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Wednesday, 9 April 2008
by johan
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We have now filled all the slots for the internship. Thanks to everyone who applied!

Our lovely back end team is looking for fresh meat. Specifically Java programming students that want to work with huge datasets and clusters of yellow elephants. So if you are interested in hanging out in East London and getting your hands dirty hacking some of the most exciting music-related software on the ‘net, then read on for more information on our summer internship programme.

You’ll be spending your days bathing in the ball pit and getting back rubs from our support department. Occasionally we’ll ask you to do some work too, for example developing new features for the open source projects below or improving our own internal systems. You will be mentored by experienced Last fm developers and stand to learn loads about making the software that is used daily by millions of people across the globe.

Potential areas to work in:

  • The open source distributed data processing project Apache Hadoop.
  • The distributed data storage project Apache HBase.
  • Processing our listening data into interesting funky stuff we can use on the site.
  • Improving the Java support in (soon to be Apache) Thrift.
  • Using X-Trace to find and resolve bottlenecks in our distributed systems.
  • We’re also open for student suggestions! If it’s useful and/or cool, include any ideas you may have in your application.

If you’re allowed to work in the UK please e-mail your applications including a CV to, put “java summer intern” in the subject line. The internship will last for the coming summer (we are quite flexible with the exact dates). If things go really well, you might even end up joining our team when your studies are over.

More information on our jobs page.

The Last fm intern experience


  1. A. W.
    9 April, 13:36

    Sounds incredible! Glad I checked the blog today.

    A. W. – 9 April, 13:36
  2. Toffolo
    9 April, 15:52

    Are the other jobs (QA, PHP) also available for summer-only?

    Toffolo – 9 April, 15:52
  3. Johan Oskarsson
    9 April, 18:05

    Toffolo – Unfortunately there’s currently no openings for PHP or QA interns. Perhaps if this turns out well the webteam can be convinced to have interns too.

    Johan Oskarsson – 9 April, 18:05
  4. Efui
    9 April, 18:45

    I can’t think of anything I’d rather do this summer. If only I was a little further with my studies..

    Efui – 9 April, 18:45
  5. mojaam
    9 April, 22:33

    Will love to intern with Too bad you guys are in London :(.

    mojaam – 9 April, 22:33
  6. Mike M
    9 April, 23:48

    Very nice idea.

    Would be interested (especially seeing as its Java) but my industrial year isn’t until next year.. :]

    Mike M – 9 April, 23:48
  7. beezer_b
    10 April, 12:52

    You know internships are illegal in France?

    beezer_b – 10 April, 12:52
  8. PedroAMF
    11 April, 09:46

    Great! :)
    Why don’t you have GSOC or GHOP projects?

    PedroAMF – 11 April, 09:46
  9. Tim
    11 April, 13:19

    Oh wow… I’m visiting London soon.. I think I’ll update my resume.

    Tim – 11 April, 13:19
  10. radiognome
    11 April, 21:49

    let me know if you need any social sciences guy :) oh and i’m doing masters too!

    anyway, good luck to those that apply.

    radiognome – 11 April, 21:49
  11. Sunil
    12 April, 03:37

    I have published this requirement in my blog also :)

    Sunil – 12 April, 03:37
  12. Russ Garrett
    12 April, 10:04


    The stuff we want interns to work on predominantly isn’t open source, so we don’t qualify for any of the Google programs (unfortunately ;).

    Apache Hadoop is a participating SOC project though, for example.

    Russ Garrett – 12 April, 10:04
  13. RJ
    12 April, 11:57

    @Toffolo,Johan – we aren’t strictly looking for summer interns for php stuff, but I’d definitely consider any applications for good php devs for a few month internship. Just apply as above and substitute java for php in the email :)

    RJ – 12 April, 11:57
  14. frank
    14 April, 20:10

    I hate it that i dont live in London!! GRR i would be perfect for you guys..

    im good at PHP ánd Java. I study it at university in the Netherlands.

    frank – 14 April, 20:10
  15. Toffolo
    15 April, 20:23

    Thank you RJ. In about a year time you will hear from me, that’s when I’ve finished school, learned more Smarty, OOP and english, hehe. Working at is a dream for me, so I will aply when I finish school.

    Toffolo – 15 April, 20:23
  16. Abraham
    16 April, 08:25

    whats the closing data for applications?

    Abraham – 16 April, 08:25
  17. ratkid132
    17 April, 01:27

    Is there an age / previous skills requirement?

    I’m 17 and still in 6th form but I love Last.FM and I reckon I could learn a bit about Java before the summer holidays.

    …of course I do have A levels in a month, but er, well they can wait!

    ratkid132 – 17 April, 01:27
  18. Kevin
    18 April, 18:49

    Blimey, wish I lived in the UK :)

    In 2 years I’ll have to do an internship for school, reacon you lads can use an Applied Computer Science student from Belgium? ;p

    Kevin – 18 April, 18:49
  19. spud
    18 April, 20:25

    your plants are dying !

    spud – 18 April, 20:25
  20. Garey
    19 April, 09:49

    Oh wow, if you give me this offer, I would really come there and work on it. I believe a SUN Certified Java Programmer can attend your company for this job.

    Garey – 19 April, 09:49
  21. DarkJesus
    23 April, 20:07

    Is there a certain closing date for applications and a starting date for the intership itself? Also, am I right in thinking this is the right thing for a current university student to go for?

    DarkJesus – 23 April, 20:07
  22. Loki
    24 April, 13:30

    @DarkJesus: if you’re on any type of computer science course, this will prove invaluable – it’s industry experience and will look great on your CV.

    I’m currently doing a computer games programming course at Derby, and industry experience is essential for us – I’d apply for this if I wasn’t applying to take part in Dare To Be Digital this summer instead!

    Loki – 24 April, 13:30
  23. DarkJesus
    24 April, 14:30

    Loki, I have already applied, of course I would. I am just making sure if it is actually an internship, since other people here say they are experts or whatever.

    Good luck to me.

    DarkJesus – 24 April, 14:30
  24. DarkJesus
    3 May, 02:50

    Any updates?

    DarkJesus – 3 May, 02:50

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