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Monday, 3 September 2007
by hannahdonovan
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Yup, we’re hiring, and we pretty much need to fill all 17 positions. The following ones are the most critical, so consider these a jump to the top of the pile:

Why come to Well, first of all because we think it’s the place to be if you’re passionate about changing the world of music.

We’re not your regular web two-point-whatever company, and we never will be. We’re a passionate bunch of kids in East London that move and adapt quickly; what most people consider innovative is a standard day around here. We also have a singing microwave.

So what’s the catch? We get a lot of applications and reject most of them. (Also, most positions are only open to EU or work permit holders.) But the good news is: if you make it, you’ll be working alongside some pretty great people.

A look inside:

See all open positions

* Matt made me name this post after an old Leonard Cohen album. Dork.


  1. mll
    3 September, 12:44

    Matt made me name this post after an old Leonard Cohen album.
    I actually thought this post would be about LC. :)

    mll – 3 September, 12:44
  2. Matt
    3 September, 12:53

    @mll: Well, if I had my way… ;)

    Matt – 3 September, 12:53
  3. Veiona
    3 September, 13:12

    (stares at the Audioscrobbler pins)

    Veiona – 3 September, 13:12
  4. Edouard
    3 September, 13:39

    Zomg! Look at Jonty’s concentrated face!!!

    Edouard – 3 September, 13:39
  5. Tecfan
    3 September, 18:13

    Who plays bass in Can I apply for the job as bassist? :p

    Tecfan – 3 September, 18:13
  6. Mika
    3 September, 19:11

    I’d apply but I’m afraid of working abroad.

    Also, I checked out the team and martind looks like a dude I know. Like, a twin. Which is awesome, and almost makes me get over my fear of working abroad.

    Mika – 3 September, 19:11
  7. Adriaan
    3 September, 19:48

    Can’t they sell those pins internationally? I’d like to wear such a pin on my school blazer and then everytime someone’s like “WTF’s that” then I’d be like “sign up for” and then there will be so much more people on…

    Adriaan – 3 September, 19:48
  8. Christian
    3 September, 22:19

    nothin wrong with Various Positions. i just wrote an entire album inspired by Hallelujah. now that’s dorky ;)

    Christian – 3 September, 22:19
  9. Timothy Moenk
    4 September, 03:29

    You guys should totally share pictures of the office more often! Let us know where the revolution is coming from! Show us how you share music with each other as an office! Youtube the singing microwave!

    In fact, why not have a channel on! :D

    What, too far?

    Timothy Moenk – 4 September, 03:29
  10. Josh Santangelo
    4 September, 07:32

    If you’re in need of any Flash dev work that needn’t be full-time in London, check out and maybe I can help you out from Seattle.

    Josh Santangelo – 4 September, 07:32
  11. Sarah
    4 September, 07:42

    Me being totally qualified for the tech writer position (although usually I’m about 100K/yr for that one) aside, one of the last things one wants their microwave to do is sing. Has anyone ran a florescent bulb around that thing?

    Sarah – 4 September, 07:42
  12. Jonty
    4 September, 09:14

    @Timothy – Check out our office flickr account if you want to see more:

    Jonty – 4 September, 09:14
  13. Matt
    4 September, 10:29

    There’s also this inspirational video.

    Matt – 4 September, 10:29
  14. RJ
    5 September, 15:55

    I wrote some tips about applying for tech positions in my journal, here:

    RJ – 5 September, 15:55
  15. Mike Robinson
    6 September, 11:47

    I have been tempted to apply for the Web Design Intern position for a while now, but that’s a dream until I can move in October!

    Mike Robinson – 6 September, 11:47
  16. damir
    6 September, 19:13

    if i lived in london, i would love to apply for the web design internship. alas, i cannot and don’t really want to move away from york for the foreseeable future. :<

    open an office in york ok

    damir – 6 September, 19:13
  17. coxy
    7 September, 08:19

    But the good news is: if you make it, you’ll be working alongside some pretty great people.

    Muz? Great?! I wouldn’t go that far. He needs more moose.

    coxy – 7 September, 08:19
  18. frozenbubble
    9 September, 22:07

    and how much earns one working at i mean living in london is not the cheapest place. on the one hand working at might be quite fun, but on the other hand there are some disadvantages in my mind.

    frozenbubble – 9 September, 22:07
  19. Mikowhy
    10 September, 09:05

    In 3 years time I’ll finished my study and I’ll make my english better and I’ll be with you.

    Mikowhy from Poland

    Mikowhy – 10 September, 09:05
  20. MickGunz06
    10 September, 19:04

    Whats the story on the U.S. positions? Is going to be based out of NYC?

    MickGunz06 – 10 September, 19:04

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