About the last 24 hours

Friday, 21 January 2011
by cms
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UPDATE 25/01/11: After a weekend of work Last.fm is now back up to full capacity. If you’re continuing to experience problems then leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you for your patience.


As many of you will be aware, Last.fm has been experiencing an extended period of downtime in all user-facing services. A hardware failure has led to one of the most serious system outages we have experienced for a long time, and we are very sorry about the inconvenience caused to our listeners. At this moment everything should be on its way back to normal, but it could take some time for all services to return to a fully stable state.

We want to apologise for this outage, and explain the problems that have led to the difficulties you may be experiencing now.

Yesterday afternoon a fault in a blade chassis in one of our datacentres caused it to break, taking the power supply for its rack with it.

On site teams were unable resolve the fault with this chassis, but were able to restore power to the rest of the rack. Unfortunately, this chassis contained several critical components of the top-level load balancing systems we use to evenly distribute traffic across all of our datacentres.

Load balancing has been redistributed among the remaining centres. As these are running under a higher than usual load intermittent service outages may have resulted, leading to problems across all parts of Last.fm. As a result you might be experiencing difficulty with radio, the website or with your scrobbles.

Because some of our top level DNS services were impacted by this outage it has taken longer than usual for fresh DNS information to propagate. Many of you may have been presented with incorrect DNS information due to caching, despite the workarounds we have been putting in place. Eventually correct information will propagate in its place.

Last.fm’s Operations team has been working since it was first reported to provide listeners with short-term workarounds while the affected hardware is replaced or repaired. Our first priority has been to ensure that user-data is preserved wherever possible.

We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the site is operating for as many people as possible while the hardware is restored.

Some of you are worried about the status of your scrobbles; all scrobbles that are making it through are safe, and client caching should ensure that any that aren’t are queued and will be submitted correctly once the service is fully restored. These will appear as normal once the faults have been repaired.

We’d also like to apologise for not communicating more about the problem – as I’m sure you can appreciate our priority has been getting the issues fixed.

In the meantime we will be updating status.last.fm and the twitter account @lastfm as soon as we have more information.


  1. pomle
    21 January, 13:30

    It’s OK. I still love you.

    pomle – 21 January, 13:30
  2. Dömötör Gyimesi
    21 January, 13:35

    Shit happens guys.
    Keep up the good work!

    Dömötör Gyimesi – 21 January, 13:35
  3. Woody Wiginton
    21 January, 13:40

    I experienced slow-to-no download of the “free download” songs. Is this related? I’m a subscriber (FinerGrind).

    Woody Wiginton – 21 January, 13:40
    21 January, 13:42


    CHIDDY CHIDDY BANG – 21 January, 13:42
  5. Tecfan
    21 January, 13:42

    Good work! Looking forward to finally checking my Last.fm account again!

    Tecfan – 21 January, 13:42
  6. Kenny
    21 January, 13:49

    “We’d also like to apologise for not communicating more about the poblem”

    - think youre doing a great job with it.

    according to pomle- yeah, we still love you.^^

    Kenny – 21 January, 13:49
  7. akrde
    21 January, 13:53

    Thanks for the detailed informations, i’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    akrde – 21 January, 13:53
  8. Chris Andy
    21 January, 13:56

    It sucked as I use Last.fm while I’m working, but the site is so awesome and made even more awesome by being free, I think its safe to assume that loyal users of the site won’t be running to crappy alternatives because of the hardware failure. Kudos to your team for getting the issue resolved so quickly :)

    Chris Andy – 21 January, 13:56
  9. Mart
    21 January, 13:58

    Appreciate you taking the time to explain exactly what happened. Sounds like it was pretty catastrophic. :/

    Mart – 21 January, 13:58
  10. rusti_
    21 January, 14:02

    Keep up the good work! <3

    rusti_ – 21 January, 14:02
  11. Duncan Lewis
    21 January, 14:06

    We all love you guys, take your time and get it done, just don’t rush for a quick solution that will break again after a short while… I hate it when people do that :(
    To all you idiots moaning, just shut up and let them get on with it!

    Duncan Lewis – 21 January, 14:06
  12. Brad
    21 January, 14:23

    The site is back up and running for me… thanks so much to the Last.fm team for the notifications/posts/updates and for getting things running again so quickly… and yeah.. shit happens :) We love you…don’t stress!

    Brad – 21 January, 14:23
  13. Brian
    21 January, 14:36

    Can’t really say anything other than shit happens. Hope you get everything back up soon. Keep up the good work.

    Brian – 21 January, 14:36
  14. Lars
    21 January, 14:38

    it still doesn’ work, but doesn’t matter, still lovin’ you. =)

    Lars – 21 January, 14:38
  15. snyde
    21 January, 14:38

    Thanks for the note. Losing an entire chassis is unfortunate. Hopefully your blades are salvageable. Glad to hear that the (or rather, my) data is safe.

    snyde – 21 January, 14:38
  16. karl
    21 January, 14:38

    I love how you are so transparent with your outage situations. Applause!

    karl – 21 January, 14:38
  17. ketax
    21 January, 14:52

    I am still getting Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) while trying to access last.fm from my computer. Is this also related to problems you have with your hardware?

    ketax – 21 January, 14:52
  18. loupea
    21 January, 16:18

    Thanks for the hard work!

    loupea – 21 January, 16:18
  19. matt
    21 January, 16:58

    Maybe something should be shown on the homepage once you have a better estimate of the downtime so users don’t have to hunt down whether there is a problem or not. Downtime is no problem at all, but wondering what the $$$$ is going on is a problem. Do you guys have a PR department or what? Also, love the service, I’m a daily user, hope it gets back up soon so I don’t have to listen to the ringing in my ears longer than necessary. Thanks!

    matt – 21 January, 16:58
  20. johnTMcNeill
    21 January, 17:19

    working now for me- thanks! Stuff happens….

    johnTMcNeill – 21 January, 17:19
  21. kiraruls
    21 January, 18:20

    (Alguien que hable español) Mis temas escuchados recientemente no se actualizan, ¿Es acausa de lo que dicen acá? Sorry la ingnorancia, pero lo comnezé a usar ayer y los dos días que llevo me tira puros problemas, plese

    kiraruls – 21 January, 18:20
  22. zonnewijzer
    21 January, 18:35

    Everything works fine, only the website does not load. To check whether your scrobbles are being submitted, you can check the mobile version of las.fm —> m.last.fm


    zonnewijzer – 21 January, 18:35
  23. Nick
    21 January, 18:39

    No worries! Problems is problems; Last is one of the biggest contributions to music in recent years…so you get a free pass ;)

    Nick – 21 January, 18:39
  24. Marc
    21 January, 18:56

    Ah, the joy of fault-tolerant computing and disaster recovery. Suffice to say that I had nothing but a 64MB portable MP3 player to keep me company when I was working in “the cage” at my datacenters during the internet boom. And nothing but a radio with crappy reception ten years before that in the computer lab at the university.

    There are ~525,948 minutes in a year. 24 hours = 1440 minutes. If nothing else goes wrong this year, last.fm will have achieved a ~99.73% uptime. That should be good enough for everyone except the banks, nuclear plants, and the space shuttle.

    Marc – 21 January, 18:56
  25. Ranjan
    21 January, 19:00

    We could wait with patience for a longer time. Scrobblers shd be working fine at preparing its queue and submitting later.

    Ranjan – 21 January, 19:00
  26. LordDANEgerous
    21 January, 19:26

    /sigh the old last FM would not have taken this long.

    At least we are still getting scrobbles! Keep up the… decent work.

    LordDANEgerous – 21 January, 19:26
  27. Zanting
    21 January, 19:30

    Goodluck guys.

    Zanting – 21 January, 19:30
  28. jlmpt
    21 January, 19:31

    As I am studying electrical and computer engineering, I know how unexpected and troubling these breakdowns can be. Keep up the good work, Lastfm team!

    jlmpt – 21 January, 19:31
  29. Vikinggoddess
    21 January, 19:42

    Oh I am lost without Last! No worries iTunes will have to suffice for now. Hope you’re up and running soon. MISS YOU.

    Vikinggoddess – 21 January, 19:42
  30. BaltazarQc
    21 January, 19:49

    keep up the good work.
    Shit happens…
    Good luck at reparing this…
    Oh! and by the way, could you put the variable “Canada” set to “true” for the iphone/ipod app while you are at it?

    thanks ! ;)

    BaltazarQc – 21 January, 19:49
  31. Batiste369
    21 January, 19:50

    Well, I’m still a little upset over the obvious website problems, but at least scrobbles are not being lost. Thanks you guys for your continuous hard work and dedication in making Last.fm the best music site on the web :)) “Everyday is a good day, when there’s Lasr.Fm”

    Batiste369 – 21 January, 19:50
  32. Drson
    21 January, 19:50

    Still does not work for me (19:44 GMT Fri)…

    I can see home page but login page does not load :-(

    I am not as much surrprised, because there is long time no advance in web interface, terrific Flash, played track list freezed for my acount month ago. It seem that you underestimated infrastructure importance….

    I just payed few days ago $3×3 for 3 monts subscription (I use you service over 3 years). Probably it was Last.Time dear Last.fm!!!

    Your disapointed customer ….

    Drson – 21 January, 19:50
  33. stuart1861
    21 January, 20:00

    Guys, you are the greatest! We still love you in spite of the cruel world’s troubles.

    stuart1861 – 21 January, 20:00
  34. CrybKeeper
    21 January, 20:15

    It seems that staff are mentioning cached data, but are not mentioning the fact, several of us have no data to cache or retrieve, as nothing loads:

    Just so staff can see how its going on our user end, it’s getting much worse and nothing I do gets the Client to load anymore than this below:

    Am just hoping, this helps troubleshoot the issues.

    CrybKeeper – 21 January, 20:15
  35. Zil
    21 January, 20:27

    Thank you very much for your hard work. Good luck!

    Zil – 21 January, 20:27
  36. spongman
    21 January, 20:30

    it’s never too late to find and eliminate those SPOFs. oh, wait…

    spongman – 21 January, 20:30
  37. Joel
    21 January, 21:04

    You are still the best in my book. Thanks for the update.

    Joel – 21 January, 21:04
  38. kirigoe
    21 January, 21:11

    No worries :)

    kirigoe – 21 January, 21:11
  39. John
    21 January, 21:28

    Was wondering what the hell was going on with the site these past two days! Thanks for clearing things up and good luck with getting things back to normal

    John – 21 January, 21:28
  40. Jack
    21 January, 22:16

    stuff like this is bound to happen sometimes, don’t worry about it guys, at least you’re doing all you can to fix it and bring it back to normal
    thanks last.fm, we love you

    Jack – 21 January, 22:16
  41. teh scrobbling scrobbler
    21 January, 23:52

    It’s soothing to read this. I was starting to worry that you guys improve the design of the site again.

    teh scrobbling scrobbler – 21 January, 23:52
  42. Roger Witte
    22 January, 00:08

    Looks like Caitlin gets to work yet another weekend … I appreciate your commitment.

    Roger Witte – 22 January, 00:08
  43. L
    22 January, 00:11

    Its good to know you’re all working on this.

    =) As the above poster said, we still love you!

    L – 22 January, 00:11
  44. Daniel
    22 January, 00:13

    @kiraruls: Si… los errores que has tenido es precisamente por el problema que mencionan en el texto. Sin embargo, ahídicen que tus scroblings no se pierden… esperar haber. De todas formas por un dia no creo que haya mayor problema. Esperemos que se mejore.

    Daniel – 22 January, 00:13
  45. molkish
    22 January, 04:17

    problems with scrobbs too.

    molkish – 22 January, 04:17
  46. Alexei
    22 January, 06:57

    Short email notification to all users (at least paid members) and/or a brief note on a homepage could help a LOT keeping users informed. Sorry to know about your problems.

    Alexei – 22 January, 06:57
  47. MusicJunktress
    22 January, 08:16

    you know, since Imeem went by the “wayside”, you at LFM have the best base for artists I have come across.

    So, a bit of a blip in the system it appears…glad to know it’s not my problem other than I miss my tunes.

    Personally, I don’t care about “scrobbles” lost? Nor do I care about neighbors access…blah, blah. It’s all about the music I personally wish to hear.

    Sincerely hope you can manage this soon ….I do miss being able to hear the tunes I know, and love.

    Caitlin & many of you staffers deserve a medal ~ I will hang it to see what comes,
    for a while yet.

    Love it when it works, but for now I will continue only monthly ~ this new transition has made me a bit skeptical from the onset, but I believe you have the most promising site if you can work this out?

    I do miss my tunes here …..

    MusicJunktress – 22 January, 08:16
  48. GothicBowie666
    22 January, 08:21

    I thought there was a problem with my computer, hope you guys fix the problem very soon.. and yes we still love you :D greetings from a Belgium fan

    GothicBowie666 – 22 January, 08:21
  49. Farren
    22 January, 09:31

    I missed you :’(

    Farren – 22 January, 09:31
  50. JT
    22 January, 10:59

    If some people can’t live without last.fm for a few days, they really need to sort out their life. : /
    Let the guys do their work and don’t flood their inbox with messages of disappointment that will take up their time.
    You are doing a great job guys! I look forward to the site being up and fantastic as ever, whenever possible.

    JT – 22 January, 10:59
  51. PCL
    22 January, 12:12

    Good luck! I hope it’s back to 100% soon. Meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out how to force an update of my DNS cache.

    PCL – 22 January, 12:12
  52. conditionals
    22 January, 12:23

    Wow, a taste of what life would be like without last.fm. Brutal.

    Thanks for working so diligently, guys. I still can’t upload album art, but I assume that it will all be fixed soon.

    conditionals – 22 January, 12:23
  53. Unkn0wnumb3rs
    22 January, 12:39

    Some sites still take ages to load… D: (In the London area)

    Unkn0wnumb3rs – 22 January, 12:39
  54. xtraa
    22 January, 12:48


    No problem – a downtime is really not a big deal. This happens, don’t stress yourself. Just drop us a short message next time.

    xtraa – 22 January, 12:48
  55. Irlandese64
    22 January, 12:56

    Hope it all gets resolved soon. Thanks for the update, I’ll pass it along.

    Irlandese64 – 22 January, 12:56
  56. argagak
    22 January, 13:18

    it’s still not working properly, isn’t it?
    the page still takes ages to load

    keep up the good work, guys! your site is addicting, so even one hour of downtime would be frustrating for us users!(well, it’s frustrating for me lol)

    argagak – 22 January, 13:18
  57. MissNewOrleans
    22 January, 14:00

    Glad to hear you’re on it. Thanks for the all-hours work. I too thought the problem was with my computer, so it’d be neat if there were some notification system….

    MissNewOrleans – 22 January, 14:00
  58. anetoiu
    22 January, 14:05

    damn, it was my birthday and I was hoping to play a dubstep radio

    anetoiu – 22 January, 14:05
  59. klimmzugstange
    22 January, 14:05

    It still is a bit slow.
    But thanks for the detailed information, I will keep my fingers crossed.

    klimmzugstange – 22 January, 14:05
  60. booksiren
    22 January, 14:31

    still can’t get on the site and sign in

    booksiren – 22 January, 14:31
  61. cheap essay
    22 January, 14:38

    This seems to be based on German data – many of the artists featured are not known in the Uk or US.

    cheap essay – 22 January, 14:38
  62. some random guy from the internet
    22 January, 14:55

    I like that you actually explained what happened there and why we can’t access the website. Not many people with large communities take the time for such things.

    some random guy from the internet – 22 January, 14:55
  63. Marco
    22 January, 15:10

    thanks for information, but don’t forget that somes (unlikely) people pay a month fee to listen your radio

    Marco – 22 January, 15:10
  64. Dunnemin
    22 January, 15:15

    The only thing that still works for me is the scrobbler.
    Everything else is down. It takes at least 4 minutes to load a page.
    But thanks for the info.

    Den Haag – The Netherlands

    Dunnemin – 22 January, 15:15
  65. mr-ra
    22 January, 15:41

    so this has been the problem, I was concerned that trying to access the site and not could. I hope the damage will be resolved for continue listening and scrobbling to good music.

    mr-ra – 22 January, 15:41
  66. WaterJesus
    22 January, 16:26

    Patiently waiting. I hate Pandora because it doesn’t care what I listen to on my own. <3 from Texas.

    WaterJesus – 22 January, 16:26
  67. Alex1624
    22 January, 18:57

    keep up the good work. thanks for keeping us updated. Love this on my xbox360 so hope it is up and running soon.

    Alex1624 – 22 January, 18:57
  68. CrybKeeper
    22 January, 20:42

    Just to let staff know – All pages and the Scrobbler Client are loading lightning fast! MUCH faster than they did for the past two years. I used to count the load time down(1001,1002,1003, etc.). It used to take anywhere from 6 to 12 seconds to fully load forums, inbox, profile page and even the Client, but now, it is taking 2 and 3 seconds! WOW, what did you guys do?! =)

    YAY in the USA!

    CrybKeeper – 22 January, 20:42
  69. aiwoaiwo
    22 January, 21:45

    it’s loading fast for me but it’s not scrobbling

    aiwoaiwo – 22 January, 21:45
  70. redsimba88
    23 January, 00:32

    Thank you very much for the update; keep up the great work! The site seems to be working much better for me today. knocks on wood

    redsimba88 – 23 January, 00:32
  71. jacktheripper
    23 January, 00:48

    scrobbling works
    but page does not load since friday

    jacktheripper – 23 January, 00:48
  72. Danielle
    23 January, 01:56

    Have the opposite problem Jacktheripper has. Pages are actually loading quickly, no scrobbles period.

    Keep working hard guys. ♥

    Danielle – 23 January, 01:56
  73. Ellsee53
    23 January, 02:33

    I for one understand the impact of this failure and appreciate the amount of work that has and is still going into resolving the situation.

    I am also very appreciative of the explanations given and of the system updates. It really does help to alleviate the frustration.

    Everything is fine for me at present.

    Now, I ask myself… where do I go to beg for PS3 support to elevate Last.fm from OK to just about perfect?

    Ellsee53 – 23 January, 02:33
  74. Nika
    23 January, 13:48


    Nika – 23 January, 13:48
  75. loupea
    23 January, 17:55

    My scrobbling still doesn’t work. Is this a continuing problem?

    loupea – 23 January, 17:55
  76. Danielle
    23 January, 19:37

    My scrobbling still doesn’t work either….


    Danielle – 23 January, 19:37
  77. Paul
    24 January, 08:39

    I am a subscriber….still not working….not happy!

    Paul – 24 January, 08:39
  78. mariano
    24 January, 15:33

    Soy un abonado

    Esto ya funciona

    mariano – 24 January, 15:33
  79. kokjebalder
    24 January, 16:11

    My scrobbling still doesn’t work.

    kokjebalder – 24 January, 16:11
  80. Claggy
    24 January, 19:08

    My listens hadn’t been scrobbling either, but as soon as I restarted my Last.fm client, it started working fine again.

    Claggy – 24 January, 19:08
  81. AHorseWithNoName
    25 January, 14:25

    But how can one faulty rack power supply take down one of your most important servers? Wouldn’t it make sense to use some sort of redundancy ..?

    AHorseWithNoName – 25 January, 14:25
  82. bruno
    25 January, 16:16

    love u

    bruno – 25 January, 16:16
  83. Caitlin
    25 January, 16:21

    Sadly, my scrobbling still isn’t working. Just felt that I needed to report it. I even tried cleaning out my cookies.

    Caitlin – 25 January, 16:21
  84. windrake
    25 January, 16:22

    My scrobbling still doesn’t work too.

    windrake – 25 January, 16:22
  85. whuts
    25 January, 16:51

    Can,t even log in.HELP.

    whuts – 25 January, 16:51
  86. mattjestmattowy
    25 January, 17:09

    My tracks still aren’t scrobbled. T.T

    mattjestmattowy – 25 January, 17:09
  87. seachristie
    25 January, 17:15

    Like many others have said, my scrobbling still is not working.

    seachristie – 25 January, 17:15
  88. chris
    25 January, 17:17

    Can’t listen to my loved tracks and my playlists anymore!

    chris – 25 January, 17:17
  89. Vando Almeida
    25 January, 18:10

    Tomara que tudo volte ao normal. Eu acho o Last.fm sensacional e sempre estarei com voces!!!

    Vando Almeida – 25 January, 18:10
  90. tierrr
    25 January, 18:42

    my scrobbling not working too.please help. thanks : )

    tierrr – 25 January, 18:42
  91. CJ
    25 January, 19:00

    I’m still not able to log in.:(

    CJ – 25 January, 19:00
  92. rumorous
    25 January, 19:47

    Heyyyy, update the charts. they are suposed to be out on monday.

    rumorous – 25 January, 19:47
  93. CSW
    25 January, 20:14

    Thanks for the update. I miss my iPod scrobbling, but I had no idea it was such a catastrophic meltdown :( hope all gets resolved

    CSW – 25 January, 20:14
  94. Mith242
    25 January, 20:26

    Still no scrobbling for me either. According to last.fm I haven’t listened to anything since the 24th.

    Mith242 – 25 January, 20:26
  95. EJG
    25 January, 20:34

    the “events” box has gone missing from my artist page.

    EJG – 25 January, 20:34
  96. Karl
    25 January, 20:47

    Noticed some red spots on my penis when i woke up this morning. Is that normal?

    Karl – 25 January, 20:47
  97. Mith242
    25 January, 22:42

    Everybody with the scrobbling problems. I think you need to go into your last.fm program and under the help button select diagnostics. Then under your scrobbling options hit refresh. This seemed to fix all my scrobbling problems and sent everything that was cached into my account.

    Mith242 – 25 January, 22:42
  98. Mith242
    25 January, 23:00

    Sorry, I typed refresh in the above message but I meant reconnect. Hit the reconnect button under diagnostics under help. I think this will fix everyone’s scrobbling problems.

    Mith242 – 25 January, 23:00
  99. toottootbeep
    25 January, 23:31

    Hi, music hasn’t scrobbled from itunes for an age.
    Why would this be? How can I fix it?

    Thank you.

    toottootbeep – 25 January, 23:31
  100. chocolaterobots
    26 January, 06:41

    Also can’t get iTunes to scrobble. recently updated both Last.FM and iTunes, and it’s the windows client. Please help? Love, Leo

    chocolaterobots – 26 January, 06:41
  101. yabaquebec
    26 January, 08:18

    My radio is not working… Server stuff message… Bizarre stuff, when I listened to a few songs (before purchasing my new membership today), everything was fine until I paid, but now, no more music! A l’aide!

    yabaquebec – 26 January, 08:18
  102. Dorota
    26 January, 11:26

    My Profile isn’t scrobbling. still.

    Dorota – 26 January, 11:26
  103. dorrrka666
    26 January, 11:28

    My profile isn’t scrobbling. still

    dorrrka666 – 26 January, 11:28
  104. xrebex
    26 January, 12:16

    i cant add songs to favorites

    xrebex – 26 January, 12:16
  105. WampireChild
    26 January, 12:38

    My page doesn’t load anymore. It was fine yesterday, not anymore today. Only thing that works is the inbox.

    WampireChild – 26 January, 12:38
  106. Gleb
    26 January, 12:43

    My last.fm application doesn’t scrobble anymore…. The funny thing is that everything was fine till yesterday….

    Gleb – 26 January, 12:43
  107. Frenki_pazzagli
    26 January, 13:53

    my profile is not updating songs i listen to anymore!! what’s happening?

    Frenki_pazzagli – 26 January, 13:53
  108. whuts
    26 January, 15:06

    still unable to log in.

    whuts – 26 January, 15:06
  109. knapster01
    26 January, 16:25

    For anyone with scrobbling problems related to the client, please check the Last.fm forums at http://www.last.fm/forum/34905.

    If you are having trouble logging in, please try our Support team:


    knapster01 – 26 January, 16:25
  110. Fabián
    26 January, 16:59

    Hello people, the site is slow sometimes


    Fabián – 26 January, 16:59
  111. Leigh Jones
    26 January, 23:02

    Nothing is scrobbling any more.

    My username is Leighsus_Christ

    Leigh Jones – 26 January, 23:02
  112. Jenny Kelley
    26 January, 23:30

    Nothing has scrobbled for me since Jan 18th! Please fix. My username is Orpheline21.

    Jenny Kelley – 26 January, 23:30
  113. jalenz
    27 January, 09:26

    still not scrobbling…
    user: tremul

    jalenz – 27 January, 09:26
  114. Anwes
    28 January, 11:12

    Hey guys!
    You should have cred for giving a detailed explanation of the problem, many services dosent do that!


    Anwes – 28 January, 11:12
  115. hello
    28 January, 12:43

    I can’t even open the site. I get the message: Oops, this page doesn’t seem to be working right now. We’re aware of the problem — please try again soon.

    hello – 28 January, 12:43
  116. LostChord_Mark
    28 January, 12:49

    “Oops” is happening for me this morning – although all week i have been logging in just fine—-

    LostChord_Mark – 28 January, 12:49
  117. Heithur
    28 January, 15:49

    Haven’t scrobbled for me since the 21st.

    Heithur – 28 January, 15:49
  118. Losteardrop
    28 January, 18:03

    It still doesn’t scrobble my iPod for months now … Itunes version and Scrobbler lastfm version
    I have an iPod Touch.

    Losteardrop – 28 January, 18:03
  119. brian ( strykerpig)
    28 January, 19:04

    im still having problums with my radio station the last track is not working and my stations keep cutting out its stuck on page 209 and nothing has been listed since the 16th of jan i love this station is the best

    brian ( strykerpig) – 28 January, 19:04
  120. Mind Booster Noori
    28 January, 19:26

    Cannot create a new venue

    Mind Booster Noori – 28 January, 19:26
  121. Piet Leegwater
    29 January, 03:48

    Hello Iám Piet Leegwater and use last fm in combination with my own music. Iám very happy with last fm. The only thing that I worry about is that the number of lisners not correct is. I hope that you can help me.

    Piet Leegwater – 29 January, 03:48
  122. Steven KiIleen
    29 January, 05:49

    Have no idea if this is connected but on some pages the Facebook ‘Like’ button is not functioning properly. If I press it to like a song(like here – http://bit.ly/clb1Sc, for example) it will register the ‘like’ for a few seconds before reverting to it’s normal button appearance, without registering the ‘Like’.

    Steven KiIleen – 29 January, 05:49
  123. Miranda
    29 January, 18:16

    My iTunes is still not getting scrobbled on my last.fm account. It says it’s playing (when I’m listening) but looks like they aren’t getting saved…

    Miranda – 29 January, 18:16
  124. Stuckfast
    29 January, 18:35

    Hi, thanks for working so hard to get things fixed and for giving progress reports. However, scrobbling isn’t working when I am listening to Last.fm via mysqueezebox.com. It works fine when I am listening to Last.fm via my pc, or my own music via my Squeezebox player, or via WMP on the pc.

    I dont always want to have to switch on my pc to listen to Last.fm via my squeezebox…please can you help.


    Stuckfast – 29 January, 18:35
  125. Charlie
    29 January, 18:52

    Hi, congratulation for your work. I have a problem to access some of the events in last fm pages. This is an example


    Charlie – 29 January, 18:52
  126. Tom Kenyon
    30 January, 09:45

    You are offering illegal downloads of music. Cease and desist your offerings of Tom Kenyon’s music now as you have no agreement to distribute my music. You are breaking international copyright law. If we do not hear from someone immediately, we will contact our intellectual properties attorney and take action. I can find no other email contact on this whole site. Please pass this email to the proper address.

    Tom Kenyon – 30 January, 09:45
  127. os_teriyaki
    30 January, 10:19

    Scrobbling is fine, but for some reason any shout that’s more than a few sentences refuses to post! For me this is quite a vital lifeline so if this could be fixed it’d be great. Short shouts all post fine but, um, I’m a person of many words! xD

    os_teriyaki – 30 January, 10:19
  128. =JeffH
    31 January, 02:02

    I use Amarok to play & scroble.
    Even tho my “listening now” track appears and is relatively accurate, and I can “love” the playing track (it will appear on the “loved tracks” page), my “Recently Listened Tracks” list on my profile page hasn’t updated since 21-Jan-2011 (around the time of the site outtage). Also my “tracks” list hasn’t updated either since that date: <http://www.last.fm/user/equalsJeffH/tracks/>. Typically the list updates as I play them. Also my # of total tracks played hasn’t budged since 21-Jan.


    =JeffH – 31 January, 02:02
  129. aidan Weldon
    31 January, 07:19

    Keep on truckin’, appreciate the hard work you are undertaking.

    aidan Weldon – 31 January, 07:19
  130. PhotoDoom
    31 January, 16:34

    Any station, any artist – http://habreffect.ru/files/37d/b6fd5a9ac/Picture_1.png

    PhotoDoom – 31 January, 16:34
  131. Jane
    31 January, 22:09

    27 thousand people have viewed this thread since November:


    Still no response from Last.fm support. Shocking customer service attitude.

    Jane – 31 January, 22:09
  132. Jason
    1 February, 01:39

    You will recover…keep up the great work guys!

    Jason – 1 February, 01:39
  133. Thomas
    1 February, 17:17

    Scrobbling seems to work fine here, but I’m having real trouble accessing the website itself. I manage to actually open a band/artist page every once in a blue moon, but only one page before it stops completely. I’ve had the same problem in two different towns (also different ISPs), with two different computers.

    Thomas – 1 February, 17:17
  134. DJ Nightshit
    1 February, 17:52

    Thanks also for the great work – I’m sure it’s getting better…

    DJ Nightshit – 1 February, 17:52
  135. sinimportancia
    2 February, 15:05

    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?
    Is anybody here from Last.fm staff?

    sinimportancia – 2 February, 15:05
  136. pato_999
    2 February, 19:49

    I became a member today and i cant listen 1 entire song!!!!!every 5-8 seconds music stop and then begin again. is this part of the server’s problem you are trying to resolve?? when should this end? i’m wondering how will i get an answer??

    pato_999 – 2 February, 19:49
  137. tariq44
    3 February, 10:53

    hi there,

    I am a lastfm member and can’t listen to any radio station since yesterday! what is going on?

    tariq44 – 3 February, 10:53
  138. Batiste369 "A valued Customer"
    3 February, 17:51

    Hello : ) I know it’s been two weeks, but I would just like to say thank you to the wonderful staff at Last.Fm! Over the past two weeks I have had little to no problems with scrobbling, using radio or navigating the site. Everything’s wonderful and it’s all thanks to y’all. Thanks so much and I love you guys and gals : ))

    Batiste369 "A valued Customer" – 3 February, 17:51
  139. Gaston Hinostroza
    4 February, 23:06

    LastFM is not posting to my Facebook page or Twitter any longer. I looked at my privacy settings and you have access but its just not showing up….

    Gaston Hinostroza – 4 February, 23:06
  140. Jerald
    7 February, 13:21

    Goodluck guys.

    Jerald – 7 February, 13:21
  141. Aroddo
    7 February, 20:11

    In that case: F.U.C.K you and good bye.

    I’ll go figure out how to delete my account.

    Aroddo – 7 February, 20:11
  142. Molly
    8 February, 15:55

    A subscription will never even happen. Ta-ta last.fm!

    Molly – 8 February, 15:55
  143. ive beaten tetris
    10 February, 08:54

    bad ending for all of us

    ive beaten tetris – 10 February, 08:54
  144. nohelys
    15 February, 18:11

    I still have problems with scrobbling it don`t load the songs that i hear, Hope it can be resolved soon :(

    nohelys – 15 February, 18:11
  145. haloiam
    22 February, 01:45

    when i try and add a video from youtube to some songs that are missing a video it wont let me and tells me to go to the status page to see if theres a problem.

    haloiam – 22 February, 01:45
  146. Samuel Tilly
    24 February, 08:17

    Don’t know if this is relevant to this but i haven’t been able to visit last.fm in a loong time now, i don’t try every second but everytime i do try i get nothing. It redirect me to “http://www.lastfm.se/home” maby something wrong with this dns? Please look into this, thanks!

    Samuel Tilly – 24 February, 08:17

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