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Thursday, 28 August 2008
by elias
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There are plenty of great groups on However, some of them can be a bit hard to find. We thought one way to make it easier to find groups would be to make it easier to find similar groups. What do you think?

Here are some of my personal favourites and their similar groups:

Btw, what are your favourite groups?


  1. Claudia
    28 August, 18:03

    Kudos for this great tool, Elias. And thanks for the mention :-)

    Claudia – 28 August, 18:03
  2. mosquitokillah
    28 August, 18:07

    Don’t ask me why but I really

    mosquitokillah – 28 August, 18:07
  3. Deeno9
    28 August, 18:11

    Bring back the old

    dont misunderstand me, i enjoy, but the old one really looked better

    Deeno9 – 28 August, 18:11
  4. Kimiko
    28 August, 18:25

    Teehee. This is fun ^_^

    Is this based on the actual music the group members listen to, or just on overlapping group membership?

    Kimiko – 28 August, 18:25
  5. neko
    28 August, 18:29

    once this gets out of the playground, you guys should have an option to have it show on group pages, similar to facebook’s similar groups list.

    also, neat groups i’m in:
    People against Radiohead being number one in every group – (ironically has radiohead in it’s number one spot. sigh.) CSS Color Changer – (have the firefox addon Stylish? well, you don’t have to look at that red header anymore)
    brothers! sisters! small boats of fire are falling from the sky.. – (to quote you, they have a great group radio, if you are into that kind of music. ‘that kind’ being post-rock. TeXtile hates periods in links, so add one to the end for it to work)
    People’s Socialist Republic of Good and Interesting Music – (another great genre group. this time, electronica)

    neko – 28 August, 18:29
  6. Elias Pampalk
    28 August, 19:05

    Oh I forgot to mention the playground group!

    @ Kimiko: It’s based on which other groups people join (and not the musical taste).

    Elias Pampalk – 28 August, 19:05
  7. Nectar_card
    28 August, 20:26

    The 1 Percenters – not many qualify but the ones who do have pretty diverse taste in music.

    Nectar_card – 28 August, 20:26
  8. George of the Jungle
    28 August, 20:33

    this playground stuff is nice – but when is this stuff going to actually get implemented in the main site?

    George of the Jungle – 28 August, 20:33
  9. mr_maxis
    28 August, 21:07

    Nice tool! I discovered plenty of groups that I had never heard about before.

    mr_maxis – 28 August, 21:07
  10. Kimiko
    28 August, 21:16

    Elias – Oh, that’s a pity. I’d rather it be based on actual listening habits instead of mere group membership. is about the music people listen to, not the people listening to the music. Or maybe it is, but the latter should be secondary.

    Kimiko – 28 August, 21:16
  11. Blog
    29 August, 05:41

    Excite tool! I will try out your tool.

    Blog – 29 August, 05:41
  12. thinkwhite
    30 August, 08:57

    this is very confuse

    thinkwhite – 30 August, 08:57
  13. Tecfan
    31 August, 13:59


    STILL whining about that?

    /me had to take a 20 second break to convince himself not to give deeno9 a rude speech

    anyways, I don’t really have any favorite groups, they’re all full of forum games.. But, there are a lot nice bands to find at the “Rare progressive rock bands & albums”

    Tecfan – 31 August, 13:59
  14. gwalla
    1 September, 07:38

    Kind of fun to mess around with. Doesn’t seem too useful, though.

    Any word on when group recommendations will be back? Or user recs that actually do something, for that matter?

    gwalla – 1 September, 07:38
  15. protospork
    2 September, 14:02

    another vote for Bring back the old here, as well as Greasemonkeys

    protospork – 2 September, 14:02
  16. Jean Claude
    3 September, 01:30

    How about a way to find groups based on music scrobbled on your profile?

    Jean Claude – 3 September, 01:30
  17. AL, the BIG
    3 September, 17:13

    млять, откель реклама?

    AL, the BIG – 3 September, 17:13
  18. Dental Students
    4 September, 06:52

    New Group***

    Join “Dental Students”

    Even future dentists need love :)

    Dental Students – 4 September, 06:52
  19. mll
    4 September, 19:01

    Too bad the name of the group you just typed isn’t hyperlinked to the group’s home page.

    mll – 4 September, 19:01
  20. Chris
    12 September, 02:40

    What happnened to the fans(listeners) radio station. It’s gone in the new version!

    I loved listening to music from the fans of a group.

    I discovered many more songs/groups compared to the similiar artists (like) radio station.

    Chris – 12 September, 02:40
  21. Gamester
    25 September, 15:46

    Hey! I think it’s a great idea! Would be especially helpful trying to find “classical music” groups (i.e. “Romantic Era” “Baroque Era” “Medieval and Renaissance Music” etc.!

    It would also be helpful to identify an artist’ own group (if one exists) on his artist’s page, upfront and in an obvious place so visitors could be made aware and be invited to join it!

    Gamester – 25 September, 15:46

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