Wednesday, 1 August 2007
by anil
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We don’t believe in making a fuss here at, so without further ado, here’s some new video features for all of you: You can now embed video wherever you want on the web, watch the video fullscreen and scrobble it to your profile. And all this with great quality sound. Here’s South London’s finest, Good Shoes, with a little number about where they live.


  1. parasight
    1 August, 19:42

    This is great. :) The fullscreen mode actually runs a lot more fluid on my computer than, say, the youtube player does.

    One thing I’d like to mention, though, is that the volume control isn’t as intuitive as it could be. It works fine, but turning the volume all the way up to the last bar is a little cumbersome, as it only works when you click and drag from left to right. With most flash players I know, a simple click is enough. A single click here only works up to the second-last bar.

    parasight – 1 August, 19:42
  2. Steven
    1 August, 20:06

    That’s great, although the couple of videos I’ve played don’t appear to have been added to my recent tracks. It’s only been a few minutes though, so I might just be a bit impatient.

    Steven – 1 August, 20:06
  3. Phil
    1 August, 20:08

    I really like that direction, as long as videos don’t kill the radio I am fine with it.

    Phil – 1 August, 20:08
  4. Paradosso
    1 August, 20:46

    Looks wonderful, as usual!

    Paradosso – 1 August, 20:46
  5. will
    2 August, 03:45

    awesome job i like it

    will – 2 August, 03:45
  6. Daniel Aleksandersen
    2 August, 06:56

    Can videos be embedded in Journals?

    Will Scrubblevision be available trough the Player?

    Daniel Aleksandersen – 2 August, 06:56
  7. steve
    2 August, 09:38

    We shall be adding video embedding into journals yes. It’s fair to say that we’ll be trying to find the best way to deliver this content to users, and I’d also like to open up the means to play the videos much like the radio streaming. Whether we can do this with our current licenses I’m not sure.

    steve – 2 August, 09:38
  8. ash
    2 August, 13:40

    sorry this is OT, but what do you guys think about
    Elton John’s rantings about music and the internet ?

    ash – 2 August, 13:40
  9. Mike Robinson
    2 August, 18:33

    Looks awesome and works fine for me, great job :D

    Mike Robinson – 2 August, 18:33
  10. TheConfuzed1
    3 August, 04:01

    Cool. You guys rock. :)

    TheConfuzed1 – 3 August, 04:01
  11. Fiona
    3 August, 09:15

    Ash: Aside from everything else if he thinks that there aren’t tens of good albums being released each month, then he’s clearly not looking hard enough…

    Fiona – 3 August, 09:15
  12. goncalo
    3 August, 09:41

    ‘scrobble video? it’s scrobbletastic’

    goncalo – 3 August, 09:41
  13. ArlaFG
    3 August, 22:53

    The tracks get scrobbled? How does the player know which user is watching?

    ArlaFG – 3 August, 22:53
  14. damir
    5 August, 08:41

    there are other websites besides

    damir – 5 August, 08:41
  15. haku
    5 August, 14:32

    Is there any way to browse available videos by artist tags?
    Or is the only option to browse artists pages one by one and click on “Video” tab?

    haku – 5 August, 14:32
  16. Jon
    5 August, 21:50

    Good feature, and you used Good Shoes to demonstrate it.
    Awesome band : )

    Jon – 5 August, 21:50
  17. Lovell
    6 August, 10:51

    haku: right now, the best way to do it is to click the music link at the top of the page and go to “Top Videos”. That’s the only place on the website that seems to have more than a few video links in one place.

    Lovell – 6 August, 10:51
  18. anil
    6 August, 18:20

    ArlaFG: We check for your session, so if you’re signed in to the website you’ll automatically scrobble, no matter where the video is on the web.

    anil – 6 August, 18:20
  19. muroshi
    6 August, 20:31

    Yikkes! I need a glass fibre connection, three beamers, and most importantly: video stations.

    muroshi – 6 August, 20:31
  20. SinDenial
    7 August, 05:44

    After watching one of these videos, my stats no longer update. The MediaPlayer plugin always gives me a BADAUTH response, so does the Winamp one. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong on my side. Any help?

    More info here:

    SinDenial – 7 August, 05:44
  21. saku_kfc
    7 August, 23:58

    Anil: I don’t realy get it. Is it like any video I watch on the web is scrobbled to my profile or what. Like if I watch one on youtube or something like that?

    saku_kfc – 7 August, 23:58
  22. Beau Giles
    8 August, 14:45


    No, it’ll only scrobble the videos, as long as you’re logged in to the website.

    otherwise it’s just another video you’re watching :)

    Beau Giles – 8 August, 14:45
  23. Greg_x7
    8 August, 18:23

    Great feature, too bad none of my top 10 artists and none of five other randomly picked artists from my top 50 has any videos :/

    Greg_x7 – 8 August, 18:23
  24. [f]REJA
    9 August, 03:32

    I think thats a great idea
    Good job you guys ^^




    [f]REJA – 9 August, 03:32
  25. muroshi
    9 August, 14:55

    And would you please show some tribute to directors. It’s rude showing their content without names.

    muroshi – 9 August, 14:55
  26. jimmy Lowe
    10 August, 21:06

    I like the video and the bands style; the subtle tribute to England’s, the worlds’, nunero uno band, looking like they were on a roof top. I am new to LAst FM and sharing it with friends and hoping to meet others with like minds (1000 club) anywhere? Philly’s #1 Rocker from Way Back lowelotus

    jimmy Lowe – 10 August, 21:06
  27. Mach
    13 August, 16:11

    i wish more labels would upload videos, heck even more music for that matter. either ALOT of labels aren’t familiar with or they don’t see the need to upload content for whatever reason. too bad.

    i’ve only seen a few videos on so far.

    a video search option would be handy!

    Mach – 13 August, 16:11
  28. Jon Williams
    14 August, 15:43

    Any thought to making a widget that will allow people to inline play / scrobble tracks linked off blogs ala’s inline player or’s popup player?

    Jon Williams – 14 August, 15:43
  29. liquid_raven
    15 August, 14:37

    It feels rather sad to see (also) running proprietary/non-free technologies such as flash video (uh, ok h263 + mp3 audio embedded in some mysterious sort of container and only playable online with non-free software) and not offering any alternatives, but I suppose I can accept it as videos really are something optional in this case. However, what I’m really hoping for is you guys continuing your great work on exploring new possibilities for web content and start streaming Ogg/Theora, sort of like but better :)

    liquid_raven – 15 August, 14:37
  30. alvaro clemente
    17 August, 12:12

    Todo se ve muy bien, para realizar las cosas, felicitaciones por el proyecto

    alvaro clemente

    alvaro clemente – 17 August, 12:12
  31. Devo In Regress
    17 August, 16:56

    The Flash Player is free (yes Flash Player ( even works on Linux). It is free as in beer but it is still free. It would be nice to have FLOSS support but most proprietary players don’t support FLOSS media. Flash is the most common plug in so you might as well deal with it.

    Devo In Regress – 17 August, 16:56
  32. marloes
    21 August, 08:25

    I love this idea, but the videos I play still don’t appear on my recent tracks list. Am I the only one who still has that problem?

    marloes – 21 August, 08:25
  33. jesse/jesijesi
    24 August, 22:37


    jesse/jesijesi – 24 August, 22:37
  34. Peter K
    24 August, 23:56

    morden/mitcham/merton all suck..drab settings,uptight people, traffic induced road rage, greasy chips, eager wardens, low grade drugs, hell on earth.

    Peter K – 24 August, 23:56

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