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Tuesday, 10 June 2008
by lizrice
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I’m a big music fan, but one way and another I don’t really listen to all that much music while I’m sitting at my PC. That’s probably why I’ve always been excited about getting onto other devices where you listen to music. Today, our friends over at Logitech are adding official support for radio on their family of Squeezebox products, opening up a really easy way to get music in any room of the house. Here’s the Squeezebox in my kitchen, playing my radio station next to the toaster. (In my book, music at breakfast time without all that cheery, chatty early-morning DJ patter is a significant step forward for civilization.)

For the time being, we can only bring radio to Squeezebox owners in the US, UK and Germany, but we’re working on extending this to other countries (sorry to the rest of you – watch this space!)


  1. James
    10 June, 17:11

    What a brilliant little device… want one.

    James – 10 June, 17:11
  2. mormon88
    10 June, 17:29

    cool beans. ima get one of these

    mormon88 – 10 June, 17:29
  3. Toffolo
    10 June, 17:37

    I love how just keeps innovating.

    KEEP IT UP! :D

    Toffolo – 10 June, 17:37
  4. StudleyUK
    10 June, 18:53

    This looks great, and I’m definitely tempted to pick one up. How exactly does it work? Can you use it to listen to your playlists / tag stations / loved tracks? How does this tiny little box know who you are?

    StudleyUK – 10 June, 18:53
  5. Toffolo
    10 June, 19:07

    I guess you have to connect it to a PC. In that way you can configure it through your PC with some program.

    • I guess *
    Toffolo – 10 June, 19:07
  6. 3xM
    10 June, 19:39

    Is this really news? The Squeezebox has been doing this unofficially for a long time using the squeezescrobbler plugin. Furthermore it scrobbles the music it plays.

    But the Squeezebox is simply a must-have for every music loving creature on earth.

    Find out why at – but beware: Most people fall in love instantly.

    3xM – 10 June, 19:39
  7. mbeveridge
    10 June, 21:37

    The way I understood it :

    Squeezebox can play your own music files (on PC/ server/ HDD) using Slimserver, or various Internet radio channels directly (Shoutcast, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc). (Slimscrobbler will scrobble your tracks, if Slimserver is being used – I’ve never heard of Squeezescrobbler)

    But this announcement is being added as a radio station (or many). You need a Squeezebox and an Internet connection (ie. a modem/router), but not a PC, once it’s set up. But you need(?) a PC to setup preferences, login, etc for the Squeezebox to use

    mbeveridge – 10 June, 21:37
  8. cerebus
    10 June, 23:59

    Please tell me the support for countries outside the three mentioned won’t be too long in coming!!!? This would actually be the thing that will finally push me over the edge to becoming a subscriber :) (I keep meaning to do it, but never quite get around to it)

    cerebus – 10 June, 23:59
  9. Soma
    11 June, 08:29

    I got one and I love it, thinking about buying the new one with the remote:

    Now bring us the last fm radio service in Belgium!

    Soma – 11 June, 08:29
  10. BookwormsLair
    11 June, 08:39

    Wow, this is awsome. That’s what I’ve been hoping for! I found a way to plug my laptop into the sound system in the living room, but its quite a hussle. That thing looks really easy to use.

    BookwormsLair – 11 June, 08:39
  11. Sunil
    11 June, 09:16

    That’s looking great man.

    Sunil – 11 June, 09:16
  12. jesper
    11 June, 09:30

    can anyone tell if the Squeezebox Controller will show the artwork and/or artist pics of streams?

    jesper – 11 June, 09:30
  13. Sylvain
    11 June, 10:17

    I’ve got the same toaster :D

    Sylvain – 11 June, 10:17
  14. lizrice
    11 June, 10:21

    @jesper, yes if you have the Duet controller with the colour screen, you’ll get artwork (and it also shows up in SqueezeCenter)

    @mbeveridge is bang on about setting it up: you add your account information at, and then once your account is set up you don’t need the computer any more to get radio through your Squeezebox.

    (If you’re using SqueezeCenter 7.1 you can set up your account information there too.)

    You also don’t need the SlimScrobbler plug-in any more to scrobble tracks, the support for that is built in to the official Logitech software.

    lizrice – 11 June, 10:21
  15. alvareo
    11 June, 14:37

    i hope you make some good scrobbling and radio-playing software for the iPhone and iPod touch, now that the ‘legal’ apps are nearer!
    i hope you make it better than the unofficial existing iPhone application :)

    alvareo – 11 June, 14:37
  16. ArtieFufkin
    11 June, 19:46

    I love my Squeezebox – best gadget I ever bought :-)

    If you’re into, I guarantee you you will love a Squeezebox.

    ArtieFufkin – 11 June, 19:46
  17. Adam
    11 June, 23:41

    Does it play personal tag stations too?

    Adam – 11 June, 23:41
  18. Felipe Ramos
    12 June, 10:55

    ; _ ;

    Where is logitech support for my awesome G15 Keyboard?

    Felipe Ramos – 12 June, 10:55
  19. Simon
    12 June, 18:14

    No squeezebox for Canada? You must be very sorry.

    Simon – 12 June, 18:14
  20. pfr
    14 June, 10:41

    So, this is going to be like that “Free the music” initiative, where you say that it’s going to be extended to other areas beside UK,US,Germany, but never is? When are full length tracks coming to other areas?

    pfr – 14 June, 10:41
  21. Hairshorts
    15 June, 05:00

    This makes me wish I had an apartment big enough that one of these would be of any use to me!

    Hairshorts – 15 June, 05:00
  22. michaelj
    17 June, 07:17

    and, what about more generic support ? If you tell me the URL of my stream, then we can set it up on any device (especially Sonus…).

    michaelj – 17 June, 07:17
  23. Ian AR
    22 June, 01:09

    Yeay! Thus, Last.FM takes two of the three top-spots on StumbleUpon’s Squeezebox tag :) Ian, StumbleUpon

    Ian AR – 22 June, 01:09
  24. hepsi
    24 June, 17:08

    Wow! This great idea and product: Squeezebox.

    I’m seeing Squeezebox groups at lastfm, SU and soon everywhere :)

    hepsi – 24 June, 17:08
  25. Totok
    1 July, 13:18

    woww, nice idea.

    Totok – 1 July, 13:18
  26. Longfield
    1 July, 15:19

    That’s very nice, but I have been the owner of a Squeezebox for more than a year (this box really is a great device), and it has always been possible thanks to plugins.

    But that’s a good thing that is now included in the official software release of Logitech.

    By the way, when do you expand “Free the music” to other countries, especially Switzerland ?

    Longfield – 1 July, 15:19
  27. ladysankofa
    3 July, 08:02

    Really neat!

    Please expannd it to Switzerland soon!

    ladysankofa – 3 July, 08:02
  28. Mach
    9 July, 23:41

    @ longfield – i’m pretty sure this means that now you can play your own personal radio, playlists, tag radio, etc. (along with scrobbling of course). correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t believe those were available before except for just scrobbling.

    Mach – 9 July, 23:41
  29. neil
    18 July, 10:11

    Can you add scrobbling and station playback for my Revo Pico as well?

    Revo Pico

    neil – 18 July, 10:11

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