Emphasizing the Uniqueness of Groups

Wednesday, 27 February 2008
by norman
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Last.fm groups are a great way to find people that share common interests not necessarily related to music, such as ear-chopped-off painter fans, car enthusiasts, and people that clearly like meticulous descriptions of their behaviour.

Group aficionados have probably already noticed that it’s possible to listen to group radio, but unfortunately this has sometimes been a disappointing experience. The reason is simple: the playlist was generated by averaging the tastes of the group members, and this can result in predictable charts.

We have recently been experimenting with ways to emphasize what makes groups unique. By considering the average listener’s behaviour, we can show that members of the Saxophonists group listen to far more Sonny Rollins than others. Even though they listen to The Beatles a lot, it’s less special, because everyone listens to them a lot!

So, next time you tune into group radio, expect a much better experience!

Here’s a new list of artists you’re likely to listen to on these group radio stations:

Soundtrack geeks

People with no social lives, etc..