Scrobbling... From my ClemePod?

Monday, 15 October 2007
by tony
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It’s more likely than you think…

Here at Last.HQ, we get a wonderful weekly delivery of fruit, which seemingly takes about 4 weeks to ripen. That aside however, there are oft good things to be found in the boxes that arrive. They ship a little sheet along with the fruit too; though, we haven’t worked out yet whether this is to aide in the identification of said fruit, or just to subversively teach us that fruit is good.

While perusing the sheet of fruity goodness, we suddenly happened upon a here-to-undiscovered delight, and quickly set to testing it in our lab… The ClemePod.

Immediately, we thought that perhaps Apple had released a new Pod device, in the shape of a fruit, and had secretly shipped us a test batch to add experimental scrobbling support to. We grabbed some speakers and plugged it in to see if, despite the lack of user interface development, it would play…

To our delight, a hum came forth from the speakers. Unfortunately, as yet, our client team have been unable to decipher the interface, so scrobbling is likely to be impossible for the moment.

Watch this space for more ClemePod device updates.


  1. Jester-NL
    15 October, 16:20

    Before you can scrobble music from it, you should add it ;)
    Have you tried hooking it up to a firewire- or USB-plug and interface with it??

    Jester-NL – 15 October, 16:20
  2. mll
    15 October, 16:48

    Obviously, you didn’t put the jack in the right place. Didn’t you see there’s a cap on top of it ? Remove it, plug in the hole under it. YMMV, but I got kind a satisfied-sounding hole.

    Yet, one thing Jobs didn’t think of : after you remove the jack, the cap won’t stick on the pod any more.

    mll – 15 October, 16:48
  3. Erik
    15 October, 17:25

    Easy! We’ll just feed the hum into Norman’s magical fingeprinter and Bob’s yer uncle.

    Erik – 15 October, 17:25
  4. Fiona McLaren
    15 October, 18:06

    New duet partner for the microwave!

    Fiona McLaren – 15 October, 18:06
  5. PAStheLoD
    15 October, 18:52

    This must be due to DRM :D

    PAStheLoD – 15 October, 18:52
  6. Christoph Schüler
    15 October, 19:03

    Thats the Zune 3rd generation!

    (I like my iPod)

    Christoph Schüler – 15 October, 19:03
  7. Kesley
    16 October, 06:04


    Kesley – 16 October, 06:04
  8. Max Howell
    16 October, 11:27

    We managed to get an ssh connection into the clemepod. There is a small public library and header. I don’t think it’s going to be useful:

    class ClemePod : public Clementine

    /** returns a value from 1-11. A value of 11 is almost unbearably tasty and may cause seizure */

       int tastiness() const;


    Max Howell – 16 October, 11:27
  9. Bas
    16 October, 14:20

    So, um, you guys really have too much time on your hands, don’t you?

    Bas – 16 October, 14:20
  10. Spacepasta
    16 October, 16:16

    try turning it off and on again :P

    Spacepasta – 16 October, 16:16
  11. Isaac
    16 October, 17:23

    Maybe it is not compatible with Vista.

    Isaac – 16 October, 17:23
  12. Adam
    16 October, 18:58

    I wonder if the speaker jack you plugged into said Clemepod still works properly in other devices.

    Adam – 16 October, 18:58
  13. Jase
    16 October, 20:59

    You don’t seem to have tried the obvious technical fix. Hit it. Hard.

    Jase – 16 October, 20:59
  14. Tony Dodd
    16 October, 21:50

    @Jase: We tossed it across the room… rather hard… unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a valid use case, as the unit appeared to spontaneously explode and leave its guts spread across the office. That said, it is still in beta.

    Tony Dodd – 16 October, 21:50
  15. ketchupcmdr
    17 October, 05:21

    i would not want to carry that in my pocket

    ketchupcmdr – 17 October, 05:21
  16. c1fr
    17 October, 06:02

    Hmm…ask Chuck Norris. He can scrobble with a bananna :D

    c1fr – 17 October, 06:02
  17. Tecfan
    17 October, 07:47

    lol, this was good reading in my boring English class…

    Tecfan – 17 October, 07:47
  18. LynnSnow
    4 November, 20:02


    Perhaps to get the full spectrum of notes from your clemepods, you should hook up various ‘pods at different stages of ripeness.

    If you get enough together, they may generate enough electricity to create their own Wi-Fi connection and scrobble themselves. :)

    LynnSnow – 4 November, 20:02

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