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Wednesday, 9 July 2008
by jeff
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Earlier this year, we announced the upcoming launch of our Artist Royalty Program that lets artists on accrue royalties whenever their songs are streamed.

Well, the day has arrived, and we’re excited to announce that from July 1 onwards, artists signed up for the program are accruing royalties on

If you haven’t yet, upload your music to Otherwise head straight to the Music Manager, to sign up for the Artist Royalty Program.

This is a big day for independent artists as it marks the first time that musicians not affiliated with a label or royalty collection agency can collect revenue direct from a free streaming music platform. We’re very proud to now offer independent artists the same royalty opportunities as those presented to record labels acts.


  1. Casey Holford
    9 July, 15:11

    why is so awesome? that’s what i’m trying to figure out. why are you so nice to musicians? why is your site so cool? why why why?

    thank you, thank you, thank you.


    Casey Holford – 9 July, 15:11
  2. mattgcn
    9 July, 15:53

    Awesome. I’ll notify people ASAP.

    mattgcn – 9 July, 15:53
  3. beezer_b
    9 July, 16:14

    Swell. Everybody better make some musics.

    beezer_b – 9 July, 16:14
  4. Mattias S
    9 July, 18:59

    You guys are fighting the good fight, not only for more music but for more democracy in the world.
    Something that I would like to see is being able to donate money to affiliated artists.
    That should be very easy to do.

    Mattias S – 9 July, 18:59
  5. tudinac
    9 July, 19:46

    Yes I’m up for an easy system to donate directly to artists!

    tudinac – 9 July, 19:46
  6. Mattias S
    9 July, 20:27

    Yeah, it would be so nice.
    Like I was gonna by this CD that wasn’t available here in Sweden and it cost like 7 dollars but the shipping was like 20 dollars. So that felt just like a bad deal.
    So I tried to buy it digital format, no, then that service wasn’t available outside the US and Canada.
    I mean, I could’ve bought the record for 27 dollars if the money would’ve gone to the artist and not the stupid shipping.
    So, I just downloaded a pirated version instead.
    No if I could’ve donated 10 dollars to the artist some easy way I would’ve., please, make it happend. :)

    Mattias S – 9 July, 20:27
  7. john
    9 July, 20:34

    That’s a great idea!

    john – 9 July, 20:34
  8. alangalan
    10 July, 03:22

    wowwww. lets start the music making!

    alangalan – 10 July, 03:22
  9. Casey
    10 July, 05:11

    This is fantastic. In some ways this is better than a donation program! Anyone who makes their own music now has the opportunity to make some cash off their work without much effort (outside creating the music)! Even better is that while the artists are getting money in their pocket their listeners can listen for free!

    Casey – 10 July, 05:11
  10. closedmouth
    10 July, 07:44

    Is this still not available in Australia?

    closedmouth – 10 July, 07:44
  11. Jelle
    10 July, 08:28

    Fantastic! Great! Super! Change the world,!

    Jelle – 10 July, 08:28
  12. serious
    10 July, 08:37

    how much do the mayors pay for number cheating?

    serious – 10 July, 08:37
  13. pj
    10 July, 11:21

    That’s a good start for lots of the REAL musicians out there, great and maximum respect! I’m happy to hear about that :)

    pj – 10 July, 11:21
  14. Geoj4
    10 July, 11:24

    Very good step to support music where it is produced. You are earning credit points here.

    Maybe you’d like to combine this with a donation system (which cannot be cheated by letting the player run on infinite loop.). Or, as I am using this, are the jamendo guys interested in cooperation?


    Geoj4 – 10 July, 11:24
  15. Jan
    10 July, 12:43

    Awesome! I really hope you’ll change the music industry with this!

    So, when will you start the unlimited subscription service? It’s just that I can’t wait to spent my money… ;)

    Do you have plans to allow on-demand streaming through the web api for third party apps? I know, you can’t do this for the ad-based, free service. But it would open up fantastic opportunities, enabling people to extend your per-pay on-demand service to all kind of plattforms and devices, like already done with scrobbling and the radio channels.

    Jan – 10 July, 12:43
  16. Dirk
    10 July, 16:39

    simply awesome

    Dirk – 10 July, 16:39
  17. Lord_Loser
    10 July, 17:18

    Remunerating the unsigned artists when their songs are streamed is a great move indeed.
    It has the potential to help reshaping the music business, especially if it were combined with a system that enables donating money to artists directly (instead of giving the most part of the songs’ price to the majors and distributors). Reshaping the music business would be good for the vast majority.

    In addition to the Jamendo people and artists, the people and hundred thousand artists on e.g and may be interested as well.

    Lord_Loser – 10 July, 17:18
  18. EMULTY
    10 July, 19:35

    i searching my song but not? why?

    EMULTY – 10 July, 19:35
  19. Tecfan
    11 July, 10:23

    say my band gets scrobbled (one time) on “progressive rock” tag radio. Exactly how much money will that be? $0.0005?

    Tecfan – 11 July, 10:23
  20. adamzzz
    11 July, 18:08

    Will that affect on Beggars’ Group and Warner Bros. that deleted their music?

    adamzzz – 11 July, 18:08
  21. franky
    11 July, 22:22

    This is a great move from the HQ.
    Hopefully soon there will be a platform allowing the community to select a weekly ‘pick’, giving the independent musicians the opportunity to grab the spotlights, even more than now. :)

    franky – 11 July, 22:22
  22. Dave Warner
    12 July, 00:39

    Great! Joining right after hearing this news was a no-brainer. Then I discovered that actually joining quite a while ago would have been just as much of a no-brainer. Your ethical approach to musicians is icing on the cake. Fantastic service!

    Dave Warner – 12 July, 00:39
  23. sunny beach
    12 July, 03:04

    Awesome, now all it needs is support for specifying Creative Commons licenses ;-)

    sunny beach – 12 July, 03:04
  24. Andreas
    12 July, 12:36

    Sounds great but how will you prevent abuse?

    Andreas – 12 July, 12:36
  25. Antonio
    12 July, 14:53

    This is a big day for independent artist.

    Antonio – 12 July, 14:53
  26. LeighBCD
    12 July, 21:55

    excellent – but when does the subscription service start so I can hear more of this great independent music? :-)))

    LeighBCD – 12 July, 21:55
  27. World
    13 July, 07:19

    Awesome! I really hope you’ll change the music industry with this! Thanks and greetings!

    World – 13 July, 07:19
  28. DRXV
    15 July, 07:08

    Today is the day I quit my job.

    DRXV – 15 July, 07:08
  29. Kirill (EmeteX)
    15 July, 18:11

    thanks for

    Kirill (EmeteX) – 15 July, 18:11
  30. Enrique
    15 July, 22:20

    How much is the royalty going to be?

    Enrique – 15 July, 22:20
  31. sexy
    13 August, 02:04

    Great news for artists , very hard today to leave making and playing music , thanks for helping them

    sexy – 13 August, 02:04

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