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Tuesday, 13 November 2007
by christian
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We teamed up with Bebo today, as part of their Open Media launch, to offer amazing genre-based music video channels. If you’re on Bebo you can now watch heaps of videos from our catalogue, across 7 different genre-based channels, and embed the videos on your own Bebo page.

Check it out over at our Bebo page. There’s great new videos from Hard-Fi, Editors, Serj Tankian, and Plain White T’s, as well as lots of classics from the likes of Justice, Fatboy Slim, and The Chemical Brothers.

If you’re an artist on and you haven’t yet added your latest cinematic masterpiece to your page, then get uploading, because now you can promote your music to millions of Bebo users as well as the faithful. Which channel are you?


  1. mrrogers
    13 November, 19:45


    mrrogers – 13 November, 19:45
  2. jacobbrett
    14 November, 00:52

    Who the hell picked “Emo” as a genre channel?
    Could’ve given it a more accurate, broader name. Also, Where would ‘hardcore’ go, ‘emo’ or ‘heavy metal’?

    jacobbrett – 14 November, 00:52
  3. kakalto
    14 November, 06:43

    Cool… is support for widgets in bebo coming any time soon too?

    kakalto – 14 November, 06:43
  4. also mike
    14 November, 09:11

    the “electronica” link is broken. ?

    also mike – 14 November, 09:11
  5. coxy
    14 November, 12:33

    Urgh, Bebo. Great news for and artists / labels, though.

    I heard that finally re-signed with MusicBrainz about this time last week. Can you shed a little light on your plans in a future blog post please. :)

    coxy – 14 November, 12:33
  6. mechanesthesia
    15 November, 04:11

    Who uses Bebo?

    And also, why not put the music video channels here instead of on a different site?

    mechanesthesia – 15 November, 04:11
  7. Tan The Man
    15 November, 09:15

    Need widgets…

    Tan The Man – 15 November, 09:15
  8. coxy
    15 November, 11:01

    mechanesthesia said:
    Who uses Bebo?

    Muz does. It’s right above his ‘Stumble Porn’ toolbar.

    coxy – 15 November, 11:01

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