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Sunday, 2 March 2008
by sebastian
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While most of us stick around to keep the site running (lucky for you!), some fortunate folks among us will soon be heading to Austin for SXSW. If you’re also going, say hi to Hannah, Matt, Jonas, Jeff, Lynn or Kevin.

It’s probably every music enthusiast’s dream to dive into the vast amount of live shows at a festival like SXSW, but with over 1500 performers this year how do you plan 4 packed days (and nights) and not miss what could be your next favorite band?

Head over to the SXSW Group page, type in your username and get your very own Band Aid — a list of all the bands you should see (plus some recommendations) based on your music taste.

Join the group for info updates by Austin native, mr_orange_ringo, and don’t forget to check back after the festival to see all the ‘Tag SXSW’ pics that have been uploaded. What’s this? Last.fm is tagging up the real world — with stickers! Get them from the last.fm team in Austin.



  1. Damien
    2 March, 17:38

    Awwwww i want stickers :(
    Great news for us who cant make it i suppose!

    Keep up the great work guys!

    Damien – 2 March, 17:38
  2. Tom Limongello
    2 March, 19:53

    Great idea – anything like this for the CBS midtown wifi hotspot in NYC or central park this spring/summer?

    Tom Limongello – 2 March, 19:53
  3. PedroAMF
    2 March, 20:06

    I want stickers too \o/
    When there will be one of these festivals in Brazil? :P

    PedroAMF – 2 March, 20:06
  4. GermanUser
    2 March, 22:52

    Doesn’t work with lastfm.de, you first have to change your language to English.

    GermanUser – 2 March, 22:52
  5. brin
    3 March, 00:45

    i want stickers too :(

    brin – 3 March, 00:45
  6. Anne Helmond
    3 March, 09:35

    I love these stickers! I tagged my first physical object with ‘tagsxsw’

    Anne Helmond – 3 March, 09:35
  7. Matthew Ogle
    3 March, 10:22

    Woohoo, thanks for kicking things off, Anne! :)

    @Brin: if you can print them on something sticky, you can grab your own stickers here.

    Matthew Ogle – 3 March, 10:22
  8. Matthew Ogle
    3 March, 13:06

    @GermanUser: It now works on our international sites (albeit in English). Thanks for spotting that.

    Matthew Ogle – 3 March, 13:06
  9. Una Johnston
    3 March, 17:26

    The link called SXSW Blog hosted by www.donewaiting.com could be misunderstood to be ‘the’ SXSW Blog, as opposed to being ‘a’ SXSW Blog.

    The SXSW Blog is at http://2008.sxsw.com/music/ so it would be great if that link could be included on this page.

    Una Johnston – 3 March, 17:26
  10. 2Serenity
    6 March, 11:08

    Maybe next year. I am truly BUMMED that I cannot go this year. Enjoy and please have blog posts or twits about your adventures. Are you on twitter? ;)

    2Serenity – 6 March, 11:08
  11. Matthew Ogle
    6 March, 14:14


    Haha, I know the feeling. After years of jealous blog-reading, I do indeed plan to twit. Like a jerk. ;)

    Matthew Ogle – 6 March, 14:14
  12. Ben Gotow
    7 March, 04:53

    Hey – unrelated, but – any news on a Last.fm iPod Touch/Phone app?

    Ben Gotow – 7 March, 04:53
  13. Jonty
    7 March, 15:43

    @Ben Gotow: http://dev.c99.org/MobileScrobbler/

    Jonty – 7 March, 15:43
  14. Lovell
    8 March, 07:11

    @Jonty: I think he’s talking about a non-jailbreak requiring one, now that the SDK has been “released”.

    Lovell – 8 March, 07:11
  15. Firman Christian
    8 March, 10:48

    give us your best!!

    thnx for providing one of the best music service today!

    Firman Christian – 8 March, 10:48
  16. D. Samuels
    9 March, 23:16

    Man, I’m partly glad that you all (last.fm Social Revolution) not only have a variety of singer artists (past and present). But, it’s amateur. It’s just amateur. I mean you cann’t get a full page of the artist and there list of songs. Some of the videos (on You Tube, mainly) is so…. very amateur. It skips, just konks out period. I really like my girl Teena Marie, Minnie Riperton, Chaka Kahn, Bootsie, etc. But, there music and videos are amateur work on your website. Let’s Get It Together Last.fm and You Tube.

    D. Samuels – 9 March, 23:16
  17. last.fm/user/akf2000
    10 March, 21:09

    The use of the Red Cross in that logo is not cool, that is used by the Red Cross charity under licence from Johnson & Johnson.

    last.fm/user/akf2000 – 10 March, 21:09
  18. sebastian
    12 March, 00:49

    if you look closely, you will see that ‘our’ cross is using different ratios than the original.

    sebastian – 12 March, 00:49
  19. lazarojunior
    12 March, 19:45

    quero desfazer minha conta no Last.fm hoje mesmo

    lazarojunior – 12 March, 19:45
  20. gwalla
    13 March, 05:36

    You should do this for the San Francisco Noise Pop Festival too.

    What can I say, I’m greedy.

    gwalla – 13 March, 05:36
  21. charles phillips
    13 March, 20:46

    ok, I am here in Austin Texas, where there are 1,700+ bands playing SOMEWHERE,EVERYWHERE. It is wonderful to step out onto your deck and listen to the music float in on the winds, day and night, for a week. Bella Fleck is doing a sit in at momos tonight that I’ll go to,, but where do I get your swag?

    charles phillips – 13 March, 20:46
  22. James
    14 March, 16:31

    Damn, this is cool. I just wish that I would have found out about it sooner than now… I just happened to stumble across the link to this blog.

    James – 14 March, 16:31
  23. VeeTech
    14 March, 19:30

    I hawent ShoutBox – why ?
    What i schould to do if I wont them back.

    VeeTech – 14 March, 19:30
  24. ayelienne
    15 March, 03:35

    Did you guys tweak your last.fm site’s html code? None of the pages are loading in Safari?

    ayelienne – 15 March, 03:35
  25. rayanne
    15 March, 04:10

    The site’s not visible in firefox, either.

    rayanne – 15 March, 04:10
  26. Muz
    15 March, 04:12

    @ayelienne and rayanne:

    Sorry about this, there appears to be a technical fault with the site at the moment and we’re working on fixing it now. This is completely unintended, and apologies for the inconvenience. We’re doing all we can (at 4am here in England).

    - Muz

    Muz – 15 March, 04:12
  27. ayelienne
    15 March, 04:40

    Thanks for the info Muz ~ hope it’s resolved in short order :)

    ayelienne – 15 March, 04:40
  28. rayanne
    15 March, 04:42

    Not at all! I just wanted to add my data point as well.

    Hope you can sleep soon – 4 am is a brutal time to be awake!

    rayanne – 15 March, 04:42
  29. Muz
    15 March, 04:42

    Should be fixed now :)

    Muz – 15 March, 04:42
  30. ayelienne
    15 March, 04:42

    Looks like we’re back online – thanks for the effort, all!

    ayelienne – 15 March, 04:42
  31. David Singleton
    15 March, 04:43

    To follow up on Muz’ comment; It’s now 5am, but things should be back up and running normally. Apologies for the problems!

    - David

    David Singleton – 15 March, 04:43
  32. dawn bird ne miller
    15 March, 08:04

    hi just like to say thankyou to martyn out of the band for last night thank you for your tribute to brian my sons dad who was sadly taken from us all my son was there last night he also is called martyn after martyn ot of the band as brian and martyn was good freinds when younger thanks againxxxx i know it meant a lot to him xx

    dawn bird ne miller – 15 March, 08:04
  33. One Salient Oversight
    15 March, 09:06

    Can you please fix up the problems some of us are having submitting our songs?


    One Salient Oversight – 15 March, 09:06
  34. Gumdropper
    16 March, 05:26

    Awww! I forgot all about it until a friend of mine posted pictures with the guys from The Maine from the SXSW.
    Now I want to go ;___;
    It’s only 1 hour away.

    Gumdropper – 16 March, 05:26
  35. Matthew Ogle
    17 March, 00:05

    We’ve started to put up some SXSW pics here:


    Matthew Ogle – 17 March, 00:05
  36. Luis candido da Silva
    18 March, 03:54

    Gostaria de receber a letra traduzida para o português da musica do Casting Crowns – Who Am I

    Recebi esta musica do Meus sobrinho que mora nos Estados Unidos e fique fã desse |Grupo.

    Luis candido da Silva – 18 March, 03:54
  37. nicolas
    18 March, 23:58

    New posts, anyone?

    You guys should pressure Grazi to write something :P

    nicolas – 18 March, 23:58
  38. Lukasz
    19 March, 14:06

    Is it still possible to get yout SXSW Band Aid booklet? Do you plan to sell them? :)

    Lukasz – 19 March, 14:06
  39. MeldoicStorm
    20 March, 08:51

    Wicked Idea folks. Shame I am not from America. Americans always over do everything, why can’t they be like our ones and then they probably match Reading and Leeds Festivals we have here. But that Maryland tour is awesome…want to go again.


    MeldoicStorm – 20 March, 08:51
  40. reyn
    25 March, 11:43

    Have you guys reset all the Overall Charts?

    reyn – 25 March, 11:43
  41. Jonty
    25 March, 12:41

    @reyn: No, a bug crept into the new chart generation system. We’re working on it, don’t worry, nothing has been lost.

    Jonty – 25 March, 12:41
  42. reyn
    26 March, 02:24

    Thank you! ;D

    reyn – 26 March, 02:24

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