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Wednesday, 5 May 2010
by Robin Lisle
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My first festival was Lollapalooza 1995. I had to go because my favorite band, Sonic Youth, was headlining (they’re still my favorite band). I lived in Houston and the festival was in Austin but I was too young to drive so my mom made the two hour trip so that I could attend with two friends. A transcendental 20+ minute performance of “The Diamond Sea” was the highlight of the whole festival. Also playing that year were Moby (way before he hit it big with his album Play), Cypress Hill, Blonde Redhead, Built to Spill, Mike Watt, The Roots, and Yo La Tengo.

Photo: Russ Garrett

At Last.fm we know from experience that many of the best music memories happen when you’re rocking out in a field with thousands of other sunburnt/soaking wet compatriots. So today we are excited to launch Last.fm Festivals, your personalized guide to festivals around the world. For the first time you can easily browse upcoming festivals in your town, your country or beyond, based on your personal music profile. Choose your location and sort the results either by date or by compatibility.

Once you’ve found your perfect festival, check out the festival page where Last.fm looks at the line-up for the festival and compares it to your Last.fm profile to generate a personal line-up recommendation list so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing. You can also browse the line-up by genre to see the artists that you might like but aren’t part of your Last.fm profile yet. Plus you can start a festival radio station to listen to all the artists playing.

Check it out: http://www.last.fm/festivals

This is just the beginning. Over the next month we’ll be rolling out additional features to help you find up and coming artists you should check out (so you can say you saw them before they were big), find festival buddies and easily share your festival picks.

Read more about all the new features on the forum post and let us know what you think.


  1. Tecfan
    5 May, 18:01

    I was hoping something like this would come :)

    Tecfan – 5 May, 18:01
  2. kkay
    5 May, 18:42

    Yeah, thanks. Works great. I get alot of hits for my city :))

    kkay – 5 May, 18:42
  3. michael
    5 May, 18:47

    That’s really a terrific feature compared to full length tracks. And by the way as far as I remember “a couple days” are less than two weeks (see the last blog post for details).

    michael – 5 May, 18:47
  4. Alice
    5 May, 20:38

    This is great! I’d love to see a feature that would let us choose which days of the festival we are gonna attend.

    Alice – 5 May, 20:38
  5. Einar
    5 May, 23:05

    Awesome, I had been hoping for this for quite some time..

    Einar – 5 May, 23:05
  6. kat
    6 May, 05:51

    wow! yay!

    kat – 6 May, 05:51
  7. Felix
    6 May, 09:26

    Nice Update

    Felix – 6 May, 09:26
  8. deeper voice
    6 May, 23:03

    This is great!i was looking for these update.

    deeper voice – 6 May, 23:03
  9. Monwabisi Mathebula aka Biggy Smalls
    7 May, 14:55

    Thumbs up to all you guys working hard to keep hip hop alive !!!!

    Monwabisi Mathebula aka Biggy Smalls – 7 May, 14:55
  10. Colin
    8 May, 08:09

    Really fantastic. The festival stations have arrived just in time for summer festivals!

    Colin – 8 May, 08:09
  11. Motorradbrillen
    8 May, 13:33

    great , many , thanks

    Motorradbrillen – 8 May, 13:33
  12. James
    8 May, 23:26

    The recommended line-up feature is awesome, but the festival radio feature for this years Glastonbury appears to be broken.

    James – 8 May, 23:26
  13. gaggs57
    9 May, 18:07

    Bansko jazz festival-can’t go this year because of work so my studio is available 250€ for the period of the festival(+ a few days if you want) . polimo@aliceadsl.fr

    gaggs57 – 9 May, 18:07
  14. Alan Jones
    12 May, 18:04

    Yey, and the weather is so good for it at the moment….rock on!

    Alan Jones – 12 May, 18:04
  15. magickarpet
    19 May, 10:36

    Sounds such a powerful feature. Could you detail a bit the calculation of the compatibility ? Is it only based on what’s in my playlist, or in my recommendations, or a mix of both ? If I blindly choose to attend a festival that is marked as 95% compatible, what will I see on stage ?

    magickarpet – 19 May, 10:36
  16. Humor
    22 May, 03:42

    This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

    Humor – 22 May, 03:42
  17. Qrobur
    23 May, 16:35


    Bring back full tracks and you may have a better site.

    Qrobur – 23 May, 16:35
  18. Andrea
    23 May, 22:40

    This guide is realy great. Thanks for this feature!! Greetings from germany.

    Andrea – 23 May, 22:40
  19. Mark Aldrich
    24 May, 07:56

    A powerful feature..which I’m sure most users would appreciate! 20 thumbs up for you guys!

    I just have a question, though, how do you guys manage to keep it updated? I’d imagine aggregation from a variety of sources would be quite difficult…(I don’t think it’s manual, is it? :D)

    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    Mark Aldrich – 24 May, 07:56
  20. HypedSound
    1 June, 22:18

    Awesome, sounds like a good way to get into the mood for the festival.

    HypedSound – 1 June, 22:18
  21. Alex Lupi
    3 June, 21:24

    This is another useful idea, here on last.fm ;)

    I’m really dazed from the will to look for and to listen to new music outside of my country (urgh…Italy.. :S ), that’s the real spirit and purpose of music: trying to connecting people using emotions. Well done!

    Alex Lupi – 3 June, 21:24
  22. Deal Peter
    14 June, 21:03

    Nice. Hopefully the weather is great!

    Deal Peter – 14 June, 21:03

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