Message from the founders, Felix, RJ and Martin

Wednesday, 10 June 2009
by felix
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After two years running within CBS we feel the time is right to begin the process of handing over the reins. This is the latest stage in a long journey for us founders, which began in a living room in East London in 2002, and took us to the headquarters of one of the biggest media companies in the world.

It’s been a privilege working with the incredible team here in our London office, and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together.’s users have more than doubled in the last 12 months (we are now at an all-time high of 37.3M monthly unique visitors), and we’re confident the site will continue to go from strength to strength. Being a part of CBS, and the recently formed CBSi music group, continues to open up many opportunities for Recent product releases such as the new visual radio, and the on XBox announcement, are an indication of how much more will achieve.

A huge “Thank You!” has to be said to all of you in front of your computers. With your contribution, enthusiasm and scrobbles you have helped to make into what it is today: the best place for music online. Big up yourself for that, as we say here in East London.

That’s all folks, we are going to miss you!

Felix, RJ and Martin


  1. Steven Gravell
    10 June, 14:55

    It was a huge privilege to have been given the chance to work with you guys so closely from so early on, and that I’ll never forget. Thank You.

    I hope moves on in leaps and bounds as it always has.

    Steven Gravell – 10 June, 14:55
  2. Felix Miller
    10 June, 14:58

    Thanks Steve, hope you enjoyed the lunches too ;-)

    Felix Miller – 10 June, 14:58
  3. mkb
    10 June, 15:01

    So what’s next then?

    mkb – 10 June, 15:01
  4. Jem
    10 June, 15:01

    Best of luck for the future, guys.

    Jem – 10 June, 15:01
  5. Remco
    10 June, 15:02

    Sorry to see you guys leaving, you’ve really made into the great service it still is!

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

    Remco – 10 June, 15:02
  6. Wes
    10 June, 15:02

    Cheers guys.

    Wes – 10 June, 15:02
  7. Mo
    10 June, 15:04

    Best of luck to the three of you, and to CBS.

    Mo – 10 June, 15:04
  8. James I
    10 June, 15:07

    …so our favourite website is going to be entirely in the hands of corporate bigwigs…:(

    James I – 10 June, 15:07
  9. Tony Dodd
    10 June, 15:07

    I second what Steve said, and hope whatever you guys do in the future is an equally big success.

    Best of luck guys.

    Tony Dodd – 10 June, 15:07
  10. Alex Muller
    10 June, 15:08

    You’ve made something amazing guys, thanks. Like mkb, I’m wondering what’s next for you three… all the best for the future.

    Alex Muller – 10 June, 15:08
  11. Neil
    10 June, 15:10

    Good luck for the future – one of the great British web success stories. Hope you’ll continue to keep an eye over your child occasionally.

    Neil – 10 June, 15:10
  12. Sheema
    10 June, 15:10

    Thanks for making such a great site. Best of luck to you guys.

    Sheema – 10 June, 15:10
  13. Paul
    10 June, 15:11

    good luck, can’t wait for the next big thing.

    Paul – 10 June, 15:11
  14. gwawr
    10 June, 15:13

    Great innovations, marvellous work, thanks and good luck in the future!

    gwawr – 10 June, 15:13
  15. Alex W
    10 June, 15:13

    Oh the lunches!

    Alex W – 10 June, 15:13
  16. Chris Lake
    10 June, 15:13

    Well done chaps. You did something amazing. I wonder what you’ll come up with next?

    Chris Lake – 10 June, 15:13
  17. Rakesh_Patel
    10 June, 15:14

    guys, It’s a great site, you’ve done yourself proud.

    Rakesh_Patel – 10 June, 15:14
  18. Chris
    10 June, 15:14

    Good luck for the future guys and thank you for bringing us such an amazing service.

    Chris – 10 June, 15:14
  19. Suneet
    10 June, 15:15

    All the best for the future guys and thanks

    Suneet – 10 June, 15:15
  20. اس ام اس
    10 June, 15:15


    اس ام اس – 10 June, 15:15
  21. Liz Rice
    10 June, 15:15

    Hi Felix, Martin & RJ – you really started something amazing with Best of luck whatever you do next!

    Liz Rice – 10 June, 15:15
  22. Andreas
    10 June, 15:16

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship?

    Andreas – 10 June, 15:16
  23. RJ
    10 June, 15:16

    Thanks all!
    In response to the “what’s next” question the answer in the short term is “a much needed holiday”. Then we need to plan an epic farewell party, so stay tuned for invites. is in good hands and is all set for the future :)

    RJ – 10 June, 15:16
  24. Nicky
    10 June, 15:16

    Thanks for everything. We’ll miss you over the road. Come over to tech terrace before you go and have fun in the future :-)

    Nicky – 10 June, 15:16
  25. anon
    10 June, 15:17

    This would have nothing to do with CBS passing all user data to the Recording Association of America, would it?

    I stopped using Last.FM when I heard about it.

    anon – 10 June, 15:17
  26. Tecfan
    10 June, 15:17

    We’ll miss you

    Tecfan – 10 June, 15:17
  27. voodooflux
    10 June, 15:18

    You can certainly leave reflecting on a job well done with All the best with your future endeavours.

    voodooflux – 10 June, 15:18
  28. Marie
    10 June, 15:18

    Sad to see you all go but I’m sure you have something even more exciting up your collective sleeves. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

    Marie – 10 June, 15:18
  29. Michael Saunders
    10 June, 15:18

    Wow. I’ve been using this site almost daily since 2003, and I can’t believe how it has grown. I always knew that Audioscrobbler/ was a great idea, so thanks for bringing it to us. Good luck with the future.

    Michael Saunders – 10 June, 15:18
  30. the big boss
    10 June, 15:19

    It’s not in good hands. we have to pay now.

    the big boss – 10 June, 15:19
  31. Ammo City
    10 June, 15:21

    Well done and good luck!

    An amazing achievement.

    Ammo City – 10 June, 15:21
  32. orhan aka 8261759
    10 June, 15:23

    now, where are you guys heading for? I deleted my lastfm account two months ago and I’m looking for a new place to listen to radio. It was not the’s shiny look that attracted me, it was the minds behind it. now, tell us what you’re gonna do? would you dare start a new social music revolution?

    orhan aka 8261759 – 10 June, 15:23
  33. james governor
    10 June, 15:25

    thanks for all the music. this is splendid news for the local tech scene i reckon.

    james governor – 10 June, 15:25
  34. Jensy
    10 June, 15:30

    Thanks for everything, mates! Let’s have beers soon. – Jensy

    Jensy – 10 June, 15:30
  35. Attila Györffy
    10 June, 15:30

    It was a privilege to work with you guys, I’ll never forget it. Have fun, wishing all the best for you guys.

    Looking forward to see what else you’re gonna dig into this time. ;)

    Attila Györffy – 10 June, 15:30
  36. Michał
    10 June, 15:30

    Sorry to hear that, won’t be the same without you.

    Having the chance to work with (or ‘for’ ;)) you guys has been an awesome experience, thanks for that. Good luck with all the awesome new stuff you’ll surely be up to in the future :) In the meantime: enjoy your time off, pretty sure the farewell party will be epic. Cheers!

    Michał – 10 June, 15:30
  37. Paul Webster
    10 June, 15:36

    Well done for what has been achieved – and long may it continue.

    Hopefully you are able to take some benefits with you – both spiritually and in your pocket.

    So – what is next?

    Paul Webster – 10 June, 15:36
  38. Torn
    10 June, 15:37

    @orhan aka 8261759
    Check out — very nifty music discovery site with a great meta-game and community to it

    Torn – 10 June, 15:37
  39. Fiona McLaren
    10 June, 15:38

    Thanks for all the opportunities and experience guys; if it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be an unemployed graduate. End of an era. Have great holidays and keep us posted on what happens next!

    Fiona McLaren – 10 June, 15:38
  40. Anirban aka Banners
    10 June, 15:43

    Good luck for the future guys…

    Enjoy your time off :)

    Anirban aka Banners – 10 June, 15:43
  41. zethraeus
    10 June, 15:43

    Thanks for everything you guys have done so far and good luck in your future endeavours!

    zethraeus – 10 June, 15:43
  42. Humbert15
    10 June, 15:43

    oh man, this is sad news (not for you obviously. best of luck for the future and all that) but it’s bound to end in tears when some crappy corporate takes over someone else’s labour of love innit? Ah well, it’s been fun…

    Humbert15 – 10 June, 15:43
  43. Andrew
    10 June, 15:47

    Bon voyage guys… Thanks for an amazing service!

    Andrew – 10 June, 15:47
  44. Jonatan Jonsson
    10 June, 15:52

    Wow, I’m still trying to grasp the very concept of Last FM without you lot.

    Jonatan Jonsson – 10 June, 15:52
  45. Robert Andrews
    10 June, 15:52

    Good luck with your next move. Let us know what it is.

    Robert Andrews – 10 June, 15:52
  46. Craig Rood
    10 June, 15:55

    Thank You.

    Craig Rood – 10 June, 15:55
  47. anon
    10 June, 15:57

    So I guess Mike Arrington was right.

    Shame about your service being corrupted.

    anon – 10 June, 15:57
  48. James
    10 June, 16:00

    I love you guys. thanks for making what it is today.

    James – 10 June, 16:00
  49. Fabio De Bernardi
    10 June, 16:02

    Wow! I wasn’t really expecting anything like that. I’m sure you have your good reasons to leave and I’m sure you’re all very proud of your project and achievements. Well, you must be! :)
    I hope there’s something as cool as in your future and please stay in touch with the London scene!!

    Best of luck,

    Fabio De Bernardi – 10 June, 16:02
  50. Sebastian Pietsch
    10 June, 16:02

    Had an amazing time working for you guys. All the best of luck for the future. Looking forward to the party :)

    Sebastian Pietsch – 10 June, 16:02
  51. Elliott Hurst, CEO
    10 June, 16:03

    Good show, boys. Your creation and story are an inspiration to all of us trying to push out our vision in this fast changing and dynamic world of music 2.0.

    To that end, now that it appears you all may have some free time on your hands ;) I welcome you to check out my company and what it’s doing in the music scene, and please contact me at to discuss.

    Elliott Hurst, CEO – 10 June, 16:03
  52. coxy
    10 June, 16:05

    Thank you guys. Good times, good times.

    coxy – 10 June, 16:05
  53. Matthew Kempster
    10 June, 16:05

    Well this sucks a hell of a lot for me. is one of the best things to come out of the UK

    … and now what?

    Well done though – you have done a brilliant job!

    Will be missed.

    Matthew Kempster – 10 June, 16:05
  54. Ibrahim Evsan
    10 June, 16:06

    Well done and good luck from the sevenload Team.

    Thanks for cool amazing service!
    So cool, that it hurts :)

    Best wishes from Cologne.

    Ibrahim Evsan – 10 June, 16:06
  55. David
    10 June, 16:06

    Thank you for the site and best of luck in your future projects. :) x

    David – 10 June, 16:06
  56. Sean McColgan
    10 June, 16:09 is a fantastic app – dont turn off the music when you leave the building guys ;)

    Congrats & all the Best…

    Sean McColgan – 10 June, 16:09
  57. JD
    10 June, 16:11

    Last.FM did well. No regrets.

    JD – 10 June, 16:11
  58. Jason
    10 June, 16:15

    Well, this doesn’t bode well. Especially on the heels of the leaked Scrobble drama.

    Something tells me that Libre is about to get very, VERY, popular.

    Jason – 10 June, 16:15
  59. Kimball Packard
    10 June, 16:16

    Congratulations! I was an early adopter, and remember the days when there were 60 – 70 people online at a time!

    Keep us posted on your next project.



    Kimball Packard – 10 June, 16:16
  60. mark hardwick
    10 June, 16:17

    hey if you fancy giving some budding east london social entrepreneurs the benefit of your wisdom, we’d love to have a beer.

    good luck in the future from

    mark hardwick – 10 June, 16:17
  61. Plingo
    10 June, 16:18

    So you’re rich and famous now. You all deserve that :-)

    I’m leaning back, listening to and wait patiently for you to bring up

    Plingo – 10 June, 16:18
  62. nina
    10 June, 16:19

    Thanks guys for creating one of my fave websites. I remember the days (and I hope to do so correctly) when wasn’t working because you drove servers from one place to the other (Austria to the UK?).

    Hope your next adventure will be just as awesome.

    nina – 10 June, 16:19
  63. Seopher
    10 June, 16:22

    Good luck in your future venture guys, since the days it was Audioscrobbler I’ve used this service and shall continue.

    Be proud of all you have accomplished, because it truly is one of the finer sites on the Internet.

    Seopher – 10 June, 16:22
  64. John
    10 June, 16:22

    Good luck mates, I hope you found a new EU web 2.0 or 3.0 startup soon. Cheers!

    John – 10 June, 16:22
  65. Nike LeBron VI
    10 June, 16:29

    love you guys. thanks for making what it is today.

    Nike LeBron VI – 10 June, 16:29
  66. uber alles
    10 June, 16:32

    Guys, loved the time with you. Good luck

    uber alles – 10 June, 16:32
  67. wmluvr
    10 June, 16:36

    That’s great guys. Thank you for the music, the songs I’m streaming, thanks for all the joy they’re bringing,who can live without it, I ask in all honesty, what would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music, for giving it to me.

    How about in your next venture you whip up an official Windows Mobile streaming client so we can listen without paying an Apple Tax?

    wmluvr – 10 June, 16:36
  68. Babs
    10 June, 16:37

    So I said to The Guardian:

    A big thank you and best of luck from me, too. Look forward to what you do next!

    We will miss you here, though.

    Babs – 10 June, 16:37
  69. oceanician
    10 June, 16:37

    Well done. Enjoy a well earned break on a desert island someplace (with wifi ?).

    Actually which island? I want in :)

    Have fun

    oceanician – 10 June, 16:37
  70. Aleks
    10 June, 16:41

    Best of luck in all your future endeavours!

    Aleks – 10 June, 16:41
  71. Rainer
    10 June, 16:42

    You did a perfect job!
    Whats next?

    Rainer – 10 June, 16:42
  72. herman
    10 June, 16:43

    Thanks guys, you have all reason to be proud! I’ve been on the site for over 5 years, so I’m grateful for all that you’ve done in the years.

    Good luck in the future!

    herman – 10 June, 16:43
  73. Robert Gaal
    10 June, 17:01

    Thanks for being a huge inspiration all these years.

    Robert Gaal – 10 June, 17:01
  74. Anup Mankar
    10 June, 17:07

    As a user for the past 2-odd years, I must say you guys have done a marvellous job. All the best in your future endeavours. I hope you keep churning out more such gems for us music lovers :)
    Needless to say, you’ll be missed.

    Anup Mankar – 10 June, 17:07
  75. Rick Beals
    10 June, 17:12


    Rick Beals – 10 June, 17:12
  76. Michael
    10 June, 17:14

    Despite the recent bubble sin the bath, remains a great site and certainly something an achievement all concerned can be proud of.

    Michael – 10 June, 17:14
  77. Laura
    10 June, 17:19

    Thank you for all the time and effort you guys have put on the site. Best of luck with whatever you do next

    Laura – 10 June, 17:19
  78. anonanoff
    10 June, 17:25

    I wonder if this is at least in part to do with CBS sending out user data.

    anonanoff – 10 June, 17:25
  79. art
    10 June, 17:34

    thanks for everything guys! I met my fiancée on — I owe you one!

    art – 10 June, 17:34
  80. Y
    10 June, 17:35

    Is REALLY “in good hands” or are all these nice statements being made because “Big Brother (pun intended)” is watching?

    Y – 10 June, 17:35
  81. anon
    10 June, 17:37

    “I wonder if this is at least in part to do with CBS sending out user data.”

    That’s the first thing I thought of too.

    anon – 10 June, 17:37
  82. HairMetalAddict
    10 June, 17:37

    You can stop your anonymous trolling, Arrington, we know it’s you. ;)

    Good luck, guys.

    HairMetalAddict – 10 June, 17:37
  83. rikva
    10 June, 17:38

    Cheers guys!

    And please, don’t sell your next cool website to a corporate giant ;)

    rikva – 10 June, 17:38
    10 June, 17:41

    Thanx for all guys, u’ve created the best site in the world. – 10 June, 17:41
  85. Ingrid
    10 June, 17:43

    Amazing job, seconding Fiona sort of; without you i’d still be an unemployed heartbroken swede with teenage angst. so thank you :) Looking forward to an epic goodbye party!

    Ingrid – 10 June, 17:43
  86. SkylineAtNight
    10 June, 17:46

    Goodluck guys!

    SkylineAtNight – 10 June, 17:46
  87. Ian R
    10 June, 17:51

    I’ve been a subscribe since 2006, you’ll be sorely missed. I can only hope the next owners are as saavy and generous to their users as you

    Ian R – 10 June, 17:51
  88. Adrian Chan
    10 June, 17:59

    You built something great — and you built it well — best of luck in your next endeavor and thanks for all you’ve done!

    Adrian Chan – 10 June, 17:59
  89. Édouard Brière
    10 June, 18:05

    It was a pleasure and such a great experience to work for you guys. I wish you the best of luck for whatever you’ll be doing next.

    Édouard Brière – 10 June, 18:05
  90. Sam
    10 June, 18:09

    While I don’t like to see the Founders go, I am also excited to see what you can come up with next, like you said, has come a long way, so you’ve got the talent to go on and do many more great things.

    All the best.

    Sam – 10 June, 18:09
  91. JC
    10 June, 18:19

    I never used the site, but read this blog

    What’s the big deal – you guys made a lot of money and can have a long long holiday.

    JC – 10 June, 18:19
  92. sjc
    10 June, 18:27

    Good luck to the three of you. Your work has been an oddly large part of my life for the last five years.

    sjc – 10 June, 18:27
  93. Hans Kainz
    10 June, 18:31

    Ok, so what do you think about Realtime Music Charts on Twitter?

    Hans Kainz – 10 June, 18:31
  94. Miguel Pellitero
    10 June, 18:32

    A well deserve break is coming guys… It was a pleasure and a great experience working with you, learning how to develop a great idea and making possible a dream.
    Best regards.

    Miguel Pellitero – 10 June, 18:32
  95. rnsanchez
    10 June, 18:42

    All the best for you guys on your next journeys. Sorry to see you leaving.

    rnsanchez – 10 June, 18:42
  96. Eric Willis
    10 June, 18:45

    Seems like just yesterday (Jan 2005) that I was writing myLastFM (Windows desktop player) for Last.FM. It was a lot of fun working with you guys via email and forums while you really got everything set up to run smoothly.

    I’ve been a happy member for the last 6 years and look forward to staying that way.

    Good luck with your holiday and with whatever you end up doing next!

    Eric Willis – 10 June, 18:45
  97. Julian Stahnke
    10 June, 18:48

    Ditto what all the others said; it was great working for you guys. If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably still be sitting in Bremen, eating wurst and drinking Beck’s all day. Thanks for everything! Best of luck for the future.

    Julian Stahnke – 10 June, 18:48
  98. giulivo navigante
    10 June, 18:53

    forcing people to pay for listening hasn’t been a good move … visitors are probably going down now, very quickly instead of increasing, plus the contents will be subject to the CBS needs and this will make everything even worst

    that’s why you should GET IMMEDIATELY OUT

    giulivo navigante – 10 June, 18:53
  99. philipp maihart
    10 June, 18:56

    wish you all good luck! it was a privilege to work with you guys on one of the most exciting projects i’ve ever been involved in…:)

    thanks for the effort you’ve put into and all the best for your future!

    philipp maihart – 10 June, 18:56
  100. CeBollaS
    10 June, 19:01

    Good luck guys. And fuck CBS.

    CeBollaS – 10 June, 19:01
  101. Dean Nolan
    10 June, 19:05

    All the best guys. You obviously know what you are doing and I’m sure the site will continue to be as successful.

    Any big project ideas lined up for the future/

    Dean Nolan – 10 June, 19:05
  102. Cuddies
    10 June, 19:05

    So long and thanks for all the fish :)

    Cuddies – 10 June, 19:05
  103. Rob
    10 June, 19:05

    Uhm, so what’s next?

    I was just getting used to this setup and now it’s changing?

    Maybe I should head back to Pandora.

    Rob – 10 June, 19:05
  104. Bas
    10 June, 19:10

    Sad to hear the music industry mafia is forcing you out of what you have created.

    Look forward to hear if you guys will do anything else in the future :)

    Bas – 10 June, 19:10
  105. woshblop
    10 June, 19:13

    I was upset with recent decisions and thought about leaving. Now I finally did, since CBS is going to ruin… and I moved to Jamendo, Spotify and Yeah, they’re not the same, and probably they’ll never be… but that’s even better than what is turning into.

    woshblop – 10 June, 19:13
  106. Strike
    10 June, 19:13

    i must say you make a great job, thanks for the good times.
    unfortunately, all your work is going down as result. is no more

    Strike – 10 June, 19:13
  107. wikk!d
    10 June, 19:14

    Thank you so much for creating! I joined right around the time it was founded and haven’t looked back yet.

    Big up the east london massiv!

    wikk!d – 10 June, 19:14
  108. Stephen S
    10 June, 19:21

    Thanks guys, you ve delivered us a truly great service, best of luck for the future :)

    Stephen S – 10 June, 19:21
  109. F. Scott Woods
    10 June, 19:22

    Macht’s gut Jungs! Es war eine kurze aber intensive gemeinsame Zeit. Ihr habt ein geiles Produkt gebaut und ich bin immer noch der größte Fan!

    F. Scott Woods – 10 June, 19:22
  110. Stina
    10 June, 19:30

    Have a great holiday, you deserve it :)
    All the best of luck in the future guys!

    Stina – 10 June, 19:30
  111. jk
    10 June, 19:31

    I just uninstalled the spyware. CBS = gtfo.

    jk – 10 June, 19:31
  112. Julia
    10 June, 19:34

    Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. is amazing. Best of luck for the future

    Julia – 10 June, 19:34
  113. Ebisu
    10 June, 19:38

    Cheers guys. You’ve done a splendid job with last.FM. Best of luck to you.

    Ebisu – 10 June, 19:38
  114. Jeff Orr
    10 June, 19:50

    Thanks for all you have done. Sadly when CBS started meddling with things I cancelled my account. But I still appreciate everything you did before they came around.

    Jeff Orr – 10 June, 19:50
  115. Gigantoid
    10 June, 19:51

    Thank you for giving us,

    55174 plays since 2 Aug 2004

    Gigantoid – 10 June, 19:51
  116. Anita
    10 June, 19:55

    I guess the day had to come, but it’s like the end of an ‘ero as they might say in the East End. Or maybe just the beginning of a new journey. Happy trails guys!

    Anita – 10 June, 19:55
  117. RIP
    10 June, 20:36

    So sad what has happened to LastFM after the CBS takeover! I used to be a pretty hardcore member, but the latest decisions really killed it for me.

    Farewell guys! All the best.

    RIP – 10 June, 20:36
  118. Al T
    10 June, 20:40

    “Sad to hear the music industry mafia is forcing you out of what you have created.” if you call giving them $280 million “forcing them out “

    Thanks for creating a great service that I use daily.

    looking forward to whatever you do next.

    Al T – 10 June, 20:40
  119. user
    10 June, 20:43

    Everybody’s leaving, this site sucks more every day… user – 10 June, 20:43
  120. YouSellouts
    10 June, 21:00

    Guess the RIAA got their fill

    YouSellouts – 10 June, 21:00
  121. fuk
    10 June, 21:02

    hello martin!
    nice to hear about you!

    fuk – 10 June, 21:02
  122. Minifig
    10 June, 21:28

    I really hope CBS doesn’t hand any of the information to people like the RIAA as so many of us use Pandora to listen to music.

    Minifig – 10 June, 21:28
  123. shiruken
    10 June, 21:44

    Thanks for making LastFM so awesome. I can say that it’s been one of my most-used services over the past 4+ years. Good luck to you all.

    shiruken – 10 June, 21:44
  124. Arafat Kazi
    10 June, 21:51

    Best of luck. I miss the old days of but I guess we all need to move on.

    Arafat Kazi – 10 June, 21:51
  125. king rat
    10 June, 22:02

    Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

    king rat – 10 June, 22:02
  126. Frank
    10 June, 22:20

    Thanks for making so awesome. Best wishes for the future.

    Frank – 10 June, 22:20
  127. Cat
    10 June, 22:39

    This blog post doesn’t really explain much, are CBS pushing out the founders? (which they entitled to since they paid $140 million for it) or do the founders want to leave?

    To be honest if the founders want to leave I don’t blame them, they now have millions in the bank, congrats to them.

    Cat – 10 June, 22:39
  128. sabeur
    10 June, 23:36

    your gona be missed – hope to see new protects.

    sabeur – 10 June, 23:36
  129. PDX-listener
    11 June, 00:02

    Thanks for making a neat site. I hope the big corporation doesn’t screw anything up.

    PDX-listener – 11 June, 00:02
  130. Joe Average User
    11 June, 00:28

    Say fellas, I know you’re busy and all but before you go would you mind if you leaked a whole bunch of my private data to a protection racket conglomerate for the music industry? I’ve always really wanted to be screwed over by a great service like yours. Do you think you could do that for me? Thanks.

    Joe Average User – 11 June, 00:28
  131. Jeb
    11 June, 01:08

    Good luck – I’m curious to see what project you’re working on next…

    Jeb – 11 June, 01:08
  132. victor
    11 June, 01:39

    Thank you guys, was a great site!

    Fuck you CBS!

    Victor from Chile

    victor – 11 June, 01:39
  133. eleeme
    11 June, 02:24

    We really really thank you guys for everything you’ve done.

    I totally support your decission..
    Best wishes for your future!

    eleeme – 11 June, 02:24
  134. serroba
    11 June, 02:40

    Best of luck to the three of you

    serroba – 11 June, 02:40
  135. mosquitokillah
    11 June, 03:17

    Thank you and good luck!!

    mosquitokillah – 11 June, 03:17
  136. K
    11 June, 03:41

    Goodbye Lastm
    Welcome CBS-Sony-Universal-Microsoft-Emi-Apple (powered by Last.Fm)

    Yeah, it sounds funny heh ?

    K – 11 June, 03:41
  137. K
    11 June, 03:43

    But so many thanks for creating and improving every days, one of my prefered websites, i love u <3

    K – 11 June, 03:43
  138. janis
    11 June, 04:43

    Sell Outs!

    janis – 11 June, 04:43
  139. Austin
    11 June, 06:02

    Looking forward to your new project!

    Austin – 11 June, 06:02
  140. Oscar C.
    11 June, 06:37

    As a user since 2004 (it was audioscrobbler back then) I must say… very good work! Good luck to all of you whatever you do from now on.

    Goodbye! We’ll miss you!

    Oscar C. – 11 June, 06:37
  141. chiaroscuro2
    11 June, 06:53

    This is the final nail in the coffin I guess and I’m sad to read this… Well, you guys deserve appreciation for what the site you’ve created which has brought so much happiness into my life over the years.

    chiaroscuro2 – 11 June, 06:53
  142. tommy
    11 June, 07:13

    thankyou so much :) has taken up more of my time than any other website in the last 3 years and its in a good way haha :D

    cheers for everything (L)

    tommy – 11 June, 07:13
  143. hupf
    11 June, 07:41

    It looks like you guys at have an incredible poor talent for communicating things…

    hupf – 11 June, 07:41
  144. Bas Reus
    11 June, 07:44

    Guys, thank you so much for having started this great service.

    @Martin, special thanks to you for letting me interview you 3 years ago for my research. I could have finished it without your help.

    Bas Reus – 11 June, 07:44
  145. Jenny
    11 June, 09:30

    Aww, best of luck with everything in the future and it’s about time I said thanks for feeding my music addiction over the last four years :)

    Jenny – 11 June, 09:30
  146. nokiah
    11 June, 12:11

    All the best guys, audioscrobbler and were so important for me and my music taste – thanks so much for that. Happy for you making the move now. Well done.

    nokiah – 11 June, 12:11
  147. Harsha
    11 June, 12:16

    Thanks from my entire family in Hyderabad, India. And also to the millions of users who updated so much information about all the artists and categorised them.

    Harsha – 11 June, 12:16
  148. Gregor
    11 June, 12:18

    It’s been a great journey – I’ll never forget the first time I saw the site – and Martin’s mode of transport to the meeting ; – )

    Best of luck. Speak soon.


    Gregor – 11 June, 12:18
  149. anonymous
    11 June, 12:22

    will shut down my account at…now…

    anonymous – 11 June, 12:22
  150. Jacob
    11 June, 12:30

    Well done on the success. Excellent site.

    Jacob – 11 June, 12:30
  151. Charlie
    11 June, 13:17

    thanks guys

    Charlie – 11 June, 13:17
  152. Svitch
    11 June, 13:52


    Svitch – 11 June, 13:52
  153. Peter
    11 June, 13:55

    Best of luck Guys,

    Thank’s for all the work on this site , I do hope all goes well in yours and’s future. Like you I have put down lots of time in collecting my play’s and stats.If it was not around there would be a massive hole in my music life.

    Best of Luck.

    Peter – 11 June, 13:55
  154. Igor Pef
    11 June, 14:27

    A high time to leave this project and to create another one…much more better, more powerfull and free…

    Igor Pef – 11 June, 14:27
  155. ForTheEMPIRE
    11 June, 15:15

    Go well lads and thanks. With you lot leaving, I won’t be subscribing to the new, but I wish you all the best and I sincerely hope you plan on creating a new free independent community radio station (free from CBS).

    ForTheEMPIRE – 11 June, 15:15
  156. sleep-er
    11 June, 15:17

    19 Feb 2003 – have I really been a member that long?

    Thanks for creating Audioscrobbler and then Don’t spend all your money at once. May I suggest fast cars and easy women

    sleep-er – 11 June, 15:17
  157. shinobi
    11 June, 15:17

    It was great being part of Just when it was stating to build up a community in chile, you started charging here.. but well.. thats how bussiness are.


    shinobi – 11 June, 15:17
  158. Rob
    11 June, 15:51

    Congratulations on the success of I look forward to seeing where you go from here. Best of luck to you all.

    Rob – 11 June, 15:51
  159. Titus
    11 June, 16:47

    Fuck you guys, selling out like this wiil earn you a well deserved place in Hell, together with all the other con-men.

    Titus – 11 June, 16:47
  160. Nemo
    11 June, 17:18

    This ship is sinking…

    Nemo – 11 June, 17:18
  161. Name
    11 June, 18:07

    The 3 bastards are filthy rich now that’s why they are leaving. why not share the details of what you earned from that cbs deal. No word on who exactly is running now. Really vague. Anyway the money was made and that’s all that matters. Nobody really gives a damn about what will happen to this website.

    Name – 11 June, 18:07
  162. Michael Fritz
    11 June, 18:16

    its sad you quit that thing…

    Michael Fritz – 11 June, 18:16
    11 June, 20:02

    Good bye and welcome to the free world. Think about how good is to be away from the corporate hands of CBS. Go to the beach, lay down and come up with the next big revolution.

    Love and respect from Chile.
    Radio Isla negra – 11 June, 20:02
  164. jajo
    11 June, 20:59

    Enjoy your holiday – it’s well earned. Amazing to see how you’ve built up so much from so little and how you’ve been such an big part of so many people’s lives. Look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. All the best.

    jajo – 11 June, 20:59
  165. Ryan
    11 June, 23:10

    What do I care? What does anyone care? Who’s going to use anymore now that CBS charges that steep user fee. I resent these pricks because all the time I spent building my library is completely wasted because they had to sell out. If they in fact are smart enough to start something else, I’ll be sure not to join it because I’ll just be let down all over again. I’ll leave you with the wise words of South Park’s Eric Cartman – “Screw you guys, I’m going home”.

    Ryan – 11 June, 23:10
  166. Stephen Robinson
    12 June, 03:24

    Wait what? Because you have lots of money or what? I don’t trust a big company running this on there own, I bet its going down the shitter. If I have to pay anything for what I have now I will leave and lose all respect for what you have done. Why can’t you explain who exactly is in charge etc?!

    Stephen Robinson – 12 June, 03:24
  167. MUSTANG
    12 June, 12:02

    So for now, just enjoy the big money you made.

    As for us, get ready to see unwelcome changes :)

    MUSTANG – 12 June, 12:02
  168. Dianna
    12 June, 14:39

    Congratulations on the site. I’ve been on AS/Last pretty much since it’s inception. I just celebrated my fifth year as an AS/LAST FM listener. And have seen it as a super text to LastFM and back again. It is my go to place for music on the internet and thanks to you guys; I’ve discovered a lot more.

    Thanks for everything. Good luck in the future.


    Dianna – 12 June, 14:39
  169. Randolf
    12 June, 14:49

    Good luck – great work!

    Randolf – 12 June, 14:49
  170. anon
    12 June, 14:55

    You started well, but last fm sucks now. Thanks for NOT listening to your users!

    Enjoy spending your millions!

    anon – 12 June, 14:55
  171. anon
    12 June, 15:12

    ps… fuck you!

    anon – 12 June, 15:12
  172. Irdial-Discs
    12 June, 17:47 is one of the few online services that Irdial-Discs paid for, and we have been users since 2002.

    Congratulations to you all on completing your exit.

    You won teh internetz!

    Irdial-Discs – 12 June, 17:47
    12 June, 18:11

    2 words… SOLD OUT

    OH NOT ANOTHER ONE – 12 June, 18:11
    12 June, 18:14

    PS: to a bleeding yankee giant too

    OH NOT ANOTHER ONE – 12 June, 18:14
  175. kelebek
    12 June, 20:32

    thank you

    kelebek – 12 June, 20:32
  176. Slammer
    12 June, 20:59

    Way to go on selling yourselves, now Im only waiting for a Hulu-like discrimination of each and every country outside the USA.

    Slammer – 12 June, 20:59
  177. ohwhocares
    13 June, 06:22

    Ok, so… With founders jumping ship with a sack of money and selling out to CBS not to be taken out of business — always smarter and much faster than court rooms —, where is everyone heading to?


    Oh and I’m glad I never scrobbled. I knew user data would sooner or later end up exactly where it did. I’m pre-Napster era. ;p

    ohwhocares – 13 June, 06:22
  178. bruno
    13 June, 08:36

    Good luck boys!

    And now… everybody migrates to Spotify or

    bruno – 13 June, 08:36
  179. sweeneycat
    13 June, 09:32

    Will always b grateful for endless precious tunes streaming out of my beloved computer day and night!!!!

    Thank u!!!!!!

    Music is everything……keep creating amazing wonderful things!!!

    sweeneycat – 13 June, 09:32
  180. rss_ems
    13 June, 11:00

    Thanks to all! We love you! :(

    rss_ems – 13 June, 11:00
  181. traded user
    13 June, 12:07

    It’s the logical end for everything after you sold your asses for the big money to the corporate sharks that turned into stupid discriminating facebookish shit that spying us and trading with our personal data and scrobbled songs. I guess there will be more interesting things to happen here – maybe the users outside the States/Englad/Germany shall pay for scrobbling or for your preccious musical recomendations? Must we pay for breath? Farewel guys, enjoy your millions made of selling our data, there’s reserved place for you in hell, right to your corporate friends!

    traded user – 13 June, 12:07
  182. Marko Mihelcic
    13 June, 12:58


    Marko Mihelcic – 13 June, 12:58
  183. lala
    14 June, 14:48

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship

    lala – 14 June, 14:48
  184. =(
    14 June, 19:28

    Sad to see a good team bending over for the US capitalist fucks.

    Miss you guys.

    =( – 14 June, 19:28
  185. That's Funny
    14 June, 22:00

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship

    That's Funny – 14 June, 22:00
  186. Sell outs lol
    15 June, 00:35

    So, what next fuckos? So you can sell our personal data and discriminate the whole world for America? Fuck you and good riddance.

    Sell outs lol – 15 June, 00:35
  187. Josh
    15 June, 10:23

    Aww. You made music so much better :(

    Josh – 15 June, 10:23
  188. Dogface
    15 June, 10:37

    Bye! Don’t come back!

    Dogface – 15 June, 10:37
  189. mani
    15 June, 14:45

    aw, dang it… small companies always put more effort into their work. now that cbs takes over its going to be just for the money and not music. You guys did an amazing job, after this though… i dont know whats going to happen. i hoping for the best but i feel like ill be dissapointed.

    mani – 15 June, 14:45
  190. pissflaps
    15 June, 22:00


    pissflaps – 15 June, 22:00
  191. American pig
    16 June, 02:58

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship

    American pig – 16 June, 02:58
  192. QOAL
    16 June, 16:02

    RIP decent :/
    Better to leave than go the nullsoft way I guess.

    Thanks for all the work/time you’ve put into AS/Lastfm.

    QOAL – 16 June, 16:02
  193. Fox
    16 June, 17:33

    Andreaurbanfox is quite busy in these comments…

    Fox – 16 June, 17:33
  194. liopic
    16 June, 18:10

    Sad but noble.

    liopic – 16 June, 18:10
  195. the here and now
    16 June, 20:17

    America pushing in and messing things up for other people yet again. Round of applause.

    the here and now – 16 June, 20:17
  196. p
    17 June, 01:05 was so awesome before the hand off to CBS. The layout, radio, look and feel were so much better back then; the site had a soul.

    Now it’s like every other site out there.

    By the way, I would take the old site, with its lagging updates of new scrobbles than the auto-updating new site anyday.

    I still say Bring back the old

    p – 17 June, 01:05
  197. cocountskin
    17 June, 23:20

    Thank you guys for being with us!

    It’s been a journey through a lot. You all not only brought the best on-line radio, but also made good friendships. You all have been great & can be proud of making the best community that there is!

    cocountskin – 17 June, 23:20
  198. srtenedor
    18 June, 05:21

    Good luck guys, Don’t really know if it’ll be better for us if last fm is now property of CBS now though, hope it is… but doubt it =/.

    Good luck on your future projects though!

    srtenedor – 18 June, 05:21
  199. Edo
    18 June, 09:39

    It’s time to change the blog title for Music and business from US.

    Edo – 18 June, 09:39
    19 June, 06:19


    ANKH ANGEL – 19 June, 06:19
  201. jynx
    19 June, 11:31

    All the best. Perhaps you’ll retire and live on your well-gotten gains :-) At least until your coding fingers get itchy, but from the sound of it that’ll be a while yet.

    jynx – 19 June, 11:31
  202. Show must go on, suckas
    20 June, 07:22

    America pushing in and messing things up for other people yet again. Round of applause.
    ^ Yep.

    So, what stops anyone in the US/UK/Germany from sharing their subscription with friends overseas?

    What stops anyone overseas from using a proxy and taking the free ride as if they were logging in from the US/UK/Germany?

    What stops young entrepreneurs from selling out in order to become millionaires and then join the baby/laundry/front lawn ordinary life plus some fancy car or stereo system or whatever?

    How many of you still think Obama = change?

    Will Cuba go back to the OAS just because the US said “ok, now you can?”

    Hmmmmmmm… Beaucoup de questions si profondes! Oh et j’aime Deezer. ;p VIVE LA FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRANCE. :D

    Show must go on, suckas – 20 June, 07:22
  203. Jalan
    20 June, 18:34

    Man, I sincerely wished people would stop saying this site was “so awesome before CBS/etc.” because whenever I see ANYONE saying it, it’s usually people who were never around for the massive amount of problems that it had and basically was and should be more thankful that funding came from somewhere to help alleviate those problems.

    Same goes for people whining that this site actually has a business model. Anyone bitching about that clearly hasn’t experienced any part of the real world.

    Jalan – 20 June, 18:34
  204. Rick
    20 June, 23:50

    Sell out your users, then bail out. Stay classy :/

    Rick – 20 June, 23:50
  205. lala
    21 June, 05:43

    fuck u all


    lala – 21 June, 05:43
  206. Marcelloz
    21 June, 12:00

    Thanks guys! You 2 did a great job over the years; however decay has entered this application as features are cut back…

    So… buy back from CBS and take it to the next level bij listening to their users again :)

    Marcelloz – 21 June, 12:00
  207. Anonymous complainer
    21 June, 23:52

    Thanks for the service you gave us. There are however some of your staff that we will not miss! Who’s that other guy? The one that likes Mooses?

    Anyways, hopefully the new corporate atmosphere at’s offices will concentrate a bit more on PR.

    Best of luck for the future.

    Anonymous complainer – 21 June, 23:52
  208. Ark
    22 June, 05:21

    Good luck guys. I guess I’m leaving too, considering that I won’t pay for the service anymore. Still, it was great while it lasted, and thanks for all the effort; seriously.

    Ark – 22 June, 05:21
  209. Luca
    22 June, 09:05

    Good luck guys, and thanks for this awesome service.

    Luca – 22 June, 09:05
  210. Dane
    23 June, 00:28

    PROTIP: it has gone to hell, make a new site and sell it to CBS!

    Dane – 23 June, 00:28
  211. Pete
    23 June, 09:22

    Hey guys, it has been an incredible life-changing experience in so many ways. Thank you and all the best, time to catch up for another guiness. All the very best success for the future, Pete

    Pete – 23 June, 09:22
  212. Fluffy
    23 June, 11:29

    You have build a great site, and then you fucked us all in the ass till we bleed to death!

    Fluffy – 23 June, 11:29
  213. Pants-on-head
    23 June, 20:56

    Well, after the whole debacle with subscriptions and user data disclosure, this was apparently the only way it could go…

    The only thing in store for us is even more commercialization… Sad, as this has so far been a great service.

    Pants-on-head – 23 June, 20:56
  214. HodgeStar
    23 June, 22:25

    How come that i read this only now?
    My respect for what you have achieved.
    Good luck!

    HodgeStar – 23 June, 22:25
  215. zonalgman92
    23 June, 23:37

    Huge respect to you guys. Good luck in the future. Go your own way. Peace.

    zonalgman92 – 23 June, 23:37
  216. JD
    25 June, 11:36

    Thanks guys you’ve done an amazing job; been with you since the beginning and enjoyed the journey.

    As you are saying goodbye, then I shall be; a large corporate US takeover will not be for the good of, plus there is not a chance I trust them with my data.

    It’s a shame, I’ve just deleted :( my account of nearly 4 years.

    Once again thank you guys; I understand your reasons behind this move and respect them completly.

    JD – 25 June, 11:36
  217. music listener
    25 June, 15:03


    music listener – 25 June, 15:03
  218. Already Left
    25 June, 20:03

    But you want us to pay fucker!!!

    Already Left – 25 June, 20:03
  219. redevil1990
    26 June, 05:49

    good luck

    redevil1990 – 26 June, 05:49
  220. Daniel du Prie
    26 June, 18:17

    Thanks for making Last.Fm!
    I’d just like to add that I think 3 units of currency per month is pretty bloody cheap for a service like Last.Fm
    I’ve been subscribing on and off for a while now. As a some-time music maker I realize that music does not fall out of the sky for free nor does it grow on trees and hence it takes cash to keep things going and of course you got to pay your staff and overheads as well. It’s ridiculous how many people think it should all be for nothing. I’m sure they don’t go to work each day for nix either.
    $3 a month is peanuts considering what you get for it – a virtually limitless, infinite record library.
    Good luck with it! I hope Last.Fm is around for a long, long time to come.

    Daniel du Prie – 26 June, 18:17
  221. Mark
    28 June, 10:46

    What you don’t understand is, people have it for free. Why would you pay for something some others can get for free? Makes no sense, does it?

    As for me, I wouldn’t mind paying at all if EVERYONE else is paying, otherwise, no thanks. It’s kinda not fair for the rest of the world to be discriminated by capitalist countries that can’t get their shit right.
    But oh well, that’s how American business is right?

    Not like I use the radio anyway, but yeah..
    Just wanted to add my two cents in this matter.

    Mark – 28 June, 10:46
  222. bengan
    29 June, 08:46

    Well, I wish you all good luck with youre future adventures and thanks for giving us the that we USED to love…

    CBS takeover killed it and most of the world have moved on to better things.

    R.I.P, long live!

    bengan – 29 June, 08:46
  223. Jenya
    29 June, 12:21

    thank you so much for the great work, guys! Do better in video now:)

    Jenya – 29 June, 12:21
  224. RIAAFsckr
    29 June, 14:36 Proudly handing your data to RIAA and screwing you as hard as can be.

    RIAAFsckr – 29 June, 14:36
  225. Whores
    29 June, 21:37

    “ Proudly handing your data to RIAA and screwing you as hard as can be.”

    QFT and…

    “The rats are leaving the sinking ship”.

    QFT as well!

    So long sell outs!

    Whores – 29 June, 21:37
  226. Josh
    30 June, 04:01

    This site is a textbook rise and fall. I am really EMBARRASSED for having recommended this site to people in the past. TERRIBLE and SHAMEFUL.

    Josh – 30 June, 04:01
  227. Rui
    30 June, 15:46

    I have to thank you for the 2 years I used your service and was a proud member of your community.

    Good luck. And remember, whatever you do, don’t let it fall under the hands of evil corporations and their discriminatory pricing schemes, like you did with

    Rui – 30 June, 15:46
  228. O15
    1 July, 06:18

    I have a problem. Some of my tracks are being played in FWD mode. So the voice is high pitched and everything is faster.

    Really annoying.

    E.g. this song ->

    But when I preview it on the website it plays correctly, but not when it comes over the radio. Happens to a few other songs too.

    O15 – 1 July, 06:18
  229. john
    2 July, 09:17

    I’d like to remind everyone with their CBS/RIAA rumors…

    john – 2 July, 09:17
  230. jasmic
    3 July, 11:35

    Well I do not begrudge you a single penny/cent of the money you got for, you have earned it. I admire your perseverance and efforts immensely, and audioscrobbler has had a massive impact on my life. 90% of the music I listen to now I would have never found any other way.

    I am however uncomfortable about what will happen to once you are gone. I trust you guys to always do your best for the site, just as anyone would do for something they have created, seen develop from nothing. It remains to be seen how the new owners treat us once you have no more say in such things.

    jasmic – 3 July, 11:35
  231. Omer
    4 July, 09:22

    I love Last FM, Felix and Martin, you two have done great for this site. Last.FM has been my homepage for a good 6 months now :)

    Omer – 4 July, 09:22
  232. Jack Wade
    9 July, 21:11

    I hope to hell CBS doesn’t trash the place and rebrand everything.

    Jack Wade – 9 July, 21:11
  233. Captain Falcon
    11 July, 15:43

    You are from East London? Nice. I live in the US and would love to check out Europe. I would probably go to see <A HREF=“”>Eiffel Tower</A> too! Thanks for the post.

    Captain Falcon – 11 July, 15:43
  234. Theresa Marchione
    15 July, 17:55

    When is Last.FM going to address the issue of lumping bands with the same name together? Especially the “Similar Artists” that have nothing to do with a particular band.

    Tarock Music spends hundreds of dollars every month on promotion that ends up helping other bands. It’s just not good business on Last.FM’s part, and a DISSERVICE to Last.FM listeners by providing them with misinformation.

    It would be a simple matter to list bands with the same name by LOCATION . . . e.g. THE REDS (Philadelphia, PA, USA), and THE REDS (Denton, TX, USA). Then the albums, tracks, bio, listeners, and plays, could be listed CORRECTLY on each band’s profile page. Why the continued resistance by Last.FM to fix this situation?

    Theresa Marchione
    Manager, The Reds

    Theresa Marchione – 15 July, 17:55
  235. Electric bicycles
    22 July, 03:34 Proudly handing your data to RIAA and screwing you as hard as can be.

    Electric bicycles – 22 July, 03:34

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