Never Mind The Royals

Friday, 6 May 2011
by andrew
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Last Friday, 29th of April, was a big day for Prince William and Kate Middleton, and a great excuse for a party for the rest of us… We even set up a special radio station for the big day. But we spotted a bit of an oddity in the scrobbling logs. Not everyone, it seems, was caught up in the wave of patriotic royalism that swept Britain that weekend.

Sitting at number 84 in the UK chart for that day was the Sex Pistols‘ anarchist anthem, God Save The Queen.

About 1 in every thousand listeners in Britain scrobble God Save The Queen on a typical day (not counting radio listens), which isn’t bad going. But on the day of the Royal Wedding it hit nearly five times that, far more than on any other day in the last 12 months.

Originally released in 1977 for the Queen’s silver jubilee, the track was banned by the BBC and other broadcasters for its incendiary lyrics, but shot to the top of the charts nonetheless.

Even in 2011, with Sid Vicious long since departed and Jonny Rotten making TV ads for butter, the song has kept its angry appeal — as the chart above shows.

So here’s to our listeners for keeping the punk spirit alive — we mean it, maaaaaaan.


  1. Nikola Ovcharski
    6 May, 17:18

    Anarchy In The UK \m/

    Nikola Ovcharski – 6 May, 17:18
  2. jan
    6 May, 17:21

    yeee, f the crown!

    jan – 6 May, 17:21
  3. Shaun
    6 May, 18:55

    I enjoy finding out little snippets of stats like this!

    Shaun – 6 May, 18:55
  4. Savio @ goa tours packages
    8 May, 10:12

    I too didn’t understand why people were interested in watching a wedding on TV they wouldn’t get anything from. I mean if people were invited to the reception they would at least get food to eat. This was all made by media channels to make money

    Savio @ goa tours packages – 8 May, 10:12
  5. dvarw
    8 May, 11:00

    @savio maybe for the same reason people buy ipads/iphones when they could buy same product form the other brand half price? Or maybe why some people watch movies and read books about life when they could just live their own? is also making money so why do you bother?

    dvarw – 8 May, 11:00
  6. Roger Witte
    9 May, 18:20

    My, My, Hey, Hey
    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Roger Witte – 9 May, 18:20
  7. Colin
    9 May, 19:16

    Hah hah – one of those plays was me!

    Colin – 9 May, 19:16
  8. cowbutt
    19 May, 15:23

    How about the cover by Anthrax?

    cowbutt – 19 May, 15:23
  9. Adiyansyah
    20 May, 14:39

    Big moment , who wanna missed the royal wedding

    Adiyansyah – 20 May, 14:39

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