Saturday Web Roundup, Vol. I

Saturday, 21 July 2007
by flaneur
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Emails have been flying around Last.HQ lately about nifty things people are building with music profile data and the Audioscrobbler platform.

We’re working (tirelessly!) on a better directory of all the places on the web you can take your profile, but until then we’ll try to do these regular recaps of cool projects and other web oddities. Here’s what caught our eye this week.

IBM Rocks

This mashup tracks what music people are listening to at various IBM offices around the world. Everyone loves rotating world globes.


While the latest version of the official client includes experimental iPod support, it’s great seeing well-executed third-party apps like this. Not sure why there isn’t a Zune scrobbler yet, but it must be coming…


“Your metal extension.” If your music tastes are of a certain persuasion (think Muz), this app will take the logos of your top artists and format them for your ‘About Me’ sidebar. Nice.

And while I’m slinging links around: congrats to Jonathan Schaeffer and co. at my alma mater for solving checkers! (It’s unfortunately going to be another 90 years before there’s a computer that can help me beat Steve at Go.)


  1. ash
    21 July, 15:55

    thanks for the links!

    amusing to see that the attitude of those metalheads hasn’t changed at all :) (“Fuck that gay hip hop trash, rap and pop.” – yeeeah, alright …)

    you know, it took me some time to find out that the development stuff is located at only – I think the FAQ could need a tiny addition about this.
    or maybe I am the only person always lookin’ in the wrong places …

    ash – 21 July, 15:55
  2. Darren
    21 July, 17:31

    Glad you like IBM Rocks and you’re right, you can’t go wrong with spinny globes.

    Since doing it I’ve been surprised at the number of IBM music heads coming out of the woodwork, often with all kinds of questionable (or not) tastes. :-)

    Darren – 21 July, 17:31
  3. Quinn
    23 July, 19:08

    Any support for iRiver players any time soon? iRiver players got their iRiver Plus program, which does a primitive play count by itself. Could you please look into it? (I’m well aware of Rockbox, but unfortunately my player, as many others, is not supported)

    Quinn – 23 July, 19:08
  4. goncalo
    25 July, 19:39

    awesome as always, you should put some reminder in the dashboard when there are blog updates or so…

    goncalo – 25 July, 19:39
  5. Brian
    29 July, 03:51

    Man, that MetalAd thing kicks ass.

    Finally, a thing with us Metalheads in mind.

    Brian – 29 July, 03:51
  6. e-game
    31 July, 17:38

    metalad rockt!

    e-game – 31 July, 17:38
  7. noahod
    14 August, 23:30

    How about a scrobble plugin for symbian phones? There are a lot more nokia’s than ipods, and surely you could make money out of it with a download straight to the phone music service?

    noahod – 14 August, 23:30
  8. Ali-eN
    15 August, 19:11

    wow… man, very good job!

    Ali-eN – 15 August, 19:11
  9. crankcaller
    22 August, 14:56

    Gotta agree with noahod. a scrobble plugin for my N73 would be great…

    crankcaller – 22 August, 14:56
  10. gonzalo
    28 August, 13:59

    nothing about a Scrobblepod for PC? =(

    gonzalo – 28 August, 13:59

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