Scrobble what you listen to on BBC Radio

Wednesday, 19 December 2007
by christian
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As we revealed earlier in the year, BBC Radio channels Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and 1 Xtra have begun scrobbling the music they play to their own profile pages – great for keeping track of what your favourite BBC DJs (and George Lamb) are spinning throughout the day.

Now the boffins over at BBC Radio Labs have created a couple of nifty widgets to enable all you lovely peeps to scrobble the tracks you hear when you tune in to any of those four channels (assuming, of course, that you occasionally switch over to old skool radio, instead of listening to your personal stations all the time – we’re sure it does happen now and then).

You can set the widgets to automatically scrobble everything the DJ spins, or you can manually add the tracks you want to include on your profile. Find out more and download the widgets over at the BBC Radio Labs website.