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Friday, 16 September 2011
by Stefan Baumschlager
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Luckily the rioting in the UK last month didn’t hit Last.HQ, but some of the labels nearest and dearest to us were hit badly by the PIAS warehouse fire, destroying the stock of hundreds of independent labels – big and small.

Heading’s Music Team means looking after all our relationships with record labels on a daily basis, and naturally I’ve got a lot of affection for them not to mention their skill for finding, building and releasing new artists into the world.

Every day plays its part in that as our recommendation engine promotes new artists and tracks to listeners around the world. Usually this is based on almost half a billion tracks the catalogue knows about, but we’ve put together something a little special for the labels affected by the PIAS fire.

Label Love provided us with a list of all the labels hit by the fire, and we’ve compiled a special recommendation tool that brings you recommendations based only on the artists affected. users now can enter their username at our Label Love site to find out about more artists they can support. Every recommendation comes with links to purchase music and gig tickets, making it easy for all of us to show a little support.

So share the love and spread the word, and follow @_label_love_ to find out about more ways you can join in.


  1. Astral
    16 September, 13:54

    How many of those rioters stole iPods that they’re going to load with stolen downloaded music from artists that were warehoused at PIAS?

    “Take that rich greedy artists…oh wait…corporations…no, uh…
    screw it, lets start another fire! I need a TV!”

    Astral – 16 September, 13:54
  2. Christopher Sutton
    16 September, 17:37

    This is a really great idea. I look forward to picking up on some new music – and feeling particularly good about it! Thanks.

    Christopher Sutton – 16 September, 17:37
  3. Ben XO
    18 September, 09:01

    Wow, hundreds of people I like were affected!

    Ben XO – 18 September, 09:01
  4. Kak19
    20 September, 18:30

    It’s terrible news! But an absolute great idea and look forward to it.

    Kak19 – 20 September, 18:30
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    23 September, 16:23

    Nice article, thanks for sharing.

    sewa mobil jakarta – 23 September, 16:23
  6. E-Clect-Eddy
    26 September, 09:21

    A very fine initiative <3

    E-Clect-Eddy – 26 September, 09:21
  7. Ben Fisher
    16 October, 14:52

    Glad to see your label wasn’t affected! Just found this blog look forward to more posts.Love the recommendations tool!

    Ben Fisher – 16 October, 14:52
  8. Luxury
    17 October, 11:12

    Great job guys! Loved the new features, and looking forward for more cool updates.
    Keep it up!

    Luxury – 17 October, 11:12

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