Anil Bawa-Cavia |
by Anil Bawa

Digital art, software architecture and old books.

by Johan Oskarsson

Peek into the madness that is Johan Oskarsson’s brain. It mainly revolves around Hadoop and related technologies these days.

dekstop weblog
by Martin Dittus

Mainly about Internet technology, but frequently also on weird pop culture phenomena and other random stuff.

by Marc de Palol

Marc talks about Hadoop, distributed computing, and this kind of stuff in Catalan!

by Klaas Bosteels

Pseudo-random ramblings about Dumbo and Hadoop.

Laurie Denness |
by Laurie Denness

Miscellaneous stuff interspersed with occasional technical articles and titbits. | Richard Jones
by Richard Jones

RJ’s blog covers a range of technical topics including Erlang, Comet, scalability research, databases, PHP, C, and some specific issues. | Steven Gravell
by Steven Gravell

Steve likes to talk music, writing music, and diy music publishing online.

Russ Garrett |
by Russ Garrett

Musings on systems design.