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Wednesday, 19 December 2007
by christian
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As we revealed earlier in the year, BBC Radio channels Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra have begun scrobbling the music they play to their own profile pages – great for keeping track of what your favourite BBC DJs (and George Lamb) are spinning throughout the day.

Now the boffins over at BBC Radio Labs have created a couple of nifty widgets to enable all you lovely peeps to scrobble the tracks you hear when you tune in to any of those four channels (assuming, of course, that you occasionally switch over to old skool radio, instead of listening to your personal stations all the time – we’re sure it does happen now and then).

You can set the widgets to automatically scrobble everything the DJ spins, or you can manually add the tracks you want to include on your profile. Find out more and download the widgets over at the BBC Radio Labs website.


  1. ken
    19 December, 13:08

    Can we have radio 3 and 4 too?

    ken – 19 December, 13:08
  2. Mattias S
    19 December, 13:18

    Man, is taking over the world, chaning the way people lsiten to music, one step at a time.

    Mattias S – 19 December, 13:18
  3. baris
    19 December, 14:40

    great! 6music owns.

    baris – 19 December, 14:40
  4. Vincent
    19 December, 14:46

    Wow, I wish Dutch radio stations would do this :)

    Vincent – 19 December, 14:46
  5. luckymustard
    19 December, 16:29

    i want a widget in my ear so that it scrobbles everything (music, that is) that i hear, no matter what the source. :(

    luckymustard – 19 December, 16:29
  6. Joel
    19 December, 16:36

    That’s pretty amazing of them

    Joel – 19 December, 16:36
  7. Alex Muller
    19 December, 18:33

    This is great news – I’d been wanting a way to do this forever!

    Alex Muller – 19 December, 18:33
  8. coxy
    20 December, 09:33

    The same guy made a version of this a while ago which stopped working. I was gutted.

    Although, not all of their tracks are tagged correctly (oh noes! profile pollution!) and Yahoo! Widgets is quite an intensive application for just one widget.

    I would love a version for Opera Widgets – would have a better chance of working with Linux too.

    coxy – 20 December, 09:33
  9. mikowhy
    20 December, 10:21

    I wish oneday it come true in Poland :-)

    mikowhy – 20 December, 10:21
  10. mikowhy
    20 December, 10:24

    And one more question, what about youtube? I’m sure you’ll do it :-)

    mikowhy – 20 December, 10:24
  11. PaulB
    20 December, 11:58

    It’s interesting to see them doing this, and reminds me how bad BBC Radio 1 and 2 are nowadays. Thank god for mp3s.

    PaulB – 20 December, 11:58
  12. Mike
    20 December, 17:32

    This is very cool. Maybe will allow scrobbling of more internet radio stations if this is a success- I’d love to scrobble SomaFM for example (hint hint…).

    Mike – 20 December, 17:32
  13. Baxter Tocher
    20 December, 19:23

    Way to go, BBC. This is a great thing to do.

    Baxter Tocher – 20 December, 19:23
  14. Rob Szarka
    20 December, 22:55

    OK, #1, Yahoo is part of what I call The Axis of Internet Evil; and, #2, Yahoo Widgets is The Suck. BUT, this little app is still pretty cool, and kudos to Mr. Bowley for making it.

    (I’ve been thinking for a long time now that it would be cool to have something like this for my beloved WCNI. But, alas, we just ain’t that hi-tech at our little college radio station. OTOH, maybe that’s a good thing, because we’re one of those rare radio stations that still plays lots of vinyl… Ah, well. Can’t eat your cake and have it, too, can you?)

    Rob Szarka – 20 December, 22:55
  15. mattgcn
    21 December, 04:41

    crosses fingers for more internet radio functionality in the future

    mattgcn – 21 December, 04:41
  16. gwalla
    22 December, 07:46

    Any chance some leftpondian radio stations may adopt this?

    gwalla – 22 December, 07:46
  17. kraymer
    23 January, 23:34

    This is just great! I’m not really a BBC listener but imagining that you’ll find more online radio stations to support scrobbling (as mentioned in other comments).. incredible. Keep up the good work!
    I’ll write to my favorite German radio station and ask them what they think about it :)

    kraymer – 23 January, 23:34

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