DJ Team Mix

Wednesday, 3 August 2011
by Stuart
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As friends of and fellow residents of “Silicon Roundabout”, Mixcloud invited us to get involved in their “Celebration of Curation 2011” series. There’s a wealth of DJ talent at and so rather than picking one person to represent, five of us (Lumberjack, Pellitero, Good_Bone, Baseonmars and myself) decided to create mini-mixes and weave them together into an hour and a half mix, covering everything from post-rock to deep house, dubstep and UK Funky.

Check out the DJ Team page for more mixes and let us know which ones you like.

(And before you ask, we’re hoping to announce a solution for enabling Mixcloud to scrobble in the not too distant future…)


  1. zazi
    3 August, 11:48

    +1 for scrobbling MixCloud mixes on a track basis, i.e., every track will be scrobbled separately instead of the whole mix at once – or do we need both (the whole and its parts)?

    zazi – 3 August, 11:48
  2. Tecfan
    3 August, 12:13

    You can scrobble with for now

    Tecfan – 3 August, 12:13
  3. David Wallace
    3 August, 15:46

    This is a cool mix I really like it.

    David Wallace – 3 August, 15:46
  4. Daryl
    3 August, 16:32

    I was definitely going to ask about scrobbling from Mixcloud. Glad you acknowledged it in the post ;-)

    Daryl – 3 August, 16:32
  5. Franz
    13 September, 07:21

    Its a very cool mix. I like it!

    Franz – 13 September, 07:21

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