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Wednesday, 14 January 2009
by erikf
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Right before the holidays we put up a small events demo on playground to play with the idea that it might be useful to see relevant events on a navigable map.

Maps expose a whole world of ways to interact with our data. Maybe you want to see all the good festivals in Europe this summer, or you want to find something within stumbling distance of your front door. Maybe you live in Cambridge and don’t care about gigs in London, or maybe you do. How about seeing where your favourite artist is headed this year?

Coming up with imaginary features is fun! I could do this all day. But what I’m really curious about is whether you guys think there’s a place for maps on the site, and what you’d want it to do for you. Have a play and most certainly have a feedback.


  1. StudleyUK
    14 January, 13:18

    “Maybe you live in Cambridge and don’t care about gigs in London”

    Haha, hi! You saw my forum topic then :)

    That’s pretty neato. I’d like to see the option to switch between “all events” and “recommended events”, and definitely an RSS feed for this, but I’m a demanding (see also: grumbling) kind of person.

    StudleyUK – 14 January, 13:18
  2. Toffolo
    14 January, 13:29

    Nice! You guys keep innovating, don’t ya? Keep it up!

    Toffolo – 14 January, 13:29
  3. Robbie
    14 January, 13:36

    Maps would be fantastic. The demo works great by the way. :)

    Robbie – 14 January, 13:36
  4. koreflaps
    14 January, 14:27

    Some people regularly move around between a handful of cities for work etc… I would like to be able to easily set multiple locations in my profile, so I can get lists of recommended events taking place in a variety of different locations. That way, I can try to make sure I’m in the right place when a good concert is on!

    koreflaps – 14 January, 14:27
  5. ern
    14 January, 14:51

    Maps wouldn’t be too useful for where I live, which is Bath. I think the events feature is one of the strongest areas of the website anyway.

    However, the map integration on the mobile site (via iPhone) is awesome and helped me find the venue i went to on monday in London.

    ern – 14 January, 14:51
  6. Justin
    14 January, 17:21

    I love the event map. It would be interesting to see listening statistics mapped, showing where particular artists or songs have been scrobbled from most often.

    Justin – 14 January, 17:21
  7. Robert
    15 January, 12:03

    When are you guys going to add the ability to add friends from our Gmail and Facebook accounts?

    That would be WAY more worthwhile and shouldn’t be too hard to do with Friend Connect and FB Connect.

    Robert – 15 January, 12:03
  8. Christoph
    15 January, 20:21

    It might be cool to see what kind of music is played where / where a band is popular by state or province or territory.

    It is cool to see how many listens a band or song has had, but it would be cool to see where those listens are coming from.

    Christoph – 15 January, 20:21
  9. Nicolas
    15 January, 22:22

    Great idea! I’d love to see this on

    Nicolas – 15 January, 22:22
  10. chrishunt999
    15 January, 22:30

    New features are always cool but nothing would please me more than an end to all the incorrect tags etc. in the charts. I know work’s been going on involving fingerprinting and stuff so would be good to hear sometime how that’s going.

    chrishunt999 – 15 January, 22:30
  11. Tecfan
    16 January, 11:52

    remember this from the forums ^^ anyway, geo-tagged images from Flickr may be something to use as well on the maps

    Tecfan – 16 January, 11:52
  12. Katie
    18 January, 00:03

    That is ridiculously useful. Holy crap, how did we survive without this? Seriously though, this is awesome. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s useful. It’s what I like about Web 2.0 without all the clutter and nonsense. I wouldn’t mind if this were to become the default interface.

    Katie – 18 January, 00:03
  13. James
    18 January, 14:55

    Katie, you probably survived by using sites like

    Personally I just think it would be nice if the tour feature that I see when I am listening to the radio, didn’t recommend Philadelphia and LA as gigs near me when the site knows I live in London. I think that’s just plain common sense, and not that hard to figure out.

    James – 18 January, 14:55
  14. Starfoxy
    18 January, 15:18

    Think this looks excellent…

    Starfoxy – 18 January, 15:18
  15. herzleid
    19 January, 12:49

    Yeah, nice and all, but I’m all with chrishunt999 on this: I’d rather see that basic stuff got fixed before you spiffify more. Basic stuff? Yeah, like tracks streaming the right music. Basic stuff…

    herzleid – 19 January, 12:49
  16. Chris
    23 January, 02:07

    I wanted to thank you for covering many beautiful times of my life with music.

    In a very little return i would like to invite you and your colleges to Greece.

    I am a 32 years old quy, working as a CAD disginer at Loutraki,

    Pease contact me if you plan to visit my country, i hope that my infos and my contacts would be useful.


    Thank you again

    Chris – 23 January, 02:07
  17. hetzz
    19 February, 16:33

    I agree with koreflaps, multiple cities would be really nice. Sure in my case i can drag a circle big enough to cover the cities im interested in but then i get a lot of cities im not interested in.

    Nice work anyway, as other ppl commented more map-based statistics would be awsome.

    hetzz – 19 February, 16:33

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