Did Someone Say On Demand?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014
by Nick Calafato
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We’ve always strived to make Last.fm as relevant to your music life as possible. Whatever you’re listening to and wherever you’re listening to it from – we know about it. There has however been one gap; the inability to play whatever you want by whoever you want directly on Last.fm. This has now changed.

We’ve teamed up with Spotify to bring their entire catalogue, on demand, to the world’s leading music recommendation service. Whether it be your own profile page, artist pages or album pages – if Spotify has it, you can play it and control it on Last.fm via the Spotify playbar at the bottom of the screen. Using your Spotify account (premium or free) you can listen to any track simply by pressing the play button. This will load all tracks on a Last.fm page as a playlist in Spotify.

This new feature brings a depth to Last.fm like never before and gives you a much richer listening experience. The availability of over 20 million tracks at your fingertips allows you to listen to full albums as well as rediscover your scrobbling history – listen to your loved tracks, past charts and more.

This latest collaboration builds on an already successful partnership between the two services, which includes the highly successful Last.fm app on Spotify.

As with any new integration there are of course some known issues, so please bear with us! You can find out about them here and you can leave your feedback in the forums here

We’re hugely excited to bring this new functionality to Last.fm and can’t wait to see what you think.



  1. cms
    29 January, 14:09


    cms – 29 January, 14:09
  2. Marc
    29 January, 14:17

    This is awesome. Plainly awesome.

    Marc – 29 January, 14:17
  3. Vince
    29 January, 14:31

    Should be “bear with us” in the second-to-last paragraph.

    Vince – 29 January, 14:31
  4. Tim Acheson
    29 January, 15:12

    Excellent! When will this new feature be available? I am not seeing the Spotify playbar or any of this on the Last.fm website when I log in. I’m in the UK, if that matters

    Tim Acheson – 29 January, 15:12
  5. Mike
    29 January, 15:39


    Mike – 29 January, 15:39
  6. Tim Acheson
    29 January, 15:41

    Aha! The Spotify integration activates when you click play on a track. Awesome!

    Tim Acheson – 29 January, 15:41
  7. Jill
    29 January, 16:09

    Love! Love! Thanks for the work you’ve put into this feature to bring it to us.

    Jill – 29 January, 16:09
  8. B
    29 January, 16:12

    Great news. I seeing the Spotify playbar, progress bar is moving, but I can’t hear music. I have no problems with Last.fm radio..

    B – 29 January, 16:12
  9. Lukas Polacek
    29 January, 16:12

    This is awesome!

    Lukas Polacek – 29 January, 16:12
  10. Captain Gee
    29 January, 16:27

    Yay. Yay!

    Captain Gee – 29 January, 16:27
  11. Marcus
    29 January, 16:31

    can you please also team up with bandcamp to serve DIY content? That would be awesome!

    Marcus – 29 January, 16:31
  12. Fras
    29 January, 17:38


    Fras – 29 January, 17:38
  13. Jonathan Glez
    29 January, 18:04

    Awesome, good job guys.

    Jonathan Glez – 29 January, 18:04
  14. Liam Daly
    29 January, 18:52

    Fantastic news.

    Liam Daly – 29 January, 18:52
  15. Kate
    29 January, 19:19

    I refuse to use Spotify. I dislike this feature!

    Kate – 29 January, 19:19
  16. José Luis
    29 January, 19:20

    Does it work for tablets?

    José Luis – 29 January, 19:20
  17. straybullet9
    29 January, 19:43

    Great news! Thank you!

    straybullet9 – 29 January, 19:43
  18. Guilherme Freitas
    29 January, 21:11

    What a awesome news!

    Now is easy to listen to recommended artists.

    Guilherme Freitas – 29 January, 21:11
  19. pinta_vodki
    30 January, 00:55

    This is great news, but Spotify is not available in Russia and many other countries. Maybe you could team up with other services, for example Yandex.Music in Russia?

    pinta_vodki – 30 January, 00:55
  20. F4
    30 January, 01:04

    Is there any MusicBrainz magic going on in the background to help correctly match the tracks betweeen last.fm and Spotify??

    F4 – 30 January, 01:04
  21. Ben Evans
    30 January, 02:19

    Finally some innovation again. Great feature!

    Ben Evans – 30 January, 02:19
  22. snyde
    30 January, 05:11

    Since Spotify is not available in my region, this really has no use for me. However, it looks rather nice for those that can get it.

    snyde – 30 January, 05:11
  23. Gabriela
    30 January, 07:27

    It would be awesome if there was some similar feature for Beats Music.

    Gabriela – 30 January, 07:27
  24. BlackAle
    30 January, 09:50

    When is this going to actually happen?

    BlackAle – 30 January, 09:50
  25. Autistic_Cucoo
    30 January, 10:50

    You need to make sure that the correct album is played through Spotify. Too often it reverts to Best Ofs, Live-Albums and other nonsense like that.

    Autistic_Cucoo – 30 January, 10:50
  26. TT
    30 January, 10:53

    Sounds mighty fine. Strangely can’t see any mention of your new beta “youtube” radio on this blog??

    TT – 30 January, 10:53
  27. Paul
    30 January, 13:22

    Is there any chance we can get it so that while I listen to my Spotify premium it can pull over my Last.fm library playlist? It would help when trying to find random music that I might have been into a year or two ago but might have forgotten about?

    Paul – 30 January, 13:22
  28. Deb
    30 January, 16:35

    I love both Spotify and Last.fm so this is great news!

    Deb – 30 January, 16:35
  29. dahiezer
    30 January, 17:49

    how do I sign in to Spotify? when I press the play button nothing happens

    dahiezer – 30 January, 17:49
  30. grahammm
    30 January, 19:42

    How is this supposed to work? I have a Spotify account but when I press a ‘play with Spotify’ arrow on LastFM nothing happens.

    grahammm – 30 January, 19:42
  31. Bridgy
    30 January, 20:55

    Fantastic, loving it

    Bridgy – 30 January, 20:55
  32. claudio
    31 January, 00:49

    good work guys!

    claudio – 31 January, 00:49
  33. DxD
    31 January, 08:47

    Great News!
    Will it be possible to play Spotify Albums directly from a SONOS system now without the need to buy an additional spotify subscription?

    DxD – 31 January, 08:47
  34. Andreas
    31 January, 13:11

    I didn’t see anything on the web page. No toolbar with Firefox 26.0 and adobe etc. in Germany. Is a membership at spotify necessary that the new feature works?

    Andreas – 31 January, 13:11
  35. Gastoncat
    31 January, 14:39

    Great idea. Too bad Spotify is only available in the US.

    Gastoncat – 31 January, 14:39
  36. hans-jürgen
    31 January, 22:09

    To the users having problems with starting the new Spotify feature: 1. you need to have at least a free Spotify account first, 2. don’t block JavaScript commands in your browser by add-ons or settings, 3. Internet Explorer 11 does not show Spotify play buttons at the moment, 4. try closing the Spotify desktop software first, then click on a play button on the Last.fm page, 5. check the version number in Spotify’s Help menu, it should be at least, 6. don’t enable Private Session in the Spotify software if you want to scrobble to Last.fm.

    @Paul: If there are tracks shown on any Last.fm web page, they can be played on-demand in Spotify. So if you want to explore your library, you can use different methods to pick recent years. For example your complete tracks list goes back to the beginning of your listening history, so pick the page you want to listen to. Or check your personal track charts of a specific week. Or use the hidden “Explore” feature of your library, see this example from mine: http://www.last.fm/user/hjbardenhagen/library/explore?page=1

    hans-jürgen – 31 January, 22:09
  37. Matthieu
    31 January, 22:39

    Is there anything special to do to get it ?

    I don’t have any play button :( http://imageshack.com/a/img30/124/cr21.jpg

    Matthieu – 31 January, 22:39
  38. devn3t
    1 February, 05:55

    Spotify? Really? I don’t want a spotify account. I don’t want to be forced to sign up for one just to preview a 6 second clip of music…

    I’ve been a member since 2006 here…and I think it’s time for me to move on…I’m sure you’re alienating over half your user base by enforcing this stupidity since Spotify is not available in all regions as well.

    Smooth move Last.fm. You’ve just pissed on my 8 year membership.


    devn3t – 1 February, 05:55
  39. Anna
    1 February, 13:26

    Fantastic feature, love it!
    Connecting these two services is a no-brainer, great job Last.fm :D

    BTW, it’s working flawlessly for me so far – no bugs, no issues, just music… awesome.

    Anna – 1 February, 13:26
  40. Miko
    2 February, 03:06

    We don’t have spotify in Canada, and I can’t reach your main website today (the page just won’t load). Does this mean paid users outside of the US won’t be able to listen to radio anymore?

    Miko – 2 February, 03:06
  41. Z
    2 February, 10:14

    This is fantastic news! But whatever you did in the update broke something – I can’t access the site in Firefox anymore. Whenever I visit it just tries to download “application/octet-stream”. No idea how to fix that.

    Z – 2 February, 10:14
  42. hawkse
    2 February, 10:31

    At long last, there is finally some movement in the right direction. Now, please let me stream radio and recommendations through Spotify as well. Then, reenable all the DIY/independent/directly licensed stuff you used to have and I’ll start subscribing again.

    Your recommendations are still far better than what I get using the Spotify “create radio station” which seems to only play old, boring, megahits.

    hawkse – 2 February, 10:31
  43. Dirky
    2 February, 10:49

    Great thing! If you team up with services like Soundcloud and Bandcamp as well, that would be even greater.

    Dirky – 2 February, 10:49
  44. ...
    4 February, 23:58

    Yeah, I am not pleased by this either. Spotify is one of the absolute worst programs in terms of compensating artists and I dislike being coerced into creating yet another account to use a service I was previously content with.

    ... – 4 February, 23:58
  45. Rev01Yeti
    7 February, 16:44

    Seriously people, read. Read and use your brains.

    1) Nobody is required to register a Spotify account to use his Last.fm account.

    2) Creating a Spotify account is free now (at least in multiple countries).

    3) The free Spotify account and this new integrated feature here on Last.fm lets users listen to FULL songs on Last.fm, not only “6 second previews”. (Of course only for users eligible to have a Spotify account in the first place.)

    4) Stop biyatching. Thank you.

    Rev01Yeti – 7 February, 16:44
  46. chs
    11 February, 09:42

    A lot of the time, I just want a 30 second preview when I’m looking around and discovering new artists. I don’t want to have to wait for a program to be forced open. It’s a nice idea, though.

    chs – 11 February, 09:42
  47. Zalvador05
    13 February, 06:05

    Thank You!!

    Zalvador05 – 13 February, 06:05
  48. Andreas
    14 February, 17:21

    Ok, I’ve got it. Now, with my new spotify account I like the new feature. It’s much better than the old preview (and nearly as good as the old old solution) Thank you for that.
    But –
    what ist last fm now good for?
    As a last fm fan I know, this isn’t a popular question. But on the first view the spotify radio much a better impression. On spotify you can play exactly every album, every artist, every track you want – nothing else. Ok the advertising bothers. But the radio has more opportunities.
    At Last FM you pay 3 Euro, at Spotify 10 Euro for the full monty without adds.
    I hope this evolution won’t cut the ground from under your feet.
    At last.
    1. nobody knows wether Spotify will survive with their economic data. But last fm won’t survive too with their visiter frequence (Google trends)So, where is the choice?
    2. The community on last fm is much better (and bigger, I guess) Also the recommendations and the artist informations.
    3. I love Last FM. (Don’t mess up, and stay true to the music)

    Andreas – 14 February, 17:21
  49. moneesharmin
    15 February, 13:16

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    moneesharmin – 15 February, 13:16
  50. Michael L.
    17 February, 14:35

    Really great idea, however, it does not work at all. I have no clue how to make this work (spotify premium + registered lastfm user).
    Thanks anyway.

    Michael L. – 17 February, 14:35
  51. sarahfacestarr
    17 February, 15:35

    How do we get it?

    sarahfacestarr – 17 February, 15:35
  52. taylor.vincevut
    19 February, 01:26

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    taylor.vincevut – 19 February, 01:26
  53. hans-jürgen
    21 February, 04:39

    Users who still have problems with the new feature should have a look at the Known Issues thread in the Web Site Support forum:


    I copied the official announcement in Feedback & Ideas to the Last.fm for Spotify app support group and added some infos there:


    If you cannot use the Spotify desktop software for whatever reason, you can use their web player instead. See these tips how to force the Spotify in-page playback to use the web player:


    hans-jürgen – 21 February, 04:39
  54. Bill
    21 February, 12:49

    Spotify doesn’t work in Canada. rdio works.

    Bill – 21 February, 12:49
  55. Fredrico Magnifico the Second
    25 February, 22:44

    They have both done a terrible job explaining how to actually get this working. I’m a streaming radio fanatic and have spent 20 minutes trying to find the answer to the simple question of – how to get this to actually work. HOW do you link the accounts? Yes, I have premium Spotify, I even have the Last.FM app on Spotify. And copying stuff from a bunch of threads on support forums isn’t what I’m looking for. They need to provide clear and understandable instructions on their UI or no one is going to use, or care about this.

    Fredrico Magnifico the Second – 25 February, 22:44
  56. Miguel Araujo
    5 March, 14:45

    very good idea, keed working

    Miguel Araujo – 5 March, 14:45
  57. Micke
    5 March, 14:54

    This is awesome, very god job

    Micke – 5 March, 14:54
  58. Shawn McConnell
    6 March, 00:21

    Pretty Sweet addition to the Last.fm repertoire

    Shawn McConnell – 6 March, 00:21
  59. TSX Guy
    6 March, 00:23

    Spotify and last.fm linking up for some goodness

    TSX Guy – 6 March, 00:23
  60. World Cup Fan
    6 March, 00:25

    This will be a sweet addition< I’m already liking it.

    A great way to find new artists

    World Cup Fan – 6 March, 00:25
  61. Wendy
    7 March, 13:39

    you add the spanish version to Last.fm, thanks

    Wendy – 7 March, 13:39
  62. Alanice
    7 March, 19:09

    Great thing and very good work, keed doing

    Alanice – 7 March, 19:09
  63. Luigi
    12 March, 05:13

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    Luigi – 12 March, 05:13

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