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Monday, 3 November 2008
by tamas
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If you regularly check your recommendations page like I do, you surely know that there are tons of artists waiting there to be discovered. In an attempt to make it a bit easier to discover something that is relevant to you, we’ve been playing around with steerable recommendations. The demo we’ve just deployed on Playground allows you to enter a tag, or a combination of tags, and filters the list of recommended artists accordingly – in real time. It also suggests tags that could be useful to narrow down your search directly to what you would like to listen to. At first glance this might seem similar to the multi tag search demo, however the difference is that steerable recommendations are entirely personalised.

(By the way, in case you are wondering where the term “steerable recommendations” came from: we first heard it from Paul Lamere).

Please let us know what you think!


  1. spirosag
    3 November, 14:01

    A welcomed addition BUT there is a caveat. If i know the tag/genre of my recommendations i will already be listening to that.

    The tags of my recommendations should appear in a tag cloud in my recommendation page semi-transparent (in grey) with all the artists visible below them.

    Clicking on one ore more tags should make them fully visible (in black) and the artists should be updated in accordance to the tags selected.

    It wouldn’t be too hard to do even for an ece-student like me. Then it would trully and unbelievably rock!

    spirosag – 3 November, 14:01
  2. Pat
    3 November, 14:16

    Great stuff. I’m always annoyed at all the suggestions I get for “Soundtrack Composer X” or “Video Game Music Composer Y” just because there’s two of them high up in my charts – “Soundtrack” is not a genre, dear robots (though I understand how it happens, of course).

    Anyway, this enables me to actually make the suggestions useful and is therefore all shades of awesome. Thanks!

    Pat – 3 November, 14:16
  3. Tecfan
    5 November, 12:01

    I love it. The recommendations are so many, so filtering them down to whatever you’d like is genius

    Tecfan – 5 November, 12:01
  4. Felipe
    6 November, 13:40

    My recommendations always shows me great songs… I love it.

    Felipe – 6 November, 13:40
  5. Julian Meteor
    6 November, 15:56

    Hopefully ONE day you’ll feature MMY band – The Argyle Style – on your website!!!!! lol
    We live in hope!!! rofl
    Let me know; either way,

    Julian Meteor – 6 November, 15:56
  6. Lovell
    6 November, 22:39

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    That is all.

    Lovell – 6 November, 22:39
  7. zephirnl
    7 November, 13:04

    Nice to see you’re still working on giving us ways to tweak our recommendations, but I am still waiting for a filter list for your recommendations, not by genre but simply by artist name. Deleting a recommendation puts the artist on the list, and this makes sure you don’t get this artist recommended again. Obviously, this list can be edited as well, so you can choose to accept recommendations of artist you ahve previously deleted. I also seem to have the problem of often getting recommended incorrectly tagged artists, where the correct artists are already in my library.
    In short, more tweaking = jay!

    zephirnl – 7 November, 13:04
  8. Julian Meteor
    7 November, 13:48

    Zephirnl = Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Everyone agree?
    Let me know; etc

    Julian Meteor – 7 November, 13:48
  9. Josh
    7 November, 14:55

    Surprisingly useful. The Web 2.0 features are really starting to grow on me. Thanks.

    Josh – 7 November, 14:55
  10. Peter Westwood
    11 November, 12:45

    This is good. But it seems to generate a preview station link which is a little annoying. There is only so much 10-second-skip radio you can listen too before you go mad.

    Peter Westwood – 11 November, 12:45
  11. Maarten
    11 November, 14:10

    I agree with Peter, sometimes this station skips the song after about 30 seconds.

    Also you sometimes listen to the same artist in consecutive songs and I thought there had to be an hour between songs of the same artist.

    Maarten – 11 November, 14:10
  12. mirc
    16 November, 10:06

    ty man

    mirc – 16 November, 10:06
  13. Life
    18 November, 16:47

    Good stuff. Thanks and greetings!

    Life – 18 November, 16:47
  14. muserock7997
    22 November, 21:08

    Great feature!

    muserock7997 – 22 November, 21:08

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