Lucky Soul for Christmas No. 1

Monday, 19 November 2007
by christian
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After four weeks of intense voting, you voted for Lucky Soul’s ‘Lips Are Unhappy’ to be the track that we take to the top of the charts this December. (Broadcast 2000 was the worthy runner up).

You can now pre-order ‘Lips’ (which is bundled together with an exclusive, never-before-released cover of the Mud festive classic ‘Lonely This Christmas’) for a mere 40p (for non-UK readers, that’s as cheap as a download can be and still register for the charts!)

We’ve partnered with the lovely folks at Indiestore to bring you this fantastic offer, so if you want to make a stand against reality TV pop winners, Spice Girls nonsense, and all the other boring rubbish that gets in the Top Ten at this time of year, then click here now and pre-order the shimmying brilliance that is ‘Lips Are Unhappy’ (all profits go to charity).


  1. miklitov
    19 November, 21:00

    I can’t believe it’s the best tune you found from a band in a city like London….

    miklitov – 19 November, 21:00
  2. Johan Larsson
    19 November, 21:15

    What!? Only for PCs?

    Where’s the non-drm love? How am I supposed to play this on my mac?

    Johan Larsson – 19 November, 21:15
  3. Lily
    19 November, 21:28

    Hey Chris, the first link is dead … I expected to be LS’ official website :(

    Lily – 19 November, 21:28
  4. Joshua Savage
    19 November, 22:29

    Not that I like the Spice Girls in any shape or form, however all the profits from their new single goes to BBC Children in Need. I just think it’s something that should be taken into account before people criticise another very valid and more mainstream fund-raising idea.

    Joshua Savage – 19 November, 22:29
  5. Kimiko
    19 November, 22:44

    Hmm. That video doesn’t look/sound worth my money I think, even without checking the store.

    PCs only? You probably mean Windows only. I use Linux, so it wouldn’t work here either.

    However, if y’all like giving to charity, feel free to add the 40 cents to my next subscription fee :)

    Kimiko – 19 November, 22:44
  6. Max Howell
    20 November, 11:44

    It’s a great track and it was awesome live. The video does it no justice..

    Max Howell – 20 November, 11:44
  7. Christian Ward
    20 November, 13:24

    Everybody: the track is available to pre-order, you won’t be able to download until it’s released on December 17th. As with all music on Indiestore, the download will be offered without restrictions, DRM-free and in multiple formats.

    Christian Ward – 20 November, 13:24
  8. Vincent
    24 November, 21:19

    Great song, I just pre-ordered it :)

    Vincent – 24 November, 21:19
  9. Woody
    25 November, 10:55

    Great song; great idea as all the profits go to Oxfam; lovely band too.

    Send them to No 1!

    Woody – 25 November, 10:55
  10. shane
    27 November, 02:31

    yay! lucky soul! and that mud cover is rather fantastic too.

    shane – 27 November, 02:31
  11. Graham
    23 December, 10:43

    The BBC are predicting (at least on the report currently linked from their front page) that the Christmas number 1 will Leon, the X-factor winner. They mention some other contenders, but no mention at all of Lucky Soul.

    Graham – 23 December, 10:43

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