How to make your parents dance

Monday, 24 December 2007
by flaneur
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Like many others at, I’ve left the warm, ball-filled embrace of Last.HQ in London and headed home to my family for the holidays.

Since arriving in my arctic homeland, I’ve been wondering if there was a way to shake up the old routine of tired holiday carols, marathon dinners, moose racing, and rambling uncles; a way to bring a bit of the ol’ magic home. (Christmas tag radio notwithstanding.) And that’s when I hit upon THE ULTIMATE PLAN. Better yet, you can reproduce this party in the comfort of your own home!

What You’ll Need

  • An internet connection
  • A computer that can be plugged into a large set of speakers
  • A house full of relatives (including but not limited to parents, sisters, second cousins, and loud uncles) who secretly want to party

What To Do

  1. Wait until dinner has ended and holiday drink consumption is in full effect
  2. Go to the room with the speakers and clear away any rugs, Christmas trees, babies, lebkuchen, or anything else which might impede dancing madness
  3. Load this page to queue up an hour and a half of the finest old-school rock and roll, direct from our recent party in London

It can’t fail, especially if you have relatives that grew up in the 1950s. Happy holidays everyone…


  1. Laurie
    24 December, 18:20

    Moose :D (first!)

    Laurie – 24 December, 18:20
  2. Tony
    25 December, 03:15

    Only in Canadia could it be colder on a sunny day than a day when it’s snowing and cloudy:

    Wednesday – Chance of flurries – High -8°C
    Thursday – Sunny – High -12°C

    Such an odd country you come from Mr Ogle. =P

    Tony – 25 December, 03:15
  3. mrrogers
    25 December, 09:53

    Go to the room with the speakers and clear away any […] lebkuchen
    rofl yeah nice to see that Lebkuchen are known in the UK =) I love them :P

    mrrogers – 25 December, 09:53
  4. mrrogers
    25 December, 09:54

    or in Canada xD

    mrrogers – 25 December, 09:54
  5. hairyChewie
    25 December, 17:12

    say hi to mom and dad!!

    hairyChewie – 25 December, 17:12
  6. Motte Valois
    26 December, 00:43

    Hi there. `v been using the widget in my blog but just now found the LastFM blog. Cool thing, i’ll keep an eye on it from now on.

    Motte Valois – 26 December, 00:43
  7. Ian
    28 December, 00:36

    Thanks Matt – That looks like fun! :D
    It also looks like passing off :/ No? – Wishing your safe return, Ian

    Ian – 28 December, 00:36
  8. gyuszi bacsi
    6 January, 01:26

    happy new year to you all

    gyuszi bacsi – 6 January, 01:26
    6 January, 17:45

    Wow! that’s nice tips, I will use it in one of my family gathering.Thanks! – 6 January, 17:45
  10. Andrea
    24 January, 02:11

    nice :) I would like to know the names of the songs tho .

    Andrea – 24 January, 02:11

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