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Thursday, 19 November 2009
by hyperchris01
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Earlier this year we were approached by Sony to help develop an interactive idea that would appeal to users of Sony wanted to match their passion for sound quality with our passion for music. There were a lot of interesting ideas and the one that captured our imagination centred around being able to create an ultimate imaginary festival line-up and compete with your friends on who can build the best. So after months of hard work organizing a staggering amount of data, we are happy to announce Sony’s Fantasy Festival.

How it works:

You have €1,000,000 to spend on a 15 artist line up for your Fantasy Festival. Pick your all time favourite artists or pick artists you think are up and coming. If your line up ranks highest in *Buzz points you could win some pretty awesome prizes (more about the prizes here). Each week *Buzz points are determined by what artists are getting the most online buzz based on data from, Yahoo!, Twitter and more. The competition will run for six months starting 18th November and *Buzz points scores will start rolling in on the 25th of November.

You can check out my line up here.

Happy booking!


    19 November, 11:02

    this is a great idea, fantasy for music lovers instead of just sports nuts! i wonder how much joy division cost as headliners… – 19 November, 11:02
  2. Calthor
    19 November, 16:56

    Sounds fun. Which also means it will be a bummer when it’s finished in six months.

    Calthor – 19 November, 16:56
  3. Z
    20 November, 17:56

    Why only Europe?

    Z – 20 November, 17:56
  4. slugicide
    20 November, 22:02

    Yeah, why only Europe?

    slugicide – 20 November, 22:02
  5. pro1987
    21 November, 03:29

    wow! fantastic.

    pro1987 – 21 November, 03:29
  6. Jason
    21 November, 12:16

    Are you not gonna comment on the complete outage of the uploading tool? It doesnt work now going on a WEEK!!!

    Jason – 21 November, 12:16
  7. Matthew Ogle
    22 November, 19:44

    @ Jason:

    Our apologies for the uploader problems, we’ve been working hard on getting that back up and things should be ironed out early this week.

    Matthew Ogle – 22 November, 19:44
  8. Colopure
    23 November, 08:35

    wow i think it is nice and wonderful idea

    Colopure – 23 November, 08:35
  9. crain212
    27 November, 10:46

    we’ve been working hard on getting that back up and things should be ironed out early this week.

    crain212 – 27 November, 10:46
    1 December, 16:31

    greate. i will try – 1 December, 16:31
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    2 December, 13:34

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