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Wednesday, 6 May 2009
by flaneur
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I’m happy to announce a new and improved version of radio on the web.

We’ve been cooking this one in the labs for a while now and thought it was time for you to have a play, discover some new music and new features, and let us know what you think.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new.

Artist slideshow

We’ve redesigned the listening page, and at its centre is an expanded metadata area that showcases a rich catalogue of images uploaded by the community. We believe that music discovery involves all your senses; this is especially true when you’re listening to, say, french + 60s + female vocalists tag radio.

Combo stations

Wait, what? Yep, combo stations are finally here! Pick up to three artists, or up to three tags, and mix them together in a combination of your choosing. Classical + piano? Taylor Swift + Dolly Parton? 80s + hip hop? Sure thing. While not every pairing necessarily contains enough music to make a complete station, trying out the combinations is half the fun.

Station history

With all these new stations happening, we figured you could use a bit of extra help keeping track of them. We’ve expanded your “recent stations” to store a much longer list, and added the ability to remove the stations that you’re not into. Your most recently-listened ones rise to the top so it’s always easy to start the music back up.

And more

Including: an “in your library” section that lets you know exactly how often you have (or haven’t!) listened; a scrobble toggle so that you can play Britney Spears’ similar artists in comfort and privacy; plus plenty of other little touches we hope you’ll enjoy.

As with any shiny new product, there are bound to be some release day glitches. Please bear with us as we squash bugs; you can help out by reporting any problems you spot in the support forum. We’re also eager to listen to your comments and suggestions over in the feedback and ideas forum, as we’ll keep working hard on this new version of the radio over the coming weeks and months.

On behalf of the entire team: happy listening.


  1. Oren
    6 May, 13:49

    VERY cool.
    The combo thing is a feature I’ve been really looking for.

    Oren – 6 May, 13:49
  2. ocanica
    6 May, 13:49

    Nice! A visual equalizer would have been nice too. Great work guys please keep it up.

    ocanica – 6 May, 13:49
  3. IanAR
    6 May, 13:52

    Looks promising, but Last.FM/listen/usertags/IanAR/1964*2009 don’t seem to work :(

    IanAR – 6 May, 13:52
  4. chester
    6 May, 13:52

    love how loved tracks show in the top played charts now!

    chester – 6 May, 13:52
  5. alex
    6 May, 13:52

    love the new look! well excited about combo stations!

    alex – 6 May, 13:52
  6. Kevin
    6 May, 13:53

    this is awesome guys

    Kevin – 6 May, 13:53
  7. Amon_Re
    6 May, 13:53

    Whoa, dudes, Awesome :D

    Amon_Re – 6 May, 13:53
  8. Fiona McLaren
    6 May, 13:54

    Hurrah! (and well done)

    Fiona McLaren – 6 May, 13:54
  9. gweedo
    6 May, 13:55

    I like being able to remove stuff I’m not using as the list gets a little cumbersome otherwise.

    gweedo – 6 May, 13:55
  10. Pedro
    6 May, 13:55

    I’d like to see the cover of the album like it showed before.

    Pedro – 6 May, 13:55
  11. Mike Mella
    6 May, 13:56

    Can I turn off the Artist Slideshow? I use Last.FM as background music while I’m designing, which means I never actually look at it, and I want to conserve as much memory as possible.

    Mike Mella – 6 May, 13:56
  12. s!n
    6 May, 13:57

    Nice update, works great!

    s!n – 6 May, 13:57
  13. sivkoburko
    6 May, 13:58

    Sorry to be less than positive but:

    a) I can’t get the new version to load, which is a major issue;
    b) I don’t need or want visuals – I’m interested in the music, not the pictures.

    On the plus side, yes, the combo feature is an excellent idea :)

    sivkoburko – 6 May, 13:58
  14. Matthew Ogle
    6 May, 13:58

    @Mike Mella:

    Yup, if you click the little ‘movie’ icon in the bottom right it will disable the animation for you.

    Matthew Ogle – 6 May, 13:58
  15. werkan
    6 May, 14:01

    LOVE IT!

    werkan – 6 May, 14:01
  16. Vladimir
    6 May, 14:02

    When do you plan to release the new version of the desktop client that supports combo radios?

    Vladimir – 6 May, 14:02
  17. Wooooo
    6 May, 14:04

    Nice work fellas… Thanks

    Wooooo – 6 May, 14:04
  18. closedmouth
    6 May, 14:05

    Oh snap!

    closedmouth – 6 May, 14:05
  19. julius
    6 May, 14:08


    julius – 6 May, 14:08
  20. Carlos
    6 May, 14:19

    WOW that’s cool if I were in usa, uk or germany. But I’m a third class user so I just see a page telling me to pay…

    greetings from Chile!

    Carlos – 6 May, 14:19
  21. camerashy
    6 May, 14:22

    I’d like to play, but I can’t pay :(

    camerashy – 6 May, 14:22
  22. Luke
    6 May, 14:23

    I like The new slideshow, but the song name is less obvious now :-(

    Luke – 6 May, 14:23
  23. Xan
    6 May, 14:24

    This looks good. Looks like a small company named Tap It that was doing the same thing a few years ago out of Southern California.

    Good job.

    Xan – 6 May, 14:24
  24. Chris Malton
    6 May, 14:28

    Very nice…. But, like others say, I have it on in the background, I don’t need those pictures….

    Mind you, pleased to see that the ads are gone!

    Overall: A good change!

    Chris Malton – 6 May, 14:28
  25. Norman Casagrande
    6 May, 14:33

    @IanAR: at the moment this works only for global tags, not personal ones.

    Norman Casagrande – 6 May, 14:33
  26. RJ
    6 May, 14:33

    Our image servers are pumping out over 1.3 gigabits a second atm, please excuse the temporary slowness when loading images, should be resolved shortly.

    RJ – 6 May, 14:33
  27. James Kirkup
    6 May, 14:35

    excellent – nice stuff crew! where the desktop app update!? x

    James Kirkup – 6 May, 14:35
  28. mattatron
    6 May, 14:39

    Very cool!

    mattatron – 6 May, 14:39
  29. lizvelrene
    6 May, 15:19

    I love it but I’m a bit lost. If I want to edit a playlist while I’m listening to it, is there a direct link to the tracklist? There used to be a “playlist” link right above the radio. All the links I see around are just restarting my radio which is a bit frustrating.

    Also, when the radio box just showed the album, it also linked directly to the album which was kind of nice. Is there an album link anywhere on this page? It might also be nice, when you turn off the slideshow (as I do) to show the album cover instead of freezing on an image.

    Finally, it would be nice to be able to add to playlist a track I’m currently listening to without having to open the track in another window.

    lizvelrene – 6 May, 15:19
  30. Sebastian Pietsch
    6 May, 15:19

    Awesome guys! Nice job.

    Sebastian Pietsch – 6 May, 15:19
  31. Matt Brown
    6 May, 15:23

    As you can see we’re trying out loads of new visual and interface ideas, so we’re looking for feedback, ideas and suggestions for the UI here.

    Matt Brown – 6 May, 15:23
  32. Martyn
    6 May, 15:27

    This is how it used to be back in the day!!! Great stuff. Maybe i’ll start subscribing again…

    Martyn – 6 May, 15:27
  33. Alberto
    6 May, 15:31

    And that what the unsused bandwidth of third world countries was used for.

    Congratulations for your discrimination

    Alberto – 6 May, 15:31
  34. Tanner
    6 May, 15:33

    Good to see all that money you must be raking in now that we Canadians can’t listen being put to good use.

    Tanner – 6 May, 15:33
  35. gingerweir
    6 May, 15:40

    Absolutely LOVE IT.

    gingerweir – 6 May, 15:40
  36. noway man
    6 May, 15:41

    Alberto, ‘third country’ isn’t in the’s vocabolary anymore. try UK, or Germany or who knows… USA?

    I don’t care indeed.

    noway man – 6 May, 15:41
  37. Name
    6 May, 15:46

    It’s paid, it’s not for me

    Name – 6 May, 15:46
  38. Robert Andrews
    6 May, 15:59

    Can you embed this?

    Robert Andrews – 6 May, 15:59
  39. eric
    6 May, 16:11

    How can I remove all those completely unrelated artists from my band’s radio station? To offence to the work they make, but when I use the name of my band, I want to hear bands who play in a similar style.

    Although we use very clear tagging, and an extensive one at that, and we also clearly indicated what great artists are models to us, we feel like we have been put together at random with others.

    Why tag our work then?

    eric – 6 May, 16:11
  40. eric
    6 May, 16:16

    erm.. – obviously that should be ‘NO’ offence to them in my previous post :)

    eric – 6 May, 16:16
  41. Alasdair
    6 May, 16:20

    Excellent player. It would be cool if I could collapse the visual part in to just a player… hard to get away with listening to it at work when it’s full of images!

    Alasdair – 6 May, 16:20
  42. Gloria
    6 May, 16:24

    I just started listening to two days ago and loved the interface. Now this new design started and it never loads, the stations just stop, and I can’t ever hear any music! It just constantly says it’s loading. What’s the point of the site if you can’t actually hear the music?

    I agree with what others said that I don’t need or want pictures (glad you can turn that off), and the song name is shoved into the corner so you can’t even see it at first. When I “loved” a track previously, it would confirm it for me, but now I’m just shooting in the dark whether the site received my “love.”

    Basically, you guys should have worked out you server issues before you rolled out a more bandwidth-heavy site. without the music working is like a magazine expanding its pages while they’re out of paper. It just doesn’t make sense, you’ve got to handle that before a rollout to the entire site!

    Gloria – 6 May, 16:24
  43. Travis
    6 May, 16:31

    Yeeha! I’ve been waiting for multi-tag-radio for what seems like forever.

    Travis – 6 May, 16:31
  44. Matthew Ogle
    6 May, 16:35


    Are you using Internet Explorer 6 by any chance? We still have some bugs to work out in a few less-popular browsers, we’ll be tackling them one by one over the next few days. Thanks for your patience and hang in there!

    Matthew Ogle – 6 May, 16:35
  45. Richard
    6 May, 16:39

    How are we supposed to know which album a track is from ?? It seems pretty bizarre that you removed that kind of information … I mean, it’s nowhere on the page now.

    Richard – 6 May, 16:39
  46. fuck you
    6 May, 16:40

    fuck you
    that’s useless and awful

    fuck you – 6 May, 16:40
  47. Adam
    6 May, 16:46


    Adam – 6 May, 16:46
  48. 0mgz0rz
    6 May, 16:48

    Multi-tag radio = I love you guys longtime.

    0mgz0rz – 6 May, 16:48
  49. Lucho Molina
    6 May, 16:54

    Finally! Combo stations! Thanks! Does this apply to the client too?

    Lucho Molina – 6 May, 16:54
  50. camoril
    6 May, 17:04

    Awesome! it just keeps getting better and better!!!

    camoril – 6 May, 17:04
  51. Bayou16
    6 May, 17:09

    awesome guys!

    Bayou16 – 6 May, 17:09
  52. terraetnies213
    6 May, 17:11

    YESSSSSS! I’m suuuper excite.

    terraetnies213 – 6 May, 17:11
  53. Like, Totally 80s Radio!
    6 May, 17:21


    Like, Totally 80s Radio! – 6 May, 17:21
  54. Usumacinta
    6 May, 17:24

    It looks good but I haven’t been able to use it. The songs don’t download like before and I haven’t been able to listen to any song without it getting interrupted every couple of seconds. I stopped the slide show to see if it would improve (I don’t actually need it), and nothing.
    I’m using Firefox (the latest version), and I’m also a subscriber, so I really hope you get this solved ASAP.

    Usumacinta – 6 May, 17:24
  55. fleshgordon
    6 May, 17:52

    want slideshow & combo for the client to.

    fleshgordon – 6 May, 17:52
  56. Fred
    6 May, 17:52

    Taylor Swift is hot… nice image of her there.

    Fred – 6 May, 17:52
  57. wtf
    6 May, 18:08


    wtf – 6 May, 18:08
  58. h7wk
    6 May, 18:14

    Cool, when will we have to pay extra for that?

    h7wk – 6 May, 18:14
  59. cimangi
    6 May, 18:17

    Good job guys! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


    cimangi – 6 May, 18:17
  60. thetysos
    6 May, 18:28

    Pretty decent update…
    -I like the “Your recent Tracks” pane (maybe with a future possibility to remove tracks like it is with stations?)
    -Nice graphic when and how much you listened to the artist.


    -Why the hell did you remove such valuable information like which ALBUM the track’s belonging to??????
    -No Album Art
    -Track Info is to small… you have to search the player to find it (ok it’s in the page’s title too, but nonetheless…)

    thetysos – 6 May, 18:28
  61. mark
    6 May, 18:49

    personally i think this is lame ass. liked how it was. why do computer companies always have to meddle and f**k stuff up? do you have to try and justify turning up to work or something. F**k’s sake. And suddenly i have to sit through F**king Vodaphone adverts every time i change station. didn’t yesterday. sucky. i’m off to look at spotify, i was sticking with lastfm cos i knew and liked it, well done, you lost that advantage.

    mark – 6 May, 18:49
  62. Heather G.
    6 May, 18:56

    Am I the only on who can’t get this to work? Tried in firefox, tried in IE… it let’s me select multiple tags or artists, but then when I press play- nothing.

    Heather G. – 6 May, 18:56
  63. GTStar
    6 May, 19:07

    I started the radio and then stopped before the song started by clicking on the stop button.

    The search bar appeared but the song started in the background without showing the radio window. I had to use the “back” button of the browser to show the radio window and stop the song.

    Seems to be a little bug ;)

    GTStar – 6 May, 19:07
  64. jeremy
    6 May, 19:14

    full screen would be cool for use at home.

    jeremy – 6 May, 19:14
  65. Elm St reference
    6 May, 19:59

    lol@mark, stay away then! why do you keep coming back like Jason?!

    Elm St reference – 6 May, 19:59
  66. MartynW
    6 May, 20:01

    “new and improved”??? was much better when it was completely ficused upon music. It’s very sad to see a brilliant website turn so commercial. I’m seriously loosing faith!

    MartynW – 6 May, 20:01
  67. james
    6 May, 20:15

    Some nice new features, can’t quite believe it took 6 years to get them. Perhaps multi-radio well help reduce the repetition of songs, and images now that you are making use of your vast image library.

    I agree, any full screen feature to block out those ugly-ass ads in the background would be great. Then all you need to do is stream in video ads like CBS outdoors does on the underground and you will be 1 step away from being MTV.

    james – 6 May, 20:15
  68. mani
    6 May, 20:27

    I like the slideshow and graph, but the old one was still better. I miss how it showed which album a song was from and the new one takes too long to load because of all the new stuff. I also think the background color is ugly but im guessing that will change after the summer festival or whatever. As long as lastfm lets me listen to the music I want to for free i dont care too much to what they do to the layout.

    mani – 6 May, 20:27
  69. RottynDawg
    6 May, 20:41

    Love it and can’t wait to see it in the desktop version of the software! Keep up the great work!

    RottynDawg – 6 May, 20:41
  70. abagiatikos
    6 May, 20:48

    Ah great…it seems that the guys behind the fiasco decided to participate in the discusssion after all. Because from the other post that had more than 1000 comments they disappeared completely. Totally understandable though. What to say about the hypocrisy, the discrimination and the false claims about “free radio”. People don’t need changes regarding useless aesthetic crap, but to give back to ALL those users that helped you to create your content their free radio. Of course you don’t need to comment on this…you are already aware that the majority turned away from, offering their scrobbles to other open source and truly free sites, like and such. You don’t stand a chance with the support of only three countries.

    abagiatikos – 6 May, 20:48
  71. Gordon
    6 May, 20:57

    Interesting but I only ever listen to the radio from the desktop app, so not of much use. And the fact that I’m not a subscriber means I won’t be holding my breath for the app update anyway ;[

    Gordon – 6 May, 20:57
  72. lewishnl
    6 May, 21:27

    Hi, just firstly I’d like to say that I love and I am a great supporter. Secondly, I really like the new feature however I would prefer if the video advert on the new player was not there however, it is ok. Now onto what this comment is really about, I believe that if the new player would also allow choice of a single track and replace the old player, the site would be much better, I think that is too focussed on radio stations and if it focussed on tracks more, it would become more popular and beat Spotify out the market. Also I believe that many people would rather more than 3 plays of the same track even if the cost would be more adverts. Anyway good work. My account is lewishnl.


    lewishnl – 6 May, 21:27
  73. Azure
    6 May, 21:31

    Absolutly agree with MartynW comment!
    I must say, nobody wants this visual shit. Yeah, maby it’s looking bright, maby it’s looking catchy, but it’s useless and squalid (like windows vista). lol
    And you guys just are commercial prostitutes, did you know this? ;)

    Azure – 6 May, 21:31
  74. Ron
    6 May, 22:00

    When will we be able to add a song to a playlist directly from the player window/screen? Right now, I have to open a window/tab for that song before I can add it to a playlist.

    Ron – 6 May, 22:00
  75. ras222
    6 May, 22:39

    This player doesn’t work for me. I tried to create a Multi-artist station, but when I pressed Play after selecting my 3 artists, nothing happened.

    I am using IE 6, but when I tried IE 7 a month or so ago, it didn’t seem compatible with other places on your site. Is IE7 one of the supported browsers now?

    ras222 – 6 May, 22:39
  76. Matthew Ogle
    6 May, 22:45


    We’ll be adding that ability soon!


    We’re unfortunately still seeing some browser bugs in IE6, we’ll be working on fixing those over the next couple days. IE7 is fully supported these days, give that a try (or Firefox!) if you’d rather not wait. :)

    Matthew Ogle – 6 May, 22:45
  77. Jeremy
    6 May, 23:00

    Brilliant. I love these changes. Thanks!

    Jeremy – 6 May, 23:00
  78. Alyssum
    6 May, 23:16

    I’m not happy with the new radio. It has a hard time loading, and if it does play, I only hear a few notes at a time due to the extreme amount of lag. used to lag before, but now it’s unplayable. And the pictures loading only adds to the lag. I don’t ever look at the player so pictures are unnecessary addition. Plus they got black dots all over them which makes them look horrible.

    Then there is no album cover or even the album name. I used to love this feature since I can then add those albums to my CD collection. Now I have to use Wikipedia to find out the album which obviously takes up too much time.

    Can we please get the old radio back? If not, how do I turn all these pictures off and see the at least album name? I completely agree with Gloria, the server issues should have been resolved first. I’m disappointed since I can’t even listen anymore =(

    Alyssum – 6 May, 23:16
  79. alexj9
    6 May, 23:17

    Hi I don’t really want to post this here but there is no other way I can contact you at the moment. I can get the front page of your site but I can’t log in at all. The login page is completely blank. I can’t listen to music as a free listener either it just says oops error connecting. Here is some of the error log on my Firefox if that will help. [img][/img]

    Please resolve as quickly as posable I’m missing all your good music.

    alexj9 – 6 May, 23:17
  80. Machiventa
    6 May, 23:21

    Thank you for bringing back muti-tag/artist stations!!!! Too bad it’s limited to 3 but at least it’s something.

    Machiventa – 6 May, 23:21
  81. drmrshdw
    6 May, 23:32

    This is awesome!
    Any way we could ever play tags or artists inside a playlist or loved tracks?

    drmrshdw – 6 May, 23:32
  82. Al
    6 May, 23:45

    Congratulations, multitag is really awesome!

    Now, you need to get the friends finder working again ;)

    Al – 6 May, 23:45
  83. Kevin Rudd
    7 May, 00:46

    Gee I’d like to give your new whozamawhatsit a go but I live in Australia and I’m kinda pissed off at your blatant discrimination and short on extra cash at the moment, you fat headed pig fuckers!!! Die!

    Kevin Rudd – 7 May, 00:46
  84. Josh
    7 May, 02:37

    I am from Canada. I was thinking of subscribing, but now I see that all my listening data is going to be locked in to a closed system with a radio that I would have to pay for in order to see commercials… fuck it. I think you will either shut down or revert to a free-access model within the year.

    Josh – 7 May, 02:37
  85. Oz
    7 May, 03:25

    There is some problem with the radio, it starts but the visual part is not showing up.

    Oz – 7 May, 03:25
  86. Zenbarbarian
    7 May, 03:51

    Where is the album information? I don’t want to see some useless slideshow, I want to know what album the music I’m listening to comes from!

    Zenbarbarian – 7 May, 03:51
  87. Gloria
    7 May, 04:49

    No, I am not using IE6, I’ve tried to listen in both the latest versions of Firefox and Opera. I’ve had the same experience in both— stations take a long time to load, some just say they’re unavailable and say try another station, and sometimes the music from the station will play while the visual says the station is unavailable and try another station! When that happens, there’s no way to stop a song or even see what a song or artist is. If I don’t like the song selection, I have to change radio stations.

    I was really enjoying the site for two days and I can’t believe I chose to start using it right before a big redesign! What luck.

    I hope things can be resolved with the bandwidth issues.

    Gloria – 7 May, 04:49
  88. eh?
    7 May, 05:34

    Oh well.. in which countries it is going to work? :)

    eh? – 7 May, 05:34
  89. Oren
    7 May, 05:43

    Note that people using the flashblock firefox addon, might not notice that they have TWO flash controls to enable, and that’s maybe why some here complain that they can’t play anymore.

    Oren – 7 May, 05:43
  90. spotify user
    7 May, 06:01

    Yet another feature which is US/UK/DE only. is dead.

    spotify user – 7 May, 06:01
  91. SkylineAtNight
    7 May, 06:04

    Awesome change!

    SkylineAtNight – 7 May, 06:04
  92. Joel
    7 May, 06:25

    I bet I’d love it if it actually played.

    Joel – 7 May, 06:25
  93. Daniel
    7 May, 06:59

    Really nice! The multi-tag station is something I have been waiting for.

    Daniel – 7 May, 06:59
  94. bruno
    7 May, 07:14

    Sorry guys: is the best community (really) but Spotify is the best radio player (and free).

    bruno – 7 May, 07:14
  95. James
    7 May, 07:31

    @Josh. The ads on the page and apparently on the visuals of the player are only for non subscribers. I am a subscriber and I haven’t seen a single advert on the new listen page (or the site), or within the player. You get what you pay for I suppose.

    As for the belief you hold that will shutdown, you may want to take note of the latest scrobbling / user figures which don’t seem to show any sort of drop off at the moment. Just naturally a reduction in the radio usage on the site.

    James – 7 May, 07:31
  96. Damien
    7 May, 08:07

    Really awesome ! I know why I subscribe now ! :D
    The charts on wich artist, the pics viewer, the multi artiste radio, rrraaahhh so damn good ! And we see if a song is already a “Loved” one too ! I love this new player <3 Count on me to pay for this service :P

    Damien – 7 May, 08:07
  97. Just scrobbling
    7 May, 08:24

    6 May, 14:19

    WOW that’s cool if I were in usa, uk or germany. But I’m a third class user so I just see a page telling me to pay…

    greetings from Chile!

    Ahahaha, love it, cheers! ;D

    Seriously – fix you payment policies before you start bragging about new features financed by users who can’t actually use it! (Paypal only, even for countries where they don’t accept anything but credit cards?! WTF)

    Also, I pity Richard Jones – he’s got to announce all the shitty stuff while Ogle is the hero of the day. lmao, owned!

    Just scrobbling – 7 May, 08:24
  98. purp1epage
    7 May, 08:41

    Love the idea, but I can’t get multi-tag or multi-artist stations to work. I’m using Firefox.

    purp1epage – 7 May, 08:41
  99. ad
    7 May, 08:42

    I won’t pay for this crap.

    ad – 7 May, 08:42
  100. James
    7 May, 08:59

    @purp1epage Have you changed your settings for radios to play in page rather than via the software?

    I thought it was broken until I did that

    James – 7 May, 08:59
  101. donbasilio
    7 May, 09:13

    I suppose that all those enthusiastic comments came from USA users, I mean, free ones.

    donbasilio – 7 May, 09:13
  102. Italy here
    7 May, 09:42

    spotify isnt available in all country for free as u moron The only difference is that it costs 9,99 fucking euros per month.

    The brand new is awesome and I’m glad to pay 3€ for that.

    Italy here – 7 May, 09:42
  103. Iron-8
    7 May, 10:49

    It’s a nice gimmick, but …
    Where is the shoutbox and where is the title of the CD the title comes from?

    Iron-8 – 7 May, 10:49
  104. joseph
    7 May, 11:11

    cant get it to work..


    firefox 3


    looks nice tho :-)

    joseph – 7 May, 11:11
  105. Azure
    7 May, 11:18

    bring back the old, cheap whores

    Azure – 7 May, 11:18
  106. Juan Cruz
    7 May, 12:35

    the artist slideshow is pretty cool! well done LastFm. U should be proud of your service since it´s the FIRST thing I pay on the internet in my history, & for something noone can touch… & although Im from Argentina where €3 its like €15 i think its still worth since it provides me a lot of happiness during my day…

    Just one “bad thing” about the new slideshow that I think someone already commented it. Im a big music freak (like most of the people here) & for me it´s EXTREMELY important to know from which album is the song Im listening, something that is not there anymore. Please do try to find the way to include it. It is a must for us…

    Juan Cruz – 7 May, 12:35
  107. FAILED.FM
    7 May, 12:54


    FAILED.FM – 7 May, 12:54
  108. harleypaul
    7 May, 13:09

    the new site looks great but i,ve tried to play the multi tag and multi artist stations but i click play an nothing happens ,any ideas ?

    harleypaul – 7 May, 13:09
  109. hazel donaldo
    7 May, 13:13

    nice relaunch,
    but cd titles is missing when playing radio.
    also like the multi artist-radio.

    hazel donaldo – 7 May, 13:13
  110. Name
    7 May, 14:14


    Name – 7 May, 14:14
  111. ziggy
    7 May, 14:58

    I notice you tweeted about this almost as soon as it happened. I didn’t see any tweet before or after the chenge to paid subscriptions. Not a big enough deal? You disappoint me,

    (nice captcha: resist eliminated)

    ziggy – 7 May, 14:58
  112. Adriano
    7 May, 15:07

    a scrobble toggle is now operational (turn off the audioscrobbler while logged in) — but best news: “COMBO stations are finally here! Pick up to three artists, or up to three [global] tags, and mix them together in a combination of your choosing. While not every pairing necessarily contains enough music to make a complete station, trying out the combinations is half the fun.” e.g.*french*female+vocalists for French women vocals from the ’90s, or*jazz for ambient jazz; note that the tags are separated by “*” in the URL.

    To combine artists the separator is “,” using the artists’ numerical id — e.g.,1001405,1001864 is the more upbeat chillout combo for Nicola Conte, Lemongrass, and Röyksopp in respective numerical order.

    the Visual refers to the funky panning and zooming of artist photos, but you can freeze frame it [look for the little button next to the volume slider].

    - linktext – music is our soundtrack to the cinema called my Life linktext

    Adriano – 7 May, 15:07
  113. mani
    7 May, 16:59 you were doing such a good job, what Happened? The new layout would be great if I had a faster computer, but my powerline internet is terrible and slow. It worked fine with the old lay out but know it keeps on lagging. At least it doesn’t lag during the whole song but still. I would suggest you give users a choice between old and new. Anyways for me is the best online radio website for me since I get it for free and all the other ones in America suck. Anyways I think should try to get and run radio in other countries. Oh and the people who have to pay in other countries should get subscription status.

    mani – 7 May, 16:59
  114. peembee
    7 May, 17:14

    Hey guys I’m not getting any music via Firefox in either Windows or a linux OS.

    UAT & OAT – if you don’t test you don’t rest

    peembee – 7 May, 17:14
  115. manumano
    7 May, 18:03

    It would be pretty cool if I can decrease this boring band pic slide show and get back my necessary informations of related bands and album info.
    On my Laptop I now just see Band pics, which I’m not at all are interested in. Also it keeps me away from discovering new music because I have to scroll down for related musicians, waht I would’t do. I liked the album pic really very much, although it wasn’t working all the time. I bought things just because of that…
    thats what I wanted to say. thanks

    aaand: your comment functionality is really stupid with the preview…..

    manumano – 7 May, 18:03
  116. Popple man
    7 May, 18:39

    Tried out the multi-artist station last night, pretty awesome! But the multi-tag didn’t have enough content for me though…….

    A suggestion would be to have a pop-up player option w/o the pics and flashy adobe flash for those of us with slower computers…thanks!

    Popple man – 7 May, 18:39
  117. purp1epage
    7 May, 19:09

    @james Thanks for the tip, it works fine now & I probably won’t have my playlist trying to hijack the client app.

    I love the multi-tag idea, it was on my wish-list anyway.

    purp1epage – 7 May, 19:09
  118. wingthom
    7 May, 19:41

    I love the new features. Can’t wait to stream to my living room soon.

    wingthom – 7 May, 19:41
  119. Theo
    7 May, 19:42

    The new Web Radio is really great!

    One thing though: it does not display the album information anymore for the played track. And that is very interesting information, at least for me.


    Theo – 7 May, 19:42
  120. breaks Nokia's trademark?
    7 May, 19:52

    Nokia has trademark for the name “Visual Radio”. Nokia’s lawyers will be contacting you soon. breaks Nokia's trademark? – 7 May, 19:52
  121. breaks Nokia's trademark?
    7 May, 20:11

    “Visual Radio is a technology developed by Nokia to make it easier for audiences to interact with radio programs. Visual Radio is also a trademark for a Nokia solution for interactive radio with FM radio over a data connection.*” breaks Nokia's trademark? – 7 May, 20:11
  122. lewishnl
    7 May, 20:29

    A note to the creators of
    I would like to add that all pay subscriptions are a little useless as people will just download the music illegally. If you make all the music free just funded by adverts you will stop people downloading music illegally. You need to enable people to change from one single track to another without stopping the previous one.

    You’ve done a great job so far, but don’t make a mistake. Fuel the free revolution stop it destroying the industry

    Thanks for reading my comment

    lewishnl – 7 May, 20:29
  123. Jacidbazz
    7 May, 23:14

    whew, I just read through a heap of abuse to see if anyone had bought up an issue I would like to raise. Looks like no-one has, just a bunch of whining and moaning.

    I personally love the player, love lastfm, and have no problem paying the paltry amount asked for each month. I was subscribing long before it was necessary, and would continue to do so if if I didn’t need to.

    My question is regarding the multi-tag functionality. At first I jumped up and down with glee at this prospect, ran off and added “Native Tongues”, “Blaxploitation” and “Rare Groove”. Of course, nothing was returned, because there is no music that is tagged with all three of these. I was thinking that I could combine these three tags and have a mix. Not so. Is there any possibility of having an and/or switch? Then I could create a station that plays, for example, Grunge OR Abstract Hip Hop OR Bebop and shuffles them all up for me.

    Thanks for a great new addition, and a great service overall.

    Jacidbazz – 7 May, 23:14
  124. Morgan
    8 May, 03:11

    I prefer the album art….
    Instead of wasting your time doing that keep free


    Morgan – 8 May, 03:11
  125. CLynnia
    8 May, 03:49

    I loved the old style and I don’t see the need for this massive overhaul; couldn’t a multi-tag feature have been added without changing anything else? The appearance now is also less aesthetically pleasing than the former… all industrial and bulky-looking.

    Honestly, I’m just here for the music.

    CLynnia – 8 May, 03:49
  126. Liv
    8 May, 05:43

    I LOVE IT!

    Really, you guys did a smashing job. Thumbs up!

    Liv – 8 May, 05:43
  127. diego
    8 May, 06:32

    I’m using firefox in linux, and the player does not work well. In particular no information about the currently playing song is displayed. No even the tittle! This far more important than the slides you’re proud about!

    I hope this is only a bug and soon will be fixed.


    diego – 8 May, 06:32
  128. nyland
    8 May, 09:31

    this is awesome!!! genius work there, its definately worth the subscription.

    nyland – 8 May, 09:31
  129. :/
    8 May, 10:44

    It is rather funny to see staff answering questions – as far as I remember there is not a single word from them in the previous announcement’s comment section (about having to pay for the radio). Well done boys, well done.

    :/ – 8 May, 10:44
  130. Matt A
    8 May, 11:06

    Great job guys! Loved the new features, and looking forward for more cool updates.
    Keep it up!

    Matt A – 8 May, 11:06
  131. :-|
    8 May, 11:17

    Seems interesting. Well done.

    But I can’t use it as a free user because I’m in the wrong country.. so…

    I’m sure it’s amazing. Congratulations.

    :-| – 8 May, 11:17
  132. Alexj9
    8 May, 12:17

    I still think it looks great but I still can’t listen to music, and I still cannot log in. I just get blank pages if I click any link off the front page. or enter an artist to here a station. I have been a subscriber for about 6 months maybe more please sort this out.

    This happens even if I turn off all protection and allow everything.

    Please help.

    Alexj9 – 8 May, 12:17
  133. Tobianer
    8 May, 14:46

    The new version doesn’t really work! Bugs…? above all this extremely slow performance all because of the huge nokia-promotion I suppose! It’s not really fun using it like that!


    Tobianer – 8 May, 14:46
  134. lewishnl
    8 May, 18:20

    Back again firstly I agree Jacidbazz for an and/or button, however, what I think really matters is allowing single tracks to be played from the new player and also to keep and offer a song to listened to in full more than 3 times. I’ve started using spotify because I can’t make play playlists or tags I created on and because I can’t listen to songs more than 3 times. However, I do still use for recommendations and radios I wish they would change those things.

    lewishnl – 8 May, 18:20
  135. lewishnl
    8 May, 18:54

    Could someone from the mangement reply to my requests

    Thank you in advance

    lewishnl – 8 May, 18:54
  136. Pierre Riteau
    8 May, 19:03

    Is the API going to be updated to include these new radios?

    Pierre Riteau – 8 May, 19:03
  137. CC
    8 May, 19:20

    Why does it slow the site down so much ?

    It is not the images or the slide show doing this, I have removed both to check.

    CC – 8 May, 19:20
  138. mark
    8 May, 20:13

    Nice, but it should be an option. Many of us musicophiles are much more interested in the album cover and song name.

    mark – 8 May, 20:13
  139. Buffering is SO late-'90s
    8 May, 20:29

    Much Buffering going on. It is supposed to be streaming music, but it is more like little squirts of sound

    Buffering is SO late-'90s – 8 May, 20:29
  140. Albums featuring this track...
    8 May, 21:09

    This is one detail that definitely needs to be sorted out. Other than that, I think I really like this.

    Albums featuring this track... – 8 May, 21:09
  141. Je
    8 May, 21:29

    I guess this would be nice if I lived somewhere within “the realm of western civilization” aka free radio countries.

    Please restrict all your news about the radio to only those countries. I never want to hear anything about it until it’s free again.

    Je – 8 May, 21:29
  142. My Best Friend
    8 May, 22:16

    Je, if you don’t want to hear anything, don’t come to the blog site, it’s that simple my friend! Y do you keep coming back?

    My Best Friend – 8 May, 22:16
  143. IanAR
    8 May, 22:54

    @Norman Casagrande (6 May, 14:33) Thanks for the confirmation. Personal tag combo’s not working now’s odd, ‘cause they were working almost three years ago).

    Is this a matter of coding them or a policy decision (e.g. rights restriction)? – Ian

    IanAR – 8 May, 22:54
  144. Vojta
    9 May, 00:44

    Dear LAST.FM, PLEASE, Stop discriminating listeners on the basis of their home country! is valuable ONLY because of the LISTENERS scrobbling music they listen to and contributing by adding info to the artists profiles..Now the listeners/ contributors from all the world should pay for listenng while the lucky ones from the most wealthy 3 countries don´t have to pay – i just can´t believe it! BRING BACK THE FREE LAST.FM!!

    Vojta – 9 May, 00:44
  145. wysiwygjt
    9 May, 09:17

    A far better choice would have been to offer premium services for a fee rather than the model you chose to implement.

    Still a shame IMHO. Still not listening to by choice.

    wysiwygjt – 9 May, 09:17
  146. Rick
    9 May, 12:14

    Oooohh shiny pics. Ought to appeal to the coveted fucktard and asshat demographics.

    Rick – 9 May, 12:14
  147. Vizigor
    9 May, 13:01

    delete your account

    Vizigor – 9 May, 13:01
  148. GTStar
    9 May, 15:35

    Hmm, my radio does not work anymore since yesterday. Or is it overstrained at the moment?

    GTStar – 9 May, 15:35
  149. Ric
    9 May, 15:50

    The new player is far too buggy in its current state to replace the classic player entirely, especially now that we’re paying for this service.

    Please provide the option to revert back to the classic player. I personally don’t want to be wasting my subscription on buggy software that often locks my web browser out.

    Ric – 9 May, 15:50
  150. :/
    9 May, 15:58

    Now I think will definitely lose thousands of listeners.

    Shame I live in the country where spotify isnt available because it is definitely much better than (I never thought I would say such stuff because I loved so much)

    Hopefully people at will reconsider their decision or improve their service so people don’t have to leave. And I’m not talking about multi tag radio with pictures because it is nothing compared to what spotify offers.

    :/ – 9 May, 15:58
  151. deadcantdance
    9 May, 17:20

    Let my Opera Browser crash…

    deadcantdance – 9 May, 17:20
  152. ras222
    9 May, 17:23

    Matthew, thank you for your response of May 6. Actually, I am using IE7 not IE6 – don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that comment.

    The new player is not working for me with IE7. It was IE8 that I had downloaded recently and found it was not compatible with your site. For example, the icons where you can add a song/artist to My Library or to a Playlist was not appearing on some pages where it is supposed to display.

    ras222 – 9 May, 17:23
  153. doesntmatter
    10 May, 15:01

    What is going on with the servers, I just paid a three months subscription and I cant play anything!!! I get a message saying “Oops, there was a problem starting this station!” and this is for every artist i try to play. It has been three days…. I want to use what I have paid for.

    doesntmatter – 10 May, 15:01
  154. Alexj9
    10 May, 18:15

    Same here, I can’t even log in. Using latest version of fire fox and vista. I have tried internet explorer as well. It’s been days now. Can a member of staff or someone who has had this problem and got round it please advise me on what to do.

    Thank you.

    Alexj9 – 10 May, 18:15
  155. Strike
    10 May, 20:26

    ololo deceived you.
    Pay for nothin – it’s really funny.
    Obviously, they don’t care about users,
    they want just money! * surprise *
    Can’t you see? =/

    Strike – 10 May, 20:26
  156. ja
    11 May, 09:32

    it’s paid…. :(

    ja – 11 May, 09:32
  157. Alexj9
    11 May, 10:35

    This is the front page looks very nice.

    as you can see I’ve typed in Pink Floyd. This is the page I get.

    This is my login page.

    If I didn’t explane my problem properly I think this shows it. I am paying for blank pages.

    Please sort it out.

    Alexj9 – 11 May, 10:35
  158. Alexj9
    11 May, 10:41

    Sorry second and third wrong images.

    Artist page

    Login page

    Alexj9 – 11 May, 10:41
  159. GTStar
    11 May, 12:53

    I have another problem:

    I stopped a song with the stop button when there were only some seconds left. But it does not appear in the recent played tracks :(

    With the old player I never had that problem.

    GTStar – 11 May, 12:53
  160. Nic33rd
    11 May, 13:23

    Ok, but I’m still not going to pay for it.

    Nic33rd – 11 May, 13:23
  161. asplitsecond
    11 May, 13:44

    Personally I think it’s quite useless.
    It looks cool but as you say your server has to run on the double for it … and apparently my CPU is also not happy with it. Now my browser (Mozilla/5.0) constantly runs on 25/30% of the CPU while that should only be up to 10% for an online radio …

    asplitsecond – 11 May, 13:44
  162. oooooo
    11 May, 15:18

    You’re not providing me with streaming nor many of the free features available to me earlier – WHY DO I STILL SEE ADS???

    As long as this bullshit keeps going on I don’t want other people benefiting from something that I need to bare with but they’re excluded from.

    And to the new features:
    The artist picture feature is pointless and useless, combined with the fact that you insist I pay for something I’m already paying for (at least in part – the ads), I think it’s idiotic to introduce features like this.

    The combined tags radio on the other hand is a great idea. I only wish I could use it to listen to the license free music that is full of…

    In short: The license free artists radio should be a priority….

    oooooo – 11 May, 15:18
  163. Ex user. Happy Jango User
    11 May, 16:52

    Yes Yes Yes,,,BLA BLA BLA….what’s this ? It’s a joke? Are u serious?

    Those features are for free in … and i repeat: FREE IN…

    The LAST delusion of

    Ex user. Happy Jango User – 11 May, 16:52
  164. Smeagol!
    11 May, 18:53

    I used to like, but u can forget me as a user if you charge as much as one cent.

    Smeagol! – 11 May, 18:53
  165. Mad World
    11 May, 19:10

    It’s true. On Jango:

    I can mix up my favourite radio as i want.

    I can have access to pics, videos, bio, lyrics of my favourite bands, saving their bookmarks in my personal profile

    I can have full control of my previous listenings and more

    Create more radios as i want mixing up everything and tagging them individually

    I can put my embedded player from Jango everywhere

    I can see personal pictures and the history of my friends???

    AND PLUS IT’S FREE….oh god men, are you still believing these are the improvements should pull me to subscribe?? Honestly it’s pure crap.

    Mad World – 11 May, 19:10
  166. Ted Garfield
    11 May, 21:49

    I am a current happy employee at One Stop Motors, and I have not been instructed by anyone to write this. I am not in sales so writing this has no benefit on my paycheck I just have read some posted blogs by some former employees who were let go for very good reasons. I think it’s amazing the amount of time a person will put into trying to destroy a reputable company’s reputation. I think that says a lot about one’s character, and possible problems of employing such a person. I see One Stop Motor employees doing their best to provide the best method of advertising to sell your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat or Aircraft Online. I truly believe in what we do here is a beneficial service we offer our customers, especially in this struggling economy of ours.
    Since I started working here at I have seen and experience many positive things in the way President Rob Wilder, COO Ray Spears, and Sales Manager Glenn Johnson treat their Employees and the lengths they will go to keep them. There hasn’t been one time when I need something or had a question or concerns about anything that they weren’t there to listen and take action. Most people do or at least should realize you can’t please everyone all the time whether it’s an Employee or a Customer…. Sometimes people expect the impossible. But let me say that One Stop Motors goes above and beyond to satisfy both. Thanks Again to Rob, Ray and Glenn for your Support.
    I invite anyone to share their positive experience about One Stop Motors. People are quick to talk bad about anyone and the satisfied are usually pretty silent. – Ted Garfield

    Ted Garfield – 11 May, 21:49
  167. A_a
    11 May, 23:09

    Hey Lastfm,

    We would like to understand why we didn’t received any feedback since our last Email (1O days ago) concerning our band, how can we manage directly our profil if you don’t care about our new contents update regarding your platform.

    Of course, I use this public comment section as you use freely some artists tracks for the entire Lastfm community, this is why we encourage an open web.

    But you should listen your artists before using their music, remember : with out us you are nothing.

    We would like to contribute to our next streaming success with the new webradio project, your latest improvement fit perfectly our values and vision in #music 2.0 thank’s to CBS and others.

    Btw, keep up the good dev in the sharing of music, don’t forget that we wait your feeds where you want online it’s a new ping/pong game / if I send you a message / you have to respond / let’s talk, engage, interact with respect.

    All the best!

    A_a – 11 May, 23:09
  168. Cecilia
    12 May, 03:18

    stunning, seriously. i keep getting worried though that one day sharing will be dead, and profits will again be the only and bottom line. i like to think musicians make music for the art form.

    from a clueless pc user, thanks for making music so accessible. you are pwning pandora on every front at this moment.

    Cecilia – 12 May, 03:18
  169. Vikrant Chaudhary
    12 May, 09:37

    I’d just like to repeat this comment by camerashy

    I’d like to play, but I can’t pay :(

    Vikrant Chaudhary – 12 May, 09:37
  170. travesti
    12 May, 12:39

    Thank you very much was very good

    travesti – 12 May, 12:39
  171. Chris
    12 May, 13:58

    It looks great, but plays rubbish.
    Previous version keept feeding me within the tag I have set. This one plays all the crap within the same tag….
    It is very strange!!!
    Can I have old one back?

    Chris – 12 May, 13:58
  172. Alexj9
    12 May, 17:05

    I have canciled my subsrciption to you for now. When I can log in to my account and the player works for me I will resubscribe. Don’t worry about the last payment I did get a good listen before this started. and it’s not that much anyway so see you soon I guess.

    Alexj9 – 12 May, 17:05
  173. CLynnia
    13 May, 03:42

    Also: a search for “Iron & Wine” takes me to “Iron” radio.

    Not quite what I wanted..

    CLynnia – 13 May, 03:42
  174. Jack
    13 May, 16:30

    It’s a bit ‘end-of-a-melancholy-episode-of-CSI-montage’ -esque…

    Jack – 13 May, 16:30
  175. Exploits
    13 May, 23:36

    You must, /must/, MUST find a way to place the image or name of the album each song comes from again. This was an incredibly handy tool before, and although I honestly overlooked it before, it not being there now makes me realise just how often I did put it to use.

    Greetings from DE.

    Exploits – 13 May, 23:36
  176. Jack Broun
    15 May, 10:21

    WOW! Nice update.
    Thanks! ;)

    Jack Broun – 15 May, 10:21
  177. C
    15 May, 11:05

    I must say, not a fan of the new radio format. The slide-show feature reminds me of a really poor high school graduation production. A customizable player with options for album covers, artists’ pictures, etc. would be preferable.

    C – 15 May, 11:05
  178. That's Funny
    15 May, 13:52

    of course, very very very interesting innovations…

    Uhhhhhh all of these for 3 € / month ???


    Maybe you should need 4 € / month and setup a new marketing staff with a bunch of new fresh ideas which can justify a monthly subscription for your services.

    That's Funny – 15 May, 13:52
  179. lucas
    15 May, 15:53

    this is got nothing to do with this post but i really would like a LISTENERS IN YOUR COUNTRY section on the listeners section on the artist’s page thanks

    lucas – 15 May, 15:53
  180. Yaher
    16 May, 07:04

    Ok, let me see…
    Still want money? not gonna happen dude.

    Good bye!

    Yaher – 16 May, 07:04
  181. YGSA
    16 May, 16:54

    Too bad I can’t use the radio because you guys are discriminating cunts!

    YGSA – 16 May, 16:54
  182. odoepner
    16 May, 17:17


    Anyone who is unhappy with It is a lesson about how unreliable “free” (as in “free beer”) services by commercial companies are.

    A reliably free (as in “freedom”) music sharing needs a solid foundation of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), content that is at least Creative Commons licensed and sustainable funding for the server infrastructure / bandwith in a way that scales well with an increasing user community.

    You simply cannot expect this from a company that is owned by CBS or any other big media corporation.

    Please, if you have energy and a real interest in building a community site as described above then head over to and contribute.

    It is still in its infancy but has a lot of momentum.

    Oliver Doepner

    odoepner – 16 May, 17:17
  183. kaiyi li
    17 May, 01:40

    i would like to bring a bug report to your attention:

    using firefox 3.5 beta 4

    some times there’s a connection error with the flash player and it jumps back to the build-radio page, but the flash player never comes back and as a result i could never love/ban/skip tracks.

    kaiyi li – 17 May, 01:40
  184. ras222
    17 May, 18:05

    I have discovered why the Visual Radio wasn’t working for me. I had my preferences set to play music in the software not on the website. When I changed this it to play music on the website, the Visual Player started working.

    Here is my feedback about the Visual Radio. I must say that I don’t care much for the slideshow. Like others that have commented in this blog, I would rather see the album art; the other information on the page is kind of neat, though.

    If Visual Radio is ever made available on the player, I hope it will be optional as I prefer the current format of the player.

    I started a multi-artist station with 3 artists. After 6 songs, it has yet to play any of the 3 artists that I chose. I realize that you cannot play only the 3 artists chosen, but shouldn’t they play more than once in 6 (or more) songs?

    ras222 – 17 May, 18:05
  185. user now
    18 May, 15:03

    Now I know why we need to pay. Not because you can’t run an ad-supported radio service outside the uk/us/de but because you want money to make an improved version of

    Says enough user now – 18 May, 15:03
  186. Mitch
    18 May, 19:33

    It looks wonderfully, but can you make something like the first picture, so you can choose a background, that would be great!

    Mitch – 18 May, 19:33
  187. jane
    19 May, 09:58

    the “titel bannen” button doen’s work.

    jane – 19 May, 09:58
  188. chezzzy
    19 May, 12:34

    Nice job. Waiting for more subscription pay services in Russia.

    chezzzy – 19 May, 12:34
    19 May, 19:07

    Looks awesome, can’t wait! Oh yeah, I LIVE OUTSIDE THE LAST.FM UNIVERSE IN CANADA. – 19 May, 19:07
  190. Vdrn
    21 May, 09:19

    What happened to preview tracs on artists’ pages? They seem to be gone? How come?

    Vdrn – 21 May, 09:19
  191. cosades
    21 May, 14:31

    yes, what hapened with previews? now it’s uncomfortable

    cosades – 21 May, 14:31
  192. Roberto Luiz Warken
    21 May, 22:01

    The Visual it’s perfect.

    Otherwise, I need to close my account because. I’m retired of the job’s and and LastFm is a Pay System and I can’t do it.
    I like a lot of LastFm. My best regards of all team.

    Roberto Luiz Warken – 21 May, 22:01
  193. Andreas
    22 May, 16:01

    Everybody should check out Mr. Frizo, Havin My Baby.. It’s a great song!!! You can hear it here on He also has 4 other albums on here for ya to check out..

    Andreas – 22 May, 16:01
  194. MangoBongo
    22 May, 21:45

    It’s broken or something. Any tips on how to make it go? Cheers.

    MangoBongo – 22 May, 21:45
  195. muteoff
    23 May, 04:00

    Came here to say the new visual radio looks awesome. It runs smooth and having the recently played tracks on the right hand side is great too. Good job!

    muteoff – 23 May, 04:00
  196. Bach
    23 May, 04:20

    you did a good job guys.
    I’m not sure if it is an option to switch from one song to another one without stopping the first one.
    in any case, your site looks very neat and thank you for sharing your passion for music with all of us.

    Bach – 23 May, 04:20
  197. user
    23 May, 05:15!

    What part of FUCK YOU do you not understand?

    Do fucking NOT fucking hand fucking user fucking data over. Don’t fucking even fucking store it.

    Otherwise, please kindly go and fuck yourselves.

    Thank you.

    user – 23 May, 05:15
  198. Former User Who Doesn't Want To Get Falsely Accused
    23 May, 06:27

    Whatever you do, don’t post anything about this:

    Just close the comments on the relevant blog post here so people only know what YOU WANT THEM to know. Stay classy This is my last.fu to you guys, you can’t be trusted.

    Expect this post to either get deleted immediately or denied immediately. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

    Former User Who Doesn't Want To Get Falsely Accused – 23 May, 06:27
  199. club penguin
    23 May, 06:54

    If I want to edit a playlist while I’m listening to it, is there a direct link to the tracklist? There used to be a “playlist” link right above the radio. All the links I see around are just restarting my radio which is a bit frustrating.

    club penguin – 23 May, 06:54
  200. Andy Baker
    23 May, 09:12

    That’s funny. I was expecting a response to this on the blog:


    Andy Baker – 23 May, 09:12
  201. Foo
    23 May, 14:14

    Yeah, come on, let’s hear a response. Or are you too busy shitting your pants after reading the post?

    Foo – 23 May, 14:14
  202. nolihc
    23 May, 14:30

    bye bye shocking news, why oh why did you sell out?

    oh well, hello!

    nolihc – 23 May, 14:30
  203. noheadlights
    23 May, 15:43

    maybe it’s that’s full of shit, not techcrunch..
    Great way to kill your brand :)

    noheadlights – 23 May, 15:43
  204. man
    23 May, 16:08

    What happened to you,

    you used to be cool man!

    man – 23 May, 16:08
  205. Matthew
    23 May, 16:30

    I’d love this – if I hadn’t gone through all of my trial songs unknowingly already .

    Greetings from Canada.. yeah.. we’re still ticked about the whole ‘we gotta pay’ thing.

    Matthew – 23 May, 16:30
  206. fdasfdsa
    23 May, 17:52

    Oh, you in big trouble I’m gon’ tell yo mama!

    fdasfdsa – 23 May, 17:52
  207. Ms. Manners
    23 May, 18:21

    “Techcrunch are full of shit”

    Classy. Very classy.

    Ms. Manners – 23 May, 18:21
  208. Mr. Curious
    23 May, 19:49

    Where’s your denial of this????

    Mr. Curious – 23 May, 19:49
  209. Peter
    23 May, 22:19

    Hey ho
    Didn’t Last.FM pretend scrobbling would be free for all? WHAT A LIE


    Peter – 23 May, 22:19
    23 May, 23:14

    Fuck your laziness in developing a sustainable revenue model

    Canada. – 23 May, 23:14
  211. Tor I. Pettersen
    24 May, 01:28

    What is the deal with our user data & IP-addresses having been transmitted to the RIAA via CBS?

    This is about as large a breach of trust as you could possibly have made. Not to mention having broken your own privacy policy.

    Tor I. Pettersen – 24 May, 01:28
  212. anonymous
    24 May, 03:35

    Please come clean on the information that you gave to CBS & the RIAA. Is Tech Crunch “Full of shit”? Seems that they were telling the truth after all. I don’t think I’ll be scrobbling music or visiting LastFM anymore.

    anonymous – 24 May, 03:35
  213. anonymous
    24 May, 04:34 is full of shit

    CBS is full of shit (and they cancelled The Unit, the bastards)

    Hope both of you go bankrupt

    anonymous – 24 May, 04:34
  214. fuck-riaa-fuck-cbs-fuck-lastdm
    24 May, 07:42

    yeah! i hope all of you lose your jobs! you deserve this! greedy bastards!

    fuck-riaa-fuck-cbs-fuck-lastdm – 24 May, 07:42
  215. Ben
    24 May, 08:24


    I’m a user from Belgium who got “rather pissed off” when he heard about the radio subscriptions. Oh, by the way, if a friend hadn’t told me about that it would have come as a complete surprise… Great communication, thanks for taking care of those who submitted so many listening data to make this site what it was!

    And now this RIAA bullshit. What the hell happened? Even if there is only the slightest truth in the accusations, it’s just enough to make me take a step. I’ve canceled my account and moved to and Grooveshark. was great but you fucked up (or was it CBS that did? Who gives a shit? We’re the ones getting fucked anyway.). A lot of the users, who made this site the great worldwide community it was, are pissed and I don’t blame them. I hope they’ll find alternatives that suit them and leave this place.

    I’ll be keeping an eye on that RIAA/lastfm story. If, in the end, you really did hand them our data I hope you’ll go to court and get put six feet under.

    Ben – 24 May, 08:24
  216. pissflaps
    24 May, 11:56

    fucking cunts giving away your users data to the RIAA

    Goodbye I will be telling everyone I know who uses it to cancel their accounts.

    pissflaps – 24 May, 11:56
  217. FckLastFM
    24 May, 12:22

    New interface captures even more of your personal info to give to the RIAA and now, new improved DHS direct feed.

    Bend over, suckers!

    FckLastFM – 24 May, 12:22
  218. last user
    24 May, 17:07 used to be so cool… but now…

    last user – 24 May, 17:07
  219. phuck_yoo
    24 May, 17:55 are the ones who are full of shit.

    phuck_yoo – 24 May, 17:55
  220. juan
    24 May, 22:11

    really, who cares? only a percentage of the user base (those living int he usa/uk/ger) will see these changes

    juan – 24 May, 22:11
  221. Hater
    25 May, 01:39

    Liars! You betrayed us. I hope you go bankrupt. Hater – 25 May, 01:39
  222. melanqv
    25 May, 13:34

    great stuff ^^

    melanqv – 25 May, 13:34
  223. Daniel
    25 May, 21:10

    I love the new player, been using it instead of the stand alone player since it came out. I find myself using the multi tag/artist functionality all the time, can’t believe it wasn’t around before.

    I also like the slideshow, but I was looking for the fullscreen button, and there isn’t one! So I’m just politely asking for that small feature, let us go fullscreen for slideshows. Should be an easy add-on. My Mac sits beside my hi-fi and at home I’m often not sitting by the computer when listening to music, so it would look cool with artist pictures full screen. Small picture of album art and track info at the beginning of a song or on mouse over would be great too.

    Keep up the good work.

    Daniel – 25 May, 21:10
  224. oohmeooh
    26 May, 05:57

    I guess it was also a good update to remove the players from album and artist pages. Fuck this crap, if you tend to constantly fuck us over then make us ALL pay for the trouble. Fuck corporate strategies, think about the customers for once.

    oohmeooh – 26 May, 05:57
  225. Dan
    26 May, 13:43

    Why do I have to see huge pictures when I want to just look at the music info? How have you left a “Hide Slideshow” button out? You don’t think that was a bit silly?

    The ads I won’t argue, but along with some people, I do think the design has taken 1 step forward, 2 steps back. The simplicity “was” nice.

    Dan – 26 May, 13:43
  226. p
    26 May, 13:44

    The picture slideshow is too annoying and takes up too much bandwidth. The player is too big too for the screen, it shouldn’t take up half my computer screen. It’s kinda ridiculous.

    p – 26 May, 13:44
  227. Vroobelek
    26 May, 15:01

    Unfortunately you FAIL. :-(

    Where have the covers and album info gone?

    Vroobelek – 26 May, 15:01
    26 May, 19:44 – 26 May, 19:44
  229. o_O
    26 May, 22:20

    “I also like the slideshow, but I was looking for the fullscreen button, and there isn’t one!”

    i’m happy that i found the button to turn off the slideshow. it easily uses 80-90% of my cpu (athlon xp 2100+)


    o_O – 26 May, 22:20
  230. Gary
    27 May, 02:49

    This update’s a joke. It doesn’t work 80% of the time, and when it does work, there’s some serious usability issues. There’s no longer any easy way of seeing what album the track is from. Instead we get a pointless slideshow (come on, it’s RADIO, it’s not about looking pretty!). I used to be a subscriber but I don’t plan on paying another penny until this gets fixed. I reckon I’ll keep for its database of everything I listen to, but switch to Spotify for the radio side of things.

    Also the music selection algorithm for the Personal Radio seems to have been reverted to the crappy version from a couple of years ago, just when it was starting to get decent. If I wanted to hear the same twenty or so tracks every day I’d listen to Radio 1.

    Gary – 27 May, 02:49
  231. Gary
    27 May, 02:51

    Also I forgot to add: the “feature” where the radio stops playing after a period of time and requires you to click to continue is a pain in the arse. If you want to save bandwidth, get rid of the slideshow instead :P

    Gary – 27 May, 02:51
  232. _tsk_
    27 May, 11:49

    Very good!

    _tsk_ – 27 May, 11:49
  233. Hater
    28 May, 00:09 Hater – 28 May, 00:09
  234. datacode
    28 May, 15:07

    Pausing the player to ask if I am still listening is not a feature. What moron though that one up?

    datacode – 28 May, 15:07
  235. R.I.P Last fm
    29 May, 04:06

    Go hang yourselves, capitalist fucks.

    With love,
    The EU Community.

    R.I.P Last fm – 29 May, 04:06
  236. Stu
    29 May, 11:22

    The new ads are Hella annoying ! – Seriously, I now know where the mute button is on my keyboard. It’s not like I listen to the music on full volume, but the ads are!

    Also, now the site is basically broken – the tabs to the other pages not available on the 1st page, and all the other pages have the old look.

    If this is a way to get people to use the client and not the website then it’s working for me.

    All the useful info about the artist is just not visible any more (I’m hardly going to scroll where a quick glance would do before).

    More info, less pictures please (at lease give us a way to make the slideshow stuff smaller). Theres a reason that RADIO is not visual.

    Seriously guys, what were you thinking ?

    Stu – 29 May, 11:22
    30 May, 08:02 – 30 May, 08:02
  238. Jacopo
    30 May, 15:54

    You’re all right, but also

    Jacopo – 30 May, 15:54
  239. Itsme
    30 May, 20:48

    Well, good-bye musical revolution. Welcome $$$$ and of course the Big Record Labels.

    Itsme – 30 May, 20:48
  240. theoa2007
    31 May, 17:33

    New Visual Radio is made only for getting the money? I am a subscriber since 2007. Since it was free the team gathered all the scrobbling and tagging info from subscribers for free and now offers the advanced and fancy radio version for 3 dollars a month using our valuable info. From now on I removed all the scrobble plugins and I am about to completely unsubscribe from Last fm.
    I am very angry about this!

    theoa2007 – 31 May, 17:33
  241. Katie M
    31 May, 19:12

    I’ve disable the images coming up, but it still freezes my whole pc system while the 1st image loads up, for at least 10 seconds. It drives me insane :( not exactly helpful when I’m working… and I can’t download the standalone player at work. So I’ll have to find an alternative I guess.

    Katie M – 31 May, 19:12
  242. Dave
    31 May, 19:27

    Please make a statement on something we care about. Topics might include why is down as I need to close my account, and also on a related note, what have you done with my personal data?

    Dave – 31 May, 19:27
  243. Charlie
    31 May, 19:45


    Charlie – 31 May, 19:45
  244. mtz
    31 May, 19:45

    is or DOWN or not???

    mtz – 31 May, 19:45
  245. mtz
    31 May, 19:47

    dont clik on dave’s link – you browser will crash with porno stuff.. dave sucks

    mtz – 31 May, 19:47
  246. fff
    31 May, 19:50

    ya…. site is down.

    fff – 31 May, 19:50
  247. last.fmer
    31 May, 19:57

    This is so much fun! Thank you for this! Oh wait, I forgot… I don’t live in USA, oh right, neither do I in UK. OOPS not in Germany either. You know, you might aswell rename to or or some other shit, if you’re gonna descriminate users because they don’t live in the country you picked. Way to go on giving out userdata to RIAA, kind of contradicting your own privacy policy there. I’d watch out with those things, you know, cause you never know, you might get sued or something like that. Take care, really love your new radio, I’m sure those 3 countries will enjoy it.

    last.fmer – 31 May, 19:57
  248. wha!
    31 May, 22:35


    wha! – 31 May, 22:35
  249. Peterle
    31 May, 22:38

    I’m German but never use this radio thing. OMG what should I do?!?!??

    Anyway, I feel so bad for you folks getting discriminated against so very maliciously. It’s like your not worth anything for these guys unless you throw 10 cents into their greedy mouths every fucking day, even though YOU are the ones that made their service thrive – you GAVE THEM ALL YOU HAD and they just DEMAND MORE!
    However… don’t give up though yet. Spread communism over the world or just make some influential human rights activists STOP this arbitrary economical GENOCIDE RIGHT NOW! You can do it!

    Peterle – 31 May, 22:38
  250. Say Something, too
    31 May, 22:47

    Lol, obviously the new paying scheme hasn’t brought in enough money to pay for decent airconditioning ;)

    Say Something, too – 31 May, 22:47
  251. Wyss
    31 May, 23:30

    The combo stations are a wonderful idea! A much deserved kudos to you and your team.

    Wyss – 31 May, 23:30
  252. badlife
    1 June, 02:06

    Thank You! 

    badlife – 1 June, 02:06
  253. FU
    2 June, 04:23


    FU – 2 June, 04:23
  254. Joe Busted
    2 June, 12:46

    Who gives a rat’s ass about this superficial eye candy when can’t or won’t do anything about what really matters: Namely the availability of the ipod touch application in ALL countries of the world and an end to discrimination of 90% of the world’s population!

    Joe Busted – 2 June, 12:46
  255. RAF
    2 June, 19:09

    30 compositions? Free UK, USA & Germany only? !@#$ you damned capitalists.

    RAF – 2 June, 19:09
  256. Olivier
    3 June, 12:31

    Such a shame that I’m French, I won’t be able to hear web-radio anymore…

    But wait !! Still Deezer and Jiwa, pfiouu
    I almost believed that I will have to pay for something free somewhere else AND FOR EVERYBODY

    Olivier – 3 June, 12:31
  257. Nick
    3 June, 13:58

    When I listen to music on the radio I don’t feel the need to stare at the radio. So why, if I minimise the browser window while working on other stuff, does lastfm periodically stop and a little bear tell me it didn’t think I was listening since I didn’t have the window open in the foreground?

    Nick – 3 June, 13:58
  258. Feraldogz
    3 June, 17:07

    Since your “improvements” my user page is AFU
    no listing of recently played tracks, new additions to library or any recent use,
    interrupted library play!
    WASSUP DUDE???????????????????? =8^{

    Feraldogz – 3 June, 17:07
  259. p
    3 June, 18:37


    p – 3 June, 18:37
  260. exasperated_canadian
    3 June, 23:31

    I second the free motions. Thanks for forwarding the digital revolution guys – back to the real fm which is, as it should be, free.


    exasperated_canadian – 3 June, 23:31
  261. R.I.P
    4 June, 11:34

    Thanks for having closed the comments on the 22 april post without any reaction, …
    a very cowardly move…

    To everyone who is disappointed with the new policy: continue to post yours comments in the others posts, until someone of as the courage to react at the 22 of april’s 1198 unanswered comments


    R.I.P – 4 June, 11:34
  262. Uninvited_Ghost
    4 June, 13:01

    Make it free in Canada again… want to use it on my Xbox.

    Uninvited_Ghost – 4 June, 13:01
  263. li
    4 June, 18:35

    Sigh When will you people realise that it;s not about racism? The Internet is likely to stop being free, all because crisis is hitting online advertising.

    Heck, even newspapers will likely start chargin fees which for me, as an international user who likes to read foreign noewspapers online, is tragic.

    But it’s buisness. The costs of running internet services are higher, while the revenues seem to be lower. The internet is losing on its own success and that;s a sad fact.

    In a fgew years you will all want good old ads back about which most of you probably complain. There will be more and more fees charged and less free content. Deal with it. I’m trying to myself.

    li – 4 June, 18:35
  264. Josh
    4 June, 19:27

    That’s funny, li. I run a website myself, produce original content for it, and my advertising rates per thousand visitors have been steady or gone up slightly every month over the past year.’s have as well. Their problem is their bloat. Too many people paid to constantly change things (not generally improve). Instead, all they need is to pay less people to manage the existing site and make sure the servers are balanced. THAT’S IT. And fire the fool who made this useless “visual radio”. How clueless about their userbase are they that they would waste time on that, I can’t imagine.

    I can’t use the radio anymore for free because I live in Canada.

    Josh – 4 June, 19:27
  265. R.I.P
    5 June, 06:39

    TO Li:

    If the crisis is hitting so bad, why not charge everyone???

    R.I.P – 5 June, 06:39
  266. Forum Młodzieżowe
    5 June, 09:31

    Is it possible to turn off this functionality?

    Forum Młodzieżowe – 5 June, 09:31
  267. Too-Sad-User
    5 June, 20:13

    Yeah, the idea is interesting, but I think you have to be more worried about that actual problems of LastFM, like server fails or something like that. :/

    I can’t even connect to scrobble my songs sometimes, so far to listen to music. :/

    (For example now. When I try to connect, the program shows me a message saying that the LastFM servers are, at that moment, offline.)

    Too-Sad-User – 5 June, 20:13
  268. Moscow
    6 June, 06:22

    Nice update! Thank you very much for the work.

    Moscow – 6 June, 06:22
  269. ...
    6 June, 16:34

    Great, too bad I can’t use it anymore.
    It’s really unfair, people in England have both- radio for free and Spotify, why living in my country we can’t use any of those..

    ... – 6 June, 16:34
  270. andre
    8 June, 16:40

    Just uninstalled last fm. Hadn’t used it in a few months, and then I see that you’re now a pay service. Nice way to treat the majority of the world living outside those 3 countries. GOOD ONE. See ya.

    andre – 8 June, 16:40
  271. Brendan
    9 June, 13:53

    Nice one.

    Hey, do you think you could make the service free again?

    I mean, for selling our private info to the RIAA, I mean.

    Brendan – 9 June, 13:53
  272. ForTheEMPIRE
    10 June, 15:09

    As a citizen of one of the countries who are getting for free, let me please tell the rest of the world “FUCK OFF!! HAHAHAHAHA silly whiners, it’s not like we care about you anyway”.

    Now let me go listen to Mogwai in peace, with the knowledge that you sods will have to pay for my privileges.

    ForTheEMPIRE – 10 June, 15:09
  273. اس ام اس جوک پیامک
    10 June, 15:18

    thank you very much

    اس ام اس جوک پیامک – 10 June, 15:18
  274. Nike LeBron VI
    10 June, 16:31

    How can I remove all those completely unrelated artists from my band’s radio station? To offence to the work they make, but when I use the name of my band, I want to hear bands who play in a similar style.

    Nike LeBron VI – 10 June, 16:31
  275. Maksim Upolovnikov
    12 June, 08:49

    Not bad, it would be to introduce another sort of bitrate.

    Maksim Upolovnikov – 12 June, 08:49

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