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Monday, 30 April 2012
by Michael Horan
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At Last.fm, we always enjoy seeing how developers take advantage of our API and what incredible products they come up with. This week, Lurpak® are releasing a new UK-only radio product, called FoodBeats, that serves up music based on what you’re cooking.

Simply type in the name of the dish you’re making, how long you’ll be preparing it, and Last.fm serves up a playlist based on what you’re cooking. FoodBeats tailors specially selected songs into a playlist based on the listener’s chosen recipe and learned musical preferences. So, for example, anyone cooking sausage and mash might be served anything from 60’s mod rocker vibes through to the fun Britpop of the 90’s.

Next time you plan on preparing a dinner, try it out!


  1. S
    30 April, 23:11

    Stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    S – 30 April, 23:11
  2. Bob
    1 May, 09:02

    So it just gives you a length of a sound track dependent on the length of your cooking time. Pointless.

    What The Five Satins – ‘In the Still of the Night’ have to do with Roast Dinner (Apparently Roast Chicken doesn’t exist!)I’ve no idea!

    Will be useful if you’re having a party and just need 90 minutes of music. Then again, there’s always spotify.

    Bob – 1 May, 09:02
  3. sdfsdf
    3 May, 07:57

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    sdfsdf – 3 May, 07:57
  4. Dan Sleath
    3 May, 15:51

    Horan I thought you’d at least throw in a couple of food/band puns for that post. The Flaming Chips. The Rolling Scones etc. Tuna Turner.

    Dan Sleath – 3 May, 15:51
  5. Guy Manningham
    3 May, 20:22

    It should play “Eat It” by Weird Al Yankovic on repeat.

    Guy Manningham – 3 May, 20:22
  6. sebb
    4 May, 09:09

    Only UK and Ireland, thanks!

    sebb – 4 May, 09:09
  7. Max
    4 May, 10:31


    Only from United Kingdom :)

    Max – 4 May, 10:31
  8. Emma
    5 May, 19:11

    heyyyy we americans want aweesome food music too! is there any way you guys could make it so that we could listen across the pond? cause this is kind of wicked awesome.

    Emma – 5 May, 19:11
  9. Psychic
    12 May, 12:29

    First comment is harsh, I thought it was good – although it didn’t recognise “fish and chips” I quickly forgave it when it chose Fools Gold as my first song instead.

    Psychic – 12 May, 12:29

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