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Tuesday, 20 November 2007
by rj
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The social music dream team we are building in London gained another familiar face today – say hello to Toby from Musicmobs

Musicmobs was one of the early social music sites. It was more playlist-centric than Audioscrobbler, and had a very slick app (Mobster). You can check out for Toby’s note to Musicmobs users detailing the transition to work on the desktop software:

Musicmobs joins the Social Music Revolution

The full XSPF playlist archive from Musicmobs is available to download on the site.

Expect some of the Musicmobs magic to permeate in the coming months :)


  1. Jeff Nichols
    20 November, 13:59

    My congratulations to Toby, and to for picking up such a great new addition. It was a pleasure to work with Toby and I wish him all the best. Looking forward to that ‘Musicmobs magic’!

    Jeff Nichols – 20 November, 13:59
  2. Paul
    20 November, 14:03

    Musicmobs was clearly ahead of the curve – pioneering many aspects that are now seen as requirements in the ‘Music 2.0’ space. Social playlisting, recommendation, open web services, implicit gathering of taste data, – the ‘hipster <-> mainstream slider’, excellent design, cool name: Musicmobs has it all. It will be sad to see Musicmobs close its doors as Toby moves to, but I am really excited to see what happens when you connect the vision that Toby has for Music 2.0 with the resources that has. Congrats to Toby and kudos to for building the social music dream team!

    Paul – 20 November, 14:03
  3. trovster
    20 November, 14:42

    Hopefully this’ll see the start of multiple playlists on, something which I’ve been waiting for…

    trovster – 20 November, 14:42
  4. dave
    20 November, 22:32

    Nice! The ability to build playlists like over at Musicmobs is something I’ve always wanted to see over here at It was so cool being able to look up the artist and then remove any I didn’t have from the playlists I found.
    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing where this goes…


    dave – 20 November, 22:32
  5. Louis Gray
    21 November, 07:15

    We wish both teams the best of luck. I like both MusicMobs and, and hope the integration of the two applications is a smooth process, one that helps increase your market share and momentum.

    Louis Gray – 21 November, 07:15
  6. Nectarine
    21 November, 13:56

    This sounds like a good thing for everybody.

    ps. Black seems to be losing on the GoCam.

    Nectarine – 21 November, 13:56
  7. Josh
    22 November, 00:33

    There were some excellent features of musicmobs that will be great to see integrated here. I also dream of being able to detail the total stats of my library (which do not always get scrobbled)

    Josh – 22 November, 00:33
  8. bhamm
    27 November, 17:07

    ditto ‘josh’..

    i was a long time musicmobs user (bhamm) and loved the fact that i could upload my entire 5 year iTunes history (100K+).. and keep it synced no matter what order (or on what device) i chose to listen/submit.

    I hate the fact that just wont simply sync your play counts. The ‘if you listened to something in iTunes, your previous iPod plays wont get scrobbled’ thing makes me batty. I still update my musicmobs account history periodically b/c of this. I know /now/ lets new users scrobble their entire (past) history, but this doesn’t apply to us who’ve been with for a while.

    i think musicmobs gave a better representation of your library (since it was simply based on playcounts).. but does a better job of showing recent activity. Hopefully with Toby coming to, we’ll see the best of both services now. :)

    congrats, Toby!

    bhamm – 27 November, 17:07
  9. Holly Himenes-Jordan
    30 November, 01:23

    Hey Toby,
    Your LaFamilia just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your new position and your new home.
    Best Wishes from Tucson-AZ
    Holly, Dan & Colin

    Holly Himenes-Jordan – 30 November, 01:23
  10. Denise Stuart
    4 December, 18:50

    Hi Toby
    Congrats. on the new job and the move to London. Enjoy every minute of your stay on the other side of the pond!!
    Love: Aunt Peter and Uncle Dick

    Denise Stuart – 4 December, 18:50
  11. sungoddess
    16 December, 14:39

    Let me offer a hearty-however late— congratulations to for acquiring Musicmobs, and to Toby on the new gig. When I started using Musicmobs in 2005, I thought that and musicmobs go hand in hand. Toby, I wish I was in London mate… so enjoy it for us both.

    sungoddess – 16 December, 14:39

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