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Tuesday, 2 October 2007
by flaneur
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This Tuesday brings some piping hot new features from the webteam oven! Here’s what we snuck onto the site today.

Recommended music videos on your dashboard

A page full of videos from artists you’ve listened to, with newly-uploaded stuff at the top so you always get the freshest content. Finally, eh?

Larger video player

If you get enough emails promising that “bigger is better,” you start to believe it.

Check out our enlarged player in action:

Portable Taste-o-meter

Embed our new tasteometer widget and anyone who wanders past your Myspace or blog can compare music taste with you. It won’t be as good as yours, of course, but whose is really. It’s compare…o…licious…ness.

Until next time, I leave you with this photo of a Last.fm Toadstool, courtesy Wesley Mason’s Flickr stream.


  1. Alex
    2 October, 16:12

    These are nice new features, but is there any reason subscribers aren’t getting them first?

    Guess they’re just not important enough to create a beta over…

    Alex – 2 October, 16:12
  2. Damien
    2 October, 16:26

    Any chance of a facebook version of the tasty new rate widget ness ?

    Would be cool to see our compatibility on facebook. :)

    Cheers guys great updates too.

    Damien – 2 October, 16:26
  3. Doug
    2 October, 16:58

    Beta anytime soon?
    Nice additions though.

    Doug – 2 October, 16:58
  4. Matt
    2 October, 17:02

    We generally only do beta periods for major site updates, these are just small tweaks.

    Fear not, though, there will be some large betas in the future. :)

    Matt – 2 October, 17:02
  5. der_Karl
    2 October, 17:24

    Is there any possibility to switch off video recommendations on my dashboard? It’s already crowded enough and since I’m not a fan of music videos it just annoys me :P

    der_Karl – 2 October, 17:24
  6. fluffygrue
    2 October, 18:11

    Oooh, nice!

    ..and is it me, or is that a Silent Bob figure standing next to your delightful last.fm toadstool?

    fluffygrue – 2 October, 18:11
  7. musrum
    2 October, 19:27

    I just noticed that too! It is silent bob:)

    musrum – 2 October, 19:27
  8. wraggsyboy
    2 October, 20:47

    Oooh, lovely last.fm Schwag. How do I get me some last.fm stickers/badges? :)

    wraggsyboy – 2 October, 20:47
  9. Tim Moenk
    2 October, 22:57

    I love you guys.

    The mushroom person solidified it.

    Tim Moenk – 2 October, 22:57
  10. Michael
    3 October, 05:50

    Not entirely sold on the portable taste-o-meter yet, you have to type in at least four or five artists for it to return an accurate match. But I’ll grant that you lot just rolled it out, and thre’s probably still some tweaking left to do. So cheers for the work so far.

    Michael – 3 October, 05:50
  11. nectarine
    3 October, 07:49

    I love the video clips, but they don’t come up as played tracks. Is that feature coming?

    It’d be great to watch video clips and get them tracked. One day maybe we could watch our own customized video clip webtv channel? I could see that being limited to lastfm subscribers.

    nectarine – 3 October, 07:49
  12. koningwoning
    3 October, 07:51

    can anyone explain how the taste-o-meter works? For instance i have a low with people with whom i share 7 out of their top 10 in my top ten…. I’ve got the feeling the taste-o-meter isn’t exactly full-proof because of its taking into account a lot of stuff that you don’t really listen to but sometimes comes around…or am I completely wrong about that?

    koningwoning – 3 October, 07:51
  13. Mikowhy
    3 October, 08:35

    1. any chance to switch between old Taste-o-meter and new on my page?

    2. it would be great if you make smaller version of new Taste-o-meter

    3. but idea is great!!

    Wishes from Poland,

    Mikowhy – 3 October, 08:35
  14. dankine
    3 October, 10:41

    love the videos tab on the dashboard, have been waiting for that since you launched the original video service. cheers last.fm

    dankine – 3 October, 10:41
  15. Wesley Mason
    3 October, 11:47

    Yep, that is a Silent Bob figure.

    lastfm badges courtesy of Jonty, 1up badge courtesy off my friend Joff after a visit to the US. :)

    Wesley Mason – 3 October, 11:47
  16. GURT
    3 October, 21:51

    talking silent bob action figure :)

    would love to get my hands on some last.fm buttons or stickers..

    GURT – 3 October, 21:51
  17. JTsklulk
    4 October, 01:26

    I can’t see the videos because they use Flash. Can you guys make mpg videos available alongside the flash ones?

    JTsklulk – 4 October, 01:26
  18. Tim
    4 October, 10:34

    The only relevant question following this great news is of course: where can I get my own last.fm badge?

    Tim – 4 October, 10:34
  19. Matt
    4 October, 10:41

    For now, you’ll need to come to one of our events in London for a badge. But soon, my pretties… soon! ;)

    Matt – 4 October, 10:41
  20. Suzie
    4 October, 11:51

    Thanks for the new toys! :-)

    Suzie – 4 October, 11:51
  21. Benjamin Rogers
    5 October, 00:32

    OMG do you seel last.fm t-shirts?!

    i SO want one…thousand

    Benjamin Rogers – 5 October, 00:32
  22. Philippe Waeber
    8 October, 09:08

    Great addition, already found some cool vids. Thanks guys

    Philippe Waeber – 8 October, 09:08
  23. Maxtheman36
    10 October, 00:06

    OK the recommended videos is AMAZING.

    I have a quick suggestion… Allow recommended TV channels that plays thru all of your recommended videos
    Throw in some ads between clips and I think you have yourself a business model!

    Like MTV of the 80s only personalized!!!

    Maxtheman36 – 10 October, 00:06
  24. Moknys
    12 October, 20:37

    I like the video recommendations. I don’t see the point of a larger video when the quality of the videos is not there. Too pixelated for my taste.

    Other that that I think the video feature is great.

    Moknys – 12 October, 20:37
  25. DadaDuck
    6 November, 00:33

    1) I love love love the video recommendations!

    2) The taste-o-meter widget seems to be quite buggy. It works fine when comparing Last.fm users, but when I try typing in a Myspace URL (which it claims I can do), nothing happens. When I type in some bands in the “Type your favorite artists” field, it lists a bunch of artists I did not type in as artists we “share.”

    DadaDuck – 6 November, 00:33
  26. felipe8a
    13 November, 03:13

    I really and desperately want a badge or a bumber sticker…they look awesome..I think I’ll have it custom made for me.

    felipe8a – 13 November, 03:13

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