"Do Not Disturb Me, I Am Thinking"

Wednesday, 4 July 2007
by flaneur
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A few months back, a renegade filmmaker invaded Last.fm World Domination Headquarters. Armed with only a camera and a knack for bad timing (of course, we had to have some site downtime during his visit) he did a pretty good job at capturing a day in the life of Last.HQ.

The resulting video was posted online today, so meet the team:

Update: The embed above doesn’t seem to work reliably, but you can watch the full version here.

(Apparently the filmmaker isn’t responsible for the oh-so-inspirational music that got placed over the entire clip. Anil quickly dubbed it “The Winds of Change.” Ahhh, cheese. Not that we notice…um…music….argh.)

Speaking of video, music videos on Last.fm can now play full-screen.


  1. Jelle
    4 July, 12:15

    Looks great!

    Jelle – 4 July, 12:15
  2. Mike
    4 July, 13:03

    Awesome Stuff

    Mike – 4 July, 13:03
  3. goncalo
    4 July, 13:10

    cool, unfortunately i don’t have sound at work so i missed the soundtrack.

    didn’t know that site (current.com) either!

    loved how you pilled cds and instruments around the office!

    goncalo – 4 July, 13:10
  4. James
    4 July, 13:57

    The bit at the end with RJ was so funny.

    What is he listening to on those headphones?

    James – 4 July, 13:57
  5. Michael
    4 July, 15:30

    Greenlighted the vid, everyone else should aswell to see if we can get it broadcast on tv.

    Michael – 4 July, 15:30
  6. lwarks
    4 July, 16:29

    I spy some eBoy artwork on one of the walls of your office…

    nice :]

    lwarks – 4 July, 16:29
  7. peer
    4 July, 17:02

    The full screen for last.fm videos is great. Looking forward for some way to embed videos on my blog soon.

    Nice video with the last.fm HQ, too bad you are not indie any more. Cheers and good luck.

    peer – 4 July, 17:02
  8. Vincent
    4 July, 17:05

    Really inspiring to see the people who actually make the website. I’d love to visit you and bring you a cake or something but probably I’d just disturb you ;)

    However .. full screen is great – Now add my recommended videos channel to the last.fm-player :D

    Vincent – 4 July, 17:05
  9. BookwormsLair
    5 July, 08:31

    Great insights into a cool company. Thanks for sharing! Reminds me of Yahoo in the early days :-D

    BookwormsLair – 5 July, 08:31
  10. Spacepasta
    5 July, 11:37

    Aww, its a lovely film. Shame about the soundtrack.

    Looks like a groovy office. Can I come and be a tea lady or somthing? :P

    Spacepasta – 5 July, 11:37
  11. Gerald
    5 July, 18:36


    the Video can not be Load (New Flash version installt)

    Gerald – 5 July, 18:36
  12. Jens
    5 July, 23:32


    Jens – 5 July, 23:32
  13. Aled
    11 July, 10:16

    I laughed too much at the server down/RJ part haha. I bet it’s awesome working at the last.fm offices, good staff, relaxed atmosphere but the site just shows how much work you guys put into it :D

    Aled – 11 July, 10:16
  14. TuMadre
    16 July, 07:11


    Now i want to work in last.fm… lol…

    Hell…maybe someday i will send my CV… XD

    TuMadre – 16 July, 07:11
  15. Daniel
    24 July, 23:04

    That filmmaker didn’t seem very welcome there, everyone was rude to him!

    Unless, that’s just how he edited it.

    Daniel – 24 July, 23:04
  16. Liselle
    31 July, 23:51

    It is horrendous how much I’ve wanted to work for Last.fm for the longest time. There’s a charisma that shows through the website that is purely the creation of the team.

    >:( damn you for having your HQ in a very expensive country.

    Liselle – 31 July, 23:51
  17. ean, malaysia
    3 August, 12:02

    Excellent to see you boys & girls hard at work for us all! Keep up the good stuff! Cheers & thanks for a wonderful site! :o)
    Damn I wish I could work with you too!

    ean, malaysia – 3 August, 12:02
  18. Isaac
    4 August, 17:39

    Now I want to work in Last.fm.
    I already wanted to, but now even more.

    Too bad you’re on the other side of the planet. :/

    Isaac – 4 August, 17:39
  19. damir
    5 August, 08:40

    it is my ultimate goal in life to work at last.fm

    damir – 5 August, 08:40

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