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Sunday, 21 December 2008
by christian
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We’ve been going gadget crazy for last couple of months, as we work towards bringing you the experience not just on your desktop but wherever you are able to listen to music.

We’re especially excited about partnering with Sonos to bring streaming and scrobbling to their Multi-Room Music Systems. Sonos devices are great for streaming your digital music in different rooms throughout your house, and last month we integrated streaming radio (in the US, UK and Germany) and scrobbling (everywhere) into the service. There’s also now a slick Sonos iPhone app allowing you to control your music straight from your phone – and you know how much we love iPhone apps.

In other gadget news: we’re part of the new 3 INQ1 social phone you can now get similar artist recommendations on T-Mobile phones and just this week we launched a scrobbling app for Vodafone mobiles. And last but not least – check us out on the Gadget Show on Channel Five in the UK!.


  1. PocketMumble
    21 December, 23:12

    “…we integrated streaming radio (in the US, UK and Germany)”
    This restriction has popped up a few times for various things (listening to full albums, Squeezebox integration etc), always with the comment that it’s only for the moment or something similar… this actually progressing in any way? Are features like this something the rest of the world is likely to see in a reasonable time frame??

    PocketMumble – 21 December, 23:12
  2. Adam
    22 December, 09:03

    Yeah, I’d like to ask if this three-country-kingdom is going to be finally solved.

    Adam – 22 December, 09:03
  3. whoever
    25 December, 01:11

    android please :f

    whoever – 25 December, 01:11
  4. Olli
    25 December, 18:42

    Sonos streaming to Finland…please :)

    Olli – 25 December, 18:42
  5. Eric
    26 December, 22:36 and Sonos together make a streaming wonderland! Love this combi and the fact it scrobbles my own music collection but also things played from Pandora and Napster.

    Eric – 26 December, 22:36
  6. mike
    28 January, 02:08

    make work with my account, it would eliminate having to make special programs for many gadgets out there.

    mike – 28 January, 02:08

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