RSS, Your Shoutbox and You

Wednesday, 30 May 2007
by julian
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Are you tired of missing all the prosaic shouts people are leaving in your shoutbox? A couple of weeks ago, our French frontman definitely was. He didn’t hesitate but wrote a Dashboard widget to keep track of them. It gives Mac users a nice way of checking their shouts.

In order to do so, he had to parse the entire page and extract the precious shouts from a giant mess of markup. That wasn’t so nice. And it only worked for Mac users, too. No problem for me, but some Vista-fanboys would go bonkers.

So, from this day on, you may have RSS feeds for every shoutbox you could possibly encounter. All you have to do is go to this page and follow the simple instructions. So basically, just enter this URL: hatom/ (You need to remove the space I inserted to make it wrap.)

The URL you have to enter is the URL of the page containing the shoutbox. (Note: for user pages it’s better to use as that page is way smaller than your regular user page.)

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details: The shoutboxes have been marked up in a microformat called hAtom. That way, the markup can be very easily parsed and converted to atom or RSS, making your feed reader happy.


  1. mwinmwin
    5 June, 20:49

    Ha well, I guess I’ll link back from here to the forum now:

    mwinmwin – 5 June, 20:49
  2. Jugdizh
    6 June, 04:22

    FYI, certain RSS readers (JetBrains Omea Reader at least) require that you remove the http:// from the middle of the url in order for it to accept the feed as valid xml.

    Jugdizh – 6 June, 04:22
  3. regagain
    6 June, 21:59

    Cool, it would be great if we could do the same with the people visiting your page.

    regagain – 6 June, 21:59
  4. Julian Stahnke
    7 June, 09:11

    Uh, no, sadly we can’t as you have to be logged in to see your recent visitors. And there is no way for the script that converts the markup into a feed to log in :(

    Julian Stahnke – 7 June, 09:11
  5. dalen
    12 June, 22:28

    It would be nice if you could add support for group, event and artist shoutboxes.

    dalen – 12 June, 22:28
  6. Julian Stahnke
    13 June, 00:18

    Huh. Actually, as the markup is the same, it should just work. Yet it doesn’t. I’m going to look into that sometime this week. Thanks for the feedback!

    Julian Stahnke – 13 June, 00:18
  7. Julian Stahnke
    23 June, 23:40

    Drew, the guy who wrote the converter, just updated it and now all feeds seem to work properly. For me, at least :)

    Julian Stahnke – 23 June, 23:40

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