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Monday, 7 June 2010
by norman
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Along with our support for Music Hack Days, the team often gets involved with the MIR (Music Information Retrieval) community, a group at the forefront of recommendation technology.

This year we are helping organizing a music recommendation workshop within RecSys entitled WOMRAD 2010. The topics of interests vary from music similarity measures, recommendation, music cognition, user modeling and many more.

If you are a researcher in the field or you are just interested in the topic, join us in Barcelona this September the 26th to meet and exchange ideas!


  1. Tecfan
    7 June, 17:01

    I am noticing that they are not following the guidelines for use of the logo on their website ^^

    Anyway, nice initiative this :)

    Tecfan – 7 June, 17:01
  2. Eugenio
    8 June, 19:30

    Very nice; I hope to finish my article in time to submit it.
    Glad to see that you put online the dataset sample; is that a good statistic sample or is random extracted?

    Eugenio – 8 June, 19:30
  3. Example
    9 June, 15:53

    Good to know info. Thank you!

    Example – 9 June, 15:53
  4. carolyn joseph
    9 June, 17:18

    Thanks for helping organizing a music recommendation workshop, i’ll definitely research about to participate in this program.

    carolyn joseph – 9 June, 17:18
  5. Dennis
    23 June, 15:12

    Please let us delete all our loved tracks with just one click. :)

    Dennis – 23 June, 15:12

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