Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Live at The Old Blue Last

Thursday, 8 November 2007
by david
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“When was rock’n’roll ever meant to be comfortable?” asked Julian Cope in reference to Japanese genre-mashers Acid Mothers Temple. He’s right, and AMT proved it last night at our second live event at The Old Blue Last, destroying ear drums, smashing through everyone’s expectations and blowing up the boundaries between dive-bomb psychedelia, heavy riffage, and coruscating improvisation. It was an experience.

The place was filled with AMT freaks, kids getting their first fix of this sound, and loyal fans who’ve been following this collective since they started back in the ‘70s (in testament to their longevity, the AMT merchandise stall was laden with endless obscure CDs and DVDs from the band’s career that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, rich pickings for the faithful).

AMT played an hour and half set that moved seamlessly from sombre noise to epic heaviness – helped in no small part by legendary Krautrock heroes Can vocalist Damo Suzuki. Yes really, the man who was the singer on Tago Mago and Future Days was belting away vocals right there in front of us in a tiny East London pub!

Out front guitarist and vocalist Kawabata wrenched extraordinary noise from his guitar – sometimes playing it with a magic wand – while synth wizard Higashi added hallucinatory FX. By the end everyone was beautifully wiped out!

A big thanks to Acid Mothers Temple for an unforgettable evening, and to all the people that made it out to share this amazing kick off event to their UK tour. For those who missed out on the night, never fear as they’re playing again in London at Corsica Studios. And for all of you hard core fans that can’t make it to Corsica we have exclusive videos, pictures, tracks, and a one on one interview with the singer and guitarist Kawabata from last night all here.

For those who are wondering about what’s next in store for, we’re throwing another event this month at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes with some awesome bands and DJ’s that will be performing all night for your rocking out and bowling pleasure. Check out the full event details here.


  1. Tecfan
    8 November, 17:11

    ehm, when will you have a competition where the price would be a free trip to England and a show? :}

    Tecfan – 8 November, 17:11
  2. Korean_Cowboy
    8 November, 18:06

    Hey Tecfan,

    Not in the near future I’m afraid. ;-)


    Korean_Cowboy – 8 November, 18:06
  3. Rarn
    9 November, 03:55

    Holy awesome! Damo was there? Must have been amazing. I’d kill to get a hold of a recording >_>

    Rarn – 9 November, 03:55
  4. goncalo
    9 November, 11:35

    I’m not evil.

    goncalo – 9 November, 11:35
  5. jonty
    10 November, 12:23

    @Rarn: Check out the event page for a recording of the show –

    Look for “Listen to the show” underneath the event poster :)

    jonty – 10 November, 12:23
  6. Draconis-nuit
    11 November, 22:55

    Acid Mothers Temple; I wanna hear this ; ‘TEMPLE’, in 93 the’E generation’ concluded that the raves had been a telepathic communion, a new ‘religion’ of self discovery, inner unique conciousness, entwined on a sub-concious waveband, brainwaves connecting with similar waves, the flow directed, enhanced, channelled by the music. A new independancy of self had evolved, en masse, a true inner will allowed full flow, a true’ Magick’, if you will. please tell me where to download A.M.T. Love,Light,Life,Liberty!

    Draconis-nuit – 11 November, 22:55
  7. devolute
    13 November, 12:36

    I’ve seen Damo Suzuki in a tiny little venue. He’s pretty amazing to watch.

    devolute – 13 November, 12:36

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