Geekery in Las Vegas

Monday, 7 January 2008
by lizrice
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This week a few of us lucky folks get to swap the misery of winter in London for the glitz of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It’s the gadget-fest of the year, and we’re excited that one of the announcements at the show is our shiny new partnership with Logitech. They’re our first ever official hardware partner, building scrobbling directly into their rather lovely Squeezebox . This is just the start of our master plan to allow you to scrobble music wherever you’re listening to it.

If you’re already a Squeezebox owner you can find this feature now in the SqueezeCenter v7.0 beta release, and you’ll soon be able to set up scrobbling through Logitech’s SqueezeNetwork as well.

Of course you might already be scrobbling through your Squeezebox using the existing SlimScrobbler plug-in, which has been serving its users wonderfully since 2004 (many thanks to Stewart Loving-Gibbard, James Craig and the team of SlimScrobbler contributers). The beauty of the official Logitech version is that it’s in the software from the start, so there’s no need to download and install a plug-in – so that opens up Squeezebox scrobbling to a much wider audience.

Here in Vegas we’ve got a hectic schedule of meetings (and a few parties!) lined up, and no doubt we’ll find some sexy new gadgets to drool over – better lock up my credit card! Though it would be a crime not to lose a little money on the tables, so let me know if you’ve got a good feeling for where I should place my chips at roulette …


  1. Pete Townshend
    7 January, 15:13

    Mama’s got a squeeze box
    She wears on her chest
    And when Daddy comes home
    He never gets no rest

    ‘Cause she’s playing all night
    And the music’s all right
    Mama’s got a squeeze box
    Daddy never sleeps at night

    Pete Townshend – 7 January, 15:13
  2. publicenergy
    7 January, 20:50

    This is a great move! :)

    Will radio be (officially) integrated in to the Squeezebox internet radio menu too?

    publicenergy – 7 January, 20:50
  3. Josh Mock
    7 January, 21:24

    Ha! I definitely just downloaded the SqueezeCenter beta this weekend and noticed that. Well done. Make sure to announce when the SqueezeNetwork scrobbler happens.

    Josh Mock – 7 January, 21:24
  4. mll
    8 January, 13:24

    I acquired a Squeezebox half a year ago, and I must say it’s a perfect device for a music-lover geek : works as advised, hignly customizable (plugins, FOSS etc), dynamic user community… And the buyout of Slimdevices by Logitech didn’t seem to ruin this fine cocktail so far… So, go scrobblers go !

    mll – 8 January, 13:24
  5. Mark
    9 January, 12:47

    How does this work in a house with multiple squeezeboxes and multiple users?

    a) I don’t want my squeezeboxs scrobbling
    b) If I have to I want to ensure that other users don’t scrobble to my account…


    Mark – 9 January, 12:47
  6. Antonio Fernandes
    9 January, 19:12

    What about streaming your music either from an ipod or a zune or any mp3 player and share what you’re listening “wirelessly” with anyone that travels in the same bus, train, lounge, etc..

    My gadget of the moment:

    Antonio Fernandes – 9 January, 19:12
  7. Jan
    14 January, 15:10

    Well, if you’re talking about scrobbling everywhere I just have to mention the magnificent open source application MobileScrobbler for iPhone / iPod touch. The upcoming release will have an even more impressive featureset, take a look: MobileScrobbler 1.4 Preview

    Jan – 14 January, 15:10
  8. Liz Rice
    15 January, 12:32

    Thanks for all your comments, everyone.

    @publicenergy – yes, we’re working with Logitech on radio support (they have streaming on Squeezebox devices in demo at the moment).

    @Mark – you can enable and disable scrobbling on different players in your set-up independently. You can also configure multiple different accounts so that your different players scrobble to different accounts.

    Liz Rice – 15 January, 12:32
  9. pastasid
    19 January, 21:53

    Any chance of your supporting the Roku SoundBridge as well?

    pastasid – 19 January, 21:53
  10. BarCar
    20 January, 10:43

    Just to make you aware… this new Squeezebox feature (like SlimScrobbler) won’t work for those of us running the SlimServer iTunesUpdate plugin to transfer play counts and ratings from SlimServer back to iTunes (there are lots of us). In that scenario, if you scrobble from iTunes as well (to capture your iPod plays into you get a conflict and duplicate scrobbles in

    To use your feature I’d have to give up scrobbling in iTunes or disable iTunesUpdate . Neither of which I want to do.

    BarCar – 20 January, 10:43
  11. yo
    23 January, 23:02

    I bet it is totally off-shot – but will there ever be a scobbler for linn-ds devices?!

    yo – 23 January, 23:02

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