WORSE!

    AlatarielS – 17 July, 19:13
  752. TankJunior
    17 July, 19:14

    mehhh fix it

    TankJunior – 17 July, 19:14
  753. 3inT
    17 July, 19:14

    Shiny is soo 2002,
    I see minimalism and grundge. In line with this years trends. (don’t make yourselves change it every other year)
    Apparently some people can’t live with change.
    I’d have gone for more grundge, like a background. It looks a tad lazy now.
    Less colors would have helped too, if there were no videocaps and avatars, it would be fine, but those bring in a lot of color.

    3inT – 17 July, 19:14
  754. lol
    17 July, 19:14

    I think the new layout is annoying and harder to navigate. It looks disgusting and I want the old back.

    lol – 17 July, 19:14
  755. Cheryl Crow's Bank Manager
    17 July, 19:14


    Cheryl Crow's Bank Manager – 17 July, 19:14
  756. Franklin
    17 July, 19:16

    The new layout is entirely too busy. It sucks. Period.

    Franklin – 17 July, 19:16
  757. Ex-Smith
    17 July, 19:16

    Sorry, but it looks awful.

    Ex-Smith – 17 July, 19:16
  758. jennifer
    17 July, 19:16

    This is not something I’d like to get use to. It’s very hard to look at.

    jennifer – 17 July, 19:16
  759. mr1134
    17 July, 19:16

    where can i find my top 500s? did you downsize it? you should have warned us. than i would at least have been able to backup it for the last time. *crying

    what about the color of the favicon? at this very moment its quite eyecancerous in contrast to the red design!!!

    mr1134 – 17 July, 19:16
  760. sdagasdfas
    17 July, 19:17


    sdagasdfas – 17 July, 19:17
  761. A Member of Coldplay
    17 July, 19:17

    You’re not serious, are you? No, come on. Really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You SAD bastards. It looks like all the other corporate nob-jockey sites.

    A Member of Coldplay – 17 July, 19:17
  762. A disappointed user
    17 July, 19:18

    I miss the old look and feel. I hate to say it, but the new look is AWFUL.

    A disappointed user – 17 July, 19:18
  763. karolina
    17 July, 19:18

    pero ke han hecho señores…..esto kedo terrible….se tomaron muy en serio lo de mejorar la experiencia del usuario pero en mi opinión les kedo como al revez! nos empeoraron la experiencia!

    karolina – 17 July, 19:18
  764. say
    17 July, 19:19

    hey i’m scrobbling songs for 20 minutes, but on page they’re still not dispplayed! argh! i hate hate hate it! it’s not totally done, so why did you do it official? argh

    say – 17 July, 19:19
  765. Nick
    17 July, 19:19

    Regarding the missing music manager links, do I need to “claim my artist page” again? Looks like we have to start all over again if we follow the aforementioned link in the left of the footer.
    Can’t we have a music manager link in the drop down menu at the top right?

    Nick – 17 July, 19:19
  766. :(
    17 July, 19:20

    it says : “You need to be a subscriber to listen to this playlist.”
    so i have to pay to listen, now ?

    :( – 17 July, 19:20
  767. Hanna
    17 July, 19:20

    how do i get the old version back? i hate this one.

    Hanna – 17 July, 19:20
  768. Filip
    17 July, 19:20

    This is realy bad :(. It looks bad, it navigates awfuly, we want back the former last, please….

    Filip – 17 July, 19:20
  769. cris
    17 July, 19:20

    how about those “give us a chance to have the old one” whiny lazy-asses stop thieir suicide threats and have themselves give a chance to the new last fm? Why any change must bring up all those comfy bastards bitching and begging for other people’s tolerance while they just sit there and don’t even bother getting used to something new? When a new version of something is out, one must f*cking go through it, study, see possible bugs and problems, REAL probems, not just the “I feel a hormonal disorder coming to me because of this” crap, your nostalgic boo-hoo doesn’t provide any help. Which I’m sure would have been very welcome, from the crew point of view.
    While I’m not very satisfied with the new flashy big pics big fonts kind of thing, the interface seems easier to manage than the old one. It’s very easy to get used to and things look pretty in place to me. I’m sure the little details, buttons, aspect-related stuff will change alot throughout the time, so we shouldn’t worry about bad alignments, ugly buttons and such.
    I’ve got a question: will in-page preview be possible again soon? Track previews were streamable right from my profile/tags page, right now I just see that for every song I want to preview in a user page, I’m taken to the track page. I don’t quite feel like visiting hundreds of track pages to preview user tagged music…Sorry if it’s been discussed before, but I couldn’t go through all the comments…
    well, better I’ll just wait :)
    Good luck, guys! Keep it up, I’m sure you’ve still got alot of work to handle with the new version, so try to keep fresh and sane :)

    cris – 17 July, 19:20
  770. A Member of U2
    17 July, 19:20

    Looks like the only people you pleased are yourselves, Which makes you masturbators.

    A Member of U2 – 17 July, 19:20
  771. BlackMoon56
    17 July, 19:21

    i must only repeat, what was said before. I want back my old layout.

    BlackMoon56 – 17 July, 19:21
  772. gideonrv
    17 July, 19:21

    I looked at my page this morning, and everything was as usual, even the reversed order scrobbler of Media Monkey…
    This evening I only had to click the Refresh button once, and, after a while, it was, WOW, another world. My page looks so different, and I like it very much. Keep on marching, and please don’t pay attention to some crying children on the road.

    gideonrv – 17 July, 19:21
  773. Nina
    17 July, 19:21

    I just bought a subscription… its still alright but i don’t like it.

    Nina – 17 July, 19:21
  774. Greg
    17 July, 19:22

    Shit! To much white colour! I HATE WHITE COLOUR, GOD DAMN IT!

    Greg – 17 July, 19:22
  775. fraN
    17 July, 19:22

    Hey, this is 2008 and web 2.0. The power is in the user!! Why don´t you make a poll about the old and the new layout????

    fraN – 17 July, 19:22
  776. james
    17 July, 19:22

    Top 15? Come on guys. This is a music site where people come to talk about and show the world their music taste. I have an wide range of musical tastes and I want to showcase that, not the top 15 I listen too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let us choose if we want to use the old layout or the new (like Myspace). PLEASE!

    james – 17 July, 19:22
  777. slept
    17 July, 19:22

    this new look makes me want to delete my account…………………….

    i want the old back! the swith button could be nice, thanks!

    slept – 17 July, 19:22
  778. in90sec
    17 July, 19:22

    *OOps, disconnected from friend’s listenings *an error occured—message sent into cyberspace *no visitors displayed anymore *message: YOU ARE BANNED FROM LASTFM, which was absolutely untrue and saved me a lot of coffee first thing in the morning, not nice *for which reason must every visitor be pointed at every shout i left and to whom it went within 5 hours or more *my finger needs a cure from scrolling, see a doctor maybe *********when will lastFm see a doctor?
    it’s not just about style anymore, it’s mental torture, are the users abused for psychological long- term studies?
    It doesn’t semm like bugs anymore, it’s Dr. Strange, developing strategies to make people suffer for his own private amusement IMHO

    in90sec – 17 July, 19:22
  779. Ballad Bombs
    17 July, 19:23

    i hate it!!! i don’t get it !! HOW CAN I TAG songs or artists?

    Ballad Bombs – 17 July, 19:23
  780. mika
    17 July, 19:23

    efforts are certainly appreciated, but not in the event they lead to another mediocre cookie-cutter mock fancy site like this. i have not joined to have huge images popping up all over my screen. the recent activities section is only necessary when having a senior moment, which is seldom the case, and top artists and tracks being limited to 15 must be a bad joke!? the old version definitely was more compact and clearly arranged. unfortunately the lame header cannot contribute to its beauty either. why not keep it plain and simple?

    mika – 17 July, 19:23
  781. atso
    17 July, 19:24

    I am disappointed. This is more and more off the basic idea of original audioscrobbler i think… Music listing/listening doesnt seem to be the MAIN thing here. Unuseful stuff all around and very disturbing design ! I still miss the design what it was back in 2005 when i joined here.. JUST THE LISTS and hardly nothing more.. Sorry but i dont like this!

    Maybe ill get used to this OR ill just quit scrobbling.

    AND for at least me site is getting more slower and slower..

    so the point is TOO MUCH STUFF VITTU !


    atso – 17 July, 19:24
  782. user
    17 July, 19:24

    the new style is terrible. want the old style back.
    in german there is a phrase: “ihr habts ja wohl nen arsch offen!”

    user – 17 July, 19:24
  783. jerleat
    17 July, 19:25

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It looks like you’ve tried to turn it into myspace/feedback/etc which is a shame as it looks like whatever originality AS/ ever had is now being eroded.

    jerleat – 17 July, 19:25
  784. Angry Customer
    17 July, 19:25

    How can I switch this ugly red away? I want to take that good old black back.

    Angry Customer – 17 July, 19:25
  785. Annie
    17 July, 19:26 is ALWAYS slow, at the best of times, for me.

    The fact that everything seems to take 2 clicks more to get to with the redesign is awful! Everything on one page was the reason the old layout worked so well. Putting charts etc behind tabs to “declutter” the page only works if the site isn’t slow as hell!!

    Annie – 17 July, 19:26
  786. robotplague
    17 July, 19:26

    Wow, what a bunch of complainers! Seriously. It’s going to take some getting used to but I’m sure down the road everyone will assimilate and will grow to love the new version and all of it’s features. I, for one, am appreciative of your guys efforts. I run a couple of websites myself and know it can be hard to please everyone. So I know what you guys are going through.

    robotplague – 17 July, 19:26
  787. vinny
    17 July, 19:27

    i want old layout back!!!!! this is really annoying.

    vinny – 17 July, 19:27
  788. Brooke
    17 July, 19:27

    old version was better. it looks like facebook or myspace

    Brooke – 17 July, 19:27
  789. jerleat
    17 July, 19:28

    Feedback? I meant facebook. Anyway, in summary, this is lame.

    jerleat – 17 July, 19:28
  790. Allan
    17 July, 19:28

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allan – 17 July, 19:28
  791. Paolo
    17 July, 19:28

    Am i the only one who likes this?

    Just a few things though:

    1. Priority for charts please
    2. Shoutbox is too down below.
    3. A few skins wound not hurt

    Good things

    1. Bigger artist pictures!!!!
    2. Real-time updates
    3. Small fonts (i love them)

    Paolo – 17 July, 19:28
  792. jc
    17 July, 19:28

    jesuschrist, bring the old one back.

    i hate the new

    jc – 17 July, 19:28
  793. chilledvondub
    17 July, 19:28

    old scheme was soo much better! th new one looks like a cheap version of bebo! no offense to whoever spent ages designing it all but the old one was soo much better!

    chilledvondub – 17 July, 19:28
  794. Nick
    17 July, 19:28


    Nick – 17 July, 19:28
  795. Ash
    17 July, 19:29

    Terrible! change it back!!!

    Ash – 17 July, 19:29
  796. kazehaya
    17 July, 19:29

    Come on, guys. I’d rather put something sounds more like “Congrats to the team for their effort in making this new lastfm”

    It already passed the beta cycle. There has to be some celebration around here :)

    kazehaya – 17 July, 19:29
  797. dmandino
    17 July, 19:29

    yes, i would like to switch back to the old layout too…. it sux this way…

    dmandino – 17 July, 19:29
  798. minitechnik
    17 July, 19:30

    it’s worse than was

    minitechnik – 17 July, 19:30
  799. Aaron
    17 July, 19:30

    I hate the new layout.
    The old version was fine, but the new one sucks.

    Aaron – 17 July, 19:30
  800. apgold
    17 July, 19:30

    How can I retrieve my PMs? Where would I see my inbox and outbox?

    apgold – 17 July, 19:30
  801. sayu_x13
    17 July, 19:30

    screw it! even scrobbling isn’t working! i’m going on
    screw you

    sayu_x13 – 17 July, 19:30
  802. Surv
    17 July, 19:31

    Thanks but no thanks. Just don’t like it.

    Surv – 17 July, 19:31
  803. Rob Szarka
    17 July, 19:31

    There may be some cool new features hiding in there after I explore, but my first reaction is an unqualified YUCK! It’s got the charm of Facebook and the usability of Myspace…

    And, please, for the love of all that is holy, DON’T AUTOSTART MUSIC ON ME! At least, that’s what I assume the broken app in the upper right corner is trying to do…

    Really, guys, I hope it grows on me. But right now I feel like an old friend just died.

    Rob Szarka – 17 July, 19:31
  804. End
    17 July, 19:31

    Bring back the old version, the new one is horrible. I feel sorry for anyone who has donated.

    End – 17 July, 19:31
  805. julia
    17 July, 19:31

    hate it!

    julia – 17 July, 19:31
  806. mixIt
    17 July, 19:32

    Sorry, but I hate the new look. The dashboard aka home page is so crippled!

    mixIt – 17 July, 19:32
  807. Wonderful
    17 July, 19:32

    Great, this is not even working. When I’m trying to log in, this says “502 Bad Gateway”
    Thank you! This new site is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful – 17 July, 19:32
  808. lover
    17 July, 19:32

    The new layout looks terrible, to be honest. There’s too much white and it simply looks scattered and not well thought out. The old look was simple and very easy to navigate around. However, I’m sure the new site could be tweaked to return it back to it’s wonderful user friendliness. lover – 17 July, 19:32
  809. the Mighty Scanatron!
    17 July, 19:32

    yeah! your new interface suck! I’m sory guys, but it’s true.

    P.S. markov nikita – chmo!

    the Mighty Scanatron! – 17 July, 19:32
  810. Saru
    17 July, 19:32

    I wanna see the tag cloud of a track.

    Saru – 17 July, 19:32
  811. Tammy
    17 July, 19:32

    Some great new features, but would have been nice to ease into it. Think of that old frog in hot water analogy. made it fun to listen to music again. I truly love some of the new features, and I hope there will be some tweaking over the next few days, but this was a bit much to have all at once. That was a fuck-up.

    “from the eyes of a web designer”?? What about “from the eyes of a LAST.FM USER”??

    Please, I beg you, at least let me re-arrange the boxes. I hate that this looks like a social networking site now and allowing us to move the boxes around will only make you more like Facebook, but I truly can not see the point of having my Library above my Top Artists. Also, I’d like to have my user info on the left, not the right.. perhaps you could also allow us to change the width of the different columns? Also, is there an option to disable artists from automatically adding to the library? I really don’t need every band that I’ve ever played 1 track from in my Library.

    Tammy – 17 July, 19:32
  812. Shadster
    17 July, 19:33

    I knew this was going to happen… I had a beta-preview to this “facelift”

    Somehow, the design doesn’t work. Please make an option to have the old one back.

    Shadster – 17 July, 19:33
  813. John
    17 July, 19:33

    Please!!! Let me choose if i want the old or the new one, I really don’t like this!

    John – 17 July, 19:33
  814. bront
    17 July, 19:33


    bront – 17 July, 19:33
  815. MUSTANG
    17 July, 19:33

    Friends+shouts > listening data..
    (->top15 and top 200 oeverall instead of top50 and top400)

    …CONGRATS CBS! You have your own MYSPACE now.

    I guess that now we can’t really expect anything good from Expect more ads, and networking/social/show-offing stuff.

    RIP audioscrobbling.

    MUSTANG – 17 July, 19:33
  816. kiijo
    17 July, 19:33

    I’m a subscriber, so I’ve been able to compare the previous version with this new one for quite some time. It really does grow on you after a little while.

    Don’t worry about everyone BAAAAAAAAWING. The initial reaction to any major change is invariably always met with dismay. It’s human nature. They’ll calm down eventually.

    Thanks for all the hard work you lot have put into this. It’s a much better design.

    kiijo – 17 July, 19:33
  817. Filip
    17 July, 19:34

    15 Top ??!!
    No weekly artists ??!!
    It’s not a minor mistake, this is a global fuck up big time, come on guys, sober up !! !!

    Filip – 17 July, 19:34
  818. fuck you
    17 July, 19:35

    You’re not facebook, retards. Change it back.

    fuck you – 17 July, 19:35
  819. matthew
    17 July, 19:35

    If I can’t play my playlist without subscribing, I will stop using this site.

    matthew – 17 July, 19:35
  820. ads
    17 July, 19:35


    ads – 17 July, 19:35
  821. Odinko
    17 July, 19:36

    Ouch, this new is so stupid!!! I hate it, please, give me the old one back!!!

    Odinko – 17 July, 19:36
  822. Bruno
    17 July, 19:36

    I like it!

    Bruno – 17 July, 19:36
  823. Mike Robinson
    17 July, 19:36

    The new layout is great. I know I had my concerns in the beta but it is much better now. Bravo guys!

    The hate comments gives me so much de-ja-vu. Remember when the last design came out? Lots of people bashing it as soon as it came out, not giving it a chance. It is no different this time. Browse away from the blog post, spend a good few days to a couple of weeks browsing around and checking everything out, then make your judgement.

    Great job team :)

    Mike Robinson – 17 July, 19:36
  824. LaBoofa
    17 July, 19:36

    :( I really preferred the old design…looked really sleek and friendly, but now it just looks like an annoying blog.
    And where’s the recent visitors bit?! I like to know who’s been stalking me!

    LaBoofa – 17 July, 19:36
  825. BrancA BR
    17 July, 19:37

    It´s too slow today!:(
    Looks good!Have many new things!
    But the old layout was better!

    BrancA BR – 17 July, 19:37
  826. peter
    17 July, 19:37

    Good work.

    peter – 17 July, 19:37
  827. alexander hendrix
    17 July, 19:37

    houston, we have a problem.

    when i came to know one month ago i was very excited and subscribed to the service.

    i’m a business man, and i’m interested in extending my musical experience and sharing it with others.

    i’m sorry to say that besides new great features the new design doesn’t seem to support me neither in my serious intentions nor in my playful ones.

    we all know that netiquette is not the usual tone on the web. people just put their low and passing emotions into words that remain too long.

    it doesn’t need to be like this. but you have to listen carefully to your clients. and that’s mostly not about what and how they say it, but finding out what is the organizing pattern in this early user feedback and even more : what is not articulated but is important to understand.

    it’s not about ‘painting it black’, and it’s not about the ‘classic design button’. this is only the surface information here.

    i say this because i’m a designer and usability expert having worked for global players, and i feel i might understand your current situation. ignorance wouldn’t help at this moment. please rebrief your usabililty designers clearly what you wanted to achieve, what is your ULTIMATE GOAL with this repositioning, and it would be nice, also to tell it frankly to us, the people.

    because i don’t get it. i understand you do want and do need to earn money with this service, no question about it. and you’re passionate to give a revolutionary service to the world.

    now being completely open about your intended strategy with this redesign might be a great move, and we might eventually find out how to work this situation out.

    please do yourself this favor. don’t waste time.

    in loyalty,

    alexander hendrix – 17 July, 19:37
  828. Machiventa
    17 July, 19:37 just keeps getting worse. gave up my subscription a few months ago due to you guys dropping multi-tag/artist radio… pretty sure i’ll never renew unless there’s something worthwhile in that.

    Machiventa – 17 July, 19:37
  829. ChocolateElvis
    17 July, 19:38

    Very very dissapointed with new design of :-( sorry guys!

    ChocolateElvis – 17 July, 19:38
  830. Todd H. Page
    17 July, 19:38

    As everyone else said…. its far more cluttered and annoying. Please, give it back. Thanks.

    Todd H. Page – 17 July, 19:38
  831. alef0
    17 July, 19:39

    I understand the necessity to upgrade the site visuals, but.. is there an option to use the old skin?


    alef0 – 17 July, 19:39
  832. phirun
    17 July, 19:39

    to those who think its a question of getting used to it – simply: no. taste wont change. its unbearable ugly to me, and as you see, to loads of others, too.

    phirun – 17 July, 19:39
  833. Simon
    17 July, 19:39

    People always complain when a web site changes! Give it a chance before you start winging!

    Simon – 17 July, 19:39
  834. z-o-m-b-i-e
    17 July, 19:40

    ok I can cope with a change but it really did not have to look like every other tacky site out there. It was all nice and simple messages was easy and i could “paint it black”
    Oh and the other IMPORTANT thing is

    Not impressed

    z-o-m-b-i-e – 17 July, 19:40
  835. snaucywitz
    17 July, 19:40

    hey, how do i get the old layout back?

    snaucywitz – 17 July, 19:40
  836. blah
    17 July, 19:40

    who would subscribe to this???

    blah – 17 July, 19:40
  837. sunkissed_me
    17 July, 19:40

    bring back the old version! or at least let us choose if we want the old or the new! i

    sunkissed_me – 17 July, 19:40
  838. _yolanda_
    17 July, 19:40

    I liked the old one, too. Actually I loved it! It was way more practical and smart and I don’t think it was time for such changes yet. Where did the Weekly Top Artists go? For me, this was the coolest thing about the site and now where is it?

    I really think it would be nice if we had the option to keep the old layout. Please!!!

    _yolanda_ – 17 July, 19:40
  839. Tucker
    17 July, 19:41

    I can’t log in anymore. I get an error every time. Booooo!!! I like the new layout though.

    Tucker – 17 July, 19:41
  840. Succubuss
    17 July, 19:41

    Only 200 artists? 500 were not enough. I guess I’ll have to quit, its becomming useless

    Succubuss – 17 July, 19:41
  841. VampireQuicky
    17 July, 19:42

    What the hell is THIS? Sorry guys, but this new interface is just awful… and ugly. And what’s that “top 15 chartlist”? It’s totally useless! PLEASE BRING THE GOOD OLD LAST.FM BACK! I can’t even navigate in this one…

    VampireQuicky – 17 July, 19:42
  842. CC
    17 July, 19:42

    It is less about music now, and more about trying to be a facebook clone!

    It (largely) sucks!

    CC – 17 July, 19:42
  843. D
    17 July, 19:42

    How about some user testing? Proper user testing, not just letting a few people have beta access to it. Get people to try the new layout and perform tasks and see how easily they perform those tasks. Make sure you try and identify as many bugs as possible before releasing a product!

    At very least perform some heuristic evaluations.

    Whatever you do, don’t just slap a new interface into the user’s face and expect them to love it. Give the user some option to still use the older version. At very least give the user some warning. I refreshed and all of a sudden a new layout.

    This is embarrasing to say the least. I am very much considering not using this website anymore.

    D – 17 July, 19:42
  844. Ruben
    17 July, 19:44

    Nice, looks great, but doesn’t work like we used to be…

    Like all the users before me: PLEASE MAKE A SWITCH BUTTON!!!! New features are cool, but within the old lay-out!

    Ruben – 17 July, 19:44
  845. h.
    17 July, 19:44

    JOIN !!
    JOIN !!
    JOIN !!
    JOIN !!
    JOIN !!
    JOIN !!

    h. – 17 July, 19:44
  846. tom
    17 July, 19:44

    I much prefer the pen-and-paper version of where’s the switch to go back to the ink-based one? The internet sucks.

    tom – 17 July, 19:44
  847. 131171
    17 July, 19:44


    131171 – 17 July, 19:44
  848. yumechu
    17 July, 19:44

    I know you guys worked really hard on this, but I just don’t like the “modern&cool” look. I like simple. Sorry. It would be lovely if there was a way to switch to the old one.

    yumechu – 17 July, 19:44
  849. ivy
    17 July, 19:45

    looks great but.. where have the recomendations from friends & recommendations from groups gone off too?….

    ivy – 17 July, 19:45
  850. pr_gagarina_167
    17 July, 19:45

    exactly – let us choose the layout.
    i think new one is absolutely ugly!

    pr_gagarina_167 – 17 July, 19:45
  851. kikil
    17 July, 19:45

    Is there a reason why, for those of us who recently deleted our charts, the old numbers have been restored? I just deleted mine again about six hours ago but damn it, I want a clean slate.

    Not to mention, everything is so much more spread out and cluttered. It was nicer when it was in three columns and compact.

    kikil – 17 July, 19:45
  852. Christine
    17 July, 19:46

    Wow, I really loved the old, recommended it to everyone around me, admired it as a great example of design, usability and how Web 2.0 is supposed to feel.

    The new site is just wrong in every way. Design is always a matter of taste – I don’t like the new one, way too much whitespace, no contrast, ugly colors, but I can live with that. But the overall usability has gone downhill and that’s totally unacceptable and unnecessary. Why on earth did you do that?

    Christine – 17 July, 19:46
  853. rugiewit1
    17 July, 19:47

    Terrible. Setting are not functioning. Everything is much slower and too often I cannot open website. I don’t like it, tho.

    rugiewit1 – 17 July, 19:47
  854. wyziak
    17 July, 19:47

    everything works fine… can I get to the “music menager”?

    wyziak – 17 July, 19:47
  855. goatfukk
    17 July, 19:47


    goatfukk – 17 July, 19:47
  856. kaytea13
    17 July, 19:48

    I hate this, I want the old one back!!!

    kaytea13 – 17 July, 19:48
  857. empii
    17 July, 19:48

    Sometimes simple is better than extravagent overstreched new technologies and content. I liked the old one better, as much as i liked the one before the now old one… oh and it’s absolutely terrible slow. And it’s not my connection, as you can’t get anything faster in Germany…

    Sorry guys, as much as I respect your work, you should have stayed with the old layout and design. Sadly I got the feeling you won’t do that :/.

    empii – 17 July, 19:48
  858. jzep
    17 July, 19:48

    New Features are great… the problem is that the interface is fucking bullshit… why the fuck lastfm tries to be like facebook… i think this was a step backward and many users will leave lastfm. Besides in the description of the new site it says “We’ve been listening hard, trying out new ideas, and making tons of changes in response to your feedback” that’s completely false. If that was the case then you haven’t change the interface…it seems like everybody dislikes the new site

    jzep – 17 July, 19:48
  859. Ryan H
    17 July, 19:48

    i just started getting into it…with the other layout.
    …this one’s not nearly as sweet looking AND it’s not ‘scrobbling’ the music i’m jamming on. booo

    Ryan H – 17 July, 19:48
  860. Amanda
    17 July, 19:48

    Most of the new features are nice additions, but this new layout is not user-friendly. And it’s awfully busy, what with pictures nearly everywhere (like in our charts). Will let us opt for the old layout? Also, I’m not very fond of the shortening of charts on users’ pages (for example, overall artists charts are a mere— what? Six? Ick. What does that do for eclectics?)

    I appreciate all the hard work.

    Amanda – 17 July, 19:48
  861. Emily Williams
    17 July, 19:48

    Let me state this in the simplest way I can:

    1.) The layout looks so amateur it’s not even funny. I could do a better job in paint with a selection of 12 colors. Okay, so that was a pointless diatribe, and I realize that thousands of users insulting you guys aren’t going to accomplish a miracle today… But didn’t testing tell you ANYTHING?

    2.) You guys made it into the Time’s “Top 50 Websites.” You were obviously doing something right. Why would you guys want to do anything other than supplement the (formerly) great assets of your business?

    3.) The majority of users received no notification of this change, other than the shock they received when they logged in today. Even if people don’t like the layout, springing it on them (with no possible reversion back available yet) was a terrible decision. But I digress, since what’s done is done. Next time keep us, YOUR CUSTOMERS, informed. You say that you’ve listened to our complaints through the process of developing BETA, but the manner you have proceeded with leaves us feeling that our opinion is the last thing you guys care about. And without users, without data, there IS no

    4.) You reduced the amount of top artists? You changed it so that the overall artists is shown on default!? What happened to personalizing and individualizing our profiles!?!? Now everyone will have Radiohead as their top artists. How is that going to accomplish anything? “Oh, I want to look for a new artist! Uhm, er. I just got 50 results for Radiohead? BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS ABOUT THEM!” You’re just supporting corporate music in the worst sense.

    5.) Maybe we should work AS A WHOLE to create a list of the terrible maladies of BETA? The interface, the lost track titles, the lack of neighbors, the grossly horizontal and messy layout, the bad navigation, the too small/too large icons present EVERYWHERE, the repetative nature of the profiles (top artists shown through the “library” and a top 15 artists?), the lack of an optional pop-up player when playing a track, etc. etc. etc. but ALSO make a list of what we like. Then, we vote. Good ole’ Democracy! Then everyone gets their word in on every little aspect of the site. Instead of a couple of people volunteering for BETA testing (which shows strong bias statistically—let’s try to be as representationally accurate as we can).

    ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************
    NOTE: Just because we type ten repeated lines of insults and whining doesn’t mean staff will be able to do their job any better. I think by now they’ve figured out something is terribly wrong. Let’s at least try to be constructive, or the staff may just disregard all of these comments. ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************

    If our demands seem unjust, then PLEASE just give me back all of my scrobbling data and inbox messages, and no one will get hurt. Then I can proceed to Pandora or MOG (or some other crappy website I’ve been avoiding for years) and continue where I left off.

    Concerned listener,

    Emily Williams – 17 July, 19:48
  862. feck
    17 July, 19:49

    oh, what a sad day this is. another cool site gone, replaced by conformity. whoopedefuckingdoo.

    ok, on to the next cool site. anyone have any ideas? what’s the next ‘cause i’m out of here, you can have it. good luck. pat yourselves on the back.

    feck – 17 July, 19:49
  863. ellvind
    17 July, 19:49

    MySpace imitation!?

    The old one was waaaaaaay better! A lot more TRUE!


    ellvind – 17 July, 19:49
  864. kate m
    17 July, 19:49

    crying and whining.
    all these “you’ll get used to it”-people can fuck off. i will never get used to this and i really don’t WANT to. these big flashy pics kill me. i don’t want to look at my favourite bands and singers on photos all over my screen on here. if i wanted that i’d just do an image search on google. i thought was about MUSIC and LISTENING STATS, no brilliant image galleries of musicians floating the browser and a user info incl. pic which takes over the whole screen. OHMAN………. thanks for ruining my favourite website of all times.
    if you dont change it back, i’m gone forever.

    kate m – 17 July, 19:49
  865. Gaby
    17 July, 19:49

    Great work, but as many people want the old layout back it would be nice to add a sort of “switch to the classc view” button to make everyone happy, or maybe add some other color settings to it, like the black old one.

    Gaby – 17 July, 19:49
  866. EliteDivine
    17 July, 19:50

    Seriously… this new site/design is pretty lame…. 99 percent of the listeners dont like it….So Um… what are you going to do ? Isn’t the customer always right ?


    EliteDivine – 17 July, 19:50
  867. Ally
    17 July, 19:50

    I really hate it. I am not opposed to change but when it makes navigation more difficult by being slower then you have a problem. Others problems have already been stated such as the weekly charts, the dashboard, and cutting our tracks played and top 500 list.

    Ally – 17 July, 19:50
  868. little-j
    17 July, 19:51

    it’s super ugly, tacky, confusing and non functional
    charts are really bad
    could we have a button to switch to the old one?

    little-j – 17 July, 19:51
  869. Tontomente
    17 July, 19:52

    I don’t like this, the old setup was better.

    Tontomente – 17 July, 19:52
  870. repeatpattern
    17 July, 19:52

    I just wonder what happened to 10,000 of my plays…

    repeatpattern – 17 July, 19:52
  871. :(
    17 July, 19:52

    can some one tell me how to delete my account ?

    :( – 17 July, 19:52
  872. Nemelis
    17 July, 19:52

    Ok, nice. But I would like to be able to set my own background color (like in the old I could choose black, which I liked better than the red).

    And I miss my animated badger, enable animated gifs again, please.

    Nemelis – 17 July, 19:52
  873. John
    17 July, 19:53

    Official “Bring Back the Old” group on

    Spread the link to everyone you know that uses the site

    Official “Bring Back the Old” group on

    Spread the link to everyone you know that uses the site

    John – 17 July, 19:53
  874. Salman A
    17 July, 19:53

    This is a waste of time. You guys are ridiculous for making such a piece of shit update. Seriously, bring back the old one. This is beyond stupid.

    Salman A – 17 July, 19:53
  875. TheOddOne
    17 July, 19:54

    …are the country pages (and charts) still there?? I think I liked the old version better.

    TheOddOne – 17 July, 19:54
  876. MetalBerzerker
    17 July, 19:55

    I have to agree with everyone else. I would like an option to switch back to the last version.
    I personally dont’t bother with all the myspace and facebook like pages. I joined as music is my life, yet the new layout seems more designed towards competing with them. I loved being able to have conversations with people over shouts, being able to get peoples take on bands and new albums. So why would you put it towards the bottom of the page. PLEASE can we convert back to how it was.
    I know people are afraid of change but thats beacuse not all change is good.

    MetalBerzerker – 17 July, 19:55
  877. Carl
    17 July, 19:56

    I don’t like it.

    1. 15 top artist display doesn’t show enough of my musical taste. Make it possible to display top 50 again.

    2. I have a 10MBPS connection, and this takes way to long for even me to load.

    Not liking the new

    If there was another site that had a display like the old, I’d switch to it.

    Carl – 17 July, 19:56
  878. mnchkn
    17 July, 19:56

    I couldn’t care less about the layout, but it isn’t scrobbling!

    mnchkn – 17 July, 19:56
  879. HeatherGreenEye
    17 July, 19:56

    The new layout and the new generation thing sucks so hard! I can`t help but say everything is a terrible mess now…

    HeatherGreenEye – 17 July, 19:56
  880. lyght
    17 July, 19:57

    I respect the fact that you guys worked hard on this, but in all honesty, it’s terrible. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Well, NOW it’s broken.

    lyght – 17 July, 19:57
  881. LordXyonX
    17 July, 19:57

    This is kinda of Marmite, you either love it or hate it…And to be truthful, I really hate it. Sorry chaps!

    LordXyonX – 17 July, 19:57
  882. Momofunk
    17 July, 19:57

    Wow, reading this really brings back memories. I remember all the whining and crying about the “horrible” new site the last time did a redesign… and now that’s the design everyone wants back! Rather amusing, at least to me.

    I’m still getting used to the new look, but it’s not all that bad. I’m rather enjoying it so far.

    The couple criticisms I do have:

    1. Bring back recent visitors! That’s one of my favorite features of having a paid subscription and I was shocked to see that it had disappeared in the new design.

    2. The streaming music widget in the top right corner doesn’t work right. It will play one track and then stop, rather than playing through it as a playlist. I’m hoping this is broken, because if that’s “working as intended”, it’s poor design.

    3. Why the heck is the shoutbox clear down at the bottom of the page??? The whole point of is the social aspect of music, so why is communication with other people being buried under everything else? I hope that this changes or that we end up with the option to customize layout similar to iGoogle, where you can move the widgets around on the page based on your preference.

    Overall, I give it a B, with significant potential to move into A/A+ range with continued refinement and improvement. Great work, guys!

    Momofunk – 17 July, 19:57
  883. mike
    17 July, 19:57

    I like the new look, much slicker!

    mike – 17 July, 19:57
  884. Barty
    17 July, 19:57

    This is craptastic. Nothing works. The player says “oops, error connecting.”

    Barty – 17 July, 19:57
  885. Harryroberts
    17 July, 19:57

    I won’t listen the things I dislike with this new layout since they have all been listed many times over. The previous look to the site was perfect.

    You seriously need to look into the option of allowing users to select the old style or have this new blinding white page which is not user friendly at all.

    Harryroberts – 17 July, 19:57
  886. Laura
    17 July, 19:57

    I really don’t dig the new layout. Seems mostly everyone else feels the same… meh :/

    Laura – 17 July, 19:57
  887. T.Z.
    17 July, 19:58

    Tag Clouds were really cool.

    Please let us switch to a simpler layout (even if it’s not the old one exactly) but please don’t offer it only to subscribers. That would be the ultimate dick move.

    HOLYBANNERADS!! A Nextel ad just took up nearly the entire screen view on a friend’s profile. Front and center. Kinda makes the site feel like the #1 thing is posting ads.

    “Play” button is bigger than the actual artist name?? Seriously?

    I can get used to this, but it’s not preferable. I stopped using myspace because it was too clunky and had that silly “fancy” slick coding where everything seems like Java script. It was too fussy and slow. Please don’t make me hate using too!

    T.Z. – 17 July, 19:58
  888. Rachel
    17 July, 19:59

    The view all/edit tracks option isn’t working for me. my friend plugged his ipod into my computer and his tracks accidentally got scrobbled to my account, so i want to delete them, but when i click the trash can icon nothing happens.

    Rachel – 17 July, 19:59
  889. WD
    17 July, 20:00

    i hate the new version, it’s like facebook, which i hate too…
    you should add a feature to choose between versions!

    WD – 17 July, 20:00
  890. Jim Sarek
    17 July, 20:00

    I don’t like this new layout. It’s very ugly looking and awfully clunky.

    There should at least be an option where you can revert back to “classic” design.

    Jim Sarek – 17 July, 20:00
  891. Perry
    17 July, 20:00

    Got to agree on many points. Search function is practically useless and site overall seems much less practical. Weekly charts? That was always something to look forward to. Very nice to have real-time charts though. Recommendations seem much more realistic too, but for pitys sake the older one was simply much easier to use.

    Perry – 17 July, 20:00
  892. Sam
    17 July, 20:01

    PLEASE LET US SWITCH BACK TO THE OLD ONE!!!! :( I want weekly top artists and 50 top artists on my profile instead of 15!!!! :’(

    Sam – 17 July, 20:01
  893. wat
    17 July, 20:01

    Love the new features, but the layout? AWFUL. You knew the beta testers mostly hated it, so why did you go live with it? I’m SO glad I stopped subscribing months ago.

    wat – 17 July, 20:01
  894. you
    17 July, 20:02

    1. You suck @ LogicDreamer
    2. Can I haz old version bax plz.

    you – 17 July, 20:02
  895. Augusto_Palma
    17 July, 20:02

    Horrible new site, seriously, IT sucks bigtime, I have wasted my time this morning trying to check whatever, it looks ugly, juvenile, it seems that MUSIC is no longer the main issue of, we have “developed” into a pathetic copycat of myspace/facebook/whatever-stupid-“friend” web. Seriously guys, bring back the old, at least the option. I won’t like this never, I hate the player, it slows the web a lot. In a word,
    S U C K S.

    Augusto_Palma – 17 July, 20:02
  896. John John
    17 July, 20:02

    I don’t like the new layout either. There used to be a search by name, album, track, tag, etc. etc. function that is gone. I particularly used search by track search function a lot.

    John John – 17 July, 20:02
  897. Brian Combe
    17 July, 20:03

    I prefered the previous incarnation.

    I now have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see if I have any shouts.

    I can’t switch to black and it looks a real mess.

    Please either revert back to the old style or allow it as an option, these changes make the site more difficult to use and I’m not sure if I’d continue to subscribe if it’s going to be such a mess.

    Sorry but sometimes change does not equal improvement.

    Brian Combe – 17 July, 20:03
  898. spee
    17 July, 20:03

    Yeah, leave us the choice!

    What was a useful service is now an awfully navigated ugly thing. Too much of extras not enough of the core things we loved it for.

    Top 15 charts rarely have any changes in them for most people,you know, what’s the use then? And this ugly library thing basically ruins the profile page. Lose it. Just really people, it’s awful. I’ve been on for three years now and loved it dearly for many reasons and I don’t ever want to see what I just stumbled upon anymore. Don’t think I’ll be visiting if it stays the way it is now. A pity.

    spee – 17 July, 20:03
  899. Matthew Ogle
    17 July, 20:03

    We’re still working on getting the servers back in to action, but quick tip:

    If you click the ‘gear’ button next to the charts on your profile page, you can edit its settings, including how many items to display. (Like 50!)

    Matthew Ogle – 17 July, 20:03
  900. Suvojit
    17 July, 20:03

    Btw, where are my friends’ recommendations gone? I can only see’s recommendations.

    Suvojit – 17 July, 20:03
  901. ARrrgh!
    17 July, 20:03

    Older version was much faster, and better. This one sucks, and I can’t use pandora cos I’m outside the USA… What alternatives are there?

    ARrrgh! – 17 July, 20:03
  902. Name
    17 July, 20:04

    I don’t like this lay-out, I don’t like it at all. It does’t necessarily need to have the old version back, but atleast let people choose themselves (like earlier you could choose paint it black/red.. just let there be 3 options now!).

    Name – 17 July, 20:04
  903. h.
    17 July, 20:05

    h. – 17 July, 20:05
  904. Lara
    17 July, 20:06

    I’m not digging this obnoxious new look. switch back to the old one please.

    Lara – 17 July, 20:06
  905. kaitlin
    17 July, 20:06

    i hate it.
    i want the old one back.

    kaitlin – 17 July, 20:06
  906. Anca
    17 July, 20:06

    I really think we should have the possibility to switch to the older version!

    Now it has the look of hi5 and all the other extrapopular personal websites.

    Anca – 17 July, 20:06
  907. Tim F.
    17 July, 20:06

    I’m not sure I’m ready to comment one way or the other on the design, but what happened to all my old plays/scrobbled tracks? I went from a few thousand to 1800 with the new roll out?

    Tim F. – 17 July, 20:06
  908. F.C.
    17 July, 20:06

    I wish there was an option to choose between the old and the new layout! I really like the big Artist pics but I really don’t like the entire layout! The shoutbox is at the bottom, which sux, i loved having it as a tiny box on the side. And where is that beautiful red/pink color??? And the dashboard link??? Bring the old layout back!!

    F.C. – 17 July, 20:06
  909. Damaramu
    17 July, 20:06

    Can’t say I’m too fond of the layout. You’re forced to scroll down a bit too much for my tastes.

    I’m missing the old layout already.

    Damaramu – 17 July, 20:06
  910. YoshiGreen
    17 July, 20:07

    + Recent Activites. Very nice!
    + Top Artists & Tracks look very fine now
    + All shouts on my profile a available to see

    —— “Paint it black” vanished. Hope that will be fixed!!!!

    - Why is there so much space for “About you” but the shoutbox is so far down. I want to talk and not to tell people my CV :(

    - The Navigation on the left side. Put it back into the head, it takes to much space.

    - The library looks fine but takes a lot of space – move it down and put the shoutbox up

    - The recents tracks takes to much space with 2 lines. Make it smaller please

    - Where are my neighbours. Why not at the profile page?

    Nice idea but it’s to “big” I have so much to scroll to see the important things :(((((

    My 5 cent

    YoshiGreen – 17 July, 20:07
  911. AlatarielS
    17 July, 20:07


    - is was really fun to track the tagging process, one could “play back” some kind of listening history by looking at the tagged-date of the songs – now they’re listed in some random fashion … granted, this is MINOR compared to the other issues!

    - I do NOT want the “track recently done stuff” information slapped into my face (or anyone elses for that matter) – unneccessary!

    - but I DO want to have the “recent visitors” and shoutbox further up the page – a LOT of scrolling less …

    - faaaaaaaaaaaar too much “javascript” stuff going on … and flash …

    - what’s that “third party programs” for – and most importantly WILL THAT WORK FOR US LINUX USERS?

    - and the nice compact Dashboard-like feature??? with nice direct clickable links where you didn’t have to wade through tons of clicks???

    - where have the ALBUM PICTURES gone???? that was SO cool … Really gave a fast overview of your “style” easy and compact … band pictures is simply NOT as much telling!

    well, one cool thing in a way is the library … but it too should be viewable in a more compact format … with ALBUM PICTURES!!!! smaller ones preferably – but definitiely not some HUGE generic band images!!!

    AlatarielS – 17 July, 20:07
  912. thejebber
    17 July, 20:07

    Checked the forums and couldn’t find an official staff comment on the problem of users with massive amounts of missing plays. My play count went from 11,000+ to only 4,000+. Can we expect this to be fixed soon? I’m not interested in getting used to the new site until my data is correct.

    Thank you.

    thejebber – 17 July, 20:07
  913. kriss
    17 July, 20:08

    omg… this layout is blinding and ugly….. please let use switch back.

    kriss – 17 July, 20:08
  914. kool-thing
    17 July, 20:08

    i like the new features and everything, but the old site had a nice feel about it, it felt like you were close to the music – but this one has a feel of distance i dont like.

    i think its pretty cool, but i think it needs a little tweaking.

    kool-thing – 17 July, 20:08
  915. snaucywitz
    17 July, 20:08

    so this version is slow as ballz….and it deleted a bunch of my plays?


    smooth move guys.

    snaucywitz – 17 July, 20:08
  916. hawkse
    17 July, 20:08

    As a subscriber that just renewed for a second year I’ll have a year to get used to the new design but there better be some major improvement during that year.

    I just can’t believe how ugly and clumsy the new design is. Every feature takes up twice as much space but provides only half (or less) the amount of information as the old layout did. To add insult to injury, the font size seems to have shrunk to accommodate more whitespace.

    And – I have to scroll, scroll, scroll.

    Also, on my profile page I’d prefer it if the PERSONAL, social stuff would actually be in center – not some ugly library, an enormous player and an oversize recently played tracks. Jeez. Why force anyone to scroll down, look right to find any personal information like about me, friends, shoutbox & groups.

    The added functionality is of course welcome but the discoverability of the new interface SUCKS!

    The old interface was a bit arcane, yes, but the dashboard really managed to pack all the important stuff in one place. Now… can’t see anyone really enjoying this endless scrolling around and using the ugly new player.

    Sorry, but this has to be one of the crappiest redesigns I’ve ever seen.

    However, I really LIKE the nice, red paint in the header.

    That said. Please revert to the old design while you fix this new, broken garbage. (Otoh, can’t polish a turd.)

    hawkse – 17 July, 20:08
  917. bazzo
    17 July, 20:08

    I really appreciate all your work but frankly I hate the new design.

    bazzo – 17 July, 20:08
  918. stu
    17 July, 20:09

    I want the old version, this sucks so bad.

    The designer of this piece of crap needs naming and shaming…..

    How to take a piece of almost-flawless work and make it look like every other thing. It’s like a piece of manufactured plastic now.

    If this was a change for the better I’d be all up for it, but this…….

    I used to advertise to friends and people I met, no-more…..

    stu – 17 July, 20:09
  919. squeezewax
    17 July, 20:09

    ÜBER UGLY :(

    squeezewax – 17 July, 20:09
  920. zirafica
    17 July, 20:10

    i want the old versiiiiooon back!!! this one’s too myspacey and facebookish!!!

    give us a button to convert!!!

    zirafica – 17 July, 20:10
  921. Periscio
    17 July, 20:11

    This is a completely involution.

    The future it arrived long ago. But you guys, they’ve stagnated in the time.

    The new site looks like a really cheap blog.

    Periscio – 17 July, 20:11
  922. skylarkza
    17 July, 20:11

    Oh no! I didn’t even know that there was a beta version. :(

    Both things that made me think that was the coolest thing since sliced bread are gone!

    I do NOT want to have to go to another page and clicky-clicky options to see last week’s top artists.

    And where the heck did the mosaic of pictures next to recently listened tracks go? I used to keep open just to watch it change everytime a new song was played!

    I could probably get used to the new format, BUT you then need to give us an option to personalize what gets shown on our profile page. Only 15 top artists? That’s annoying. Why the heck is the shoutbox at the bottom of the page? I thought the point was for me to see new messages from my friends quickly?

    If the appeal is these other features that are yet to come, you should have gotten them working BEFORE switching to give people something to be excited about, because right now the site just looks ugly, generic and lacking personality.

    skylarkza – 17 July, 20:11
  923. Moioui
    17 July, 20:12


    Now I have to subscirbe << That’s only cuz I loved my playlist.



    FIX IT.


    is pissed that the pps tottaly ignored all the people that said they hated the beta version before it got relased

    Moioui – 17 July, 20:12
  924. TB
    17 July, 20:12

    I hate it. It’s loading so SLOW. I can’t even get it to load on FF3. _

    TB – 17 July, 20:12
  925. yopizza
    17 July, 20:12

    Haha, this is soo normal that everybody hate it now and it will take you a while to realise how much better it is now. May all of you slow-minded people live and learn with a delay that will keep bright minds like folks safe from the uselessness of your existence (including your comments here and your charts). Yes, you know when you like Radiohead so much, you’re really not that bright.

    GREat frigging work guys! The new site is simply awesome! Genius!

    yopizza – 17 July, 20:12
  926. LisaCharly
    17 July, 20:13

    Originally I hated the new layout, but a lot of the new features are very nice. I wish shouts were moved up and to the left, though, as at the bottom they feel like an utter waste, and they previously were one of the best parts of the site. Maybe recent activity could be bumped down? God knows nobody’s really interested in that. It’d also be cool to replace the Library (useless feature) with the weekly top artists chart, instead of having to choose between that and overall charts.

    Also, everyone, YOU CAN GET YOUR USEPAGE TO DISPLAY YOUR TOP 50 CHARTS. Just go to your profile, click the little cog symbol to the top right of the chart, and fiddle with the Settings.

    LisaCharly – 17 July, 20:13
  927. Lars
    17 July, 20:13

    I have to chime in and say that I don’t at all see the usefulness of the library. PLEASE make it optional, or preferrably remove it from the profile page altogether. And put the shoutbox back where it used to be.

    Overall, the layout seems cluttered and unorganized now – it looks like a tasteless crossbreed of MySpace and Facebook =(

    Lars – 17 July, 20:13
  928. Wildean
    17 July, 20:14

    I’ve been using since 2004.
    I can happily state that I like the latest version. I am very thankful for the instant updating of the songs.

    Wildean – 17 July, 20:14
  929. DrKolossos
    17 July, 20:15

    Arr, I want the old format back, please. I used the new version now for some hours now, and i think that it’s a step backwards.

    DrKolossos – 17 July, 20:15
  930. Ramseus
    17 July, 20:15

    I want my top 50 charts back please.

    Ramseus – 17 July, 20:15
  931. badgergravling
    17 July, 20:15

    I’m guessing the slowness is down to server problems, and the new look is quite nice…

    The only thing I don’t like is taking 2 clicks and load times to add a new song to my library…means sitting around waiting, rather than getting back to listening to new artists and spending money on their music…

    badgergravling – 17 July, 20:15
  932. kauzlaric
    17 July, 20:15

    I like this new thing but it just doesent work it’s slow like hell and I can’t play radio it could be great but Now I can not use IIIIIIIIT

    kauzlaric – 17 July, 20:15
  933. broken_sync
    17 July, 20:16

    Don’t like it. Too fussy. I just want a plain simple list of what I have been listening to. I’m just not interested in the other feature.

    The option to change it back to the old skin would be nice the new site does not meet my needs.

    broken_sync – 17 July, 20:16
  934. Sid
    17 July, 20:16

    I’m very impressed with the changes — I must confess, I never liked the look of the old site. The new one’s much more elegant.

    The only problem I see with it right now is the speed, but I trust you’ll iron these minor issues out.

    Sid – 17 July, 20:16
  935. ti83
    17 July, 20:16

    sorry for this negative feedback after all your work, but I’ve got to admit, part of the reason for’s success was because of the previous format. I would not have joined if it looked like it does now in the beta version. It’s too spread out and doesn’t work as well. All you have to do is make an option for the older one.

    ti83 – 17 July, 20:16
  936. toast
    17 July, 20:17

    I’m all for updates but this is tremendously clumsy.

    EVERYTHING used to be accessible from a single screen at a glance.

    The new layout feels like I need a 24” widescreen to make it useful. There’s crap everywhere. Condense!

    toast – 17 July, 20:17
  937. Beaumain
    17 July, 20:17

    Without weekly chart and without top-50 charts, without reply tracker, without dashboard, and with such a slow work there will be nothing for me in

    Beaumain – 17 July, 20:17
  938. ioana
    17 July, 20:17


    ioana – 17 July, 20:17
  939. Gillian
    17 July, 20:17

    I agree. I think it’s clear that nothing is going to be done about this monumental disaster; it almost seems as if whoever advised them were out to sabotage a very successful brand (it’s not an unknown practise.) For those of us who know that LastFM will NOT rectify this PLEASE give us back our scrobbling data, messages, etc. so that we can go elsewhere. Those of us who have paid will, or course, ask for a refund that we will not receive so please don’t make it too painful for those of us who wish to leave quietly, in disgust and amazement at your idiocy, and PLEASE GIVE US OUR DATA BACK!

    Gillian – 17 July, 20:17
  940. apple-seed
    17 July, 20:17

    I HATE IT. it’s way uglier than the older one.

    apple-seed – 17 July, 20:17
  941. meanmrmustard
    17 July, 20:18

    This sucks. Why’d you have to make it look like Facebook? So lame.

    meanmrmustard – 17 July, 20:18
  942. applescruff1953
    17 July, 20:18

    Dudes & dudettes, You have really messed up a good thing. Most everything has already been said above. This is not an improved site. This is terrible. Try again or at least put it back the way it was. It is not likely that i will re-subscribe if it still sucks this bad next spring.

    applescruff1953 – 17 July, 20:18
  943. Chelsea
    17 July, 20:19

    love: live updating charts; the fact that a bunch of my plays that weren’t added for “spam protection” HAVE been added; “now listening” friends; the library

    hate: the shoutbox at the bottom is too much like a Facebook wall; “recent activity” is just a mini-feed, which I hate on Facebook too; 15 top artists & tracks is too few; the recently played tracks section is more cluttered; I can’t find anything anymore; the players don’t work half the time; the old site looked a lot cleaner & was easier to use; the fact that there isn’t an option to use the old site; similar artists & tags on artist pages aren’t as accessible;

    Chelsea – 17 July, 20:19
  944. ayeayes
    17 July, 20:20

    Yeah, what everyone else said.
    I’d just join in the mass-flaming…..

    ayeayes – 17 July, 20:20
  945. felipekrieg
    17 July, 20:20

    I prefer the old version, but with library and real time charts :D

    felipekrieg – 17 July, 20:20
  946. ioana
    17 July, 20:20


    ioana – 17 July, 20:20
  947. wan
    17 July, 20:20

    new version is a… SHIT, I really hated =/

    wan – 17 July, 20:20
  948. jojjoo
    17 July, 20:21

    It looks better – not bad. Good job.

    jojjoo – 17 July, 20:21
  949. geepee
    17 July, 20:21

    shuut up the new layout is nice :o
    the other one was just a bit too shiny

    geepee – 17 July, 20:21
  950. danhibiki
    17 July, 20:21

    I used to be addict. now with the new layout I’ll probably do something useful. so Thank you!!

    (I regained my life)

    danhibiki – 17 July, 20:21
  951. phreek_
    17 July, 20:21

    dear developers!


    this one is ugly as hell.
    you call this upgrade?
    i’d call it downgrade.

    >>>> BACK TO THE 90s. <<<<

    phreek_ – 17 July, 20:21
  952. Becky
    17 July, 20:22

    the logo looks terrible, too. can you please at least give us an option to use the old layout? this makes me cringe.

    Becky – 17 July, 20:22
  953. Dazzy
    17 July, 20:22

    Sorry, but it is terrible. Too much white space, looks crap at high resolutions too.

    Bring back the old design.

    Dazzy – 17 July, 20:22
  954. Rob Szarka
    17 July, 20:23

    OK, I’ve poked around a bit more, though it’s been frustrating with the site performing so poorly right now…

    Some things I like so far:

    1. The “unique to this group” feature for group charts, which I suggested ages ago and thought had been forgotten. Very cool.

    2. The “library” looks like it could grow to be useful, and maybe even a reason to visit instead of when I’m away from home.

    3. The tag wiki is a nice addition.

    None of these things required a radical redesign, though. :(

    Lots of things are broken or missing. A few off the top of my head:

    1. For “unique to this group” charts, the number of listeners disappears—probably the same color as the graph, but I didn’t actually check the stylesheet.

    2. In groups, all users seemed to get counted as banned and pending users, as well. I hope this is only cosmetic…

    3. In groups I lead, I can no longer find a way to see when a member joined. PLEASE fix this! When I can, I like to welcome new members of the group, and I’m sure other group leaders do, too.

    And, finally, while I agree with some specific criticisms above, such as the shoutbox being misplaced at the bottom, I think I can sum up what I truly hate about this new design. And, in fact, it’s what I hated about the previous revision, but only more so, and without a way to opt out… Here it is: THE NEW INTERFACE IS CLUTTERED WITH GRAPHICS THAT TAKE UP SPACE THAT USED TO HOLD ACTUAL INFORMATION! If you didn’t slap up huge graphics for the library and shoutbox userpics, and waste a lot of space with the left-side gutter, we would actually still have room for our top 50 artists and tracks.

    I think the biggest change that I hate is the loss of the weekly artists and dropping top artists from 50 to 15. For someone with my broad tastes, 15 all-time artists isn’t representative at all.

    Rob Szarka – 17 July, 20:23
  955. lkz
    17 July, 20:23

    It’s still fucking horrible.

    lkz – 17 July, 20:23
  956. IIllIIIllIlIIlI
    17 July, 20:23

    the next generation?

    pls bring back the old layout(or make a redesign).

    IIllIIIllIlIIlI – 17 July, 20:23
  957. whatsinaname
    17 July, 20:23

    This is nothing but an eyesore.

    whatsinaname – 17 July, 20:23
  958. John John
    17 July, 20:23


    John John – 17 July, 20:23
  959. kevin
    17 July, 20:23


    kevin – 17 July, 20:23
  960. Carl
    17 July, 20:24

    Just thought I’d take the time to post again how hard the new sucks.

    Carl – 17 July, 20:24
  961. Peter
    17 July, 20:25

    Sorry guys, but I gotta agree with most comments here… this new layout is UGLY! Looks like a cheap myspace layout.

    The old layout and page organization was great…!

    Peter – 17 July, 20:25
  962. Jochentje
    17 July, 20:25

    The new layout is sad! I dont like it at all.. and the charts are from the medievals? I had 45000 songs like 2months ago! Give me the old lay-out and current stats back! was great so why you guys have to change it?

    Jochentje – 17 July, 20:25
  963. alex
    17 July, 20:25

    i like it overall, then again i already got used to it in 6 weeks of beta :p

    3 issues: – need paint it black back asap! – put the tagclouds back on the main artist pages, it was a great way to check out if something is even worth giving it a try – make the boxes on the profile draggable. i don’t care about e.g. the activity feed, so i don’t really want it that far up the layout

    alex – 17 July, 20:25
  964. AlatarielS
    17 July, 20:26

    and it seems that the last 15 of my 115 tags aren’t accessible either :( – they aren’t in the cloud and I can’t get page 2 of the list version – I only get the cloud …

    I really really do wish they would have notified us about the upcoming change so that one had been able to MAKE A BACKUP of stuff important to oneself!!!!

    AlatarielS – 17 July, 20:26
  965. ShadowStaarr
    17 July, 20:26

    I don’t hate the new layout. The only suggestion I have is bringing back the “Paint it Black” button, as many people have already asked, and it’s already being worked on. Although, it would be nice to have other color options as well.

    ShadowStaarr – 17 July, 20:26
  966. sawyer
    17 July, 20:27

    this is so bad.

    i can’t find a single “improvement”. is designed to provide INFORMATION. when it gets harder to see that information (weekly charts, what friends are jamming, etc.) the site looses functionality.

    this isn’t facebook. no need for the shoutbox to get more space on the page. it’s about the music, so give us our old layout back.

    sawyer – 17 July, 20:27
  967. StudioElectro
    17 July, 20:27


    The music-starved masses are withering at the base of your server rack.

    I’ll check back when you have this straightened out.

    Meanwhile, I guess it’s off to Radio IO for me.

    StudioElectro – 17 July, 20:27
  968. Preacher^
    17 July, 20:27

    I don’t appreciate the work you’ve put into this. You should’ve consulted someone with UI interface experience. The usability has regressed so much that it is simply ridiculous.

    Preacher^ – 17 July, 20:27
  969. IdleThoughts
    17 July, 20:28

    Paint It, Black.

    Don’t make us take you out the back of the shelter shed and give you a good kicking! ; )

    IdleThoughts – 17 July, 20:28
  970. Rob Szarka
    17 July, 20:29

    BTW, my comments above apply to the layout with “fewer images please” checked. I can only imagine how horrible it is with graphics in the charts, too. Though I see that the most recent track now gets a graphic, anyway.. :(

    At the same time, I’ve got to say to everyone who wants “the old one back”, that’s not going to happen. Obviously, this is a javascript-heavy site, and the developers aren’t going to go back and implement all the new features for the old design and maintain them side-by-side. Maybe if we can articulate why this current revision is full of fail we can help them move forward…

    Rob Szarka – 17 July, 20:29
  971. macuilxochitl
    17 July, 20:29

    @cris totally correct. the boohooing is not constructive and should stop. this version is here to stay and our constructive and mature feedback is required to improve it.

    ++ packed with more features and has the potential to be much more customizable. viewing listening statistics also got a lot more interesting. those are GREAT improvements ++

    — degraded aesthetic (which is easily remedied…I hope!):
    1) like others have said, there’s too much white & grey. I’m all for ‘paint it black’ approach, or at least options to personalize the look and feel like skins. The header with logo is ugly.

    2) wasted space and non-intuitive layout. not as user friendly as the last version. Upon accessing the site, I was surprised and immediately felt like this is what would’ve looked like in 1996. It needs to be more COMPACT, where everything important is easy to see at a glance.
    a) the recently listened tracks should be smaller
    b) user ID with pic etc. belong in the top-left corner where they were
    c) notice how on the rest of the page below the profile/library/charts etc. tabs there’s a column of wasted space. could something be moved there?

    Good work on the new features. If the design and layout are improved, I’ll certainly be a paying subscriber!

    A grateful user

    macuilxochitl – 17 July, 20:29
  972. Bloopy
    17 July, 20:29

    Help guuuyz I’ve grown armpit hair and my voice has lowered, how do I switch back??

    Bloopy – 17 July, 20:29
  973. Ron
    17 July, 20:29

    Do not like it!

    Ron – 17 July, 20:29
  974. MegaAstroUK
    17 July, 20:29

    why do i have over 1000 less plays than on the old version?

    MegaAstroUK – 17 July, 20:29
  975. Snout
    17 July, 20:30

    This may just be a knee-jerk reaction to the sudden change, but I’m not liking how a previously pretty unique website layout that used the whole of the screen has been replaced with a glossy white myspace copy. It’s like staring at a lightbulb. Also, as someone said earlier it does look like HMV and/or Virgin media have something to do with it now. I’m sure that subtext won’t appeal to many.

    The site requires too much scrolling up and down to see the important parts even in 1280×1024 res, the old design generally had what you wanted on screen when the page loaded. Do you want me to rotate my screen by 90 degrees to use your site? Pictures are far too massive. Separating the avatar and ‘about me’ sections makes no intuitive sense. Shoutbox takes up half the page and lives at the bottom, it was more useful parallel to the content and that solution also required less scrolling. Public activity-log a completely baffling addition, I cannot fathom how it could possibly be useful except for cyber-stalkers. Should be private by default as this could be a severe privacy issue for many users. Forcing flash and extensive large image loading is going to frustrate those with slower connections.

    A far better and more useful design could easily have been built on the principles of the old one. It would have been more immediately intuitive to current users and would have retained’s visual niche, rather than making it into yet another social networking clone site, a look that is far too much in abundance on the web these days.

    Promised new features are pretty meh, I see no reason thus far why they necessitated this redesign.

    I should take giving the option to use the original design pretty seriously, or I’m sure many users are going to start voting with their feet.

    Snout – 17 July, 20:30
  976. grrrnt
    17 July, 20:30

    You really should make an optio for old version.

    This is just way too much black for me that it hurts my eyes!

    and my profile, i loved it, now I hate it because you fucking morons ruined it.

    AND MY FUCKING AVATAR is ruined, I mean fuck! I was finally happy to my avatar when I got it ready yesterday and now you twats ruined because it was 100×100 and its resized here!

    If you’re not gonna do anything about this shit I’m sure I’m gonna leave this place for once.

    hoooray for ruining the whole place dickheads.

    +it takes now like 10 minutes to load one page.

    grrrnt – 17 July, 20:30
  977. Anika
    17 July, 20:30

    I too prefer the old one, sorry to moan.

    Anika – 17 July, 20:30
  978. :(
    17 July, 20:30

    I really appreciate the work put in by the Last.FM team.

    But it feels like i’ve lost an old friend:(

    :( – 17 July, 20:30
  979. vano
    17 July, 20:31

    i want to switch back to the old one. this one is slow

    vano – 17 July, 20:31
  980. axembabby
    17 July, 20:31

    looks like shit thanks bros

    axembabby – 17 July, 20:31
  981. J
    17 July, 20:31

    The new layout seriously made my day! I am not even joking. I couldn’t wait to get home just to play around with it, and it’s everything I have wanted and more. I didn’t even know a new version was coming so this was a pleasant surprise.

    All the haters need to go away, what are they complaining about? A library you can listen to EVERYWHERE? Sounds good to me.

    J – 17 July, 20:31
  982. uddiyana
    17 July, 20:31

    I don’t know if I need these new features (probably realtime updating is only good new thing), but new look is really awful! The graphic design is lay. The profile page is overloaded with dozens of graphics and information, it’s so uncomfortable to look at it, I just don’t want to load this page anymore!

    I don’t understand why first of all I should look at my own avatar surrounded with a lot of white space in the center of the page, when all the necessary info is somewhere at the bottom and I should scroll to it…

    I believe, old layout was WAY more clean and friendly.

    It seems all of these design changes made with only one goal in mind – to prepare more space for Google advertising! I’m really disappointed…


    uddiyana – 17 July, 20:31
  983. delcourt
    17 July, 20:31

    Hi guys @!

    Sorry to say, as a graphic designer i am disapointed at the new template – not to talk about the logotype that undertook a risky lifting.

    I’m considering switching, not that eager to publicize my page anymore. Not even talking about the music i wanted to upload as an artist, i think i’ll just find another depository.

    Good companies with great corporates seem restless about their image nowadays. Your ancient logotype had one slight imprecision in the curve of the ‘s’, but its lightness was heaven.

    Please get back to the simplicity of your look! You have gotten grunge and greasy, it’s not the look of the visionary company that you represent.

    Thanks nonetheless for the great service and good luck!

    delcourt – 17 July, 20:31
  984. asrr
    17 July, 20:32

    omg stop whining O_O

    asrr – 17 July, 20:32
  985. blackriderrom
    17 July, 20:32


    blackriderrom – 17 July, 20:32
  986. John
    17 July, 20:32

    This is seriously horrible. Please allow us to choose the older layout. This is not a charts based layout, it is less focused on the music, and it isn’t as easy to use.

    Again, this is poor. Please give us the ability to choose the old layout.

    Thank you

    John – 17 July, 20:32
    17 July, 20:33

    your are freaking joking!


    FHATETHIS – 17 July, 20:33
  988. nikolia
    17 July, 20:34

    i want the old interface back :’(
    it looks like a kind of facebook imitation – that was the first thing that came on my mind
    i am really upset, sorry :(

    nikolia – 17 July, 20:34
  989. Peter
    17 July, 20:35

    The new logo typeface blows pretty much too (has no special characteristics no more), and that red is just ugly (the old wine red was much more sophisticated).

    Seriously, next time you guys consider to change layout and design, you better consult your users (or a usability expert, for that matter).

    Peter – 17 July, 20:35
  990. Minder
    17 July, 20:35

    I want my shoutbox where it was :[

    Minder – 17 July, 20:35
  991. madcap44
    17 July, 20:36

    don’t like it at all

    a shitty copy of myspace

    madcap44 – 17 July, 20:36
  992. sarnelinia
    17 July, 20:36

    This change was really unexpected. The new layout is OK, but the old one was more organized and simply beautiful :P

    It would be nice to have an option to choose your layout

    sarnelinia – 17 July, 20:36
  993. NEV2
    17 July, 20:37

    This is a total disaster. Half the content of the screen seems to be loaded over the other half – so the page can even been used properly. And it all takes so long to load up that I can’t be bothered to wait. Who did they get to come up with this shite! Who did they get to do the testing? Was any testing actually done? Not all of us have the latest Pentium processor – which I imagine is what this needs in order to load properly?

    Those who say it looks great, what system are they running? On my PC all the pages look like something the dog threw up.

    WORSE. Bloody worse! Approx the last 300 Tracks of my Playlist seems to have vanished – this is too depressing to think about.

    Why change something that was a paragon of design simplicity and usability? And the new design – what I can make of it look shit!

    If Lastfm don’t fix this very quickly then they’ll be a footnote in history very soon. In a weeks time people will be talking about them in the past tense. RIP.

    I’m moving to iLike from tomorrow.

    NEV2 – 17 July, 20:37
  994. mforks
    17 July, 20:37

    seriously. simplicity. this new layout is not intuitive and it sucks hard.

    mforks – 17 July, 20:37
  995. nikki
    17 July, 20:38

    nope.. i like the old better.. i’m still fairly new to last fm.. and it rocked a few days ago, now i’m lost, and it’s slow.. i want the old one …please!

    nikki – 17 July, 20:38
  996. musica23
    17 July, 20:38

    I’m sure you all have spent loads of time on the new Unfortunately, I dislike it. Strongly

    musica23 – 17 July, 20:38
  997. bobhall
    17 July, 20:39

    you guys just ALLMUSIC’d the fuck out of yourselves

    bobhall – 17 July, 20:39
  998. underdogus
    17 July, 20:40


    underdogus – 17 July, 20:40
  999. Merri
    17 July, 20:40

    Oh, I really need the old layout, the new one is so confusing…
    The charts are quite small, the overall artists and songs should be more shown :(
    And yes – Paint It Black!!!!!

    Merri – 17 July, 20:40
  1000. m.
    17 July, 20:40

    Some nice new features but the layout is about the most confusing and unfunctional thing I’ve ever seen, sorry. The old one was just perfect.
    Seriously thinking about deleting my account as soon as my subscription runs out.. :(

    m. – 17 July, 20:40
  1001. Jinsie
    17 July, 20:40

    please PLEASE let us have the old layout back, I’m new to and was just getting into it… you’ve turned a perfect look on it’s head!! URGH. NASTY programmers

    Jinsie – 17 July, 20:40
  1002. Jann
    17 July, 20:41

    I don’t hate it, but it has too many images and takes way too long to load :(

    Jann – 17 July, 20:41
  1003. ohempyrean
    17 July, 20:41

    i hate it.
    how do i go back.
    if i wanted to go on facebook i’d go to facebook.

    ohempyrean – 17 July, 20:41
  1004. liquidclock
    17 July, 20:42

    i don’t think i’ll be able to get used to this. i really, really do not like it & probably won’t stick around much longer. D: sounds harsh but this stuff matters to me, lulz. was nice while it lasted, yeah. x

    liquidclock – 17 July, 20:42
  1005. whiterabbitred
    17 July, 20:43

    Hey. I love But im not digging this.

    I liked the old dashboard where i could see everything. Graphically this doesnt put much information out there…I mean on the whole.

    But maybe ill learn to love it. I’ll try.

    whiterabbitred – 17 July, 20:43
  1006. scorpiusdiamond
    17 July, 20:43

    I love it :) Well done you lot!
    Thank goodness for deleting artists =] So long crappy MCR and MJ!!
    Woah woah woah, I do love it :)

    scorpiusdiamond – 17 July, 20:43
  1007. PaulBradford
    17 July, 20:44

    it’s absolutely disgusting, and much slower. bring the old back, thanks, and don’t ignore our feedback this time.

    PaulBradford – 17 July, 20:44
  1008. desiderio_666
    17 July, 20:44

    i hate the new version so much! it looks so complicated, i feel the old one is a lot simpler than the new one.

    i want the old one
    i love the old one

    desiderio_666 – 17 July, 20:44
  1009. Ash
    17 July, 20:44

    It’s always the select few that whinge the loudest. I don’t think anyone will mind if you lot clean up some of the worthless comments here, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you found them all coming from the same IP address by the sound of them.

    I for one am ecstatic with the changes. It’s definitely a vast improvement, although I must say it does somewhat take the fun out of checking back once every ten minutes to see if it’s updated the weekly data yet. :-P

    Ash – 17 July, 20:44
  1010. Joe
    17 July, 20:44

    Good ideas maybe BUT horrible look.
    Unclear pages, sry.

    Dislike your work …


    Joe – 17 July, 20:44
  1011. Scarlet
    17 July, 20:44

    no no no no

    Fuck this shit

    where’s the old one?

    Scarlet – 17 July, 20:44
  1012. Iowa656
    17 July, 20:44

    I really like the new layout.
    Very well done to you.

    Iowa656 – 17 July, 20:44
  1013. don_cutre
    17 July, 20:45

    i have not tested yet a lot of the new features, but first thing i have to say:

    please please change the new look and feel – it’s extremely ugly, looks like a cheap copy of an apple system, i don’t want to have ilastfm! you developed your own style during years resulting in the actual lastfm theme – please don’t loose your style.

    generally i like changes, but everything has to fit together to conceive a great overall result.

    don_cutre – 17 July, 20:45
  1014. bojan
    17 July, 20:45

    looks like facebook, the ugliest social network.. too much white space, useless informations, badly organised, shoutbox on the bottom(???), “shiny new player” is not so shiny at all it’s just ugly…

    the old design was just good – compact and well organized!

    if you are not going to give us option to put back the old look, than please do some improvements, make it pleasant for watching, use right colour combination…

    bojan – 17 July, 20:45
  1015. JahPetteri
    17 July, 20:45

    I checked the beta version when the old layout was still in use, and it looked ok. Now that the new layout is in use I miss the old one. The old one works better than this new one. It’s also easier to use. I hope that the free downloads keep working and are available – not just for iPods nor as iTunes. Please, keep the old as an option for the users!

    JahPetteri – 17 July, 20:45
  1016. robin
    17 July, 20:45

    It really does just look like myspace. I guess this is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil. Sad, very sad.

    robin – 17 July, 20:45
  1017. Grosseteste
    17 July, 20:46

    It’s poorly designed; the mock modularity, imitating sites like Facebook but without the genuine modularity that they offer, is typical. We have to believe that lots of thought went into it – which is what makes it so sad that it looks as though it was knocked up over a weekend. Moreover, if the functions that I valued are still there, they’re very well hidden.

    I don’t see that there’s much doubt that it was rushed through (why present it and then say that work remains to be done?); the question is: why? It wasn’t for the sakes of the users, and I can’t see what the designers get out of it, so I can only assume some sort of corporate pressure.

    Oh, and we can do without the patronising comment that I’ve seen here and at the forums (where the negative responses are even more in evidence): “it’s just that you’re unable to judge, and in a short while you’ll get used to it”.

    Grosseteste – 17 July, 20:46
  1018. STC
    17 July, 20:47

    Oh my gosh! This looks horrible!
    Fewer stats! Too much white-space! All that obligatory red! Shout-box is on the next page??? Can’t find the ‘Dashboard’!
    This whole layout is extremely badly thoughtout. I can see what you guys were trying to do! But you got it so terribly wrong. Sure, change takes time to get used to! But this one is a change that will require more effort to accomodate as it works less efficiently and is aesthetically far worse. I don’t mind change so much… but change for the worse is hard to take.
    I really hope you guys will make vast improvements to this new look! Why not keep to the old format and just tweak it a little with some of the new features you made. Please! How can going from 3 columns to 2, be a good thing? It made so much more sense to have the personalized look on the left, stats in the middle and friends on the right! Now the stats get more space and are somehow less detailed (this makes no sense at all), and everything else got shoved to the right module and suffers badly in everyway.
    This current look is just incredibly bad and i’m very put off using Particularly annoying as i recently subscribed and seriously regreting it now. is simply no fun to use anymore!

    STC – 17 July, 20:47
  1019. Chris Ared
    17 July, 20:48

    i dont like the colors! it’s weird.
    take me back to the old!

    Chris Ared – 17 July, 20:48
  1020. Rob
    17 July, 20:48

    I want the weekly back at the front page and the top 50 artist and not the top 15 as it now is, that sucks.

    Rob – 17 July, 20:48
  1021. MW
    17 July, 20:48

    Totally looks like facebook. Not a fan of this at all. I used to be a subscriber and was considering it again, but not after this. Poorly done.

    MW – 17 July, 20:48
  1022. tmu
    17 July, 20:48

    i vote “it looks like facebook” too. doesnt look terrible but def makes it feel like a shitty ripoff.

    tmu – 17 July, 20:48
  1023. jarreraser
    17 July, 20:49

    “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Never before has that phrase sounded so sharp…

    I expected some teething problems, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn’t mind having to get used to a new layout or a few features needing some initial tweaking…


    It would have been nice if someone had made sure more than 10% of the site was actually functional prior to launch!

    jarreraser – 17 July, 20:49
  1024. Rob Szarka
    17 July, 20:49

    Wow. And I’m hating the artist page changes even more… With the old layout, I could see similar artists and some tracks to play above the fold. Now I have to scroll or click to get at most of the content. :( Maybe all the developers have shiny, new, giant displays. I don’t.

    As for J’s comment praising the “library you can listen to anywhere”, well, it already exists and it’s called And with, you can listen to any MP3 in your collection, not just whatever the corporate gods at CBS want you to hear. For someone who prefers Tom Lehrer to Radiohead, the library isn’t quite as exciting… Don’t get me wrong: I love that is open to artists who upload their own songs. But that doesn’t help those of us into long-dead jazz and novelty artists.

    Rob Szarka – 17 July, 20:49
  1025. Merri
    17 July, 20:49

    Weekly Top Artist is missing?

    Why?!? All those changes, not suitable for me…
    Some may say – u’ll get used to it – but I don’t think so, there’re many things that i dislike and i’m not the only one!

    Merri – 17 July, 20:49
  1026. Shan
    17 July, 20:49

    Looks good, definitely have streamlined things. Now it just needs to run faster!!

    Shan – 17 July, 20:49
  1027. planrawsto
    17 July, 20:49

    I dislike this very, very much. A switchback button would be awesome.

    planrawsto – 17 July, 20:49
  1028. Sam
    17 July, 20:50

    It takes so fucking long to load anything now, jesus shitting christ. I WANT MY PAINT IT BLACK LAST.FM AGAIN.

    Sam – 17 July, 20:50
  1029. sandra
    17 July, 20:50

    now i don’t want to enter to site because it hurts my eyes.

    sandra – 17 July, 20:50
  1030. OzTheWizard
    17 July, 20:52

    I dislike the fact that shouts are at the bottom now, I like to read the comments on the songs I’m listening to and having to scroll down to do it is annoying.

    By the way, is it me or is the text smaller? Ironically enough, that and the way everything’s arranged gives me the feeling that there’s too much wasted space, yet at the same time it feels like it’s more saturated than before. I guess we’ll get used to it, we’re here for the music anyway…
    OzTheWizard – 17 July, 20:52
  1031. Flywheel
    17 July, 20:52

    This is an improvement. (Haha, you thought I was going to say that I hate it, didn’t you?) I’m just wondering what’s in it for subscribers like myself. You can hardly see the difference between subscribers and non-subscribers.

    Flywheel – 17 July, 20:52
  1032. S.
    17 July, 20:53

    If there isn’t any information about the possibility to use older version by the end of the week, I’m gone for good. I just can’t understand why, WHY you have to change simple and clear site that based on MUSIC CHARTS to this crap. This used to be my favourite website, yeah used to… Thank you for killing

    S. – 17 July, 20:53
  1033. Frank/Alpha
    17 July, 20:54

    I´m confused… I think the “old” layout was better :(

    Frank/Alpha – 17 July, 20:54
  1034. Ballad Bombs
    17 July, 20:54

    I wrote a friend … I followed her
    instructions but they seem only to work for tagging artists, which I usually don’t do, but NOT for tracks. I still can’t see how I can tag now .. I am really think about cancelling my account. I really don’t like this anymore. Reminds me of Myspace – its getting worth and worth … But thx for rying to help-. Just when I play a tune, i can not see an artist pic and see no button (and more option ;(

    Ballad Bombs – 17 July, 20:54
  1035. Turboff
    17 July, 20:54

    All in all I like the new features and more polished details, but the graphic design is very poor. Basic and not at all aesthetically leading. Please hire a quality designer to really get this site looking how it deserves.

    Turboff – 17 July, 20:54
  1036. vladb
    17 July, 20:54

    1003 comments. this sure is controversial.

    vladb – 17 July, 20:54
  1037. ykim
    17 July, 20:55

    first impression: pure(e) crap. it may change though…

    ykim – 17 July, 20:55
  1038. jae
    17 July, 20:55

    I can’t help but wonder if they’re really paying any attention to our cries for the old layout/interface back.

    It feels as if we’re being collectively ignored. Awesome. :D

    We all said how we strongly disliked the new look in beta, and you went ahead with it anyway. You used to listen to us.

    I used to subscribe often too, but with the way the site is now, and the lack of acknowledgment about this, never again.

    I would offer plenty of constructive criticism, but I figure no one would read it anyway.

    I’m going to give my monies to a company that knows that when they have a good thing going, and their customers are happy, to just let it be.

    jae – 17 July, 20:55
  1039. swansoul
    17 July, 20:55

    I absolutely hate the new! I’d love to have the possibility to chose between the old(real) and the new one, I’m so disappointed… :*(

    swansoul – 17 July, 20:55
  1040. AWal
    17 July, 20:56

    Please bring the pop-up listener back!!

    AWal – 17 July, 20:56
  1041. H
    17 July, 20:56

    I think the layout is fine (thoug I preferred the old one), but what sucks is that this shows only your top 15 artists! I thought this site was about music but now what takes all the space is the shoutbox.

    H – 17 July, 20:56
  1042. ykcky
    17 July, 20:56


    ykcky – 17 July, 20:56
  1043. Lizzie Rossetti
    17 July, 20:56

    Ah well,Much to muse over.Like …its over?
    I so miss the old layout where the private message notification on the top bar gave me a big (1) which looked like a smile and sometimes I want to smile when I come here.
    I hope the music plays constantly as the old one never seemed to.In case I suffocate,I wont hold my breath though…

    Ya,the old one was better for me and the thousands of other dinosuars but hey,we have to change,or so we’re told

    Lizzie Rossetti – 17 July, 20:56
  1044. Alexandra
    17 July, 20:56

    Why does the Top Artist list only show the top artists from the last 12 months?
    The old layout was alot better

    Alexandra – 17 July, 20:56
  1045. Ivanja
    17 July, 20:57

    It looks okay but I want old version. This is too slow and counfusing to me.
    Please back old version.

    Ivanja – 17 July, 20:57
  1046. FroggyFSL
    17 July, 20:57

    Kind of a pleasant surprise ! It will take some time to get used to the new interface, but it feels like a nice upgrade. It appears there are a few bugs though, or maybe it’s just a problem with the servers ?

    FroggyFSL – 17 July, 20:57
  1047. Fastro
    17 July, 20:58

    i hate this layout

    and why are the charts and discussions and everything so far away, and for example there should be at least 50 top artist instantly to see.

    old version back!

    Fastro – 17 July, 20:58
  1048. Gabe
    17 July, 20:59

    LastFM Team: Do you plan on making loved tracks radio a non-subscriber feature? I can listen to it on my iPhone, but not on the website…

    Gabe – 17 July, 20:59
  1049. NEV2
    17 July, 20:59

    When you go to the MUSIC page, where you used to be able to input an Artist and go to the Artist ‘s homepage, there’s no field to input any search-name anymore! How do you go to an Artist’s homepage????? All that is offered on this pagei s about twenty pictures of ‘Lastfm recommended Artists’ – all of them fucking shite!

    How do you actually search for anything anymore?????

    How is anyone actually using this new site?

    Some people say they like it? Half the pages don’t actually display properly! What system are they running it on? I’ve downloaded the latest Java software, but this didn’t make any difference!

    The font and layout is so old fashioned – like something from an amateur. What the really bloody hell is going on????

    NEV2 – 17 July, 20:59
  1050. Crucifuck
    17 July, 21:00

    Good lord, please change it back. For everyones sake.

    Crucifuck – 17 July, 21:00
  1051. Jim England
    17 July, 21:01

    Overall, I like it. My detailed thoughts here:

    Jim England – 17 July, 21:01
  1052. nofunnyname
    17 July, 21:01

    Holy sh1t!

    What is this? I only just opened the site and I’m very ‘WTF!?’

    However, I trust you guys (along with b3ta, bbc and threadless, yous are all my fave), so I’m gonna explore some more (excitedly).

    nofunnyname – 17 July, 21:01
  1053. Andy
    17 July, 21:01

    Trying to keep things positive, perhaps it would help if you explained what you were trying to achieve with the layout changes?

    To pick one example, what is the “library” for exactly? How does it differ from recent tracks / charts?

    Maybe if we knew what you were trying to achieve we’d know whether you’d managed it or not?

    Andy – 17 July, 21:01
  1054. toys still in pram
    17 July, 21:02

    WTF? What are you all whinging about? Change happens. Don’t imagine for one moment that you are going to get the old interface back.

    In a year or two when they change it again you will be crapping on about how great this design was.

    Live with it or go elsewhere.

    toys still in pram – 17 July, 21:02
  1055. Yann
    17 July, 21:03

    This is a very, very sad day…

    Total waste.

    Yann – 17 July, 21:03
  1056. Gudella
    17 July, 21:03

    The instant update of the stats is a welcome improvement, but the ld site layout was much better

    Gudella – 17 July, 21:03
  1057. shiho_
    17 July, 21:03

    this is stupid version!
    old back!

    shiho_ – 17 July, 21:03
  1058. dd
    17 July, 21:05

    overwhelmingly negative feedback, good job you fucking retarded retards

    dd – 17 July, 21:05
  1059. DanielCharles
    17 July, 21:06

    not working.. so so so slow! I want the old one back

    DanielCharles – 17 July, 21:06
  1060. razvan
    17 July, 21:06

    it’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever saw! i want my old profile back!!! if i give you a comment on this, it means it really sucks

    razvan – 17 July, 21:06
  1061. Gaze51
    17 July, 21:06


    Gaze51 – 17 July, 21:06
  1062. kvite
    17 July, 21:06

    Just another vote to have the option to use the old version here.

    The new version is alright if you use the facebook parts of the site, I guess…

    kvite – 17 July, 21:06
  1063. Chris
    17 July, 21:06

    Good job, you make your site worse than before — and now it looks like a carbon copy of Facebook, MySpace, and hi5 fused together! Where did the originality go? Not to mention how ugly it looks anyway.

    Not only did you get rid of simplicity and originality of the layout, but everything is slower, there are no more Top 50 Charts, .gifs don’t work, pictures are too big, library and media player on profile pages are unnecessary, etc. All this new and useless flossy design just bulks everything up and weighs your server down.

    Music lovers, don’t come here. This is obviously turned into another generic social networking site.

    For all who despise the new layout, join the ofificial “Bring Back the Old” group on here:

    Spread this link to all your friends. The more people who join, the more apparent it will become to site staff that users wish to have the option of using the old layout.

    We want our old back!

    Chris – 17 July, 21:06
  1064. Nick
    17 July, 21:07

    Could you make adding events a little more impossible?

    I appreciate the efforts, but restore the old version please!

    Nick – 17 July, 21:07
  1065. Eric
    17 July, 21:07

    Where did the top weekly artist go!? and why am I missing so many scrobbled tracks)the last few thousand) and the new artists i’ve been listening too? the old version was much more user friendy.

    Eric – 17 July, 21:07
  1066. xflynashx
    17 July, 21:07

    didn’t read all the comments, just wanted to leave my share of rant. sure i don’t like the new layout much, but i’m slowly getting used to it. security improvements are a good thing, instant chart updating is not, cause now it takes much more time to scrobble a track. and if i listen to a grindcore album where tracks are seldom longer than 40 sec, i suppose much of them gets lost during the scrobbling. by the way what about top listeners for each band? will they be generated on a weekly basis or instantly? i wouldn’t like them to be generated instantly and i guess no one would.
    the design leaves much to be desired but for me usability comes first so i can ignore it as long as the site is user-friendly and now it’s definitely not.

    xflynashx – 17 July, 21:07
  1067. trombipulation
    17 July, 21:08

    I like it, it’s a lot more customizable than the prior version. I just dislike how white it is now, and I really dislike how there is no reply tracker anymore. That needs to come back, ASAP.

    trombipulation – 17 July, 21:08
  1068. whee
    17 July, 21:08

    i love it.

    i know back when the design changed the last time (to pink) – first i was shoked.

    but i just had to get comfortable with it and it for sure was worth.

    now you did it again. changing the layout completly isn’t easy as one gets used to it – but i’m already finding my way through it.

    loved the old one, but the new one is even better!

    thank you :)

    whee – 17 July, 21:08
  1069. serra
    17 July, 21:08

    I hate this new version, it s too complicated and unpleasent. The old one was friendly, warm. I can not use this one, and unhappily I do not use Last fm with this style.
    Also new version limits the recommendations on my mother language, but my listening taste certainly does not fit the recommendations. Therefore please let users to choose among the new version and LOVELY OLD ONE.

    serra – 17 July, 21:08
  1070. Maribela
    17 July, 21:09

    Yes, change can be terrifying! It’s really not as bad as everyone makes it seem. Everyone should just chill out.

    It only takes time :)

    Maribela – 17 July, 21:09
  1071. ChrisWalken
    17 July, 21:10

    I fear change.

    ChrisWalken – 17 July, 21:10
  1072. cool4dude
    17 July, 21:10

    I am so glad I’ve never paid you guys a dime, because this new website layout is complete shit. It’s laggy as hell, there is wasted space everywhere, and the space that is used is ugly.

    I’m not usually a complainer, but my god, this is awful.

    cool4dude – 17 July, 21:10
  1073. Amazed
    17 July, 21:10

    For all of you either complaining or heaping praise: you may as well give up. It’s just been made official. LastFM is completely f****d. Nothing will be either changing back, or improving. A huge amount of subscribers’ full lists, personal details and information have been permanently lost and I’ve been told this is just the beginning of the meltdown. Wow!

    Amazed – 17 July, 21:10
  1074. kubaaaaaaa
    17 July, 21:10

    old = better

    kubaaaaaaa – 17 July, 21:10
  1075. Sammy
    17 July, 21:10

    the new last fm sucks my scrotum hairs (slowest most useless piece of shit on the web in fact) I can torrent the songs faster than you sorry fucks can play them

    Sammy – 17 July, 21:10
  1076. Marco
    17 July, 21:11

    new version is boss!! just give it time and save all that whine for dinner!!!!

    Marco – 17 July, 21:11
  1077. adam
    17 July, 21:11

    thanks for killing last fm, I mean you guys could have at least kept the top 50 artist? its looks like crap, the whole thing is a damn failure, I cannot express my disgust enough, thousands of other users are angry as well, I demand that you give us the option to use the old version!

    adam – 17 July, 21:11
  1078. belostar
    17 July, 21:11

    appaling, too lengthily, still scrool up and down, it looks like cheap tabloid

    belostar – 17 July, 21:11
  1079. Anika
    17 July, 21:11

    also, i seem to have hardly any recommended events, whereas last time I had 3 pages.

    Anika – 17 July, 21:11
  1080. shadowsarah
    17 July, 21:11

    I havent gotten around to it too much. But so far, I dont see any isuses with it. Only that I would like to see the black coloring over the layout back. And a way to keep our shoutbox closed, so that you dont have all that scrolling on the page.

    shadowsarah – 17 July, 21:11
  1081. majikkou
    17 July, 21:11


    Definitely, I hate this!
    At least put an option where we can choose between the old and the new layout!

    majikkou – 17 July, 21:11
  1082. Gard
    17 July, 21:12

    Man, to many whiners here. Can’t everybody calm down and wait for it to sink in and updates to come.

    Gard – 17 July, 21:12
  1083. Hallion
    17 July, 21:12

    This layout is horrid. I like some of the new ideas being implemented and tried out, but the page is completely unnavigable. I’d rather have the old layout with all the new, shiny stuff.

    Hallion – 17 July, 21:12
  1084. ilinca
    17 July, 21:12

    alfa > beta.

    please let us choose..

    ilinca – 17 July, 21:12
  1085. Amber
    17 July, 21:12

    The only issue I’m having so far is that ALL of the music history I imported from my iTunes when I first joined is gone.

    What happened? How can I get this music back? It was thousands of listens! My 4th-most listened to artist is now GONE off of the list, my #2 most listened to song is GONE.


    Amber – 17 July, 21:12
  1086. Shawn
    17 July, 21:13

    Your friendly neighborhood blind guy/screen reader user checking in, lots of things I do miss about the old site, weekly top artists right there, 50 instead of 15 top artists on the page, 500 instead of 200 over all, but lots of things I do like, I can see all my shouts, I can see all my music, I can see how many artists are in my library, and you guys fixed the groups page! 20 pages instead of four is slightly annoying, but at least I can “see” (access) them all. I was ready to complain about not being able to see personal data on recently joined members in firefox, but you’ve made up for that by giving me the ability to see it on the members page. With the old site I always had to bring up IE6 for that, and my neighbors, and my friends. One sour note, can no longer count. It shows all my group members, but, for example where I have 38 members it says I have 4. I’m sure you’re working on that. All in all I’m not having any serious problems navigating, though I guess I’d better get on Skype now as I imagine some of my friends will need help getting used to it. If you don’t bring back the reply tracker though, at least set it up like Orkut where the groups with the most recent replies are at the top of the list. At least that would be something. So a little good with the bad and visa versa.

    Shawn – 17 July, 21:13
  1087. Alexandra
    17 July, 21:13

    I don’t really like it… The chats seem to small… I liked seeing all of the bands in one chat not just 15.

    & Now I’m 100% sure I will never read another shoutbox comment again lol

    Alexandra – 17 July, 21:13
  1088. Mi_Lan
    17 July, 21:13

    why are you so conservative guys? new layout looks good…everything in its right place :-) library is cool. i have to get used to it, but i like it. thumbs up

    Mi_Lan – 17 July, 21:13
  1089. Axersia
    17 July, 21:14

    Give us back the old site!

    This new layout is absolutely horrible! I can’t imagine the subscriber beta users were OK with this. You must’ve ignored their feedback. Next time, work on the functionality before rolling out a new layout. A new layout is something nobody was asking for. What people wanted was a faster site, artist merging, charts based on playtime and not playcounts, etc., etc.

    I think it’s quite clear the community as a whole does not agree with this layout, and I hope you will listen to us and do something about it.

    Axersia – 17 July, 21:14
  1090. Winboe
    17 July, 21:15


    Stop whining around, goddamit! Just give it a try! You’ll get used to it.

    Winboe – 17 July, 21:15
  1091. mirjannnas
    17 July, 21:16

    dont mean to complain at all but just wondering what was so wrong with old version…i really liked it alot

    mirjannnas – 17 July, 21:16
  1092. The Eolomea Records Collective
    17 July, 21:16

    ??? You need better batch of Graphic Designers I am sorry to say. We just lost 80% (600+ songs) of our Playlist. Plus, the new player doesn’t even connect to our old Playlist. PLEASE REVERT, and add the new features to the old layout. This thing you had was great, but it’s not worth it to play to hear something people could download for free anyway… I could see it working if you had new, or exclusive content (ie, songs that you could only hear – or pay to download on, but you probably never will have anything like that. As music/graphic artists and record label owners, we suggest that you make $$$$$ by advertising. Not subscriptions. That doesn’t make any sense with the economy as it is. You are going to kill off all of your users, and flush your business model down the toilet. We don’t mean to rag on your company – we just want to see it stay around for years to come. We honestly don’t think the world needs another iTunes.

    The Eolomea Records Collective – 17 July, 21:16
  1093. B45
    17 July, 21:16


    B45 – 17 July, 21:16
  1094. Alex
    17 July, 21:16

    I like change. Looks good. Shall get used to it now :^) Props guys!

    Alex – 17 July, 21:16
  1095. danjam
    17 July, 21:17

    No doubt I’ll get used to it eventually, but the old version was much better.

    danjam – 17 July, 21:17
  1096. Nocturna
    17 July, 21:17

    Looks like myspace. I don’t like it.

    Nocturna – 17 July, 21:17
  1097. Tristan
    17 July, 21:17

    I just deleted my account. I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one.

    Tristan – 17 July, 21:17
  1098. cazeer
    17 July, 21:18

    The new layout is terrible. I probably won’t be using the site if the layout doesn’t go back to the way it was.

    cazeer – 17 July, 21:18
  1099. Andy
    17 July, 21:18

    Im new to but to be honest I prefered the older version. The new functions are good, but the new design isn’t too good!

    I’m happy to try this newer version but surely it would make sense to give users the option of using the one they personally prefer!

    Andy – 17 July, 21:18
  1100. vonWegen
    17 July, 21:18

    Oh my god! What’s that? Are you crazy? It’s a layout like the horrible crap of mypace. Go back, please, go back!

    vonWegen – 17 July, 21:18
  1101. Rebecca
    17 July, 21:18

    All of these complaints were tl;dr but I just want to say that the finished product is loads better than it was at the beginning of Beta so y’all need to stop complaining :P I personally love the new look and when Paint it Black comes back I will be a happy camper :D

    Rebecca – 17 July, 21:18
  1102. fundevogel
    17 July, 21:18

    I feel bad about the people reacting so badly to the new layout. Clearly we need a little time to get used to it but that’s probably all.

    the the load times are kinda slow…

    fundevogel – 17 July, 21:18
  1103. arabeska
    17 July, 21:19

    DESIGN T______________T

    Gimme back the old one ;_; emo

    arabeska – 17 July, 21:19
  1104. Shawn
    17 July, 21:19

    Fix your submit/preview button on this blog, it should be 2 buttons not one. I kept trying to submit my message and it wouldn’t go, finally I typed something random into the website box and hit enter, that worked, but you can’t expect everyone to figure that out.

    Shawn – 17 July, 21:19
  1105. aaaaa
    17 July, 21:20


    aaaaa – 17 July, 21:20
  1106. Sweet Sweet
    17 July, 21:20

    the layout sucks so hard. honestly, the old one was perfection. I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!

    Sweet Sweet – 17 July, 21:20
  1107. Gabe
    17 July, 21:20

    I like it a lot. Here’s a few design suggestions though:

    - Get rid of the scratchy paint effect on the red header and small subheaders of the content boxes. It detracts from the clean design and just doesn’t fit with the rest of the website.

    - Change the color of the profile dropdown box in the top right. Dark red on light red looks awful. Black would probably work well.

    Gabe – 17 July, 21:20
  1108. jacktheripper
    17 July, 21:20


    jacktheripper – 17 July, 21:20
  1109. Igor Kolar
    17 July, 21:20

    I think this is a terrible approach. In an attempt to make something better you went the completely wrong way, assuming that the first one was bad. even if it was, this one is by far worse. It is counter-intuitive, it’s trying to fashion a single “neo grunge” element into a clean facebook-ish style, and what happened to “paint it black” ?

    The layout is dreadfully confusing, the shoutbox is generally not intended to be a bloody forum, and it’s taking up as much space now.

    You’ve put larger thumbnails … whoop de friggin’ do, it loads up slowly and you have less of them near the stats, and they are not clear and intuitive to look at either. I think you’ve thought much more on how this looks like than what a general user would feel comfortable with. The site is terribly, just terribly slow now.

    I thought Last.FM was a wonderful site that answered my needs perfectly, I’d find it a shame to abandon my profile list because it’s much easier to direct someone here than to explain them what you listen to when your taste is diverse. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for subscription…

    Take a hint from DeviantArt, the changes made there are clearly an improvement. Even if the developers shined through on this one, the designers should be shot for suggesting this as an “upgrade” over the last one …

    Igor Kolar – 17 July, 21:20
  1110. Anonym
    17 July, 21:21



    Anonym – 17 July, 21:21
  1111. jesalyn619
    17 July, 21:22

    I don’t TOTALLY hate the new layout…

    But why did all of my charts change? Artists that were in my top 5 are now completly absent from my charts.
    Also, all of my most played tracks have changed, and there is no record of me listening to songs that I KNOW i have listened to 50 times….ugh.

    jesalyn619 – 17 July, 21:22
  1112. madperson
    17 July, 21:22

    what sense does it make to add tracks to playlists, when you actually can’t play them anymore?

    madperson – 17 July, 21:22
  1113. alternachild
    17 July, 21:23

    I’ve never witnessed so much whining in my life. Wow.

    I hope the “Recent Visitors” feature returns. I really met some neat people through that. Not everyone posts in the shoutbox, so it’s a good way to see who’s passing through.

    Thank you so much for the new It looks really clean, and I’m sure you will introduce more features over the coming weeks.

    alternachild – 17 July, 21:23
  1114. stevekeiretsu
    17 July, 21:24

    I must say I came here just now for the first time since the change, and thought “WTF IS THIS!?”, and like many of the commenters above my first instinct was “argh! how do I change it back!?” Judging on first impressions, I too preferred the old look.

    But you guys have always rocked imho wrt web design and usability, so I’ll give you a fair chance. I expect I’ll get used to it.

    Hope the negative comments on here dont depress you too much, it can’t be nice, but it could be worse. I’m a web dev and the site I spent most of last year building…? Most of the people IN the organisation I built it for don’t even know it exists. At least your work got majorly noticed, even if not all the feedback was positive ;-)

    stevekeiretsu – 17 July, 21:24
  1115. Sybille
    17 July, 21:24

    i don’t like it at all
    the old one was so much better!

    Sybille – 17 July, 21:24
  1116. Ferunios
    17 July, 21:25

    I cannot fully quote my first reaction to the new layout as there may be children around. I’m not kidding; I literally shouted, “What the ****?” before realising what I’m doing.

    I’d say the majority of users were completely happy with the old layout and features – I know I was. The new layout looks messy, is needlessly large (as in buttons, borders and such) and hurts my eyes.

    Please bring us the option of using the old layout, as it made our experience of using LastFM much more pleasant.

    Ferunios – 17 July, 21:25
  1117. Astro666
    17 July, 21:25

    You should really think about giving the user the choice to choose the way he wants to see his page, and It would be a very good thing if the other users could see his page with the skin he chosen…I find the new design kind of confusing for now, I don’t think you made it more user-friendly, atleast not for us, the old users…

    Astro666 – 17 July, 21:25
  1118. chocobill
    17 July, 21:26

    the new layout’s nice..think it’ll just take some time to get used to, but i agree that an option to switch between would be nice since it is running quite a bit slower than before

    chocobill – 17 July, 21:26
  1119. lastbg & dondomat
    17 July, 21:26

    uhhhh… and WHY? WE ALL WANT OUR OLD LAYOUT BACK! THIS IS NOT MYSPACE OR THE FCKN FACEBOOK! And this is the beginning of the end of!

    lastbg & dondomat – 17 July, 21:26
  1120. g.w. moore
    17 July, 21:26

    I liked because it helped me listen to music. Good music, new music, music tagged in such a way that I could access it based on my mood/activities.

    And now, CAN’T LISTEN TO ANY MUSIC. The player doesn’t work. Go to an artist page, click the button to hear a track and you get the annoying, failed-attempt-to-be-clever message “Oops! …”

    It’s like the iPod launch last week. You went live before you had all the puzzle pieces in place.

    Please fix this heap of manure WITH A QUICKNESS.

    g.w. moore – 17 July, 21:26
  1121. viaan
    17 July, 21:27

    I’m not interested in the style as long as the ease of use is assured, but the site needs too much time to load and looks more unorganized this way.

    viaan – 17 July, 21:27
  1122. damik
    17 July, 21:28

    Aaaaaaaaaaaghgh! What the hell did you do?! This is hideous and terrible! And I never normally complain about things like this! Seriously, you took a brilliantly designed, functional site, and made it into a broken, half-finished-looking cookie-cutter Web 2.0 site! Please, for the love of Pete, tell me this is a late April Fool and put it back to normal! Yes, all these exclamation marks are necessary!

    damik – 17 July, 21:28
  1123. Jenny
    17 July, 21:28

    This layout is absolutely ridiculous. I dunno how they tested the userfriendlyness and usabillity of this but something went seriously wrong. I love the new features and the more dynamic functions but it’s just not clear and simple anymore. It’s really what set apart from all the other music sites out there. I loved the way that I was able to log on and see all the info I needed immediately. Now I have to make a couple of clicks and scroll like crazy until I find everything I used to find neatly arranged on my profile and/or dashboard. This is just frustrating.
    I don’t have a problem with changes, I like new things and new designs but this layout just seems like a big step back. Let’s hope they at least ad an option to customize the look and feel and arrange your profile the way you like it.

    Jenny – 17 July, 21:28
  1124. velocitor
    17 July, 21:29

    UGH!!!! the new layout SUCKS!

    velocitor – 17 July, 21:29
  1125. tobyz1
    17 July, 21:29

    I wondered last night why I suddenly had a “Library” and not a “Radio Station”. Now I know.

    Overall, I like the appearance — very modern. How the ‘new look’ behaves in practice is just something I’ll have to play with. I expect a learning curve, but hopefully I’ll grow into it.

    Since I see so many complaints about the ‘look’, have you guys given any thought to the idea of ‘skins’ (such as is used in Winamp)? 100 users here will probably have 100 different preferences as to the ‘look’ of Why not allow alternatives?

    tobyz1 – 17 July, 21:29
  1126. cjd61
    17 July, 21:30

    I know you asked for feedback but I’m guessing you’ve been caught by surprise by the volume.

    Add me to the list who dislikes the new layout intensely. I’m all for new functionality and clever bits & bobs but why change the overall look?

    I think it looks cheap and tacky and resembles a particular social networking site that I refuse to have anything to do with. If that was your intention, congratulations, but I hate it.

    Surely the ‘paint it black’ option is a small bone to throw us?

    cjd61 – 17 July, 21:30
  1127. Ezraghast
    17 July, 21:30

    mehh. looks best on large/largeish screen with high/highish resolution. I still pefer the old one.

    Ezraghast – 17 July, 21:30
  1128. james
    17 July, 21:31

    Right first up, I own some dot.coms and like to think I know what I am talking about.
    Your first problem is the width of the page. Before it would expand to fill my 2560 pixel wide monitor, now it does not. It fills up a teeny portion of the page. You haven’t even faked it very well so that the banner at the top looks like it has.
    Second your brand was visually distinct. You’ve turned this website now into a bland web2.0 site.
    Thirdly is that it displays less information than previously and uses more vertical space to do so. Why? Actually the whole thing is really inefficiently designed.
    You have also managed to make the design less intuitive than before. Your UI designer should be shot.
    What you should have done instead of throw the old design out completely was gradually step over to the new one, one move at a time. You keep the old things that work and are popular whilst gradually bringing in new functions. Comparing versions of a year prior sees noticeable change but less so over shorter periods which users find easier to adapt to.
    I really think, despite all your hard work, you guys have messed up the aesthetic of the site and need to redo it.

    james – 17 July, 21:31
  1129. Dreamy_G
    17 July, 21:31

    weekly top charts..
    pretty pls.

    Dreamy_G – 17 July, 21:31
  1130. Nay
    17 July, 21:31

    To those who say we’ll get used to it … I have NEVER wanted to leave a site because they changed their f***ing layout design. The minute I saw the old layout, I loved it. I’ve loved it ever since and I HATE THE NEW ONE. It’s an eyesore and a pain to use.

    Nay – 17 July, 21:31
  1131. Shrink125
    17 July, 21:32

    Absolutely dreadful, how can you use such an awful layout for a start, in the days of widescreen monitors and laptops, I’m left looking at half a screenful of nothing whilst everything is crammed in to the centre of the screen. This whole thing is truly awful and I deeply regret having just renewed my sub. Please allow anoption to revert to the previous version or I really cannot see myself being here very much at all in the future. I’ve never seen Facebook, but if this is what it’s like (see comments on Beta group) then I,m really glad.
    Final words: THIS SUCKS! :(

    Shrink125 – 17 July, 21:32
  1132. stevekeiretsu
    17 July, 21:32

    Ah, the one thing I WILL gripe about is that my charts appear to have gone wrong. I’m only glimpsing at the top 15 for the moment, but I’m missing a few scrobbles here and there. Only very small quantities: -1 for solar fields, -1 ozrics, -1 underworld, -2 (i think) omni trio. Couldn’t say about the rest of it offhand. Normally I just wait for chart discrepancies to vanish themselves on the sunday recalc, but there is no more sunday recalc…?

    Not that I’m going to cry over 1 solitary missing scrobble, but just thought I’d point it out, could be a symptom of a bigger bug?

    stevekeiretsu – 17 July, 21:32
  1133. Andrew
    17 July, 21:32

    Wow… I’ve rolled out community website updates/redesigns before but haven’t ever encountered such a conservative and knee-jerk negative reaction! Personally I’d take it as a compliment; clearly all these people were INCREDIBLY comfortable in the system you had built…

    The changes I’ve seen so far look fantastic, and I’m extremely impressed with the live-updating charts – you must have some magician sysadmins and db guys. The layout is, if anything, a tad conservative; but I can instantly see it being WAY less of a headache than the previous one with it’s heavy use of images in the interface.

    My one gripe so far: why oh why does the embedded flash player have a brushed metal effect!

    Andrew – 17 July, 21:32
  1134. lover
    17 July, 21:32

    Pay for playlists? What the hell? So now we have to subscribe to listen to music…? Bah, at least there’s still Pandora Radio. lover – 17 July, 21:32
  1135. Senior
    17 July, 21:33

    Is it still possible to delete tracks from your playlist? Before you could edit your playlist by activating a link on your profile, and there was a link to play the playlist in a pop-up. The embedded music on external sites appears not to work any more.

    Bring back the old, easy-to-use, efficient, simple Last.FM!

    Senior – 17 July, 21:33
  1136. Adrian
    17 July, 21:33

    I hate to admit it, but I agree with the majority here: I really dislike the new look and especially the layout: the positioning and sizes of all the different modules. The old version was perfectly compact and had so much information in relatively little space. This takes up WAY too much space and therefore makes it much less userfriendly.

    I’m a webdesigner myself, and have often considered heading over to London and maybe even try and get a job there at lastfm, and… Well, as much as I love the concept of what you’ve built through the years, this seems like a step back…

    Adrian – 17 July, 21:33
  1137. clg
    17 July, 21:33

    I hate it. Hate it hate it hate it. At least give me the OPTION of the old layout, and get rid of that mini-feed crap.

    this sucks.

    clg – 17 July, 21:33
  1138. Mattias Nordström
    17 July, 21:33

    the new layout is awful. actually it’s not just awful, it’s sh!t.


    why are the fonts so small? why are the pictures so big where they shouldn’t be? and why are they so small where they should be big? why is there so much space wasted on the edges? why are there buttons and boxes cluttering every page? where’s the “paint it black” option? why are “recently listened tracks” much more difficult to interperet? why is there a useless player on my page?

    and worst of all: why are you trying to copy facebook?

    the performance upgrades may be nice. but please, change it back.

    Mattias Nordström – 17 July, 21:33
  1139. ZX
    17 July, 21:33

    The old one is more stylish!
    I think that a option wold be best. Let us chose what we like. (old theme or new one)

    ZX – 17 July, 21:33
  1140. Delyan
    17 July, 21:34

    the layout sucks so hard. honestly, the old one was perfection. I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!

    Delyan – 17 July, 21:34
  1141. rob
    17 July, 21:34

    agreed. no like. as a paying member, i gave this feedback several times in the beta forums.

    i was secretly hoping that they got so much negative feedback that they would cancel the thing. but i’m sure the suits at CBS are telling them “why isnt this thing as popular as facebook? it needs to look like facebook!”

    sigh. between this and the horribly broken “official” iPhone app, i guess i won’t be renewing my membership.

    rob – 17 July, 21:34
  1142. cyberinsekt
    17 July, 21:34

    I’ve been a scrobbler since 2004, and I have to say I think you’ve finally got right. I never liked the previous version: it looked too Web 2.0, and the navigation was frankly a bit sub-par. This new version seems like a definite improvement.

    One caveat, though. While it’s great to finally have a page for “loved tracks”, why are entries there listed [track title]-[artist] rather than [artist]-[track title] as elsewhere? Hope it’s not too late to roll out a quick fix for that.

    cyberinsekt – 17 July, 21:34
  1143. DJ ProFusion
    17 July, 21:35

    Um, why change the site?
    Wow, this new layout is ridiculous, ugly, horrible, crappy, awful, hideous, and just plain bad. What the hell is this nonsense? I use heavily to meet artists and listeners. I am seriously rethinking that now if this is how awful is going to look and behave now. What idiot Web designer with a MySpace fetish told you guys this would be a good idea? And why were you listening???? Oh, and I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I really don’t appreciate having this shoved down my throat.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The old was wonderful – this new layout is garbage.

    DJ ProFusion – 17 July, 21:35
  1144. mosquitokillah
    17 July, 21:35

    The New site is much much slower than the old one. / The settings are a bit hard to find. Good luck to all new users. / No “Dashboard” anymore :( / The whole Design looks unfinished.

    mosquitokillah – 17 July, 21:35
  1145. dannyboy8718
    17 July, 21:35

    i disslike the new layout shit, how can i get back they old layout? this fancy shit sucks so…

    dannyboy8718 – 17 July, 21:35
  1146. Nicci
    17 July, 21:35

    You know what? I prefer this over the old layout. I’d been using the beta site for a few days anyway. And for those complaining that the player won’t connect, or that things aren’t loading correctly, it’s the FIRST day of the new site, what are you expecting to happen?

    Give it a few days, let them sort out the kinks, and I think you’ll find it works just fine. And that it looks and works better than the older version.

    Nicci – 17 July, 21:35
  1147. ms
    17 July, 21:36

    i hate it :(

    ms – 17 July, 21:36
  1148. crap
    17 July, 21:36

    it looks tacky

    crap – 17 July, 21:36
  1149. V
    17 July, 21:36

    Ok. So look. I want to listen to my Playlist. I just swallowed the fact that I now need to subscribe to do so. Ok, fine.

    However, I live in the US and anytime I try to subscribe, it says ‘bad currency’. Do you want our money or not? :)

    V – 17 July, 21:36
  1150. me
    17 July, 21:37

    How about making the site faster?
    That’s the biggest thing sopping me from browsing more..

    Nice layout btw tho – enjoying seeing all the loved songs


    me – 17 July, 21:37
  1151. Ataroth
    17 July, 21:37

    Hate the new layout
    An option to change it back to the old one would be so much better
    The new look is just so cluttered and annoying

    Ataroth – 17 July, 21:37
  1152. poppyapocalypse
    17 July, 21:37

    :/ well,
    i do like it
    but there should be some sort of option to change it back to before
    I like many users use to track our listening history
    not to turn into every other social website,
    bring back the old one please or at least make it less about how the page looks and more about our music

    I have to say I do like seeing the pictures of our top artists
    But generally i love seeing my weekly top artists on a sunday
    and alot of others do to
    sorry, it must of taken alot of work to do

    but it’s not appriciated right now
    give it a few days
    We’ll all get used to it

    but please give us an option to change it back
    alot of really old school users like myself (i cancelled my old account) will end up not using the site what so ever.
    it’s too big and i don’t like scrolling all over the place.

    the old one was nice and compact.

    poppyapocalypse – 17 July, 21:37
  1153. SuperDanner
    17 July, 21:38

    Does it work? I haven’t been able to play anything since the switch. Either the player hangs up at “Connecting to radio” or I get an “Ooops” message.

    SuperDanner – 17 July, 21:38
  1154. Daniel
    17 July, 21:38

    I’m really not into this new layout, and the thing I mislike the most is that it now only shows top 15 artists and songs, and not 50.

    Daniel – 17 July, 21:38
  1155. Tate Dance
    17 July, 21:38

    Its one thing to destroy all functionality and logic of a site, but to disable my dancing avatar, you’ll pay for this

    Tate Dance – 17 July, 21:38
  1156. DJ_Tyrant
    17 July, 21:39

    I hate to wish anyone ill, however I truly hope that someone loses their job or is at least seriously reprimanded over this roll out. Hopefully, one of the out-of-touch ‘suits’ who pushed for this redesign and not the programmers/designers that were forced to enact this abomination.

    I believe it was designer/architect Louis Sullivan who uttered the design axiom that, “Form follows function.”

    What exactly is the function of What is the mission statement of the company?

    I had assumed that first and foremost the site was about identifying listening patterns and guiding users to both like-minded listeners and similar music. Establishing a music community surely, but with music at the heart of the connections.

    Why then does the new look of the site look more like a social networking site? Don’t we have enough of those with Livejournal, Facebook and MySpace? Do you honestly believe you’re going to compete with Rupert Murdoch’s social networking site and win?!

    If the focus of the new layout is social networking, then why did you take the ‘neighbors’ box off of a user’s mainpage? Wouldn’t you want to ENCOURAGE users to contact and befriend one-another more?

    Also, the space management is just god-awful. Why devote an inch and a half of the left margin for a handful of buttons that could easily be incorporated across the top? Below those buttons is nothing, meaning you have a huge margin of wasted space as you (have to) scroll down the page.

    Another colossal waste of space is the user’s profile box. Fully a third of the page is taken up by this box, most of which is just empty space. Why?

    Other users have already commented on the Recent Activity box. I would mirror their comment about the necessity of this box. It really seems an unimportant feature.

    The Friends and Groups boxes cutoff too many selections. Their really should be a feature to let you customize how many Friends or Groups are displayed at a time.

    What was a concise page is now a sprawling affair. True, the old page was a little dull looking, but users could always liven things up with their own embedded information in their ‘About Me’ section. Now the page is just clutter, misused space and an exercise in continuous scrolling.

    As an artist I despise the lack of information contained under Similar Artists. I already had a problem with the algorithm used to calculate similar artists, but at least before you had a bar and a value indicating how similar they were. Now there is nothing. Apparently, all similar artists bear an equal weight? NO! At least they shouldn’t. Please bring back an assigned value of how similar they are!

    There also appears to be no Similar Artists as Suggest By Label indication either?

    Positives of the new design? Well, there are a few:

    Instant update – I do like this feature. It is nice to have your recent listenings immediately reflected on your overall totals rather than having to wait until the end of the week.

    Shouts – I do like the broader box allowing more information and easier reading.

    Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

    NO, I don’t believe so. If I had to sacrifice the few positive gains to make up for the negatives I would gladly do so. I would happily have a revert to the previous design.

    Overall, I would say that the new format is a failure.

    I sincerely hope that you are listening and will act on what seems to be an overwhelming negative response to the new format.

    I was really enjoying using this site, making new connections and being exposed to new music.

    However, with the difficulty navigating the new site I am seriously questioning if I will continue to use it and whether or not I will delete all of our artist uploads and look for another venue for promotion.

    DJ_Tyrant – 17 July, 21:39
  1157. tudinac
    17 July, 21:40

    And here’s another vote for the I Hate The New Playlists campaign…

    tudinac – 17 July, 21:40
  1158. rebekah
    17 July, 21:40

    i honestly prefered the simple old layout.
    there’s just way too much stuff on the new one.

    also why have my play counts changed?
    and is there a way to import your listening history without having to start a new account?

    thank youu

    rebekah – 17 July, 21:40
  1159. Jodi
    17 July, 21:41

    My goodness, is everyone here 12 years old? There are a lot of new features, fantastic improvements in the library. More information, more customization of charts, etc.

    Spend some more time exploring, enjoying. I’m sure the layout will continue to improve with PRODUCTIVE input, not whining.

    Jodi – 17 July, 21:41
  1160. exorcistul
    17 July, 21:41

    I appreciate your work guys but the new layout really sucks, that’s some time lost for nothing you should put some settings to select new/old layout because there are some people that like the new one but the majority loves the old one or eventually let the users make their own layout or something like that. By the way your doing great job with this website

    exorcistul – 17 July, 21:41
  1161. Pirate
    17 July, 21:41

    aaarghh change the colours please they’re too bright! whats with the new red and blue…the distinctive old layout feels more comfortable and conservative (what i liked about

    i dunno but the new layout just doesn’t flow nicely..maybe some rearrangements? Resizing? Old layout back i mean :S

    Just looked at my page again..i hate it even more now.

    aaaarrghhh too bright!!

    Pirate – 17 July, 21:41
  1162. fakepalindromes
    17 July, 21:41

    there are some positives, but far too many negatives. the shoutbox is too far out of sight, the weekly top artsist chart has gone completely (i expect this will be one of the things that re-emerges in the not-too-distant future, but still), the site seems to be a lot slower in general, and the stripped-down intuitiveness of the old layout has been replaced by a muddle of functions that i suspect most users didn’t actually want. hopefully a lot of this stuff will be cleared up as things progress, but right now i can understand why you’re getting so many calls to return to the old site.

    fakepalindromes – 17 July, 21:41
  1163. Bruno
    17 July, 21:42

    W h e r e

    i s

    Music Manager section???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Bruno – 17 July, 21:42
  1164. Tony
    17 July, 21:42

    I like change. I like it a lot. I’ve always been an early adopter and never been one to whine about the good old days. But the new layout sucks. Somehow by simplifying things you’ve actually made it less user friendly. I’m not even sure what it is that I hate so much about it, but hate it I do. Big time.

    Tony – 17 July, 21:42
  1165. saltimbanca
    17 July, 21:42

    I like a few of the changes (yay for charts that update immediately), but overall I’m finding this layout MUCH harder to navigate. I really wish I had the option to switch back.

    And what happened to “top listener” radio? I really liked that feature… is it still around, and just hidden somewhere?

    saltimbanca – 17 July, 21:42
  1166. Super_Saiyan
    17 July, 21:43

    For perople complaining about the 15 artists/tracks… You can change the settings and make it show 50.

    Super_Saiyan – 17 July, 21:43
  1167. Vel
    17 July, 21:43

    Ummm, where is the ‘reading’ page?

    Vel – 17 July, 21:43
  1168. jun
    17 July, 21:44

    i want at least a top 500 chart for the artists and songs. why only 200? is this a joke?

    jun – 17 July, 21:44
    17 July, 21:45

    So,the old gone.But,i think they should taken a vote before switching it at least.Its totally unfair what they did.And i believe theres going to be a lot of pissed off people. By just switching it overnight.

    MRKILLINGJOKE – 17 July, 21:45
  1170. skistar123
    17 July, 21:45

    give me the old layout! it’s horrible! my eyes have been burned from their sockets. what the hell is up with the charts they’re half way down my profile… i don’t want to look at pictures of my favourite artists… my favourite band is radiohead and they’re all ugly! Make it go away cries

    skistar123 – 17 July, 21:45
  1171. nichtDu
    17 July, 21:45

    The new options are very good, but the old site just was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than this new…
    I would love to have the possibility to switch back to the old site!

    nichtDu – 17 July, 21:45
  1172. ad
    17 July, 21:46

    Jesus Would Be Ashamed Of You

    ad – 17 July, 21:46
  1173. spoons n fork
    17 July, 21:47

    dont play any music. i dont care how fancy it does or doesnt look. i just want to listen. put it back to the way it was


    spoons n fork – 17 July, 21:47
  1174. AmbushBug2008
    17 July, 21:49

    I don’t mind the layout but I cannot get ANY music to play, kinda defeats the purpose I would have thought

    AmbushBug2008 – 17 July, 21:49
  1175. winterberryxxx
    17 July, 21:49

    Oh my god. Seriously. PLEASE do something about the layout. It’s screwing up my profile! I HATE IT!!!! =[

    winterberryxxx – 17 July, 21:49
  1176. Shawn
    17 July, 21:49

    OOPSE!!! Oh this is annoying, surprised nobody’s mentioned this. I wish I’d tried to tag stuff when I was testing the beta site the last couple weeks.You cannot tag anything. Period. You can see what others have tagged stuff, that’s really cool, but tagging is a thing of the past. If you haven’t tagged everything you wanted to tag by now you’re too late.

    Shawn – 17 July, 21:49
  1177. Blood Orgy
    17 July, 21:49

    Loved the old layout more. The new one looks like some shitty Facebook\Myspace ripp of.
    And man… Its much much more slower then ever before!

    Blood Orgy – 17 July, 21:49
  1178. encosion
    17 July, 21:49

    I suggest adding modularity like Facebook – perhaps it’s coming? But it would be much better to turn off sections you aren’t interested in, and move things around a little… Being able to prioritise certain sections and customise how you like your own page is important…

    I thought the shoutbox on the right had side used to be very usefully and unobtrusive… Now it’s just something that’s dropped off the page and will be much less useful… It somehow feels more formal now, whereas before it was more spontaneous and casual…

    Personally I never used the Dashboard, I used to go straight to my own page and springboard from there – I don’t like how to get back to that page, you now have to use a dropdown option…

    Otherwise change is good… Sounds like some the improved stats and recommendations are going to be worth it!… I’d like much more control from the layout side though, but it’s a good start (for a beta)… Should’ve been a more public / opt in beta though, not a forced change… I’m usually an early adopter / beta tester, and I did not know about this…

    encosion – 17 July, 21:49
  1179. Elena
    17 July, 21:49

    I don’t really like the new look. :/ We should be given the option to choose the old look or this one.

    To me, the old one was so much more organized. This new one has all sorts of unnecessary things on it. I have to scroll down quite a bit to get to anything I care about, let alone what other people might care about when viewing my profile.

    Elena – 17 July, 21:49
  1180. DJ ProFusion
    17 July, 21:50

    I agree with several comments on here – this is the death of They were a distinctive site, so much easier to use and be a part of than any other networking site and the emphasis was on the music itself. Now, they have decided to become just like MySpace and Facebook, de-emphasize the music itself, and lower everything to the level of teenagers swapping pics and tracks. What’s next? Special mood ratings and “what I’m doing now”? Ugh. Yeah, if this stays, will die, another victim of corporate marketers who care only about chasing the lowest common denominators rather than crate original content.

    DJ ProFusion – 17 July, 21:50
  1181. Steve
    17 July, 21:51

    Am I the only one unable to play radio stations? I see alot of complaints about the “look” but nothing about how you can’t play any music. Or is this due to the lost webservers?

    Steve – 17 July, 21:51
  1182. Ed_Black
    17 July, 21:51

    I like it, I like it all. Was a bit dubious about the new layout at first but as I explore it more and get used to it, the more I like it. I think most of the haters should eventually be won over too…

    Library’s great. One minor gripe here: I wish ‘The…’ bands weren’t alphabetised under T!

    Oh, and I just discovered what you’ve done with the recommendations page, so much better now, so much more informative!

    Ed_Black – 17 July, 21:51
  1183. sanguinello
    17 July, 21:52

    there was nothing wrong with it before, i said this in the beta stage feedback. i can tell a lot of work went into this, but ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ has no more fitting an application. the old was fine – in fact much better.

    sanguinello – 17 July, 21:52
  1184. Jen Lawliet
    17 July, 21:52

    Couldn’t the user have the choice over whether they want the old layout or the new layout? I want to see my 50 top artists, not my 15.

    Jen Lawliet – 17 July, 21:52
  1185. ificantdance
    17 July, 21:52

    I’m new enough to this that I was still only figuring out the old format, so given a couple of days it would probably be just as good either way for me (so far I definitely prefer the old way, because I knew better what to expect). But just how often does reformat? If it’s very often, it would remind me of moving house, which is always a pain in the ass because it’s so hard to find everything.

    ificantdance – 17 July, 21:52
  1186. Phil
    17 July, 21:53

    I’m loving the new features! I know you guys worked very hard on this, it’s something to be proud of.

    What I’m not digging is the layout design. I cannot immediately find what I need, things that should be big are too small, (and vice-versa), there are less tracks/artists shown, I don’t see the weekly chart, shoutbox is way at the bottom, there is NO point for the recent activity-it just takes up space, and the charts and color scheme just don’t look good.

    I really like the library with the large artist picts, and I like the album arts and stuff on the page. But it’s really slow loading, and its hard to see! This is not the last fm I was looking for…

    Phil – 17 July, 21:53
  1187. The Death Sound
    17 July, 21:53

    The new site is awful, the pages won’t load right, it’s hard to find the manage band button/link (if it’s there at all), I can’t update events, the page crashes when i maximize the window, and more horrid awful things. Your new layout is bad and should feel bad.

    If this hadn’t happened, I was seriously considering subscribing in the next month or so and even paying money for you to promote our band’s songs. At this rate, though, I’m considering deleting the account, removing all our music, and demanding the removal of our page… I guess I’ll decide in the next few weeks.

    I feel bad for the paid subscribers who are now getting something that is not what they paid for and buggy as hell. Makes me glad I waited…

    The Death Sound – 17 July, 21:53
  1188. Steve
    17 July, 21:54

    The new look is just awful. The pictures (of artists and users who’ve posted in the shoutbox) are way too big. I don’t want to see huge pictures, I want to see my detailed listening stats and it’s too much hassle to find those now. I’m afraid you’ve just lost a regular user, can’t see myself logging in to much in the future.

    Steve – 17 July, 21:54
  1189. winterberryxxx
    17 July, 21:54

    I’m depressed.

    winterberryxxx – 17 July, 21:54
  1190. Bill
    17 July, 21:54

    Wow, what a bunch of babies and whiners. The old site looked terrible, and this is a HUGE improvement visually. Please, all the little bitches that can barely work a computer that are crying in the posts above me, do everyone a favor and delete your account.

    Bill – 17 July, 21:54
  1191. richard dixon
    17 July, 21:55

    it wasent broke—-why did you fix it?——-it is broke now—-nothing works for me——its slower than pouring peanut butter out of a jar—please make it better———————pppllleeeeaaasssseee

    richard dixon – 17 July, 21:55
  1192. Anna
    17 July, 21:55

    i like the old layout better. :P

    Anna – 17 July, 21:55
  1193. Richie
    17 July, 21:55

    This one’s so ugly. It’s completely unorganized and just feels like clutter. I want the old one back. I think I might stop using unless there’s a way to get the old view back.

    Richie – 17 July, 21:55
  1194. cherry bomb
    17 July, 21:56

    bloody ugly look and feel. sterile and commercial-looking – has lost its differentiation from the other social-networking sites out there and blares clashing colours and clutter. all the scrolling i have to do to get to the stuff i am interested in makes me disinclined to bother. i’m not a reactionary, this is just unwieldy. since i know a “change it back” switch is not an option, it would be a bit easier to bear in blacks and greys. hurry up with that ‘paint it black’ option please.

    cherry bomb – 17 July, 21:56
  1195. A
    17 July, 21:57

    Me: a subscriber for years.

    New features: rich.

    New design: poor. At the very least, please make it skinnable.

    A – 17 July, 21:57