Crash, Smash, Strike

Friday, 30 November 2007
by hannahdonovan
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Last night was thunderous. By the time Shit and Shine took over the smallest stage in the world with their six drumkits, bowling was in full effect. The only downside? You just don’t get the same auditory satisfaction with a ten-pin strike when you’re up against six drummers and four synths.

It was the first I’d heard six drummers playing in unison. Interestingness. Fucking awesome interestingness!

Maybe it’s a good thing that you couldn’t hear the bowling lanes, as there were more than a few drunken lopsided blowing ball tosses—landing with a booming crack—that otherwise might have brought on stern looks from more serious bowlers. Sure, I’m guilty.

What else happened? Total hotttt = Ipso Facto, who had the entire audience entranced with their sublimely crafted post-punk pop noir, and Popnoname changed his clothes five times during his set. With only a bag of clothes and his laptop he fit on stage perfectly, and had the party diehards dancing to his catchy beats until the bowling alley shut at 2AM.

Overall, not bad for a night in central London.


  1. Tecfan
    2 December, 19:12

    uhhh, female bassists are hot!

    Tecfan – 2 December, 19:12
  2. Gag.
    7 December, 09:20

    Your mom is prob. hotter!

    Gag. – 7 December, 09:20
  3. Jack
    7 December, 10:30

    Your mum annoys me.

    Jack – 7 December, 10:30
  4. anonymous fan.
    8 December, 00:23

    sounds like a lot of fun!

    anonymous fan. – 8 December, 00:23
  5. Justin
    11 December, 08:14

    Your mom sounds like a lot of fun.

    Justin – 11 December, 08:14
  6. Techno
    14 December, 11:29

    2 Justin: yes!

    Techno – 14 December, 11:29
  7. gyula csocsan
    6 January, 01:31

    it is strange ((:

    gyula csocsan – 6 January, 01:31

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