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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
by christian
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Comments: 23 has been picked as one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Websites of the year! You can vote for us here – we’re currently top of our category (Audio & Visual), but face some hefty competition from the likes of LaLa, Veoh and, er, YouTube’s You Choose ’08 (not exactly a new website, Time, but hey…), so get voting!

And then afterwards you can watch a Time journalist getting destroyed by Bob Dylan back in 1965. Genius.


  1. Vincent
    10 July, 14:39

    That journalist’s face… Awesome :D

    Vincent – 10 July, 14:39
  2. the_peanut
    10 July, 14:49

    Done! Good luck with the competition, you guys deserve to win.


    the_peanut – 10 July, 14:49
  3. Mike
    10 July, 14:53

    Done. There’s a lot of websites on that list that I don’t recognize. Of course, even if I did, I am sure I’d still vote for ;)

    Mike – 10 July, 14:53
  4. Lukasz
    10 July, 17:03


    Lukasz – 10 July, 17:03
  5. Pinkerton
    10 July, 20:02

    I think this website is AWESOME!!!

    Pinkerton – 10 July, 20:02
  6. Dean
    10 July, 21:15

    Looks like two of them got ahead of you in that category, so I was sure to rate them pretty poorly! Good luck to all of you.

    Dean – 10 July, 21:15
  7. Karen
    11 July, 08:26

    Got my Vote ;)

    Karen – 11 July, 08:26
  8. Joel
    11 July, 09:10

    Not sure I agree with Dean’s methods :S

    Anyway, voted you guys at 96 :) Good luck!

    Joel – 11 July, 09:10
  9. the catfishman
    11 July, 11:59



    the catfishman – 11 July, 11:59
  10. coxy
    11 July, 17:01

    It won’t let me vote 99% dammit! It just keeps jumping from 98 to 100!

    coxy – 11 July, 17:01
  11. mwalimu
    12 July, 02:06

    Three weeks ago I would have voted without a second thought.

    Sorry,, but you lost my vote when you refused to participate in the Day of Silence.

    mwalimu – 12 July, 02:06
  12. Knaarfje
    13 July, 06:48

    consider it done!

    Knaarfje – 13 July, 06:48
  13. robin
    13 July, 08:37

    Pray tell, why would I want to vote for

    If Time magazine’s only criteria for “Best Website of the Year” is simply a glitzy interface, then maybe. If it’s about more than that and includes things like the underlying company’s ethics, then I’m afraid not.

    I would support a website that demonstrates fairness and free choice – however this quote sums up nicely’s failure to support the day of silence regarding Internet radio charges…

    “As we noted previously, the only people to benefit from the new fee structure are big media. CBS in particular has a lot to gain and would appear to be supporting the changes by failing to pull their streaming radio stations or off air for the National Day of Silence June 26, despite nearly universal support from others including Yahoo, Pandora and Real. A world with less competitors strengthens CBS’s position and certainly would help CBS build a better return from the $280million it paid for, a site hosted and run from the United Kingdom and therefore not subject to these royalty changes.”

    I for one won’t be voting for (or listening to)!

    robin – 13 July, 08:37
  14. Izzy Toxic
    14 July, 12:54

    One should not discount the value of glitzy interface. After all, during the entire current decade the RIAA has been in operation as nothing more than a glitzy interface between their seemingly bottomless bank vault, and the world’s various legal systems.

    Izzy Toxic – 14 July, 12:54
  15. gaz
    17 July, 11:59

    What a baby, crying because the developers of sold the rights. I mean damn them for having an amazing opportunity. Afterall, the guy who made it made it for himself first and foremost. It’s like the band sell out thing. Because they don’t (in any way) want to make a success out of themselves, oh no. They just want to keep little nerds happy for no monetary gain.

    gaz – 17 July, 11:59
  16. dankine
    20 July, 12:39

    that was clearly explained mwalimu, don’t be pathetic.

    dankine – 20 July, 12:39
  17. john
    20 July, 18:25

    And it was a bullshit explanation, dankine. “We do not want to punish our listeners for our problems, period.” – yeah, I’d feel really punished not being able to listen to radio for a day. Kind of like how punished I’d feel the day big media destroys my favorite radio stations because didn’t help the cause?

    john – 20 July, 18:25
  18. stytzer
    20 July, 19:25

    blah, blah, blah – love this site!

    stytzer – 20 July, 19:25
  19. Alex
    20 July, 22:34

    I am going to vote! This site is the best and deserves to be the best!

    Alex – 20 July, 22:34
  20. luan
    21 July, 01:39

    i’ve voted
    hope you win.

    luan – 21 July, 01:39
  21. Joel
    22 July, 01:37

    haha, I love reading the hysterical comments from the outraged webradio fans.

    Keep ‘em coming!

    Joel – 22 July, 01:37
  22. angelicious1
    7 August, 13:56


    Not been on long, but really loving your work sweedie!

    angelicious1 – 7 August, 13:56
  23. isgroovin
    11 August, 00:02

    the best i been is right here , right now~~luvvin it

    isgroovin – 11 August, 00:02

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